Oh beloved muse
Have you no pity on me
Tireless pounding my heart
Pulling all the painful threads
Shall I not fulfill thy demands?

How could I deny thy?
You enslave my reason
You bewitch my soul
And more you ask still?

Tyrant lover do you hate me or love me?
With unyielding fire that consumes my soul
A wretched puppet, let me rest
As my soul finds no comfort.

The winters of your absence
Do burn me more than the brightness of your light.

You mock my sanity
Stop the drumming I beg of you
Let this dried stump find peace on the slumber.
Nay, it’s not your will.

Call me to battle my trumpets
Feverish ruthless drive me mad
Thy absence ruled my dead
May your presence drive me mad.

And thy madness bring forth
Whatever pleases your heart
Blood become fiery ink
Let my words become daggers
May they win you a kingdom
Where I shall be your prisoner
And howler thy name every night.