My Writtings

Month: April 2016


“All right. Dr. Richards would you mind telling my friend here what you just told me.” Tony asked to the image of a tall middle age man with gray temples.

“Not a problem Mr. Stark.” Dr. Reed Richards replied calmly turning his attention to Loki who had just walked into the communication center. “you can trust Doom to fulfill his promise, but … and here´s the glitch. He will keep his word exactly to the letter of what he promised; nothing more, nothing less. If he promised you not to try to kill you that doesn´t mean he would prevent someone else from doi9¿ng it; nor that he wouldn´t influence someone else to do it for him.”

“Thank you Dr. Richards. Your information is most useful.” Loki acknowledged with a small bow.

“My pleasure.” Reed volunteered answering Loki´s bow. “and if you should need any assistance with Doom don´t hesitate to call us.”

“Thank you Dr. Richards, we will.” Tony asseverated before cutting the communication.

“Now that we know I´m sure we can find a way to make this work on our favor. For starters; he said your family …” Tony tilted his head raising his eyebrows quite sure Loki would catch his drift.

“I´m not marrying her because of Doom´s!” Loki replied irritated by his suggestion crossing his arms over his chest.

“I´ll admit it´s not the most romantic reason; and for what the Dr. told us Doom could always try to find a way around it, but …” Tony tried to convince him again.

“I said no! I won´t accept that and neither would she.” Loki stated firmly.

“Then don´t tell her.” Tony suggested shamelessly.

Loki stared at Tony almost amused by his last suggestion. “Like she wouldn´t figure it out eventually. No, Tony. Know that we know exactly what to expect I´m telling her everything.”

“All right. It´s your call.” Tony admitted shrugging his shoulders. “What are you planning to do about Doom anyway?”

“I plan to keep the fact that she´s alive hidden as long as we can for starters.” Loki volunteered.

“You know we can´t keep that a secret forever.” Tony told him somberly.

“No, we won´t. But I never planned to.” Loki confessed.

“So, we´re back to square one?” Tony asked grimly.

“No. When I decided to take her with me I didn´t counted with having all of you nor SHIELD on my side. I´m confident to say that makes it a different game altogether.” He ended patting Tony´s shoulder amiably.

Tony scowled for a few seconds before smirking. “You are right. And it´s not only us who are on your side. If anyone gets any bright ideas about Leah or Eerika we´ll make sure they regret them.”

“That´s the plan.” Loki smirked back. It didn´t meant he would allow her to run around unprotected but he wouldn´t allow her to become a prisoner ever again either. “Now, if you excuse me Leah and I need to have a very long conversation.”

“I don´t envy you right now.” Tony confessed.


“Leah?” Loki called for her as soon as he arrived to their room.

“Over here.” Leah answered cheerfully; her voice was coming from the dressing room.

“Remember I told you I would tell you everything about my mission when the time was right?” He inquired standing on the door frame.

“Yes.” Leah stopped was she was doing and answered nervously while staring at Loki.

“Come with me.” Loki offered his hand to her. “Let´s sit; there´s much I need to tell you.”

Leah accepted his offer and sat nervously by his side on the edge of their bed.

Loki proceeded to tell Leah every detail he had hidden from her since he accepted the mission on Fury´s office.

Leah listened attentively to Loki. A myriad of emotions ran through her face as she learnt about Doom, the fight in the mine, Okanjo and the children, Loki´s conversation with Doom and ultimately his decision after hearing Dr. Richards input on the matter.

She remained silent trying to make sense of all the information Loki had just dropped on her.

“Why … why didn´t you told me …?” Was her first question; concern written all over her face.

“I didn´t wanted to worry you more than you already were. “ He told her while holding her hand between his. “Basically the same reason you lied to me when I left.”

“Tony told you?” Leah asked emotionless.

“Yes, he wanted to make sure I understood what you were going through when you broke your fingers.” He volunteered calmly.

Leah sighed upset looking down at her hand between Loki´s.

“There´s nothing to be ashamed about.” He reassured her.

“I´m sorry.” She finally told him down casted. “You had to went through all that for me.”

“Don´t be silly. I didn´t do it for you.” Loki tilted her head up smirking. “I did it for me. I´m extremely selfish. I decided I wouldn´t live without you, so …”

Leah interrupted him with an ardent kiss. “Lier.” She whispered.

“It takes one to know one.” He answered gingerly before returning her kiss.


Over a year had gone by since Eerika was born. Eventually all of the Avengers had moved back to the Tower except for Loki. The communication center worked perfectly allowing untraced communications between the Tower and the Mansion. Tony and Leah talked on everyday bases; sometimes more than once a day.

Leah´s session with Andrew had ended; nightmares were a strange occurance nowadays.

Loki travelled in and out of their house every time the Avengers required his help; but with those rare exceptions he spent most of his time with his family. Eerika was growing fast; before they knew it she had taken her first stumbling baby steps.

“Soon she´ll be running around the house.” Leah told him once as she watched their beautiful daughter holding onto the coffee table in the living room while she tested her footing.

“And casting spells.” Loki proudly volunteered.

Leah laughed delighted at his demonstration of fatherly pride. “Yes, that too.”


Thor travelled to Asgard from now and then. One of those times he approached Loki and told him in private. “Our father has decreed your banishment to Midgard as punishment for your past actions.”

Loki felt his heart sank, he would never be able to return to Asgard.

“At least now you can be sure now he won´t try to take you back to face Asgardian justice.” Thor told him in an attempt to comfort him.

“No.” Loki acknowledged sadly, but it also meant he wouldn´t see his mother ever again.

“He didn´t forbade her from visiting you.” Thor volunteered with a warm smile reading into Loki´s sad expression.

Loki´s eyes widened with surprise. “You mean that …”

“Yes, brother! She´ll be visiting soon.” Thor told him joyously as he placed his hand over Loki´s shoulder. “Father won´t even hear about it; but mother is anxiously waiting to meet her granddaughter.”

“Thank you!” Loki embraced his older brother excited at the news; if Thor could´ve seen his face he would´ve seen Loki´s eyes glistering.

“Don´t mention it.” Thor volunteered while returning Loki´s embrace. “I know you miss her as much as she misses you. She won´t be able to come to Midgard too often though. You know risking father´s anger isn´t a good idea. But both of her sons are here so you can expect to see her at least once a year.”

Thor´s words lightened Loki´s heart; maybe someday … there was always hope.


“So, Loki. Bottom line. Fury asked me to congratulate you on your last mission success. And he wants to know when are you finally …Hey Eerika! Say hi to uncle Tony!”

“Ony.” Eerika babbled pointing at the screen happily. Leah ran into the communications room right behind her daughter snatching her just before she stumbled down.

“I´m sorry guys.” Leah volunteered laughing heartily. “She just won’t take no for an answer.”

“Nonsense.” Tony replied with a big grin. “I’m always looking forward to this kind of interruptions. Just look at her! Are you giving your mummy a hard time love?”

“Actually she was looking for her dad.” Leah told them both as she lifted Eerika up. “But she is getting very fast.”

“Hello princess.” Loki greeted his daughter. “Just let me finish some business with uncle Tony and we can go to play.”

“Come on love, let´s find you something to play with while your father finishes working.” Leah turned to the screen waving gently with Erika’s hand on hers. “Say goodbye to uncle Tony.”

“Bye girls.” Tony waved back. “Now, what was I saying? Oh, yes! Fury wanted to know when are you going to take a more permanent position with the Avengers.”

Loki opened his mouth to answer but Tony didn´t gave him the chance. “Yes, I know… I already told him you wouldn´t move into the Tower nor ran out at every little emergency. But I convinced him to let it go provided you do some public appearances now and then, you know; politics.”

“Actually.” Loki interrupted him. “I was going to tell you that I´m going to take a … how do you call it? … a sabbatical I think; a rest from all this superhero stuff.”

“You what??!!” Tony spat surprised.

“If you direly need me you can still count on me, but if not… Tell Fury I´m planning to spent some time with my wife.”

“Haha, very funny; your wife.” Tony shrugged it as a joke. When Loki didn´t even smile he blurted out. “Don´t you dare tell me you two got married without us! Leah! Tell me you didn´t!”

Leah nervously pointed her finger at Loki “He made me do it. I told him you were going to snap…”

“Loki! Why would you do something like that man?” Tony reproached him.

“It wasn´t like I planned it.” Loki explained shrugging his shoulders. “It kind of happened.”

“It kind of happened? How can you just happen to get married? You´d better have a better explanation than that!” Tony growled annoyed.

“We were just taking a stroll when we found ourselves in the City Hall and … well I couldn´t just let the mother of my children to remain unmarried.” Loki volunteered smiling shamelessly.

Tony replied with irony. “Of course not. The mother of your … wait a minute! Did you just say children? “ Tony ran his hands through his hair in disbelief before yelling at Loki. “Stop giving me news like that! You´re going to give me a heart attack! Is she …” Changing his mind he looked directly at Leah and formally asked her. “Are you pregnant?” Though he asked her in a very serious tone his face betrayed him; a mixture of annoyance and happiness was portrayed all over it.

Leah failed to keep a straight-face and laughed heartily as she answered. “Yes, I am.”

Tony smiled baffled for a second thinking what to say next. Leah beat his to it as she volunteered quickly trying to make amends. “You can be the godfather this time.”

“Of course I am. But that won´t get you both of the hook that easily. You owe me a wedding … and I´m not taking no for an answer.” He pointed his finger at Loki who was about to protest.

Leah just laughed harder at Tony´s reaction which made Loki laugh too.

“I´m serious about that. And I´m getting you 110 inches TV installed in your bedroom as a wedding present. That should give you something else to do. What are you, bunnies? I´ve barely got over your last pregnancy and now …” He stopped looking at them pleased. He would never had thought of such an outcome when they reluctantly welcomed “collateral damage” into their lives.

As Loki approached Leah and Eerika Tony snapped out of his thoughts. “On second thought… stop looking at her! I´m quite sure you’re getting her pregnant just by looking at her. Is that an Asgardian power? Because if it is …”

Leah busted laughing again; between giggles she told him. “We love you too Tony.”

“Of course you do.” Tony answered with a big grin. “Seriously guys. Congratulations! And if you think I overreacted wait till the rest of the gang hears about this.” Suddenly he stepped away from the screen while he shouted. “Guys! Hey guys! Come here quickly! Leah and Loki have news for us.”

Loki looked at Leah nervously. “He´s joking, right? He wouldn´t …”

Leah nodded her head affirmatively. “Yes, he would. Don´t worry; I got your back.” Leah volunteered calmly with a warm smile.

Loki looked at her lovingly while he leaned to hug both of his girls. “I know you do.”

Whatever happened next he knew he would never have to face it alone. Not any more, not ever again.


Scolded and Forgiven

Leah woke up in the middle of the night; still drowsy she recognized Loki asleep next to her. She snuggled with him for a moment wondering what time it was. She could see it was still pitch black behind the curtains.

Carefully she slipped down; she knew that Clint would probably was taking care of Eerika nevertheless she felt restless. She looked at her clothes with a frown in her face, they were ruined. If she tried to pull one of the covers she risked waking up Loki. She sat on the edge of the bed thinking. “Maybe …” Carefully she stood up and walked towards the bathroom if she had some luck it would have at least a linen cabinet where she could find a blanket or at least a towel. She smirked happily when she found extra bed sheets.

She wrapped herself in the bed sheet as best as she could and silently directed herself to her bedroom with the hope to find the door unlocked. She tried to turn the doorknob and found it was still locked, she wriggled it forcefully for a couple of minutes before giving up. It was no use; Loki´s spell was still in place.

She sighed defeated. “So be it.” She thought to herself shrugging her shoulders while she walked to the nursery.

Clint was there as she had expected. He was just finishing lulling Eerika back to sleep on her cradle when she walked in.

He looked at her puzzled for a couple of seconds before motioning her to keep silence and follow him outside. Leah lingered for a moment contemplating her sleeping child before following him to the hallway.

“Do I even want to know?” Clint asked in half a voice; although the irony could be heard in his voice either way.

Leah looked down at the bedsheet wrapping her before answering with an uncomfortable scowl. “Umh … it would be easy if you tell me what you already know …”

Clint leaned back into the hallway wall and looked pensively at the ceiling before answering. “Well, we all heard the alarm and Steve told us what it was about. Then Bruce wasn´t all that fore coming about what happened next whereas Tony …” He looked back at her with an amused grin at her worried expression.

“He sold me out …” Leah ended his sentence pouting while staring at the floor.

“What I don´t understand is … what were you thinking? We trained you better than that.” Clint asked her baffled.

Leah sighed upset. “I don´t even know now. What can I say? I overreacted.”

“You think?” Clint asked her with irony.

“It´s Loki´s fault! He shouldn´t had locked me in.” She growled in a halftone.

“Well, I can´t argue with you about that. It wasn´t his best idea. But then, what you did next… it was just …” Clint volunteered annoyed by the recent events.

“Stupid … I know.” Leah acknowledged defeated.

“Girl … stupid doesn´t even begin to cover it. I really can´t believe you did that. Climbing off the window… Do you have any idea of how many security measures Loki put into this house? You are lucky you didn´t get yourself killed.” He nagged her sternly.

Leah just scowled guiltily as he continued scolding her; there was no point arguing. He was right. “Clint … I know.” She growled between her teeth.

“You know? Well it doesn´t seem that way. You wanted us to stop treating you as if you were going to break. Well, this is what you get when you pull a stupid ass stunt like that …” Clint continued nagging her.

“I know Clint. And I deserve it. What can I say? I´m sorry. I just don´t know what came over me.” Leah volunteered contrite.

“Next time stop and think about what you´re doing.” Clint kept on scolding her.

“Like you ever do that …” Natasha´s voice startled both of them.

“I do …” Clint started defending himself when Natasha gave him a disapproving look. “Well, most of the time …” Natasha frowned. “Ok! Ok! Kind off … but I´ve never pulled a stunt like hers.” Natasha raised her eyebrows. Clint frowned trying to remember. “Not that I remember …”

Natasha smiled at his puzzled look. “Give her a break Clint.”

“Maybe he shouldn´t …” Tony´s voice made the three of them turn.

“What?! Doesn´t anyone sleep around here?” Leah complained distraught wishing she had stayed in the bed with Loki.

“Well, let´s analyze this. You and Otello disappeared on us. Even if Bruce reassured us you two would work it out, you can´t simply expect us to just go to sleep as if nothing had happened.” Tony told her sternly before adding. “not that I don´t appreciate your attempt of running to my aid, but …” Suddenly he stopped staring at her before asking with curiosity. “Why are you wrapped in a bed sheet?”

Leah face palmed distraught. After a second she answered staring irritated at Tony. “My room is still locked.”

Tony laughed amused. “He forgot to remove the spell, huh? Although that doesn´t explain …”

“Tony!” Both Natasha and Clint interrupted him while Leah gave him the dirtiest look she could exasperated by his insistence. “Yes, he didn´t removed the spell, all right? I just wanted to check on Eerika.”

Tony smirked, putting her in a tight spot was really amusing. “Love, what on earth were you thinking?”

Leah relaxed and smirked back at his new question. “I seriously don´t know Tony. I guess I just wasn´t thinking.”

“You got that part right!” Clint asseverated sternly.

“Come on Clint. Give her some slack. She already said she was sorry.” Natasha intervened.

“Not sorry enough.” Clint growled between his teeth.

“Ok guys. Let´s calm down.” Tony interrupted them. “how about we go somewhere else to discuss this?” He turned to look at Clint. “You got the baby monitor, right?”

“Yes.” Clint agreed with a nod.

“Let´s go to the living room. I´m sure we can still find Thor and Steve awake. They were getting acquainted with Tolkien when I left.”

“Really? Which movie?” Clint asked interested.

Tony frowned baffled by his question. “I don´t know … the second one I think. There was some kind of marathon on. Does that even matter?” He stared questioningly at him.

“No, I was just curious.” Clint acknowledged.

Tony slightly nodded his head disapprovingly before volunteering. “Ok, let´s go people. Before we awoke Eerika with all this nonsense.” Tony motioned all of them to move.

After walking for a couple of minutes he turned to Leah. “I would offer to lend you a t-shirt but I´m afraid your overzealous husband might get the wrong idea.”

Leah looked at him frowning. “He´s not my husband.”

“He could´ve fooled me.” Tony answered wryly before changing the subject. “He really locked you in, didn’t he? I still can´t believe he did that.”

“I guess I exhausted his patience.” Leah offered dryly.

“Well, you have an act for doing that.” Tony replied seriously before getting ahead with Clint.”

“I can borrow you some clothes if you like …” Natasha volunteered kindly.

“Thanks Natasha. I just want to get this over with.” Leah thanked her while thinking “Why did I ever get out of the room?”

“If you change your mind …” She offered with a smirk.

“You´ll be the first to know.” Leah smirked back.

“Hey, guys!” Clint chirpily greeted Thor and Steve. “If you don´t mind us interrupting; look who decided to show up.”

Leah sighed before walking in.

“Leah! Are you all right?” Thor was the first to approach her.

Leah blushed lightly looking at his concerned expression. “Yes Thor. I am fine; thank you. And … I´m afraid I owe all of you an apology again.” She bowed her head shyly.

“Why are you wearing a bed sheet?” Steve asked intrigued.

“Umh” Leah stuttered.

“Loki forgot to unlock their room.” Tony intervened. “I would offer her some clothes but I´d rather not get my head chewed off again.”

“Men.” Natasha muttered rolling her eyes.

“Aren´t you cold?” Steve asked worryingly noticing she was barefooted too.

Leah felt uncomfortable cursing herself for not accepting Natasha´s offer earlier. She tried to adjust the bed sheet in an effort to avoid showing more skin than she already did. “Not really.”

“Where´s Loki?” Thor asked suddenly.

“Asleep.” Leah answered quickly.

“I was until I noticed you were gone.” Loki´s voice surprised all of them. “What´s going on?”

Leah turned around startled as a child caught up doing some mischief. “I … I wanted to check on Eerika when I found Clint …”

Clint intervened quickly. “Um, yes. We kind of got into an argument about … well you know better than us what happened.”

“And then Natasha and I interrupted them and suggested to move the party away from the nursery to avoid waking up Eerika.” Tony added.

“All right.” Loki acknowledged with a frown. “So … what are we doing now?”

“Maybe you can unlock your room and let Leah change into some clothes before we continue this.” Steve suggested kindly.

“I can´t do that. At least not until the window she broke is fixed. And it can´t be done by magic. As far as I´m concerned that room isn´t safe until then.” He informed them firmly. “But, there´s no need to her to go in.” Loki snapped his fingers and Leah was fully-clothed in a blink of an eye.

Leah sighed relived as she whispered her thanks to Loki.

“Now that that is taken care off. How about we get back to my question. What are we doing?” Loki asked interested.

“I was apologizing.” Leah acknowledged raising her voice. “I know you all think that what I did was impulsive, reckless and just plainly stupid and … you are all right. I didn´t thought it through. And I´m deeply sorry for that.”

“Why did you do it?” Tony asked quickly.

“In truth? I´m not sure. Maybe it was just a mix of everything. I was angry at Loki for locking me in. Worried about both of you getting into an argument over my account. Also I was worried you wouldn´t keep your mouth shut … which you didn´t.” Leah ended her explanation while staring at Tony.

“And I´m glad he didn´t.” Loki intervened giving Leah a disapproving look.

Leah sighed defeated. “You’re probably right. We did needed to talk.” She ended with a small pout that didn’t went unnoticed.

“Which we did.” Loki volunteered noticing everyone´s concerned looks. “For a very lengthy time. We are fine.” He asseverated adamantly. Next he changed his tone for a more reassuring one. “I can promise you she´ll think it twice next time. And I do realize you were all both worried and angry at her for what she did. But I really think there´s no need to discuss this matter any further.” Leah looked at Loki completely baffled, she had not expected him to intervene like that.

“Are you sure?” Steve asked sternly.

“I am.” Loki agreed to Leah´s relief.

“So, how did your mission went?” Tony asked out of the sudden.

“I think we can all talk about that in the morning.” Loki asseverated. “It went fine; but as you can imagine I´m tired.”

“We all are very glad to see you back Loki.” Steve volunteered with candor.

“Thank you.” Loki thanked them with sincerity.

“I think Loki is right, It has been a very long day. Maybe we should all get some rest.” Natasha suggested. “We can all get caught up in the morning.”

They all agreed with her.

As they were leaving Loki suddenly stooped Tony. “I will need your help … to mend the window Leah broke.” It wasn´t a complete lie; but he needed to talk to him alone.

“Loki?” Leah inquired timidly once they were back in their provisional quarters.

“Yes?” Loki replied calmly.

“I … thank you.” Leah volunteered gratefully.

“What for?” Loki asked intrigued.

“For what you said … about not being necessary to … you know … keep talking about what happened.” Leah acknowledged shyly.

“I gave them my word; do you realize that?” He told her sternly answering her unspoken question. “About you thinking it twice before doing something like this ever again. I trust you won´t let me down.” He ended warmly as he pulled her closer for an embrace.

“I …” Leah looked into his eyes surprised by his statement. “You … trust me?”

Loki smiled kindly at her. “You need someone to do it.”

Leah was speechless; at the brim of tears. She remained motionless staring deeply into his face, moved by his words.

Loki kept smiling as he tilted her chin up. “Don´t look so surprised. I´m just returning the favor.” Then he kissed her softly.


“So, Loki. What do you want?” Tony asked once they were alone in Loki´s room.

“Is that obvious?” Loki asked intrigued.

“I know you. You are clever enough to do this by yourself. So, just tell me. What´s wrong?” Tony asked seriously.

“You can´t tell anyone about this.” Loki warned him sternly. “Not even Leah. Not until you help me figure this out.”

Tony frowned concern. “What happened?”

“The undercover mission? I lied. Leah knows that much; but she doesn´t know Doom was part of my black opps team along with Fury…” Loki proceeded to explain everything to Tony.

“Let me get this straight … the problem is that you don´t know if you can trust Doom to keep his word, right?” Tony suggested pensively while Loki nodded in agreement. “I think I know someone who can help us with that.”

“I thought you would.” Loki added with a smirk.

Heart to Heart

Loki took a deep breath after locking Andrew´s door behind him. “There´s no point stalling this.” He started walking with decision to the infirmary.

“How is she?” Loki asked almost in a whisper to Bruce who was sitting just outside her room browsing some notes.

Bruce stood up immediately and glanced back swiftly before pulling Loki to the side to inform him. “She´s all right. Still refusing to take any pain-killers though; but her wounds are healing nicely. Most of them will be healed by the end of the day. “

Loki listened attentively to Bruce´s prognosis. “Thank you. I need to ask you to leave us alone for a while.” Bruce looked up at Loki puzzled by his request. “We need to have a very long talk.”

“Are you sure?” Bruce asked slightly concerned. “Maybe you should wait until she feels better.”

“No, Bruce. We need to talk now.” Both men looked into each other eyes with understanding.

“All right. If you need me call me.” Bruce finally agreed not without some reluctance.

Loki smiled lightly as he agreed. “Don´t worry. I will.”

When Loki walked into her room she saw Leah lying on her left side giving her back to him.

“Leah?” Loki asked softly unsure she was awake.

Leah´s half-asleep voice answered. “Mm?” She laboriously rolled on her back. “Oh! You’re back.” She stared at him for a second before asking with curiosity. “So? Where have you been?”

“With Andrew.” Loki volunteered dryly.

Leah huffed clearly distraught. “Why?”

“I needed to talk to him … to understand.” Loki started to explain when she interrupted him abruptly.

“Understand what?” She growled trying in vain to keep her anger at bay. “what´s to understand? This?” She raised both her hands up for him to see.

“Among other things.” Loki acknowledged.

Leah looked up to the ceiling as she sighed upset. “Can´t you just leave it at that I’m a screw-up?”

Loki got closer to the bed upset by her comment as he reassured her. “No, first of all because you are not a screw-up and secondly … because it´s not that simple.”

“Doesn´t matter. You can´t forgive me.” Leah volunteered sadly.

“It´s not that easy! I can´t just forgive you like that! Have you thought what could´ve happen if you had been alone with Eerika?” Loki inquired her frustrated by her answer.

“But I wasn´t.” Leah defended herself quickly.

“How can I know you won´t do something like this again?” Loki asked her sternly.

“Because I promise?” Leah volunteered nervously.

“We both know promises can be broken.” Loki told her gravely.

“Then I don´t know what is it that you want form me!” Leah shrieked alarmed by his tone.

“I´m … not sure either.” Loki acknowledged. “That´s why I can´t just forgive you. You´ve been reckless and foolish …” Loki looked away from her before adding. “And I don´t mean just know…”

“Then … is this … goodbye?” Leah asked in a broken voice absentmindedly looking at the wall away from him. Afraid to look him in the eyes while he gave her the so dreaded answer.

Loki looked back immediately surprised by her question; even looking away from him he could feel the sadness in her eyes. Impulsively he grabbed her hand and placed it near his fast beating heart. “No! Of course not. Why would you think that?”

“I … don´t know.” Leah turned to see his face; she looked troubled. “You … won´t forgive me.” She didn´t knew what else to tell him.

Loki looked at her with compassion. As he weakly smiled he caressed her cheek softly. “I didn´t said I would never forgive you.”

Leah smiled back relieved. “That´s a start.”

Loki smile grew bigger; he could lose himself in that smile. “Yes, it is. “  Then he changed his tone to a more serious one. “I talked to Toyy and Andrew. They filled me in with the details you neglected to tell me.”

Leah´s smiled faded into a pout. “Did they? Just what I needed.”

“I understand not telling the other how you felt, but me? Why do you keep hiding things from me?” Loki reproached her.

“I … I´m not even sure. Force of habit?” She replied nervously.

Loki looked sternly at her before scolding her. “Leah!”

She sighed defeated. “I´m scared…”

“Scared of what?” Loki asked bewildered.

“Of not being good enough.” Leah replied dryly casting her gaze down.

“I thought we already talked about this.” Loki spat frustrated.

“Yes, but … I hadn´t broken my fingers on a whim before.” Leah answered ashamed.

“It wasn´t a whim!” Loki scolded her harshly. “Tony pushed you too far; he should´ve foreseen something like this happening!”

“It´s not his fault!” Leah defended him adamantly.

“It is! And yours too!” Loki firmly added.

“I know it´s my fault!” Leah said raising her voice. “It just … “ Her voice broke for a second. “It hurt too much.”

“What hurts?” Loki asked; Tony might have told him the answer to that but he needed to hear it from her.

“Everything…” Leah released with a sigh the burden that still lingered in her heart. “The truth … I realize know that hiding it won´t make it go away … it just makes it hurt even more. You´re right I´ve been careless, reckless, foolish, however you want to call it. It´s just … I would do it all again. When I told Doom I was ready to forsake my soul for you and Eerika … I didn´t knew I already had …” She couldn´t go on, thick tears running through her face. She looked into his eyes worriedly, pleadingly. “I´m trying to get it back … and it hurts.”

Loki looked at her pained, tears glistered in his eyes, a dull pain in his chest echoed the one she felt in hers. “I don´t want you to hurt anymore.”

“I know.” Leah acknowledged. “I don´t want to hurt anymore either. I´m sorry; you are right. I shouldn´t had tried to hide from you.”

Loki sat on the bed looking directly at her. “When you hide things from me it makes me angry. It makes me feel that you don´t trust me. That I’m not that important to you.”

“But … that´s not true.” Leah refuted his words. “It´s quite the opposite.”

Loki looked into her eyes intrigued.

“I´m afraid to see disappointment in your eyes.” Leah confessed.

“Disappointment?” Loki repeated in disbelief. “What a curios choice of words.” He though.

“Yes.” Leah asseverated. “I’m afraid someday I´ll disappoint you and then you´ll regret choosing me over a realm.  I really don´t think I will ever be able to compete with a realm.”

“Don´t be foolish Leah.” Loki softly scolded her leaning to looked into her eyes. “There is no realm in all the universe that can compare to you. No sapphire stone that can melt my heart as you do when you look at me. No amount of gold, no power that could keep me warm at night. Can a realm love me like you do? Give me the joy of a child? No, it can´t. Don´t you understand why I can´t forgive you that easily? Because you hurt the one person I hold dear above all… you.”

Leah was speechless. Joy and guilt fought to top each other in her heart. Tears flowed silently while she stared into his emerald eyes; those eyes that conveyed all the love his words meant.

“I´m sorry.” She finally said when she found her voice back. “I know it doesn´t make it better; but that´s …”

Loki sealed the words in her mouth with a fervent kiss. As the kiss grew in intensity a green aura lit wrapping them, healing Leah´s wound.

Leah suddenly broke the kiss confused. “I don´t understand … I thought you said you wouldn´t forgive me that easily.”

Loki smiled warmly at her. “That doesn´t mean I want you to suffer. I think you have punished yourself enough already.”

“Thank you.” Leah whispered grateful. “I´m really …”

Loki stop her from finishing her sentence again with another kiss. This time he leaned over her pushing her into the bed.

When he stopped for air Leah was looking at him delighted, flustered and amused.

“Will you let me apologize? “ She asked playfully.

“No.” He answered in the same playful tone. “But I’ll make you ask for mercy and grant you none.” Next he kissed her again, he longed for her, for her warmth.

Leah knew it and unconsciously a soft moan escaped her lips. Her heart was beating fast, an ache growing between her tights.

“Someone might come in.” She whispered in his ear.

Loki looked at her mischievously. “that didn´t stop you when I was in my cell.”

Leah blushed bright red. “Don´t remind me.”

“Why not? I had a great time and so did you. How about an encore?”

“At least close the door.” Leah suggested nervously.

“So… now you are shy?” Loki grilled her amused.

“Loki, please!” Leah pleaded nervously. “Anyone can just come in …”

“All right.” He finally agreed. “Either way… I don´t want to share the view.” He volunteered as he peeked into her cleavage lustfully.

Leah looked down at his hands gasping in anticipation when Loki suddenly snatched her from the bed.

“Let´s go somewhere more private. Fortunately, this house has more than enough rooms.”

“But …” Leah started to say when another kiss demanded her silence.

“No buts!” Loki told her adamantly.

Leah smiled as she nodded her head in agreement. “Ok.”

Loki walked on the corridor for a few meters until he entered a room he knew was unoccupied.

Next he lay Leah down the bed. While climbing on top of her grinding his pelvis against hers he nibbled her neck extracting needy moans from Leah who had already began to rise her hips to meet him.

Loki left no spot unattended; lips, neck. When her t-shirt came on the way he simply ripped it open causing Leah to utter an embarrassed complaint.

“I made this clothes appear, remember? I can do the same once I’m done with you.” He mischievously explained as he did the same thing to her bra.

Leah couldn´t do anything except to laugh at his enthusiasm. Soon her laugh was replaced by a gasp when Loki took one of her breasts in his mouth sucking on it vigorously.

“Ungh!” Leah moaned loudly arching her back. Loki smirked at her reaction and stopped to remove the rest of her clothes.

He remained still for a second contemplating her; flustered and wanting. He undid his trousers and without delay entered her.

Both their cries echoed the room. Out of the sudden he rolled the leaving Leah on top of him.

“Your turn love. Work for it!” He smirked at her while giving a playful trust that caught Leah by surprise.

Leah giggled delighted. “If that´s what you want, that´s what you´ll get.” She leaned into him resting her hands on his chest as she pushed up and down slowly building a rhythm. Then she bended all the way down in search of his mouth kissing him passionately arousing Loki even more.

“How about we make this more interesting?” She mischievously ask him as she arched her back carefully while shifting her legs from a kneeling to a bended position. Loki shifted in return sitting up to prevent her from sliding out.

“Put your leg on my shoulder.” He ordered. Leah complied happily. The position made it easier for him to penetrate her deeper.

He started trusting in her faster and harder extracting pants, gasps and moans.

A tightening of her entrance and a wetness feeling told Loki Leah had come. Without giving her any time to recuperate he flip her onto her stomach raising her hips up to penetrate her again.

“Ahh!” Leah screamed at the arousing sensation. “Wait, Loki!” She panted.

“Ready to ask for mercy?” He asked playfully.

“No!” She laughed, it felt too good for him to stop now. “Do your worse.”

Her challenge was well received by Loki who pushed her down laying both of them down completely.

Leah moaned loudly.

“So tight.” He uttered between moans while he trusts.

Leah couldn´t even respond surpassed by the sensations his penis caused in her.

For a second time a wet sensation told Loki Leah had come again. He smirked while pulling out only to pull Leah up too. Swiftly he positioned both of them on the edge of the bed sitting Leah into his throbbing member.

Leah leaned on him moaning loudly; he wouldn´t give her a break.

Loki laughed amused. “Hold on.”

“Why…?” Leah barely started to ask when Loki stood up carrying her with him. Within a few moments he had slammed her into the wall while he kept trusting her relentlessly.

“Oh god!” Leah moaned between ragged breath. She was completely at his mercy. The only thing he could do was to hold on tightly to him wrapping her legs around his waist as his trusts grew in intensity.

“Oh god! Loki!” Leah panted as she felt herself came for the third time.

“Ready to ask for mercy?” He teased her.

“Yes … please.” She begged.

Loki stopped for a second and looked into her eyes. She was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen; her cheeks flustered, her blue eyes glowing with lust. He kissed her deeply pinning her hard against the wall before answering with a smirk. “Soon.”.

Next he carried her back to bed carefully laying her down on her back while he kept riding her.

Leah closed her eyes overwhelmed; she had come only from their position change.

“I´m almost there.” Loki reassured her in a whisper.

“Ok.” She managed to whisper back happily before starting moaning again at each of Loki´s trusts.

With a special hard trust and growl Loki cum; Leah could feel his penis throbbing inside her while he ejaculated. It was the best sensation ever; his seed running into her.

Finally, Loki rolled to her side exhausted.

Both of them searched for the other eyes; when they met they happily smiled to each other.

“I missed you.” Loki volunteered first.

“Not as much as I did.” Leah volunteered. Next she rolled towards him; his scent, his warmth enfolded her as she drowsily closed her eyes.

Loki noticed it and sweetly kissed her eyelids. “Sleep my love. I´ll be here when you wake up. I will always be here for you.”

Leah snuggled closer to him as she whispered. “I love you.”


Loki walked into the infirmary holding a beautiful red rose behind his back. When Bruce watched him arrive he immediately stood up hurriedly telling them. “Since you are here I think I’ll go get some lunch.” Next he walked out without waiting for a reply.

Leah tried to stop him. “Bruce, don´t you … damn!” She chugged looking at Loki. “What do you want?”

Loki ignored her temper tantrum and simply offered her the rose.

Leah huffed angrily. “So, what? I´m supposed to melt because you bring me flowers?”

“Of course not.” Loki volunteered withdrawing the rose which dissolved into thin air. “It´s just an apology for locking you in our room. I´m still angry at you over everything else.”

Leah clenched her jaw. “I noticed.” She wryly told him. “You made your apology. You can leave now.”

“Do you really want me to go?” Loki asked hurt by her answer.

Leah grumbled upset. “I fell from a second floor Loki. I´m in no mood for a scolding so if that´s what you’re planning to do…” Leah stared at him waiting for an answer.

Loki weighed his options before answering. “No. I don´t want to fight right now.”

“All right.” Leah answered with a relieved sigh. “I´m in no shape to fight right now either.” With that she leaned back into the bed trying to silence a muffled complaint.

Loki looked at her worryingly, suddenly she snapped huffing. “Don´t you even dare to ask me if I’m okay. Let´s just say that I’m not and leave it at that.”

“I thought you said you were in no shape to fight.” Loki snapped back with irony.

“I´m not fighting.” Leah protested before softening her tone. “I’m just informing you.” Next she changed the subject. “How did your mission went?”

Loki was taken by surprise by her question. “Umh, well … it was successful.”

Leah slightly rolled her eyes at his answer, unwillingly he had told her more than he realized. “What happened?”

“What makes you think something happened?” Loki calmly asked in return trying to avoid her question.

Leah puffed irritated. “Fine, don´t tell me then.” She softened her tone again. “We are all allowed our secrets … oh, yes! except for me of course.” She eyed him sternly. “You talked to Tony, didn´t you.”

“I think you already know I did.” Loki replied sternly.

“It´s all the same.” She muttered angrily before coughing which made it obvious she was in quite a lot of pain.

“I´ll get Bruce.” Loki told her before leaving the room in a hurry. He didn´t had to look for long as Bruce was already in the hallway coming back to check on them.


“Bruce, whatever painkillers you are giving Leah I don´t think they are working. Can´t you give her something else?” He asked Bruce with a worrying frown on his face.

“I would´ve given her some if she had let me.” Bruce grimly informed him.

“What do you mean?” Loki asked confused by his answer.

“She adamantly refused to allow me to give her any pain-killers.” Bruce explained.

“What? Why didn´t you just …?” Loki started to question him.

“Gave them to her anyway?” Bruce suggested. “Mainly because she threatened to take matters up with the Hulk if I came as near as a foot to her with a needle.”

“She didn´t.” Loki spat surprised.

“Yes, she did. I´d rather avoid such a situation from happening.” Bruce volunteered dryly.

“Why would she do that? She´s clearly in pain. Why didn´t she let you help her?” Loki asked baffled.

Bruce fiddled with his glasses as he told him. “I think it has to do with the fact that you didn´t healed her.”

“What´s that got to do with anything?” Loki inquired bedazzled.

Bruce bit his lower lip uncomfortable as he told him. “I overheard her mumbling something about if you wanted to punish her she could beat you to it.”

“She´s out of her mind!” Loki spat irritated by her new nonsense.

“She´s probably not thinking that clearly if you want to know.” Bruce volunteered. “As you said she´s in quite some pain. She has more than a couple of bruised ribs, also she´s covered in minor cuts and don´t forget the fact that she´s got a rather nasty burn on her tight.”

“A burn?” Loki asked surprised.

“I´m guessing from a laser.” Bruce volunteered.

“So that´s what made her fall.” Loki thought to himself.

“I don´t know exactly what happened between you two, but can´t you just patch it up?” Bruce suggested concerned.

“I wanted to, but she´s just too angry.” Loki acknowledged.

“Maybe if you healed her.” Bruce prompted.

“Mmm.” Loki hesitated frowning.

“You are angry at her.” Bruce realized. “And she knows it.”

“Yes.” Loki dryly agreed.” I´m afraid we are at an impasse.”

Bruce smirked as he nodded his head negatively in disbelief. “Loki, she´s been eagerly waiting for you return these past days. I´m quite sure you missed her too.” Loki scowled at his words; it didn´t matter he couldn´t just forgive her. Bruce sighed he could almost hear Loki´s thoughts he wasn´t even trying to hide how he felt. “I was angry at first too. Talking to Andrew helped me. Maybe it could help you too.”

“But …” Loki protested while eying the infirmary.

“I’ll take care of her.” Bruce asseverated. “If she falls asleep I´ll give her the pain-killers anyway. She´ll be fine.”

“All right.” Loki finally agreed. “I don´t know if it will help but I’ll it´s better than doing nothing. I´ll return as fast as I can.”


Loki went to look for Andrew finally finding him in his room reading a book.

“Loki!” Andrew greeted him astonished. “I´m surprised to see you here. I thought you and Leah would have a lot of catching up to do.”

“That´s what I thought.” Loki wryly volunteered before adding. “Before something happened …”

When Loki finished telling Andrew what had happened, Andrew leaned back in his chair while rubbing his chin pensive.

“I should´ve known something like this could happen.” Andrew reproached himself before answering Loki´s silent question. “You see when the incident happen Leah experienced what we could call a normal situation.  Everyone got angry at her, reprimanded her and at the end forgave her. Everyone except for the most important person in her life; you. I knew she was afraid to face you; that she feared you wouldn´t forgive her.

But I underestimated how scared was she about you facing Tony. Although I couldn´t had foreseen your jealousy, probably she didn´t either. “

“So what? This is all my fault?” Loki asked irritated.

“No, not really. Leah needed to face you despite of how angry you could´ve been but by focusing on Tony you denied her what she needed the most … closure. That´s why she´s so angry; mostly with herself for what you tell me even if somehow you´ve become the target of her anger she´s really trying to punish herself. That´s why she´s refusing to take the pain-killers”

“Then what? I just forgive her? She broke her fingers and just a while ago she fell from the second floor.” Loki growled irked.

“I never said you shouldn´t be angry. It was reckless of her and you have every right to be angry. She´s acting up to get your attention.” Andrew volunteered. “Although I’m getting the impression that Leah´s incident isn´t the only matter bothering you. Do you want to talk about it?” Andrew asked him cautiously.

“No.” Loki refused quickly.

Andrew looked at him sternly. “You won´t be able to help Leah if your mind is busy elsewhere.”

Loki sighed frustrated while he asked in a serious tone. “Fury already filled you in, didn´t he?”

“Yes.” Andrew told him. “Do you want to talk about what happened?”

“No, not really. Both of you may not understand it but I can deal with everything that happened there; except for Doom. He troubles me; I don’t know if I should trust him.” Loki wryly volunteered.

“I understand, that is a tough call.” Andrew acknowledged. “What does your instincts tell you?”

“That I shouldn’t trust him, but … I’m not sure. It could be just that I can´t forget what happened in the Tower; and it isn´t like he saved my life or something like that.“ Loki volunteered pensive . “I feel that if I choose to trust him I would be somehow betraying Leah. And if I´m wrong … I´m betraying her too. “

“And that makes you angry?” Andrew asked cautiously.

“Yes.” Loki agreed.

“I´m curious. Are you really that jealous of Tony?” Andrew asked next.

“No, yes. I don´t know. Maybe … I´m actually a bit jealous of you too.” Loki confessed. “Leah tells both of you things she hides from me.”

“And that makes you angry?” Andrew asked again.

“Yes.” Loki agreed dryly.

Andrew frowned deeply while thinking. “Loki I understand you feel like Leah is pushing you out, and in a way she is. Making you promise her not to ask her anything again …”

“She told you about that?” Loki interrupted him surprised.

“Loki, I´m her therapist. She will tell me things she doesn´t even want to tell to herself. And the only reason she agrees to open up with me is to get better, for you and for Eerika. Believe me; if it wasn´t for that reason she wouldn´t tell me a word. We all have our secrets Loki, you shouldn´t worry about that.” Andrew explained calmly. “And about Tony … they just bond on a different level than you and her. But trust me when I say this; you are the only one that has her heart.”

Loki listened carefully to Andrew´s words; maybe he was right.

“But I think those are not the only reasons why you are so angry at Leah besides being reckless and hurting herself; twice.” Andrew continued without giving Loki an opportunity to protest. “You´re also angry at her because of Doom; for putting you in a position where no matter what choice you make you´ll feel like you are letting her down.”

“I don´t blame her for what happened with Doom!” Loki denied immediately.

“Then why you didn´t healed her? You are punishing her for something; and somehow I don´t think it´s just about being reckless.” Andrew suggested sternly.

Loki remained quiet; mulling. What if he was right? She had hurt herself before and he had healed her; although she hadn´t hurt herself that bad before.

“What if … it´s a bit of everything?” Loki questioned worryingly. “What do I do know?”

“Talk to her.” Andrew simply suggested. “I don´t know all the answers Loki. There are things I can´t tell you and others I simply don´t know. “

Loki remained pensive for a moment before asking in earnest. “Do you really thing she´s going to be all right?”

Andrew smiled warmly. “I do. I´m confident she will get better Loki. She´s still has a long way ahead of herself but as you clearly noticed she stopped allowing herself to fall apart. Right now what she needs is for you to confront her about what happened. It might not be what she wants but it´s what she needs.  Consider this; from her point of view she had failed you in more ways than one; as a person, as a … love-partner, as the mother of your child. She can´t forgive herself unless you forgive her first.”

“What am I supposed to do then? Yell at her? Reprimand her? “Loki inquired bedazzled.

Andrew couldn´t help to smile at Loki´s suggestions. “Not necessarily; just talk to her. Both of you need to get this out of your systems once and for all. It will fester if you don´t.”

“I´m not sure I can do this. What if I say the wrong thing? What if I make this worst?” Loki inquired preoccupied.

“There´s no such thing as the wrong thing.” Andrew reassured him. “Some truths can be more painful than others but they will always be better than lies.”

“I just don´t want to overwhelm her taking to her about Doom or my mission.” Loki acknowledged.

“I think that´s a conversation you can keep for another day.” Andrew suggested. “Just deal with the issue at hand.”

Reckless Decisions

Leah tried to push the door open ramming against it a couple of times before giving up. It was useless she hadn´t managed to even move it. She kept looking at it thoughtfully.

“A hole in the wall?” She felt increasingly nervous as time went by. She nodded her head negatively looking at her hands. “Maybe if they were healed; it will never work like this.”

She anxiously looked around the room trying to find something she could use to pry the door. Suddenly she remembered the scissors Natasha had used to cut the adhesive tape from the plastic wrappings they had used to keep her splinters dry. She ran into the bathroom a few seconds later she ran out bringing the scissors with her. She tried to shove them into the wood frame; maybe if she could force them into the latch.

After more than a couple failed attempts Leah gave up “Argh! “She exclaimed frustrated against the door.

“There´s got to be another way.” She started searching her room again all of the sudden she smiled victorious. “The window!”

It had never occurred to her to try to open any of the windows before; she just assumed it wasn´t a good idea but she never thought they were sealed, not a handle or panel she could access. She tried to break one of the window lites with the scissors; to her surprise it didn´t break. Astonished she look closer; she hadn´t break it but she could see a small dent on the glass. She nodded her head negatively as she told herself before chopping the lite again. “Loki is going to be furious at me … but it isn´t like he left me any choice.”

Loki started searching for Tony in all the usual places; finally, he found him on the communications room along with Steve and Thor.

“Brother!” Thor greeted him happily. “Natasha told us you were back.”

Loki ignored his brother´s salute and walked directly to Tony. Without any warning he aggressively poked him on the chest cornering Tony against the wall. “You will tell me exactly what happened!”

Both Thor and Steve turned to help Tony, who quickly signaled them to wait.

“What are we talking about?” Tony asked perplexed.

“Your little argument with Leah.” Loki answered irate.

“Ah!” Tony exclaimed. No wonder Loki looked so angry. “What did she told you?”

“Not much. She keeps saying that it was all her fault and that I shouldn´t be angry at you. All that I really know is that she broke her fingers over something you two argued about. I want to know exactly what happened.” He huffed angrily.

Tony scratched his nape nervously. “Um yes, about the guilty part I would say 50-50.”

Loki took a step forward vexed. Tony lifted his hands in surrender as he told him. “If you calm down I´ll explain…”

Suddenly an alarm went off. They all looked surprised at each other.

“Are we under attack?” Steve asked out loud.

Loki muttered some words and suddenly a view from the mansion exterior was projected on thin air.”

“There!” Steve pointed to a window in the second floor. “Is that Leah? What is he …?”

Loki teleported away before Steve could finish his question.

Leah had finally broken a hole big enough to pass through it; not without getting several cuts from the shards all over her body. Her unprotected hands had suffered the worst part.

She had climbed out onto the cornice and now was trying to climb back in through another window.

“Dammit Loki! Wait until I get back inside! I´ll teach you to lock me in!” She grunted vexed as she positioned herself to start chopping the window tile with her scissors again. The moment she hit the glass she inadvertently triggered the defense system. A laser grid lit up immediately scorching a line on Leah´s right leg. She yelped surprised, stepping back on instinct. She lost her footing and helplessly fell into the void.

She knew the two story fall wouldn´t kill her but undoubtedly it would hurt.

Loki teleported outside immediately realizing Leah´s reckless efforts would activate the house defense systems. But he was too late to help her. He witnessed powerless as Leah hit the ground.

The impact knocked Leah´s air out. She growled painfully and coughed loudly as she tried to get some air back on her lungs.

Loki ran to her side. “By Odin´s ravens Leah! What on Helheim you think you are doing?”

“Proving I can hurt myself without any help!” She retorted with irony. “Fuck! That hurt!” She rolled painfully trying to get up.

“Dammit Leah! Stay still!” Loki motioned her.

“Why should I listen to you? You don´t listen to me!” Leah growled as she managed to sit herself up. She looked at Loki defiantly as she sternly reproached him. “You locked me in!”

Loki noticed a swallow slash on her right cheek and blood stains all over her clothes and hands. Ignoring her complaints, he swiftly carried her up teleporting both of them inside.

“Let me down!” Leah angrily yelled at him while trying to wriggle her way out of his grasp.

“No, and stop behaving like a child! I´m taking you to Banner and that´s that.” Loki scolded her harshly.

Leah grunted annoyed but decided to keep her mouth shut. She did needed Bruce to patch her up this time. It seemed that Loki wasn´t in the mood to heal her and she wasn´t asking either.

When they reached Bruce he spat surprised. “What the hell…?”

Both Loki and Leah started arguing again.

“It´s his fault! He locked me in our room because he´s insanely jealous.” Leah shrieked.

“Why shouldn’t I be jealous?” Loki yelled back.

“Because I love you, you stupid Asgardian!” Leah screamed angrily.

“I know!” Loki growled back.

They both stared at each other vexed for a moment. Suddenly Leah stuck her tongue at him.

“Stop being a brat!” Loki spat irritated.

“Make me!” Leah challenged him.

Loki huffed nodding his head annoyed and simply handed Leah into Bruce´s arms. “Just patch her up!” Next he walked outside leaving a very confused Bruce and angry Leah behind.

“What was that all about?” Bruce asked Leah once he had placed her on the examination table.

Leah explained him briefly what had happened growling and grunting all the time. When Bruce got to the burn on her tight she complained loudly.

“I hadn´t seen you this whining ever before. “He told her surprised by her attitude.

“I´m not in the mood Bruce. Didn´t you realized he could´ve healed my wounds and he just didn´t.” Leah complained loudly; this time her eyes watered against her will.  “He´s not forgiving me.” Was the thought she refrained from saying out loud.

Loki strolled off angrily to the communications room where Tony, Thor and Steve were waiting for any news.

“What happened?” Tony asked alarmed as he noticed some blood smeared on Loki´s clothes.

“She triggered the mansion defenses. Bruce is patching her up right now.” Loki reluctantly volunteered.

“Patching her up? Bruce? What happened? Why didn´t you healed her yourself?” Tony asked confused.

“Because apparently I’m a stupid jealous Asgardian … and I´m not in the mood.” Loki growled angrily.

Three pairs of mouths opened for a second before snapping closed. That sounded like Leah. What could´ve happened that she was so mad at Loki?

“What did you do to her?” Tony finally asked.

“She kept trying to prevent me from talking to you, so I locked her in our room.” Loki volunteered still growling.

“And you didn’t thought that would backfire?” Tony asked him incredulously.

“Obviously not.” Loki acknowledged. “Now will you tell me what happened before she gets another bright idea?”

Tony scowled pensively. “Guys do you mind? Loki and I have a lot to talk.”

“Are you sure?” Steve asked cautiously.

“I´m sure.” Tony asseverated. “Besides I don´t think that our friend here wants to … uhm … anger his sweetheart any further.”

“All right. If you need us …” Steve offered.

“I´ll call you.” Tony volunteered.

“Brother?” Thor asked concerned.

“He´s right Thor. Leah is angry enough with me as it is. We´ll be fine. I just want to talk.” Loki agreed.

“And that´s it; so …? Tony cautiously asked Loki after finishing telling him everything that had happened in his absence.

“You cur, you …” Loki growled angrily.

“Hey!” Tony cut him off. “There’s no need for name calling!” Tony complained offended.

“Really?” Loki asked irked. “You drove her to the edge. Name calling is the least you deserve! What if something else had happened? Did you even thought of that?” A concerned tinge could be detected in Loki´s voice through the anger.

“But it didn´t.” Tony dryly replied; he had asked himself that question before and the answer scared him. “Don´t you think I feel guilty enough? Regardless of what Andrew thinks I´m not comfortable with what happened.”

Loki took a moment to observe Tony´s face. He was truthful about feeling remorse. “I believe you are.” Loki finally told him sternly. “I´m not just angry at you.” Loki sighed frustrated. “I´m angry at her. It doesn’t matter what I do, she keeps trying to keep me on the dark. Why do I even bother? She tries to hide things from me all the time.”

Tony looked at Loki sympathetically. “Don´t take it personally; she does that to all of us. She probably just doesn´t want to upset you. Put yourself in her shoes. It can´t be easy…. But my friend … I think you´ve failed to see the obvious.” Tony told him with a smug.

“The obvious?” Loki asked puzzled to the meaning of his words.

Tony volunteered. “She fought you, quite enthusiastically I must say.”

“Yes, she did. But what do you …?” Suddenly he understood. “She´s not giving up anymore.” Loki smiled wryly at the irony.

Tony didn´t even tried to keep a straight face when he added. “Yes, she´s getting better pal. Seems Andrew was right after all. Good luck handling her now.” He gave Loki a patronizingly look.

Loki sighed amused. “No one said it was going to be easy.”

“Nope, it never is.” Tony agreed.

Coming Home

“How are you feeling today Leah?” Andrew asked calmly.

“All things considered I guess I´m fine.” Leah volunteered. “Did you knew I´m under super-nanny watch?” Leah joked wryly.

Andrew couldn´t help to laugh. “Yes, I heard.”.

“Good Lord I break a couple of bones and everyone goes haywire.” Leah jokingly complained.

“Well, can you blame them? They tried to give you some space …” Andrew started to explain when Leah interrupted him.

“Yes, I know. I did this.” She raised her hands in defeat.

” You know that´s not the main reason they are keeping tabs with you.” Andrew volunteered.

Leah sighed frustrated. “Yes, I know. They are worried I can´t do things” She leaned down on the sofa for a moment before raising up to add. “At least I’m perfectly capable of bathing myself, well … kind of. As long as someone helps me to wrap these things to keep them dry.” Leah looked at her splinters pouting.” And unwrap them … maybe a bit of help with the hair dryer, and … damn! I´m a mess!”

Andrew looked at her amused by her rambling while hiding his grin with his hand. Suddenly Leah looked up and spat annoyed. “All right … I need a lot of help. Are you happy?”

Andrew kept his hand over his mouth to avoid laughing as he nodded negatively closing his eyes for a second trying to keep a staright-face, when he opened his eyes again he asked her with irony. “Was it that hard?”

“To admit I need help? Maybe … either way I guess I´d better get used to it. Somehow I don’t think Loki will let it slide.” Her apparent good humor vanished at that point

Andrew leaned forward concerned. “What do you mean? Are you really suggesting he wouldn´t heal your bones?”

“I wouldn´t.” Leah volunteered dryly while looking down.

“Why not?” Andrew inquired worried by her answer.

“To teach me a lesson.” Leah volunteered uncomfortable.

“What´s wrong Leah? What is it that you are so worried about?” Andrew asked calmly.

“What if this is the proverbial drop that overflows the glass?” Leah asked worryingly. “I´m scared.”

Andrew leaned closer as he reassured her. “I really don´t think it will Leah. Have some faith in Loki.”

“I do.” Leah answered with a whine. “I have faith he´ll scold the living hell out of me.”

Andrew looked at her distressed pouting and volunteered kindly. “I´m sure it won´t be that bad Leah.”

“So, you don´t think he´ll get angry?” Leah asked incredulously.

“On the contrary; I know he will. He´ll probably yell at you for being so careless but the only reason he´ll do it is because he cares about you. He´ll even nag everyone else for not taking proper care for you.” Andrew told her trying to cheer her up.

“That´s what scares me the most.” Leah confessed alarmed.

“Are you scared for Tony?” Andrew asked her unsure.

“Umm … yes. I don´t want Loki to think … I don´t know I just … I don´t want team to fight.” Leah admitted broodingly turning her face away.

“Leah.” Andrew called her attention, she looked absent.

Leah turned back to face him as she wryly volunteered. “I know, don´t worry. Why couldn´t I just kept my mouth shut?” She huffed angry at herself.

“Leah, I sincerely think that lashing out was the best thing for you. Haven´t you been feeling better?” Andrew asked concerned.

“I didn´t had any nightmares last night.” Leah volunteered shyly.

“You see?” Andrew told her with a reassuring smile. “Now, when Loki arrives today just tell him what happened. There´s a good probability he´ll get angry but at the end he´ll understand.”

Leah eyes widened overjoyed. “Today? Loki is coming back today?”

“Yes.” Andrew answered with a big grin.

“Oh my God! He´s coming back! Today!” Leah jumped up to her feet excited. “Andrew why didn´t you told me that before? Look at me! I´m a mess! At what time will he arrive? I got to change and …”

Andrew´s laugh interrupted her thoughts.

“What? Yes, I´m acting as a teenager, so sue me.”

“No, I´m just glad to see you this happy.” Andrew told her gallantly. “It suits you.”

Leah blushed at his compliment. “thank you.”

“Feeling better?” Andrew asked her teasingly.

“No, I´m still scared as hell, but who cares. Loki is coming back! I feel too many butterflies in my stomach to be able to worry. He can yell at me all day long if he wants.” Leah acknowledged happily. “Tell me Andrew; at what time will he arrive?”

“Sometime after two, that´s all I know.” Andrew volunteered.

“Is he ok? He´s unharmed, right? Please, tell me he is!” Leah pleaded anxiously.

“Yes, he is. You have nothing to worry about.” Andrew reassured her.


“So, you didn´t told Doom she´s alive?” Fury asked Loki as they arrived to his office.

“No, I´m still not sure if I should trust him.” Loki acknowledged doubtfully.

“I know this will sound strange coming from me, but maybe you can.” Fury volunteered.

“You can´t be serious!” Loki spat surprised.

“I´ve heard some rumors; according to them if Doom pawns his word he will abide by it; specially if it concerns his twisted honor code.” Fury volunteered while in deep thought. “I can make some inquiries, just to be sure.”

Loki considered his offer for a moment. “All right, either way I’m not ready to tell him yet.”

“You´ll probably need to tell him before he finds out.” Fury suggested.

“When I´m ready.” Loki volunteered dryly.

“It´s your call.” Fury acknowledged shrugging his shoulders. “Are you ready to leave?”

“Can´t wait to get rid of me?” Loki answered jokingly.

“Yes, I can´t wait until you´re someone else’s problem.” Fury told him with a smirk.

“You´ll miss me.” Loki smirked back.

“I most certainly will not.” Fury adamantly answered. “But I´ll keep in touch.”

“Please don´t.” Loki answered sternly. “If you need me call the Avengers.”

“As you wish.” Fury answered nonchalant.

A few moments later Loki appeared in his studio. Before walking out he replenished his energies with the gems he had taken with him.

“Home.” He sighed with satisfaction. “Finally! Where could Leah be at this hour. Maybe I should ask Tony to install an A.I. like Jarvis. That way I wouldn´t have to look for her all over every time I need to find her.”


He directed to their quarters first trying deliberately not to bump with anyone. He wanted Leah to be the first person to welcome him back.

While on the hallway he stopped pensively for a moment. “Nursery or our room? Maybe I should check our room first.” He smiled mischievously. “Hopefully she´s alone. I feel like spending some quality time with her.”

When he reached their room he sighed disappointed he could overhear both Leah and Natasha´s voices as well as a low humming sound. “Come on Loki, it was a long shot anyway. She didn´t knew exactly at what hour would you arrive. Besides you can always hint her to ask Natasha to leave.” With that last thought on his mind he entered the room.

Both women were sat with their back to the door talking and laughing. Natasha was blowing dry Leah´s long hair. Leah was wearing a bathrobe. There was a hairbrush and some unknown objects scattered around as well as Leah´s change of clothes.

“I´m probably just early.” He thought to himself, pleased that Leah had asked Natasha to help her fix up for him.

He coughed loudly to call their attention. Natasha turned off the dryer as she turned her head to the door almost at the same time Leah did. That´s when he noticed something wrapping two fingers of Leah´s right hand.

“Loki!” Leah jumped out of the bed joyously as she ran straight into his arms. “You´re back!”

Loki smiled as he hugged her tightly. Instantly she snuggled closer to him relishing on his scent, a satisfaction sigh escaped her lips.

Her sigh made him long for her. He broke their embrace to search for her mouth. He kissed her sweetly for a moment until he noticed a second wrapping on her other hand. Swiftly he stopped. “What´s that?” He asked her as he brought one of her hands closer to his face to examine it.

“I …” Leah studded embarrassed. “uhm … they are splinters.” She finally confessed with a guilty look.

Loki´s expression changed to a worried one; sternly he asked her. “What happened?”

Leah looked at Natasha distressed; she would have to explain everything to Loki. Worriedly she called for her. “Natasha… I … could you?”

“I´ll give you some privacy.” Natasha answered her unspoken plea. “You must have tons of things to talk about.” As she passed by Loki on her way out she softly told him. “Don´t be too hard on her. She´s hard enough on herself.”

Leah gave her a thankful smile. She didn´t know if Natasha´s word would have any effect on Loki, but at least she had tried.

Loki didn´t said a word; but he waited until Natasha had left to ask Leah again. “What happened?”

“I … kind of broke … two fingers of each hand.” She blurted her words out quickly, afraid she would lose her nerve.

Loki´s eyes widened in shock. “You did what? How did this happen? Were you training?”

Leah gravely answered his question. “No, I wasn´t training. I think I should explain what happened since the beginning. It will make so much more sense that way. But … could I at least dress myself first?” She pleaded in hope.

Loki looked at her sternly. Was she trying to distract him? Maybe stall? With a flick of his fingers Leah´s clothes magically appeared on her.

“A jersey and some jeans.” She thought worriedly. “This isn´t painting any good.” She acknowledged while eyeing the dress that remained lying on their bed.

“There, you are dressed. Carry on.” Loki stated seriously as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“It will take a while; can we sit?” she asked nervously.

Loki looked severely at her and then at their bed. “If you want.” He finally agreed while shrugging his shoulders.

“Thank you.” Leah told him with a small smile as she walked to the bed and sat. “It all started the night you left. We made a sleepover.” Leah told him feeling uneasy.

“Sleepover? You mean everyone slept here on our bed with you?” Loki asked bewildered. “I thought you were only having a party.”

“You saw us? How?” Leah asked confused.

“I scryed for you just before we left to the mission. I saw all of you fooling around.” Loki volunteered.

“Well, the guys brought another bed and we all slept together.” Loki´s dark expression told her he wasn´t thrilled with the idea. “I … I kind of told team I was afraid of sleeping alone, so …” She confessed shamefaced.

Loki´s eyes softened for an instant before asking apprehensively. “Who suggested this sleepover?”

“Um … Tony.” Leah volunteered nervously.

“I should´ve known.” Loki spat angrily. “He couldn´t wait to have you in his arms again.”

Leah felt shocked by his suggestion and complained offended. “Loki you know Tony and I don’t think of each other that way.”

“So tell me, who slept by your side?” Loki sternly asked her.

“Tony and Thor.” Leah answered distraught. She hadn´t thought Loki would be angrier at her because of some silly jealousy than by the fact she had broken her fingers.

Loki huffed vexed.

Leah spat angrily. “If nothing happened between us the night we slept together in my room just the two of us. What makes you think something did when we were surrounded by five more people. One of them your brother nonetheless. Does it even matter to you that I broke four of my fingers?” She reproached him sullen.

Loki looked at her resentful of her reproach. “Of course I care … just continue with your story. We can talk about this later.” He told her on a sulky matter.

Leah sighed annoyed. “Early next morning I had a nightmare. Not a particularly bad one but enough to wake me up. When I did … everyone was staring at me…” She looked up to meet Loki´s gaze. “They gave me the same look you are giving me right now.”

“What look?” Loki asked taken by surprise.

“The pity look.” Leah acknowledged dryly.

“I’m not …” Loki tried to defend himself.

“Yes, you do. I know you don´t mean to; neither did they. But when you look at me like that … it makes me feel … worthless.” She confessed upset.

Loki understood exactly what she meant. “I´m sorry. I didn´t knew. You never said anything before.”

“No, I didn´t. I just couldn´t muster the courage to tell any of you. And it only got worse every time it happened. I tried to ignore it; I really tried. But that morning … I just couldn´t. I thought I could run away from it and just … I don´t know … let it pass. But I was feeling too angry and useless. They all noticed but then Tony wouldn´t let it go.”

Leah closed her eyes for a moment remembering the scene. “We got into a fight and … I just wanted him to leave me alone. I never meant. I told him horrible things.”

Loki looked sympathetically at Leah´s troubled expression.  “Siblings…” He thought to himself. Even if he was jealous of Tony he had to admit Leah and him behaved more like brother and sister than anything else.

“It couldn´t been that bad.” Loki kindly suggested

“I told him to leave me alone and to stop acting as if he were my brother. That I didn´t needed him because we weren´t family.” Leah blurted shamefully.

“Leah! You actually told him that?” Loki looked surprised remembering Thor´s pained look when he told him the same thing.

“I yelled it to his face …I hurt him.” She confessed while down casting her eyes. “I just didn´t knew what to do. I was hurting so bad. Andrew said it actually helped me at the end.”

“Mmm, yes. Andrew.” Loki acknowledged trying to disguise the jealousy he felt.

“Yes, he said that the session we had after the fight was one of our more productive ones. Bottom line I knew I had to apologize to Tony, but when I found him our quarrel only got worse.” Leah confessed wryly.

“Please tell me you didn´t broke your fingers fighting with him.” Loki snapped irritated.

“Of course not!” Leah answered swiftly. “I did that myself. I tried to fix it but the argument just got worse and then Tony told me he was leaving right after you got back because he never wanted to see me anymore … and then … I just … I had lost my best friend and it was all my fault. I was a coward. You weren´t here. I didn´t knew what to do with myself. I don´t think I did it on purpose but suddenly I found myself in one of the training rooms. When I saw the punching bag I … I just had to vent all my anger on it. Not just about what just happened with Tony, but about everything. At first I could feel the pain building up in my knuckles but after a while I couldn´t care less. I just kept hitting it with all my strength; that´s how I broke my fingers.”

Loki looked at Leah horrified thinking how much strength she must had used to make such damage. Her bones and tissues were three times stronger than normal humans.

“I just kept doing it until he found me. After all we said to each other I had lost all hope. But he came looking for me to apologize.” Leah smiled fondly as she remembered Tony´s warmth. Loki flinched, a pang of jealousy ran through him.

“It was the least he could do.” Loki spat furiously. “After all he caused this mess. Wait till I have a word with him.”

Leah´s eyes widened scared. “No. Loki it wasn´t his fault! It was mine! Please Loki!”

“You are defending him! “Loki growled vexed as he stood up. “He made you upset after all those times he scolded me. I´m going to give him a piece of my mind.”

Leah quickly stood up in front of him. “No, please! Loki, don´t! I´m fine. He didn´t made me upset. I was upset already. Besides Andrew says that lashing out proved more beneficial than detrimental.”

“Andrew” Loki mumbled between his teeth as he gently pushed Leah to the side. “I´ll ask him if that´s the truth!”

Leah shrieked in panic. “I´m not lying! Loki, please! Just listen to me. If you want to be angry with someone it should be me. If you want to punish someone, punish me!” She had cut his way again.

Loki looked at her irritated. “Don´t you even think you’re out of trouble either. But first I will have a talk with your knight in shining armour.” With that he pushed her again out of his path and closed the door behind him.

Leah tried to follow him immediately but she found the door magically locked.

“No! Loki! Please! Just listen to me! Listen to me!” she pleaded in despair for a moment leaning on the door.

“Why can´t he just let somethings alone?” She asked to herself in a low tone. “I don´t want him to talk to Tony; not without me. What if things go wrong?”

Doom´s Code of Honor

“I don´t understand why did you insisted on waiting until we were aboard the hellicarrier.” Loki growled still annoyed.

“Because if things had gotten out of control we might have well advertise what we did in Okanjo´s base. Now stop pouting if you don´t want to do it then don´t.” Fury answered irritated.

Loki huffed exasperated. “Let´s just get this over so I can leave.”

“I´ll get Doom and then you can be on your way.” Fury volunteered showing Loki into the meeting room.


Loki walked in and watched Fury walk away before sitting down. He growled irritated. “Curiosity killed the cat. No wonder why I´ve never liked that midgardian saying when the real danger comes from not knowing.” He wryly admitted to himself.

“Leah would freak out if she knew I was doing this …” He sighed. “I wonder how is she? Fury said he would tell Andrew that our mission had been successful. It´s likely he already told her, I wish I had seen her face when he did.”

Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by Fury entering to show Doom in.


Loki stood up instinctively, for a moment both Doom and him held each other stare without saying a word.

Fury stepped in and reminded then. “We are here to talk, remember? Nothing more. If any of you forget about it may I remind you I have enough fire power here to contain both of you.” His last words made both Loki and Doom look at him sternly.

“Let´s talk.” Doom was the first to speak as he invited Loki to sit with a movement of his hand.

“Yes, talk.” Loki agreed as he sat down.

“I´ll leave you alone.” Fury informed them before walking out.


“What do you want?” Loki asked without preamble.

“As Fury said, to talk.” Doom volunteered.

“I don’t think we have nothing to talk about after what you did.” Loki huffed angrily.

“That´s where you are wrong Loki.” Doom contradicted him. “Unlike you or the rest of our villainous friends I have a code of honor to which I proudly adhere at all times.”

“Please Doom! Don´t give me that crap!” Loki spat irritated.

Doom discarded Loki´s remark. “As I was saying I follow this code to keep myself above … well, the rest of you. Regretfully I must admit that in the heat of the battle I … failed to do so. Now, I …  I fear I have acquired a debt of honor with you; one I intent to pay.

Loki looked at Doom baffled. “Pay? What do you think that you can just throw some money at me and make it better? What you took from me can´t be restored!”

“Don´t be foolish; I would never resort to something as crude as money to settle this.” Doom spat offended. “I can´t undo what I did but I can give you my word I won´t try to harm you or your child again. That seems payment enough.”

“Your word?” Loki questioned bewildered. “And I´m supposed to believe it?”

“Yes, you are.” Doom plainly asseverated. “I will not fail to abide to my code again.”

Loki looked at Doom pensively. “How can I know this isn´t a trap to make me lower my guard?”

“I´m Victor Von Doom, ruler of Latveria. You will not doubt my word Loki Laufeyson.” Doom voiced enraged.

Loki almost busted laughing at Doom´s melodramatic display but refrained himself from doing so. Taking a deep breath, he calmly pointed out. “You know this doesn´t make any sense to me.”

“I agree; it probably doesn´t.” Doom acknowledged, after all Loki wasn´t as civilized as him. “What do you propose?” He inquired in the same calm tone Loki had used.

“What is it that didn’t fit in your so called code of honor? Murdering her? Beating her? Or maybe planning to rape her in the first place?” Loki inquired resentful.

“I wasn´t planning on raping her …” Doom protested. “At least not at first …”

“And that´s supposed to make me feel better? You were planning on abducting both her and my daughter and leave me to rot in a cell.” Loki interrupted him disgruntled.

“I wasn´t going to leave you to rot in a cell… not really. I was feeling more inclined to follow an ancient royal tradition; taking hostages.” Doom informed him nonchalant.

“How´s that any better?” Loki inquired bewildered.

“I would´ve treated them as members of my own family.” Doom look at Loki irked before adding. “You really should study Earth´s history Loki; I´m sure you would find it very illustrative. “

Loki huffed irritated my Doom´s condescendence. “What you had planned doesn´t matter; you changed your mind. You wanted her to bear you a child, or do you deny this?”

Doom huffed annoyed as he rolled his eyes at Loki. “It´s the twenty-one century Loki; there are other ways to father a child than having sex. Either way why would I leave something as important as an heir to chance?”

Loki glared at him infuriated. “Lier, I know what you menaced her with.”

Doom clenched his fists angered for a moment before disregarding Loki´s word as a misunderstanding. “She refused me, so … I overreacted. You might like your women feisty but I don´t. I´m used to getting what I want.”

“You hit her.” Loki growled angered.

“She stab me!” Doom spat back angrily before changing his tone to a calmer one. “We can do this all day Loki; in the end I failed to abide my code. I killed a worthy adversary while unarmed, injured and unprepared. It was dishonorable of me.”

“You really think I´m going to believe that? You´ve killed hundreds, what one more death?” Loki confronted him.

“Only because it was necessary.” Doom justified himself.

“Please spare me of hearing your Doom´s world speech again.” Loki replied exasperated.

“It doesn´t matter whether you believe me or not. I know it´s the only way for humanity to survive.” Doom acknowledged self-righteously.

“I already had this discussion with Fury and I’m not having it with you too. You´re just another Okanjo.” Loki snorted furiously.

“Do not compare me with that beast!” Doom growled infuriated.

“Why not? He also did what he thought he had to do in order to make his vision of the world came true.” Loki volunteered irked.

“You will take that back right now Loki Laufeyson! That´s a lie and you know it! I may very well do unspeakable things to secure Doomworld from happening; but only if necessary. Okanjo knew he had lost. Most probably he also knew we were going to kill him, and that those children wouldn´t survive long after what he had done to them. He chose to kill them out of spite, without any purpose whatsoever … just because he could.” Doom reproached him hastily.

Loki pondered Doom´s words for a moment scowling. “I apologize. You are right; not even you would´ve done what Okanjo did to those children.”

Doom smiled pleased. “I´m glad we understand each other.”

“All right.” Loki huffed exasperated. “For a moment let´s say I believe you. So, your idea of restitution is basically leaving my daughter and me alone? No hidden agendas to make her your apprentice?” Loki inquired doubtfully.

“I won´t force her or you to do anything against your wills.” Doom volunteered. As Loki remained pensively Doom asked. “What´s your problem now?”

“Nothing really.” Loki admitted. “I was just wondering if you would´ve offered me the same deal if Leah had survived.”

Doom looked at Loki quizzically. “But she didn´t.”

Loki asked again. “But what if she had, would you had been so generous as to offer to leave the three of us alone? Or your code only applies because she´s dead? I want to know… are we paying our freedom´s with her death?” An idea was taking shape on Loki´s head. Even if everything went as planned there would always be the danger of Doom finding out Leah was alive.

Doom pondered heavily Loki´s question before answering. “I would´ve offer you the same deal had she survived my attack. Killing her or not is inconsequential; I broke my code just by spilling her blood. You pay nothing with her death.” He paused while observing Loki´s reaction. “Does this pleases you?”

“On your honor?” Loki asked sternly.

“Yes, on my honor. I protest this to be the truth.” Doom acknowledged.

“And you won´t try to spawn a child with any member of my family by any kind of method, ever.” Loki pressed.

Doom let out a small snort. “I promise; your daughter is safe.”

“Not only her, any member of my family.” Loki reaffirmed.

“Already thinking of grandkids Loki?” Doom spat amused.

“Do you promise?” Loki reasserted.

“Yes.” Doom dryly asseverated.

“On your honor.” Loki repeated.

“On my honor I swear this to be the truth.” Doom sternly added.

“And I really can trust you?” Loki asked unsure while anxiously debating with himself whether he should.

“This discussion is getting old Loki. You can either believe me or not; whatever you decide is not my problem.” Doom pointed out annoyed.

Meanwhile Loki debated still on his mind if he should let Doom know Leah was alive. What is he backed down because he didn´t told him?  Finally, he decided against it. He would keep her a secret as long as he could; in the worst case scenario at least that would give him time to prepare.

“I just have one question. Why help us with Okanjo?” Loki changed the subject unexpectedly.

“Do you really think I would´ve let that beast take over the world?” Doom asked bask intrigued.

Loki thought about it for a moment. “I guess not.”

Black and White

It was still early morning when Loki teleported everyone back to their base.

“We´ll have to stay here until nightfall.” Fury had told them adamantly. “Once we are back in the hellicarrier you´ll all get your rewards. Until then I´d suggest we get some rest.”

They all felt tired not only physically but emotionally. Not wanting to talk about it they all agreed about getting some rest and scattered to their rooms.


Once in his room Loki removed his armour noticing the hole that the steel tube had made on it. He slid his hand through his abdomen; there was no scar that marked his wound.

He remained pensive contemplating his blood stained clothes for a moment before he decided to finish undressing.

“It was a close call.” He suddenly acknowledges in a whisper. “At least it´s over now. But then why do I feel so restless? Like you didn´t knew … stop dwelling about it there´s nothing you can do about it now.” But he couldn´t help wondering. “Is this how heroes feel when they fail? We are no heroes but we tried to save them … and we failed. We did everything we could but it didn´t matter. I really can´t understand how you´re supposed to do this; day in and day out full of this crap. Why Fury does it? My brother? Why even try?”

As the water spray from the shower reached him he sighed. It was comforting to be able to get rid of all that dirt, sweat and blood.

And if it that wasn´t enough there´s something else bothering me. That tank … it really wouldn´t had hurt me … much. Maybe the others … Now I wonder if Fury promised Doom something too.” He yawned as he finished dressing himself. “I guess I´ll just have to ask Fury about that …” He yawned again. “But I´d better do that on a clearer head.” He had spent most of his energies during the battle, although he still had some magical jewels to replenish himself he votes against using them. “Just in case of an emergency.” He sank into his bed heavily; within minutes he had fallen asleep.


When he finally woke up it was well past three in the afternoon. He yawned as he sat up in his bed; he didn´t felt any rested. His stomach grumble loudly distracting him of his thoughts. “All right ….” He said to himself in a joking matter. “You first, then Fury.”

“Loki.” Fury acknowledge as he opened his door. “I thought you would drop by. Let me guess; you want to talk about Doom.” He steps aside inviting Loki in.

“Among other stuff.” Loki volunteered.

” Other stuff? Really? Then if you don´t mind I think we might need a drink.” He opened a bottle of gin and poured two glasses. Loki stared at the glass Fury was offering to him for a second before accepting it; he´s rather be having a strong Asgardian mead but this would have to do. He took a sip and savor it; it wouldn´t get him drunk but at least the taste was acceptable.

“So…?” Fury asked as he sat. “What´s on your mind?”

“Why do it? I mean what´s the point?”

“The point of what?” Fury inquired puzzled by his question.

“This sort of missions. Deciding who lives and who dies. How can you reconcile being the good guys and at the same time working with people like Okanjo? People that´s just …” Loki stopped looking for the right word.

“Evil?” Fury suggested.

“Demonic.” Loki finally said.

“Yes … demonic. Sounds appropriate, doesn´t it? Of all people I thought you would appreciate the irony; using fire to put out another fire.”

“We are nothing like him!” Loki raised up angered by the comparison. I … I never was that cruel … not that I remember.” He had killed people, children, but never like that.

“I know.” Fury grimly acknowledged. “People want to think the world is either white or black; but it isn´t. Most of the time you are smacked between gray areas. Good people do wrong things for the right reasons and bad people do good things for the wrong ones. It´s never that simple.” Fury heavily admitted as he finished his drink. He filled it up again immediately as he continued. “You do what you can and hope for the best, and yes; most of the time you end up with nothing but a heartache. But that can´t keep us from trying again and again.”

“Why?” Loki asked in earnest. “Why don´t you just take charge? I´m quite sure SHIELD has enough fire power to do it. Wouldn´t it be better? Safer?”

Fury let out a small laugh. “Safer?” Your father …” Loki scowled at his reference. “I mean Odin has command over the Seven Realms. Are they any safer because of it?”

“At least I never had to deal with someone like Okanjo before.” Loki spat angered.

“Probably not. What we lack in strength we made up with imagination.” Fury offered. “It´s not always our best feature.”

“Is this a joke to you? All those children…? Loki raises his voice crossed.

“No!” Fury yelled back. “Of course not …” He acknowledged dropping his voice down. “I wasn’t expecting that. Either way it´s not the first nor it will be the last time innocents are caught in the crossfire; you should know that.”

“Don´t get her into this.” Loki growled menacingly.

“Why not? After all she’s the reason you are here.” Fury volunteered dryly.

“Don´t” Loki warned him between clenched teeth.

“As you like.” Fury shrugged his shoulders while he brushed Loki´s comment away. “either way you´ll be back with the Avengers by tomorrow. Why dwell on this?”

“Because …” Loki realized he wasn´t entire sure of the reason. “Because … it wasn´t right.”

“No, you are right; it wasn´t. But taking away everyone´s freedom to ensure peace wouldn´t be either. So yes, now and then people like Okanjo will emerge, but that´s why we are here… to send them back to where ever they came from.” Fury took another sip of his drink before adding. “We might not be able to stop everything bad from happening; and frankly I’m not sure we should.”

“What do you mean?” Loki asked baffled.

“Do you want to play God, Loki? Undisputed ruler of Midgard?” Fury asked him deeply interested on his reaction.

“What?” Loki inquired shocked; unsure of how their conversation had come that way. “No!” He answered, somehow he wasn´t surprised by his own answer.

“Why not?” Fury asked calmly.

“Because …” Loki consider it for a moment. “I wouldn´t be any better than Okanjo If I did it. Not by force at least.”

Fury smirked. “We can´t change the world Loki. All we can do is try to keep it in one piece until people change … for the better. “Fury shrugged his shoulders before taking another sip. “At least that´s what I think. It won´t happen in my lifetime; probably not even in yours or maybe it will. Who knows? Now and then people surprise me in the best way.” Fury smiled pleased as he stared directly at Loki.

Loki gave him a quizzical look before realizing what he meant. “I didn´t…”

“Of course you didn´t. That´s what makes it even better.” Fury told him with a big grin. “Who would´ve guess I would be having a philosophical debate about good and evil with the God of Mischief? Not even Odin would´ve seen that coming.”

Loki laughed amused as he raised his glass before ending it. “Probably not.”

“Now that I seem to have put you at ease about this sordid affair; what else is in your mind?” Fury tilted his head inviting Loki to talk.

“Doom … you … promised him something; didn´t you?” Loki asked staring at Fury sternly.

“Yes.” Fury replied dryly and hastily replied before Loki said anything. “but it’s not what you think.”

“It´s not what I think?” Loki spat in outrage. “I´m not even sure I want to know what you could´ve promised him.” He felt betrayed and asked bewildered. “How could you? After what he did …”

Fury leaned forward decisively cutting off Loki´s sentence. “Come down Loki. It´s really not what you think. As a matter of fact, I need to tell you what is it that he wants.” Fury explained dryly.

Loki got up irritated and started pacing around in disbelief nodding his head negatively. Finally, he stopped and looked back at Fury. Frowning still he asked. “All right. What does Doom want?”

“You.” Fury simply stated.

“What?!” Loki yelled shocked. “Are you out of your mind?”

“He just want to talk to you; alone.” Fury added.

“And you went so far as promising him that? You had no right!” Loki reproached angrily.

“Hold down your horses. I didn´t.” Fury volunteered. “I only promised I would try to talk you into it. Nothing more.”

“And he agreed to such terms?” Loki inquired skeptic.

“He did.” Fury asseverated.

“Then you can tell him you tried and failed.” Loki refused adamantly.

“I could.” Fury admitted. “But I think you should talk to him.”

“You can´t possibly be serious about that! I don’t even want to be in the same room with him; less of all talk to him. I don´t know why he shielded us back in Okanjo´s base but that doesn´t excuse what he did.” Loki replied enraged; his fists had clenched so harshly his knuckles had begun to turn white.

“You are right.2 Fury agreed as he step up. “It doesn´t change a thing; but I hate not knowing. And I´m quite sure you hate that too.”

Loki looked at Fury vexed. “Dammit, he´s right! Even if I agreed to, what makes you think he´ll tell me the truth? How can we know this isn´t another one of his traps?”

“Nothing really. I just hope he does.” Fury volunteered soberly. “What do you have to lose?”

“My patience.” Loki growled between his teeth.

Fury laughed as he finished his second glass. “Best case scenario Doom tells you the truth and we know what to expect form him; worst case scenario you beat his ass. Really, what do you have to lose?”

Loki scowled trying to think of an answer but he had none. “All right.” He agreed reluctantly.

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