Im a graphic designer but I always wanted to be a professional writter, so you may say Im giving to my dreams a second chance, Im currently going through a divorce and I am pretty much the single carer and provider for my almost 3 year old daughter. So life is tough, but you know what they say when life gets tough, the tough keep going

My mother tongue is spanish, for an unknown reason even to me most of my writtings end up being written in english, so If you see a error tell me, I´m not too proud not to fix it.
Redemption and Love started as a story in my head that grew to unexpected proportions, it is my first fanfic, hope you like it as well as the precuel and continuation, it fgrew into a serie I called Of All Possible realities (And Then .. Thanos and Loki´s Quest). Please comment I would love to know If you think I should write some more …

I have tons of poems, a story and some reflections most from my midschool, hightschool and university years which I´ll start to upload as soon as I can, but I just started writting them again, I now cant undestand why I ever stop when I feel so alive when I write, athough It would have been obvious I wasnt happy but now I am.
Heres my most recent poem, Loki inspired:
My love
How not love thy who makes my heart shout?
It does not beat, it does not sigh
It does not speak in soft words
It shouts as every aching second apart is painfull
but how sweat is such pain
how filling such sorrow
I´d rather let it be than lose thy memorie of you
The sun out of my reach is what you are
The sweet angel I pray at night
to allow me see your smile
That smile that covers my heart
that stops it from shaking
that covers it from the cold
that builds up in constant longing
as none can compair to that sweet grief
that abducts my peace with glorious eyes.