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Everyone was watching the new parents unwilling to disturb their first moments with her newborn daughter. Both Loki and Leah looked equally happy, lost in the moment; unmindful to the five pair of eyes watching them until Leah noticed and motioned them to join them. –Are you going to stay there, or are you going to say hi to Eerika?-

-Wee didn´t wanted to interrupt.-Steve volunteered.

-Nonsense, come here. You all are like family.-Leah told them with a smile.

Tony and Natasha were the first to move followed by the rest of the team.

-Hi precious, it´s uncle Tony.-Tony greeted Eerika by gently stroking her cheek.

-Do you want to hold her?-Leah offered.

-Really? I can?-He asked surprised.

-Of course you can.-Leah almost giggled at Tony´s surprised expression.

-But I´ve never done this before…-Tony complained as Leah placed Eerika in his arms.

-Oh my god! She´s so small.-Tony was completely taken aback by Eerika. -Hi there! Who´s the most beautiful baby in the word? You are! Yes, you are!-

Everyone smiled at Tony´s baby talk. Natasha approached them. –You are going to be a heartbreaker, aren’t you? Less than a minute and you already have stolen Tony´s heart.-She said with a smirk.

-Don´t listen to her, she´s jealous I´m holding you and she’s not.-Tony jokingly told Eerika.

-She really is beautiful Leah.-Natasha told her with a smile as she admired Eerika.

-She really is.-Clint told her next while he joined them to greet Eerika.

Steve Bruce and Thor were looking eagerly at them, they didn’t wanted to overcrowd the newborn. Tony noticed and suddenly walk to them placing Eerika in Thor´s arms as he told him. –And this is your uncle Thor, you´ll find out he´s a bit stubborn but with a huge heart.-

Thor gasped surprised as Tony placed Eerika in his arms, just as Loki before he was speechless. Both Steve and Bruce were already hovering around him to greet Eerika while Thor contemplated her niece with a huge smile on his face.

-She looks like you.-He suddenly said.-Like both of you. – He corrected himself.

Loki cautiously approached him as he gazed at his daughter he said to Leah. –He´s right she has your nose.-

-And your eyes.-Leah answered him back.

Suddenly Eerika began to whimper; Thor quickly placed her in Loki’s arms.

Loki could feel his own heart beating like a drum on his ears as he hold his daughter for the first time, it was now inconceivable not to be part of her life; he couldn´t understand why did he ever though once he could stay away from them. Eerika quieted down under Loki´s soft cooing.

-She knows who her father is.-Steve told Loki with a smile.

Loki looked up surprised as he asked. –Do you really think so?

-Yes, I do. I never thought about you as a family man.-Steve confessed. –Not until now, you really love them don´t you?-

-With all my heart.-Was Loki´s answer as he looked blissfully at Eerika.

-Maybe that´s all it takes.-Steve said out loud mostly to himself.

-What do you mean? – Loki asked intrigued.

-I been thinking about this for a while now … and I think that you´ve earned yourself a chance.-Steve volunteered.

-A chance?-Loki repeated. –Do you mean you´re accepting me as one of your team?-He asked in hope.

-Not yet.-Steve answered.-Next time we are on a mission you´ll get your chance to prove yourself.-

Loki looked at Steve intrigued as he continued.-You will join us in the next mission, no shackles to bind your powers. If everything goes all right and the rest of the team agrees we´ll pick up this talk again.

-Really? You are going to give me a chance after everything I´ve done?- Loki asked surprised top the rest of the team.

Thor nodded in agreement as he says –Yes.-

-For them.-Clint agreed as he looked at Eerika and Leah.

-For them.-The rest of the team coincided almost at unison.

Loki looked both relieved and confused as he asked –I don´t understand, why now?-

-Because I don´t think a man that looks at his daughter like you look at Eerika will purposely do something to disappoint her. I want to believe than both Eerika and Leah will keep you true to your promises.-

-Thank you Captain.-Loki acknowledged.

-Call me Steve.-He offered Loki.

-Thank you Steve.-Loki corrected himself as he added. –And thank you to all of you. I won´t disappoint you.-

-You´d better not. –Clint said with a stern look only top jokingly added next while pointing at Leah. –Or she´ll kick your ass.-

Leah turned bright read as she answered with a pout. –I already said I was sorry. You will never let me forget it, don´t you?-

-Not on your lifetime.-Clint teased her.

-What´s he talking about?-Loki asked intrigued.

-Oh! Nothing! Just a silly rivalry.-Tony told him, then he said in a lower tone. –Leah beat him in the shooting ring.-

-She cheated.-Clint pouted having overheard Tony´s comment.

-I …- Leah started to defend herself then changed her mind. –You made me angry.-She pouted in return.

-They been at this for a month now.-Natasha added amused by their little quarrel as she added addressing Loki. –He told her you´d never make it as part of the team.- Loki looked at her surprised as Natasha continued her recollection.-Needless to say she didn´t took it kindly and beated his ass in the shooting ring.-

-She didn’t, she cheated. – Clint reasserted.

-All right, I did.-Leah admitted.-Now, will you admit you were wrong about Loki?-

-I will when we come back from his first mission.-Clint volunteered then asked while approaching Leah with is hand extended. –Rematch?-

Leah bit her lips trying not to smile as she answered.-All right, but this time I´m going defeat you fair and square.-Then she extended her hand.

-I sincerely hope so, I haven´t spent hours training you for you in vain.-Clint pulled her softly into a hug which Leah accepted happily. Even if they had been training in almost daily bases thing had been really tenses during Loki´s stay.

-Can I join in?-Steve asked as he approached Leah, they had also had become distanced for the same reason, the rest of the team learned to steer away from the subject as much as possible, though they didn’t had such strong opinions against Loki as Steve and Clint did.

-I´m sorry.-Leah said with a guilty look, she looked near to tears.

Steve looked at her sympathetically before hugging her warmly. –Me too, let´s forget about it, we both said things we didn´t meant.-He volunteered.

Leah whined softly under his embrace –I´m sorry Steve.-

-Water under the bridge kiddo.-Steve told her comfortingly.

After a while she softly whispered.-And thank you for not telling everyone else about … that night in the cell, especially Tony. I´d never seen the end of it.-

Steve tried very hard not to laugh out loud, he could very well imagine Tony teasing both Leah and Loki for not having some restrain in front of the cell´s cameras. – Don’t mention it Leah. And I mean it, never mention it again.-He half-joked, that was an image he was still trying to erase from his mind.-

Meanwhile Tony told Loki who looked at the scene totally confused. –They actually went at each other’s throats over you. Rather nasty fight, we had to break them apart. They hardly spoken to each other since.

-Are you serious? – Loki asked Tony surprised.

-Dead serious.-Tony confirmed. – She really loves you, you know?-

– I do.-Loki acknowledged then lower his voice to tell Tony –She never told me anything about that.-

-That she got into scuffles over you? –Tony interrupted him. Loki nodded affirmatively. –I didn´t though she would.-He volunteered then added.-She´s too proud for that.-

-And Stubborn.-Loki added.

-Already taking bad about me? – Leah asked while looking at them, she was still embracing Steve who just giggled imagining Tony´s face.

-Damn!-Tony coursed out loud, he tend to forget how acute was both Leah´s and Steve hearing was. –Not at all love, just doing some male bonding.-

-If you say so.-Leah said to them without too much confidence.

Tony gestured Loki jokingly “we are in trouble”. Loki bit his lips trying not to laugh. He was happy, not only because of his newborn baby girl, not just because he might have an actual chance of joining the team and becoming someone his daughter could look up to someday. It was the first time he actually had the hope of finding a place he belonged, true camaraderie, strange thing he should find it between his once enemies.

Suddenly Leah yawned, Steve broke their embrace to look at her; she was looking happy but spent.

-I think we should let you rest.-He told her with a smile.

-But I´m not …-she started to protest only to be interrupted by another yawn.- …tired. Don´t go-She nervously pleaded.

Bruce walked to them as he examined Leah´s vitals on the monitor he agreed with Steve. –You need to rest; you did great now you need to recuperate. Get some sleep while you can.-

Right on cue Eerika began crying. –IO think someone might be hungry.- Bruce said turning his head towards the crying sound. You should try to feed her, if your milk hasn´t come down yet I´ll give her some formula until it does.-Bruce suggested her.

-All right people, time to go.-Tony started herding everyone out.

Leah looked worryingly at Loki who walked forward to deliver Eerika in her arms; Bruce noticed her anguished look and told her. –He can stay in for a little while more.-

-He has to go back to his cell? – Leah asked disappointed.

-It is just for a little while.-Loki told Leah trying to comfort her.

-Just until our next mission.-Steve added.

-All right.-Leah sighed resigned as she received Eerika in her arms; as her crying continued she looked shyly at everyone as she coughed trying to get their attention; almost everyone if not all of them had seen her naked but that didn´t meant she felt comfortable baring her breasts right there.

-We´ll give you some privacy.-Bruce kindly told her.

-Yes, we´ll come back later.-Tony added as they all went out.

As soon as they did Leah pulled her medical gown down enough to reveal one of her breasts which she offered to Eerika who hungrily latched on it. Loki had been the only one who had stayed behind and was attentively watching her.

-So, do you have milk?-He suddenly asked out of curiosity.

Leah looked up confused being caught off guard. –Umm, I don´t know. – She answered feeling clumsy. –I guess we´ll have to wait, if she doesn´t finds any I´m sure she´ll complain.-Then she involuntarily yawned again.

-You are too tired.-Loki told her concerned.

-Just a bit. – She acknowledged, then suddenly asked him. –Are you happy?-

-Of course I am. – Loki told her then asked intrigued –Why you ask me that?-

-I don´t know, maybe I´m too tired; I always felt you were scared of this day.-She confessed.

-Not for the reasons you think. – He told her with a soft smile. –Don´t worry about that now.-

-Ok.-She agreed as she yawned again. –I think she fell asleep.-Leah told Loki as she detached Eerika from her breast and offered her to Loki. –Will you stay until I´m asleep? – She drowsily asked.

-Sure baby.-He leaned to kiss her as he cradled his child between his arms while sitting in the bed next to her side.

Meanwhile somewhere else in the tower Clint asked Steve –Are you sure you made the right call?-

-I do think so, yes. Do you still have doubts?-Steve asked in return.

-Not really, but I think I´ll feel better once Loki has passed his test mission.-Clint volunteered.

-We all will. – Steve agreed.

In Due Time

-I´m worried about her Thor.-Loki confessed with a grim look –She won´t admit it anymore but she hasn´t stop thinking about it.-

-About her nightmare?-Thor asked intrigued.

-Yes.-Loki acknowledged.

-You really don´t think she’s really capable of killing? – Thor asked surprised.

-Less than a month ago I would told you I wasn´t, now I´m not so sure. But more importantly is that she think she is. You and I were brought up as warriors, we always knew killing was expected of us during a battle. One way or the other we both made our peace with that long ago; but she’s not like us Thor. She´s rationalized it to the point she´s actually do it If she feels she doesn´t have a choice, but I don´t think she really understands what it will do to her.-

-You can´t be serious. – Thor paced around upset.

-I wish I wasn´t. Think about it for a second, she already lost her husband and first child to a drunk driver, do you really think she wouldn´t do it if something threatened Eerika? -Loki told him concerned.-If she´s cornered she won´t hesitate, you can´t let that happen.-

-What do you want of me? – Thor inquired.

-I can´t protect her in here!-Loki said raising his voice.-I´ve done everything you asked of me but you still don´t trust me.-

-That´s not entirely true Loki, your information has proved both correct and useful. I think it´s just a matter of time.-Thor informed him.

-We´re running out of time!-Loki yelled at Thor, then he sighed deeply as he lowered his tone. –If something happened … I´m afraid I would lose her. Please, if it comes to that … make the choice for her.-

Thor looked surprised.-Are you asking me to …?-

-Yes, I am.-Loki interrupted him in a stern tone.

Thor kept pensive for a moment before asking Loki –Do you really think SHIELD will do something? Or is it our mysterious enemy that has you so worried?-

-I´m not sure, maybe both. I hoped by now I would´ve earn your trust, she´s going to give birth one of these days, both parties probably know about it, an attack is imminent and you know it.-

-I know.-Thor said with a frown.-We all know Loki, they wouldn´t have gone into that much trouble if they weren´t. We want to protect them too.-

-Then let me help!- Loki pleaded.

-I´ll talk to Steve again but I can´t make you any promises.-Thor volunteered.

-I guess that´s better than nothing.-Loki accepted with a sigh.-Thor if everything´s gone wrong…-

-Nothing will go wrong.-Thor tried to reassure him.

-No, let me finish. I haven´t told you everything; all the time since my last letter until our confrontation in Central Park I wasn´t idle.-Loki told him eagerly

-What do you mean?-Thor asked him intrigued.

-Leah was right, we can´t raise our child within the boundaries of the Tower, it wouldn´t be safe for them. Even if everything works out and I become one of you, this can’t be our home, so … I built us one. A sanctuary if you like protected from its foundations by ancient and powerful magic as well as state of the art technology, invisible to both our enemies and friends, my gift to her. If something happens…-

-Nothing will happen.-Thor interrupted him.

-If something happens, let me take them there Thor.-Loki ended his phrase regardless Thor´s objections.

Suddenly Tony´s voice interrupted them. -Thor I need you to get to the medical ward ASAP! And bring Loki with you!-

-Why? What happened?-Thor asked him worryingly.

A scream could be heard in the background when Tony answered back nervously.-Leah is giving birth. Now bring Loki before his daughter is born.-

It took them a moment to react, Loki looked both excited and scared. Thor doubted for a moment if he should place the chains in his shackles before deciding against it and rushing Loki out of the cell and into the corridor.

Some minutes earlier Tony and Leah had been lazily sprawled over the couch watching a movie, the team had just returned from a mission a few hours before and everyone was unwinding.

-Ow! – Leah suddenly complained as she felt a contraction.

-Another false alarm?-Tony asked strenuously.

-Mm … I don´t think so Tony.-Leah swiftly told him.

-How would you know? We´ve already had like six false alarms this week.-Tony teasingly told her.

-Because my water just broke.-Leah plainly told him.

-What?!-Tony was so surprised he fell of the couch where he had been laying which caused Leah to laugh amused.

-How can you be so calm? We need to inform Bruce and…-Tony frantically started to say when Leah interrupted him.

-And walk to the lift to go six floors down into the new medical ward. Relax Tony, is not like you have to drive to the hospital or something like that.-Leah kindly told him.-Now if you help me up we can be on our way.-

Tony agreed -All right, if you put it like that. Jarvis inform Bruce and the rest of the team and …- suddenly Leah hunched as she felt another contraction.

-That´s not right.-Tony told her nervously.-Did you just had another contraction?-Tony worryingly asked.

-What do you think?-Leah asked him angrily as she gasped.

Natasha and Clint had been in the same floor and quickly arrived to help.

-Is it for real this time?-Clint asked which caused Leah to give him dirty look.

-Yes, it´s for real.-She finally answered annoyed.

As they helped her out of the elevator Steve arrived running through the corridor, within seconds another contraction presented itself.

-How far along are they?-Bruce asked as they rushed her in.

-A couple of minutes.-Natasha informed him.

-I thought you said that labor could take hours, because it isn´t.-Tony told him bewildered.

-I was afraid of that.-Bruce said with a scowl.-Accelerated metabolism … -Then he instructed Steve and Tony.-Get her to the table quickly; I need to know just how much dilated is she.-

When the next contraction came Leah screamed in pain, as it passed Clint worryingly asked Bruce. –Can´t you give her something for the pain?-

-I´m afraid not, her labor is moving too fast. Anesthetics take too long to take effect.-Then he turned to Leah.-I´m sorry, but you´ll have to do this the old way.-

-Where´s Loki?-Leah asked in ragged breath.

Only then Tony noticed they hadn´t arrived yet.-Jarvis, is Thor still with Loki?-Tony asked the A.I.

-Yes Sir.-The A.I. replied.-It seems he had turned off his comlink, I haven´t been able to communicate with him.-

-Override the security cell communications protocols and patch me to him.-Tony told the A.I. anxiously. -Thor I need you to get to the medical ward ASAP! And bring Loki with you!-

-Why? What happened?-Thor asked worryingly as Leah had another contraction.

-Leah is giving birth. Now bring Loki before his daughter is born.-Tony nervously answered.

-Leah, you are almost fully dilated, as soon as you are you´ll have to push.-Bruce instructed her.

-I´m not pushing until Loki is here.-Leah said defiantly.

-But Leah …-Tony started to say.

-I said I am not pushing until Loki is here.-Leah panted angrily.

-I´m afraid that´s not a choice.-Bruce informed her.

-I don´t care what you think! I´m not giving birth to this baby until Loki is here! Now go get him!-Leah screamed loudly as another contraction came.

Tony bolted out of the medical ward to find Loki and Thor stepping out of the elevator.-Thank God you are here!-He told Loki as he pushed him in.-Now get in there before Leah bites both our heads off!- Loki looked confused and nervous by his statement but didn´t resisted.

-Loki!-Leah sighed relieved.

-Get over there now Loki!-Bruce instructed him to stand besides Leah´s right side.

Loki quickly obeyed and took Leah´s right hand in his.-I´m here love, didn´t I promised?-He softly told her.

-Yes, you did.-Leah smiled for a moment before another contraction came, she inadvertently squeezed Loki´s hand too tight making Loki squirm a bit.

-All right Leah, next contraction push with all your strength!-Bruce told her.

-Ok.-Leah nodded as she struggled to recover from the last one, she was sweating deeply, exhausted by the effort. Loki´s heart was beating as fast as hers, he soon would be holding his daughter in his arms. He looked into the eyes of the woman he loved with deeply admiration until the next contraction came.

-Leah push!-Both Loki and Bruce encouraged her.

-Hi Eerika.-Bruce welcomed her with a smile, next he suctioned clean her mouth and nose; suddenly a baby´s cry could be heard.

Leah and Loki looked at each other happily at the sound of Eerika´ s first cries, tears of joy were rolling down her cheeks. Loki couldn´t remember ever feeling that happy before, he kissed Leah´s excited as he told her.-You did it Leah! You did it!-

Bruce walked to them with Eerika in his arms and softly placed her in Leah´s.

-Hi sweetie, it´s mummy.-Leah greeted her with a smile.

Loki leaned to softly touch his daughter´s cheek when a little hand grabbed his fingers, he gasped surprised; unable to talk he just stared at her mesmerized.

-And that´s daddy.-Leah told Eerika as he smiled to Loki who was still looking to his daughter fascinated.

What if you knew … what you´re capable of …

They kept quiet for a long while just enjoying each other´s company until Loki broke their silence.

-Not that I am complaining, but what happened?-he asked

-We had sex.-Leah joked back.

Loki frowned while looking at her. –You know that´s not what I meant.-

-I know. – Leah sighed conflicted. –I just don´t know where to start.-

-By the beginning?-Loki suggested.

-Leah sighed again as she bit her lips contemplating her options. –Fine. – She finally said; after all it was the reason she came to him in the first place, she paused for a while as she gathered her thoughts –The first thing that I remember is that we were in a huge underground cave, I don´t remember how many we were or who was there specifically, but I do know you were amongst them. We were on the run, escaping from something, everyone had been injured including you.-Leah frowned as she struggle to remember the details. –We had nowhere else to run, the cave ended right there, we had trapped ourselves, before the end of the cave there was a slope, beneath a shallow river flowed. I took a stand on the slope because … for some reason I was the only one who wasn´t injured, the only one still capable of fighting back. –Loki could feel Leah´s heart rate beginning to raise as she kept telling her nightmare. -I knew that if I fell the rest of you would be unequivocally dead.-Leah paused for a moment as she shivered at the memory of the nightmare playing in her head.-Then they came … a pack of alien looking creatures, just a big bigger than a Chihuahua. ..-

Loki had to interrupt her.-I´m sorry, but what do you mean by alien looking creatures? And what is a Chihuahua?-

-What? – Leah was taken by surprise by his questions and suddenly realized he didn´t understood neither of her references and paused to explain –Alien like in the movie? – She asked.

Loki nodded his head negatively.

Leah frowned as she told him –I´ll ask Tony to show it to you later, but they have a reptilian kind of appearance, claws, big head, big teeth, really scary looking. And a Chihuahua is a small dog, about this size.-She demonstrated with her hands what she meant.

-All right.-Loki acknowledged satisfied by her explanation.

-Ok.-Leah frowned, she had lost her concentration.-Where was I?-

-The alien looking creatures were approaching.-Loki reminded her.

-Oh! Yes, of course.-Leah looked nervous.-You have to understand, I had no weapons, throwing anything at them wouldn’t do anything but piss them off. All I knew was that I had to stop them somehow, they couldn´t get pass me, I couldn´t let them. Then …. It happened, the biggest of them, probably their leader attacked; it jumped on me clawing and biting and all I could do was try to get a hold on it as he fought me. I knew I wouldn´t last long if I didn’t do something to stop it, and I had to stop it or they would kill all of us so I … tried to get a hold of it by its neck as soon as I succeeded I started to tight my grip on it.-Leah was sweating, her hands mimicked what she was narrating, her eyes seemed unfocused.-I could feel it´s slippery skin, I could smell it´s nauseating odor , it started to desperately wring out of my grasp when it realized what I was doing….but I kept clutching it harder, it kept twitching under my hands, trying to escape, and I kept tightening my grasp, I wanted it death… and then I felt it happen … something snapped and the creature stop moving …and then it hit me … I had killed it. I never thought myself capable of doing such a thing … I never thought … and it just happened.-Leah looked distraught absentmindedly staring at her own hands as if they had betrayed her.

-But it was just a dream.-Loki tried to comfort her.-You haven´t killed anything.-

-No Loki.-Leah nodded her head negatively.-It may have been a dream, but in that instant it was real to me, and right there I made a decision, one I can’t unmade. And now I know …-

-You know what?-Loki inquired worryingly.

-That I´m capable of killing.-Leah looked into his eyes anguished.

Loki looked at her confused by her statement, but before he could tell her anything she continued.-I) know it in my heart, if I had to do it again… without a doubt, without a second thought, if anything threatened you or Eerika … I wouldn´t hesitate to kill.-Tears were already over flooding her eyes as she ended her sentence.

Loki held her tight against his chest.-You don´t know that, not for a fact. It was only a dream.-He understood better than she knew the source of her distress, it seemed that the first kill either in reality or in a dream had the same effect.

-No.-Leah nodded negatively between his arms.-No, I would. I know. Natasha talked about side effects of the serum, do you think that ….-she stopped afraid to end her phrase.

Loki looked worryingly at her eyes as he asked concerned.-Think what?-

-That I´m … going crazy.-Leah shrieked as she started crying again.

-No, no, my love, don’t cry. You´re not going crazy.-Loki reassured her as he hold her tight.-It´s not crazy to protect your loved ones. You are still the same woman I fell in love with, believe me, you are. No serum can ever change that. I will do anything within my power to protect you from a situation like that, but even if it … happened. Even if you actually did, it would be because you had no other choice, not because you went mad, not because you enjoy it.-

-How can you be so sure?-Leah asked him sniffling.

Loki smiled gently at her.-Because I know you, even when you didn’t recognize yourself, I knew your heart. I forsake a realm for you, doesn´t that tells you how I feel about you?-

Leah suddenly asked him nervously as she cast her gaze to the ground.- Do you ever regret it?-

Loki was stunned by her question, he looked at her in disbelief as he answered. – Never! How can you even ask me that?-

-I´m sorry.-Leah apologized.-But your life could´ve been easier if you hadn´t saved me that day. You wouldn´t be locked in here, you might have ended ruling a realm someday.-

Loki looked at her sympathetically, she was feeling overwhelmed by guilt, her question was inadvertently devised to hurt herself, she wanted him to tell her she wasn’t worth it.

-Leah.-Loki started in a stern tone.-You are right, in a century or two I might have ended ruling a planet. But then what? I never thought about it. I never realized that if I ever succeeded I would have no one by my side to share it with. What good is a realm if you´re alone? Saving you… that one good deed saved me, changed me … forever. And if I´m being punished for doing so, well… so be it. I´ll endure any trial to prove my love for you. There´s nothing I wouldn´t do for you or for our child, do you know why?-

Leah had stopped crying and was looking at him intently moved by his admission.

-Because you love me?-She asked doubtfully.

-Yes.-Loki smiled.-And you know why?-

Leah nodded her head negatively, she couldn’t think of a reason.

Loki looked at her with loving eyes.-Because you are the gentlest soul I have ever known, even when you had no reason at all you cared for a villainous soul like mine.-

-You were saving me.-Leah told him.-I hardly think that as villainous at all.-

-Then If I´m not a villain, how could you be one?-Loki softly told her

Leah looked baffled by his answer, she opened her mouth but she couldn´t think of a thing to say. Loki seized the opportunity and sweetly kissed her and then said.-Let´s dreams be dreams my love, I doubt we´ll get another opportunity to be together like this in a while. How about we make the most of it?-He winked an eye at her.

Leah casted aside her fears and anxieties as she answered –Let´s.-


It was the middle of the night, everyone should´ve been asleep; but someone wasn´t. Barefooted steps echoed along the hallway, ragged breath, for a pregnant woman she was really fast, only one thing occupied her mind.

-“I got to see Loki. I need to. They won´t understand.”- She was wearing a maternity pale blue night gown, her hair was loose, entangled curls hanged in disorder around her face hiding her tears stricken cheeks.

As she got near she remembered Steve was on watch in the cell control panel, they´ve had been taking shifts just in case.

-“Please Steve, let me in”- She pleaded mentally, she would be able to get to the cell´s corridor without any issue, Tony had given her the code so she would be able to get in and talk to Loki whenever she wanted; but this night, this night just talking to him wouldn´t do, she desperately needed his comforting presence, she craved for the safety that Loki´s arms promised.

Inside the cell Loki also felt restless, something told him that something was wrong. He was sitting on his bed pensive when Leah rushed in.

-Leah! What´s wrong? – He worryingly asked her as he stood up in a hurry to meet her.

-Nightmare.-She manage to say between gasps as she tried to catch her breath.

Loki´s eyes widened, it had to have been a very bad one to make her run to him in a hurry.

-It was only a dream, it can´t hurt you now.-Loki said trying to calm her, if only he could held her in his arms like he used to every time a nightmare awoken her, he knew they could shake her up very badly, and he couldn´t recall seeing her so agitated about one before.

She nodded her head negatively –You don´t know.-Then she turned to the place she knew a camera was hidden and raised her voice –Steve, let me in please.-She pleaded.

Steve who had been watching the whole scene with a frown on his face answered through the intercom –You know I can´t Leah.-

-Please, I need him.-Leah broke up in tears as she felt to her knees.-You won´t understand, I didn´t thought I was capable, but I was. Oh my god! Why? Why did I did it?-She was shaking badly.

-Leah, what are you talking about?-Loki asked worryingly as he knelt by her side.

-I did it Loki, I did it. I knew exactly what I was doing and nevertheless I did it. – Leah whimpered in total despair. –Please, let me in, let me in, I need to get in.-

Loki´s heart shrank at her painful cries, it might be useless but he had to try.-He turned to the same spot Leah had spoken up a few moments ago and pleaded. –Please, I beg of you, let her in. She´s in pain, can´t you see that?-Then he turned back to look at her. –Leah, it will be al right, whatever happened it will be all right.-

Steve was deeply conflicted, Leah really looked in bad shape; whatever her nightmare was about it certainly had stricken her heart with fear, he raised his hand over the cell´s button still undecided when another hand press it as a voice said.-Leah, Loki stand back, I´m opening the door, as soon as you can get in Leah, I´m closing the door right behind you. Loki stay back until it´s closed.-

Steve looked surprised at Bruce.

-You were going to let her in anyway.-He simply stated.

-You´re probably right.-Steve acknowledged.

Both Leah and Loki obeyed Bruce´s instructions to the letter, as soon as she was in she ran into Loki´s arms crying –I´m sorry, I´m sorry.-She shrieked.

-What for? You haven´t done anything! – Loki answered distraught by her crying.

-But I did! – Leah whined. – I´m sorry!-

-Leah, calm down! What happened? – Loki tried to calm her down without success; she kept ranting about something she had done, out of despair he suddenly kissed her. Leah sniffled surprised for an instant before closing her eyes and surrendering herself to his kiss, it had been so long since he last kissed her.

Their breaths grew faster as the kiss grew in intensity, all the longing they had felt over the last month translated into that one kiss.

Both Steve and Bruce were surprised by the turn of events.

-I didn’t thought they would get to that, that fast.-Bruce acknowledged.

-Oh my god! – Steve utter when Leah and Loki started to furiously undressing each other-

-Jarvis, cut out the visual-Bruce quickly stated.

Then a loud moan was heard.

-And the audio too.-Bruce added flustered.

Steve looked at him totally shocked, his mouth stayed open for a couple of seconds before he could ask.-They knew we were watching, didn´t they?-

-Probably, but I don´t think they cared.-Bruce volunteered.

-You knew this was going to happen?-Steve asked surprised.

Bruce let out a little laugh before answering. –Steve, you could cut the sexual tension between those two with a knife.-

-And now what?-Steve asked.

-Jarvis, can you tell us when they umm … are done?-Bruce asked the A.I. –And have their clothes on.-He added.

-Certainly Sir.-The A.I. answered.

-Now that I think about it, what are you doing here?-Steve asked Bruce as he noticed he was wearing his pajamas.

-Ever since I released her from the medical ward I asked Jarvis to monitor Leah´s vitals and alert me of anything unusual happening, especially if she´s alone. And tonight something did, her vitals went off the roof. I don´t know what happened but she fled in a hurry from her room to Loki´s cell.-Bruce explained.

-A nightmare.-Steve told him.

-It must have been a hell of a nightmare then.-Bruce reasoned.

-It seems that way.-Steve agreed.-She kept ranting about something she did, but she wasn´t making any sense.-

-Whatever it was Loki will help her deal with it.-Bruce added convinced.

-Do you trust him?-Steve asked.

-About her? With my life.-Bruce answered.-On a mission, I still have my doubts, but I do think he´ll do anything to keep her safe.-

The loud moan Steve and Bruce had heard was Leah´s; Loki was nibbling a very sensitive spot on her neck which sent shivers all through her spine, her breasts were half exposed, Loki´s chest was already bare. Suddenly Loki lift her up and carried her over to his bed. As he lay her down he stay pensive for a while contemplating her belly, how to do it safely was the question in his mind.

Leah guessed what he was thinking and leaned up to whisper something in his ear.

-Really?-Loki asked surprised while raising his eyebrows as she kept whispering.

-Really.-She confirmed with a smile after a while.-I researched it on line.-

You did, uh?-Loki smirked-Well my naught girl … I´m glad you did.-He removed his trousers and slide down his underwear revealing his harden manhood, then he sat down next to her while helping her out of her night gown and maternity underwear.

-You look beautiful!-Loki told her as he admired her body before kissing her deeply again.

Leah giggled a bit while he kissed her then as Loki stopped for a breath of air she answered.-You look at me with loving eyes, I´m huge.-

-As expected, but that doesn´t diminish your beauty, it enhances it.-Loki told her with a gallant smile.

Leah blushed at his comment.-You think so?-she asked shyly.

-Undoubtedly.-Loki answered while leaning to kiss her as he carefully laid her down.- Are you sure this is safe?-He asked concerned.

Leah smiled softly as he pulled him down for a kiss. –Yes, it is. We just have to be careful and follow the instructions.-She told him as she winked an eye.

Loki slid his fingers inside her which caused Leah to jerk surprised as a moan escaped her lips.

-Are you all right?-Loki asked preoccupied by her strong reaction.

Leah panted while she answered. –I wasn´t expecting that, I didn´t knew … what more sensitive meant until now.-She laughed, ten told him.-Please, don´t stop.-

Loki smiled relieved.-You are so wet already.-

-Yes.-Leah sighed.-I´ve missed you.-

-So have I.-Loki confessed as he slid his fingers again inside her, this time he was prepared for her reaction, it didn’t took him long to get her to cum. –Something tells me this is going to be much better than angry sex.-He purred in her ear.

Leah laughed between panting.-You have no idea!-Then she pulled him down for a kiss, she kissed him fierce fully, a deep passionate kiss that made Loki moan as he felt the stir in his loins.

-Help me up.-Leah asked as she released the kiss.-Now lay down.-Loki obeyed her eagerly.

Carefully Leah mounted him, they both moaned as his penis penetrated her, Leah arched her back while the arousing sensation traveled through her as Loki pushed his hips up to meet her. They were oblivious to anything else from them, filled with contained passion they unleashed it.

Loki panted with every thrust, he might have pull her down for a kiss if her belly hadn´t got in the way; instead he hungrily stoked her breasts with both hands as their rhythm increased.

With an almost simultaneous moan they both came, then Leah slide down to Loki´s side trying to catch her breath.

-That was …-Loki started to say but he couldn´t find his breath yet.

– Uh-huh.-Leah answered with a big grin.

Loki rolled to his side to look at her.-I love you.-He confessed.

Leah smiled back as she answered.-I love you too.-

Loki rested his head on her chest, the sound of her beating heart was the most comforting sound he had ever heard.

Status Quo

-Bruce, can you meet me at the medical ward?-Tony asked over the comlink, according to Jarvis Fury was still in the Tower, risking Leah´s and Fury’s paths to cross again wasn´t a good idea.

-On my way.-Bruce answered without any further question.

-Hu must be very eager to leave the shooting ring.-Leah told Tony.- He didn´t even asked you what for.-

-Yes, I know. Fury has a way of …-Tony paused as he tried to think of a nicer way to describe it.

-Pissing people of? – Leah ended his sentence for him.

-That too.-Tony agreed.-He´s not that bad one you get to know him, he´s definitely no angel I agree, but he means well, though I don´t always approve his methods.-

-So, you are saying I shouldn´t be worried about SHIELD? – Leah asked puzzled.

-No, to say the truth I think you are right to be wary of them, SHIELD´s history with people with abilities doesn´t always end well. With some exceptions of course, but that´s only because he knows he needs us.-

-So for them is either with them or against them, right?-Leah asked worryingly.

-Yes.-Tony admitted.-If Loki really wants to change and become one of us you won´t need to be concerned about SHIELD anymore.-

-If … you don´t believe him? – Leah asked with a stern look on her face.

-I believe he loves you, beyond that …. I don’t know.-Tony confessed.

Leah´s expression changed to a sad one, he was right; it would be hard for the rest of them to believe in Loki.

-No, no, don´t be sad.-Tony told her with a concern look.

-But … – Leah started to protest when Bruce walked in.

-What´s the problem?-He asked dryly.

-I … – Leah showed him her hands.

-Again? – He asked with a stern look.

-I´m sorry.-Leah apologized, she felt like she was letting him down every time she couldn´t stop it from happening.

-I thought you were happily reuniting with Loki.-Bruce told her.

-I was, but …-Leah started to explain when Tony interrupted her.

-It wasn´t all her fault Bruce, we thought it would be better not to tell her about the real reason behind Venom´s breaking in. Like Loki says, she´s too smart for her own good.-

-Never mind, let´s get those treated, you can explain me what happened later.-Bruce said as he uttered an annoyed sigh.

-Things not going well with Fury? – Tony asked concerned.

-I´d have to say no that until Thor practically menaced him with a full-fledged war with Asgard if both Leah and Loki didn´t remained under our custody.-Bruce told them.

-He didn’t.-Tony said amused by the thought of it.

-Oh! He did.-Bruce smirked. -They’re still arguing about it, Fury demands that Loki remains shackled and caged until he´s satisfied with evidence of his change.-

-What will it take to convince him?-Leah suddenly asked.

-To say the truth I don´t know.-Bruce confessed.-I don´t think none of us do.-

Leah looked heartbroken for his reply; when could she be able to truly reunite with Loki?

-You´re making her worry.-Tony protested.

-It clearly backfired when you tried to do the opposite thing.-Bruce answered while bandaging Leah´s right hand.

-No, it´s all right Tony. I should´ve known it wouldn´t be that easy.-Leah told them with a defeated sigh.

-At least you can see him, talk to him.-Tony reminded her trying to cheer her up.

-But, I can´t … be with him.-Leah told them crestfallen.-Will he be able to be at my side when Eerika is born?-she asked in a pleading tone.

Bruce looked into her eyes mercifully. –I´m sure we can arrange that, don´t worry.-He answered with a soft smile.

-Thank you.-Leah smiled him back.

-Now, tell me what happened, I though you already had this under control.-Bruce told them as he finished the bandage on Leah´s left hand.

Tony explained mostly everything, he left some of the more personal details out Like Loki calling out loud the name of Leah´s deceased child to make her snap out of it.

-So Loki can teach you to control this?-Bruce asked intrigued.

-Yes, he can.-Leah asserted.

-Then I guess we better arrange that he does.-Bruce told her.-I really don´t want to keep bandaging you every time things get out of control, regardless your healing factor I know it hurts even if you don´t tell me.-

Leah looked discomforted by his statement. –I don´t want to be whining.-she answered. –You do more than enough patching me every time.-

-That´s what friends are for.-Bruce replied. – Now, off to bed. Doctor´s orders.-

-But I´m not tired.-Leah complained, she was but she felt restless knowing Loki was near.

-You can see your Romeo tomorrow.-Tony told her shamelessly.

-All right.-Leah gave in; he was right at least for the moment Loki wasn´t going anywhere.

Changing Sides

-Are you seriously considering not to tell Leah?-Tony asked worryingly

-Of course not.-Steve answered offended – I just want to know what Loki has to say before we tell her something, I don´t want to raise her hopes only to shatter them later.-

Tony nodded his head negatively –All right, but I don´t want to be the one to tell her we´ve kept her in the dark since we left earlier.-

-Don´t tell me you are scared of her Tony.-Steve mocked him.

-That´s because you know nothing about women.-Tony spat at him.-Eight months pregnant angry woman is enough to be afraid of, and if you add her currently anger management problem …-Tony quoted with his hands in the air while he ended his sentence.

-I thought she had the magic outburst controlled.-Clint interrupted them

-She´s just suppressing her emotions. – Tony acknowledged.-Sooner or later she´s going to snap.-

-Let´s hope not.-Steve told them with a stern look in his face, Bruce had to treat her several times for different levels of burns before she could control them.

It didn´t took long for Loki to wake up after they had moved him into his cell, as he came to he found himself shackled. “-That´s just great”- he complained mentally as he tested the length of the chains.

-So you are up!- Tony stated almost cheerfully.

-No thanks to you.-Loki wryly answered as he rubbed his head.

-Don´t be such a drama queen, it was better than waiting for Thot to finally knock you out.-Tony spat with irony.

Loki left a small laugh, it seemed that at least someone had caught a glimpse of his plan. –You are right, he was taking too long. I know now why Leah likes you.-

-Flattering will take you nowhere Loki.-Steve warned him. –Now tell us, what are you up to?-

-All right! Straight to the point. I´ve considered all my options and have decided to change sides sort of speak.-Loki revealed.

-You mean you want to become one of us?-Tony inquired surprised.

-Yes.-Loki dryly answered.

-Then why not just approach us instead of making such a display back there?-Steve asked.

-Because it was necessary.-Loki explained.-Do you really think that last month incident was just a coincidence?-

-Venom´s breaking in?-Clint asked intrigued.

-Yes, he came here with a mission.-Loki volunteered.

-And failed.-Clint added convinced.

-Sadly no, he was just a diversion. For what I was able to find out someone else broke in your Tower at the same time and extracted some information.-Loki explained grimly.

-Blueprints.-Tony suddenly told them.

-You knew about this?-Steve asked surprised.

-Suspected.-Tony corrected him.-Venom damaged some of the records when he trashed the lab, but I found some unexplained records of myself requesting the blueprints of the Tower, the medical ward specially which I´m pretty sure I didn´t asked for. I dismissed due to the corrupted data until now.-

-Someone is onto her.-Loki said with a frown.

Tony sighed with a scowl. –I think so too.-

-So, that´s why you decided to change sides and set all that display earlier? To protect her from this menace?-Steve asked surprised.

-No, I´ve already made my mind about changing sides when I decided to stand by her side.-Loki confessed –If whoever planned that hit knew I changed sides, he or she might risk attacking immediately. We can´t allow that to happen, not with her due date so close.-

-So you had to pretend to pick up a fight with me and loose?-Thor finally spoke, he sounded both surprised and relieved.

-Well, yes.-Loki admitted.-You are very easy to predict, I knew you would challenge me alone if I seemed to return to my old ways. And it kind of worked, though it was much harder than I anticipated, you kept trying to reason with me.-

-And that´s why you attacked me fierce fully every time I did.-Thor recalled.

-I couldn´t let you to leak anything that might hurt us later.-Loki explained, then asked –Now that I told you what happened, are these really necessary?-He raised his shackled wrists.

-Yes they are.-Steve told him.-You can´t just expect us to believe your word. If you are really telling us the truth you´ll need to prove it.-

-Beyond any doubt.-Natasha added.

-I´ll do whatever you ask of me.-Loki offered.-May I see her?-Loki asked in hope.

-I don´t see why not.-Tony told Steve.

-All right, but she´s not getting in there, nor are you getting out.-Steve warned him.-Not until we´re sure we can trust you.-

Loki sighed disappointed, he longed to hold her in his arms again. –Agreed.-He nodded affirmatively.

Leah had stayed with Bruce in the shooting ring, ever since Venom´s attack she was bent on perfecting her aim, and her hard work was beginning to pay off.

-Well done Leah.-Bruce congratulated her after a magnificent display of accuracy and speed.

Suddenly a clapping sound made them turn around, it was Nick Fury; Leah paled at his sight as a frightened deer. Bruce protectively stood between them placing Leah right behind himself.

-I thought I should drop by to talk about your newest guest – He stated before Bruce could ask him.-Watching your skills display is quite a surprise, your reflexes are almost inhuman.-He said to Leah.

-Nick, what are you doing here?-Tony asked while walking on the scene taking place accompanied by Steve and Thor.

-You motherfuckers failed to deliver a wanted criminal, so I had to come to find out why.-Nick dryly told them while eying Leah.- And found an interesting surprise, anything else you failed to report to me?-

-If we reported everything to you we wouldn´t get any work done.-Tony replied as he walked to Leah who looked more nervous by the second, he had to get her out of there fast.

-You´d better make the freaking time.-Fury told him in a menacing tone –I´m not leaving until you tell me everything.-

His last comment was the drop that overfilled the vase, despite her best effort to control it Leah´s hands began to release small blue sparkles.

-Leah, Loki is here.-Tony spat walking right to her hopping it would distract her enough to keep Fury from noticing.

-What?-Leah asked surprised while raising her eyes to meet Tony´s.

-He want to see you, I´ll take you to him.-Tony told her with a small smile; her hands had stopped glowing.

-What the hell? – Fury asked angrily. Despite Tony’s efforts he had noticed it too.

-Steve and Thor can explain you everything.-Tony dismissed him while leading Leah out of the room.-I´m busy.-

-Tony, I don’t understand, is Loki the new guest Fury was taking about? – Leah asked him as soon as they were in the hallway.

-Well, yes, he is. It´s kind of complicated I got good news and bad news.-He began explaining her.

-He is the reason you went on a mission earlier.-Leah interrupted him as she figured it out.

-Yes, he confessed.-We didn´t told you because you were too worried the last time Thor and Loki got into a fight, and it kind of happened again, but this time it was part of Loki’s plan so I guess that´s all right, although Thor wasn´t helping with the plan so I kind of had too, because I was the only one that caught it, you know I´m the smart one, Loki says that´s why you like me.-

-Tony, you are not making any sense.-Leah interrupted him confused by his ramble..

-All right, let me start again.-Tony offered as he slowly explained to her everything that had happened until their conversation with Loki. He´d choose to omit the fact that Venom had helped someone to obtain the Tower´s blueprints, he saw no point on worry her any further.

When they finally arrived at Loki´s cell Leah wasn´t even sure if to be angry or happy, seeing Loki´s beaten condition her heart shrank.

-Loki, are you ok?-Leah asked him with a worried frown on her face as she placed her hands on the cell glass window.

-I am don´t worry. It looks worst that it is.-Loki answered her with a smile as he contemplated her round figure.-What are you wearing?-

-Um… a uniform? – Leah tentatively answered taken by surprise.-But don´t change the subject, fighting Thor, was that really necessary? Look at yourself, you are a mess.-She scolded him.

-It was.-Loki answered thoughtfully as he inquisitively looked at Tony, his face told him all he needed to know, he hadn’t told her about the real reason he had fought Thor; he doubted for a moment, he didn’t wanted her to worry either.

Leah noticed those exchanging looks and angrily asked. What are you not telling me?-

-Nothing love.-Loki lied to her with his best smile.

-I´m not stupid you know, I know there´s something neither of you are telling me. You already lied to me earlier when you left to fight Loki, are you sure you want to do this?-She reproached Tony.

-You know why we didn´t told you.-Tony defended himself.

-It was an accident.-Leah pouted angrily.

-What was an accident?-Loki asked them worryingly

-Nothing you should worry about … love.-Leah answered him defiantly.

-Stark, what happened?-Loki asked Tony anxiously.

-As she said it was an accident.-Tony said uncomfortably, but though it over as he saw Loki´s anguished face – All right, las time Bruce told her you and Thor were fighting she broke a glass on her hands.-

-Well, thank you very much for that.-Leah snapped with an angry glare as she turned her back on them.

-That´s why your hands were bandaged.-Loki remembered.

-You knew?-Tony asked him confused.

-Not really, I scryed for her after the battle, I did noticed she had bandages on her hands but I didn´t knew why. Leah, I´m sorry.-He never thought about her feelings over the battles with his older brother, he should´ve foreseen it.

-No you are not.-Leah told him enraged –And my feelings on the matter clearly doesn´t matter.-She was too angry and embarrassed to face him, damned hormones she thought.

-That´s not true, if I´d knew … I would´ve thought of something. You matter to me, why else do you think I am here?-Loki tried to reason with her.

-I don´t know.-Leah lied to him, she didn’t wanted him to fade her anger just yet.

-Come on Leah, don´t be like that!-Tony interrupted the lover’s quarrel.-Give the man a break! He´s just trying to keep you safe.-

-Safe from what? SHIELD? They already know now.-Leah turned to meet them, she realized by the look on their faces that SHIELD wasn´t their main concern. –Who else then?-she asked anxiously as she unconsciously clenched her fists.

Neither Loki nor Tony answered her question, which really scared her.-Oh God! – She exclaimed frightened while taking a step back.

-No Leah. You have to stop worrying, it´s not good for you or Eerika.-Tony quickly told her; maybe they should tell her, the truth couldn´t be any worse than whatever she was imagining.

-Stop worrying? – Leah asked in an almost hysterical laugh – Stop worrying? How can I stop? It´s happening again! – She wasn´t hearing them anymore, the thought of something far worse than SHIELD was too much for her to bear, her worst fears were becoming real, she shrieked between tears.-I´m going to lose everyone again! I can´t do this! I´m not that strong! Not again, I can´t, not alone, not again! I can´t … -She dropped to her knees unable to process a second loss of her loved ones, suddenly her hands flamed up.

-No! Leah!-Tony tried to reach her, but he couldn´t get close enough, the magical flames were preventing him from doing so.

-Do something!- Loki yelled in anguish, he would be able to get to her if only he wasn´t trapped in his cell.

-I can´t. – Tony told him defeated. They´ve tried it more than once, but none of them were capable of reaching her in that state.

Loki growled in frustration then against his promised he yelled one name –Richard!-

Leah looked up instantly horrified, even the flames went out abruptly. –No… don´t say his name.-her tears kept flowing freely –You promised …-

Loki ignored her, he knew how much the memory of his death unborn child hurt her, after she accidently confessed him one night that she had already picked a name for him before the accident, she had made him sworn never to speak of it ever again, she just couldn´t bear it.

-Eerika isn´t Richard Leah, you are not going to lose her like to lost him, it was an accident, an horrible accident, there was nothing you could do, you couldn´t fight it. You have to stop blaming yourself for surviving. You are not going to lose her nor me, I´m not going to let that happen, I swear on my life I won´t allow it. Whatever happens will fight it together, you´ll never be alone again. I´m sorry it took me so long to realize that what I really want is to spend my life with you.-

Leah looked surprised, she managed to still her sniffling for a moment to ask him –Really?-

Loki gave her his warmest smile, he couldn´t believe she didn´t knew it already –Really silly girl, why else would I let Thor defeat me, you know how much I hate losing, especially to him.-

-Yes, you do.-Leah warmly smiled him back then pleaded.-Loki, please tell me, who´s after us?-

-I sincerely don’t know, but there are only a handful of people capable of both recruiting and paying off the Sinister Seven, Dr. Doom and Norman Osborn between them.-Loki confessed her while worryingly looking at her hands, her hands didn´t looked as bad as the first time, but they still looked a little scorched. – Are you all right? – He asked her with a frown.

Leah blushed, now that everything had passed she felt silly –I´m sorry … I can´t control them. I tried to stop feeling scared but I can´t.-She looked worriedly at her hands.

-That´s not what I meant by controlling your emotions.-Loki explained her concerned, he should´ve tried to explain it better when it happened; as he scratched his head trying to think of a better way to explain it to her he told her.-Is more like embracing them and giving your emotions a direction, not denying them.-

Both Tony and Leah looked at him puzzled.

-I´ll teach you.-He finally offered.-If that´s all right with you.-He directed his last comment to Tony.

-As long as you both stay on your side of the glass, I don´t see why not- He stated then asked Loki –Are this powers permanent?-

-I don’t think so, I´ve never heard of them remaining after childbirth.-Loki answered Tony.

-That´s a relief!-Tony exclaimed as he walked over to Leah to help her up.-We´re going to need Bruce to take a look at these.-He said as he examine her hands, her healing factor was already working to fix the damage.

-Can´t you patch them yourself? – Leah asked him

-Oh! I could. But then I would miss on Bruce lecturing you. It´s like watching two monster trucks playing chicken-He teased her.

-You enjoy that a little too much.-Leah pouted, as she recalled where she left Bruce she asked Tony –Do you think Fury is gone by now?

-Fury is here?-Loki asked concerned.

-Yes, he wanted to know why hadn´t we turned you over him.-Tony answered.

-You are not going to do that, right?-Leah asked him worryingly.

-That´s completely up to him.-Tony pointed at Loki.-As soon as he can convince every one of us he´s being truthful about changing side’s you´ll be in each other´s arms.-

Both Leah and Loki blushed slightly at his comment, they yearned for quite a lot more than just being in each other´s arms.

The Plan is in Motion

“-This is it.-“ was Loki´s thought, everything was ready, it was time to set his plan in motion, but he wasn´t exactly thrilled about it. He sighed as he readied himself “-Did I miss something?”- He thought nervously, but he knew it wasn´t the case. “-I´d better go through with it, there´s no going back now, and this better be convincing. He bit his lower lip while going over his plan in his head “-Quit stalling!-“he admonished himself.

-All right. – He finally said out loud as he put his helmet on –Let´s do some mischief.-He teleported from the roof he had been to the middle of a field on Central Park, he had chosen the location to maximize the effect but minimize the possibility of collateral damage, if someone got hurt his plan wouldn´t stand a chance.

As soon as he got there he smiled, even if he disliked profoundly the rest of his plan for the day at least this part was going to be fun, without a moment to loose he conjured the illusion of a pack of bigelsnipes which causes terror instantly, he reinforced the illusion by blasting some magic bolts that gave the impression of the bigelsnipes causing actual damage to the now abandoned belonging of the park´s visitors while he spoke up –I am Loki of Asgard people of Midgard , and I challenge your champions for the reign of this realm. Avengers, I dare you to face me! – The scared masses tripped with themselves on their hurry to flee the vicinity.

He couldn´t help to laugh at their hurried efforts over in truth, nothing; if only one of them had been brave enough to face the fake bigelsnipes they would´ve dissolved into thin air.

Loki didn´t had to wait long for the Avengers to arrive. As he had expected the first one to approach him was Thor –Are you out of your mind?-He yelled at him enraged –This is how you fulfill your promises?-

-I´m the God of Lies Thor, did you really expected any different? – he mocked him, in truth he was worried Thor didn´t caught on his true intentions.

-Have you forgot about …? –Thor didn´t even see Loki move until his spear hit his face.

-I´m not here to talk Thor.-He angrily spat at him, how else he was supposed to keep his over righteous brother from spilling everything out. –I don´t care about your childish reproaches, have I not made it clear enough? I´m here to challenge you and your so called Avengers.-As her utter the words he blasted a magic ray against the rest of the team who were disembarking the Quinjet. –And don´t bring Erick into this.-He shouted before being tackled down by Thor who was too angry to pay attention to his last remark, luckily Tony who had flown in by his own did “-Erick?”- He thought to himself –“Why Loki would made such mistake?” He knew fully well he was having a daughter, not a son, he had chosen the name himself, he knew there was no chance he had heard it wrong either, that just left another possibility, Loki was trying to tell them something.

Suddenly he asked Steve over the comlink –Are you guys all right?-

-Yes, thankfully Loki´s aim seems a bit off today, he hit the Quinjet which let out a lot of smoke but not us.-Steve reported

-I don´t think that has nothing to do with luck.-Tony dryly told Steve. –I think Loki is trying to send us a message.-

-A message?-Steve repeated intrigued by Tony´s conjecture.

Their conversation was interrupted by an unexpected thunder, it seemed Loki had pissed Thor enough to make him summon a storm. Seconds later after the first lightning hit Thor´s hammer he redirected it against Loki that summoned a magic barrier to block it.

“-Dammit Loki, don’t do that.-“He mentally admonished himself.-You are supposed to loose, remember? – He reminded himself as he mentally stated “-I hate this plan.-“

Then he mocked Thor again –Is that the best you can do, princess? – He knew fully well that insult would really get him into Thor´s bad side, but he had no choice, the battle had to look real, he couldn´t afford anyone suspecting otherwise.

Thor rammed into Loki´s magic barrier with Mjolnir shattering it, the shockwave sent both Asgardians flying a good hundred meters from each other. Both of them seemed tired, Thor had asked the team to let him alone deal with Loki as soon as Jarvis had alerted them of the disturbances in Central Park.

-Thor, are you sure you don´t want us to ….-Steve began to ask worryingly as the battle seem to be taking his tall on them, as they disembarked they´ve set their task on the bigelsnipes which had dissolved as the illusion’s faded by their touch.

-Stay away!- Was Thor´s furious respond.

-Are your friends getting bored? –Loki snarled with a smile as he snapped his fingers –Maybe I can help them with that.-He magically had turned everyone’s weapons into snakes. The first reaction of all of them was to drop their weapons in a hurry. Loki mocked them –What happen? Afraid of some little snakes?-

Thor seized the opportunity to attack Loki only to fall through an illusion –Are you always going to fall for that Thor?-He taunted his older brother, he really shouldn´t, but he was having so much fun pissing him off.

Even Tony smirked at Loki´s last trick, then it hit him. Loki was making Thor angry on purpose and he really hadn’t done anything near deadly to anyone, he just seemed to be playing tricks, taunting them. What if he wanted to lose? Normally if Loki felt he was losing he would teleport away, he´d never let them capture him, but what if he needed them too?

His thoughts were interrupted again by Thor´s and Loki´s fighting, this time Loki had failed to raise his magic shield against Thor´s lightning’s which had hit him full causing him to scream in pain.

“-Why can´t you just back out?-“Loki irritated complained to himself while he desperately tried to catch his breath while on his knees.

Thor seemed reluctant to finish him, he really didn´t wanted to hurt his younger brother, his anger was beginning to fade. -Why are you doing this Loki? – He asked conflicted. –I thought you wanted too…-

Loki huffed furiously as he gathered all his strength in a single magic blow against Thor –You stupid oaf! I don´t want to talk!- The blow flew Thor a few meters away, but before he could charge against Loki again he heard the sound of Tony´s thrusters being fired, he had attacked Loki by surprise knocking him out.

-You were taking too long.-He said to Thor before he could complain. –Now, let´s get him to the Tower.-

Thor growled as he carried Loki´s unconscious form over his shoulder and into the Quinjet. As soon as they were in he grabbed Tony by the throat –I told you not to interfere.-

-I know that Thor.-Tony quickly responded before things escalated –But you were spoiling your brother´s plan.-

-Loki´s plan? What do you mean?-Thor asked puzzled as he released Tony

-I don´t know why, but I´m quite sure he wanted us to capture him.-Tony explained.-Think about it, he was playing you, making you angry.-

-He´s right.- Natasha agreed.-He was playing with all of us, the snakes were more of a distraction than an actual threat.-

-But why? – Thor inquired confused.

-You´ll have to wait until he wakes up to ask him.-Tony volunteered.

-Why don´t we just deliver him to SHIELD?-Clint asked annoyed.

-We can always do that later.-Steve offered.-But Tony is right, Loki´s up to something and I´ll like to know what it is.- Then he turned to Thor –Do you still have the shackles that bind Loki magic powers?-

-Yes. – Thor dryly answered.

-Then I guess we have ourselves a guest.-Steve acknowledged.- Jarvis, prepare the cell on level 27 and tell Bruce we are on our way back, and Jarvis … don´t Leah know about our guest.-

Security Breach

A few minutes after the mouse and cat game started Tony received a call from Jarvis –Sir, I´m afraid we have a security breach-

-What? Now?! This can´t be happening! Talk to me Jarvis, what´s going on? – He spat angrily as he barely escaped from one of Dr. Octopus arms.

-The criminal known as Venom just broke into the Tower followed by Spiderman.-the A.I. replied

Tony growl as he asked Jarvis to communicate him with Spiderman –What are you doing in my Tower?-

-First of all this wasn´t my idea, seems Venom is after something in your Tower, he kept luring me here until he broke inside. I very much doubt he just came in here for fun, what does he want?-Spiderman answered displeased.

-I don´t know, we have a lot of dangerous weapons in the vault, some vibranium in the lab, not to mention art and jewelry lying around, take your pick.-Tony replied as he kept fighting

-Fuck! Hey! Put that down!-could be heard at the other side of the line along with the familiar sounds of things breaking.

-Put what down? What´s going on?-Tony inquired annoyed

-I´m a bit busy right now, I´ll tell you later.-Spiderman answered as he cut the communication.

-Dammit! Jarvis, where are Clint and Leah?-Tony asked worryingly

-Mr. Barton is on his way to intercept the intruder, Mrs. Leah is in the shooting ring- Jarvis reported.

-Seal the shooting ring level, I don´t want Venom walking into her-Tony ordered –Guys, we have a situation- He wryly said to the rest of the team through the comlink.

-You mean other than this?-Natasha asked intrigued.

-Venom just broke into the Tower.-Tony finally spat.

Everyone´s heart skip a beat when they heard the news, Venom was by far the most vicious of the Sinister Six, even if Spiderman and Clint combined forces he wouldn´t be easy to defeat.

-I´m going back- Steve replied in an instant –Now, if someone could give me a hand with Rino.-

He´d barely finished his sentence when Thor tackled Rino away –Hurry Steve!-He shouted as he threw Rhino a good hundred meters away before resuming his fight with Electro.

Steve quickly got in the Quinjet and flew it into the Tower at full speed, within minutes he was walking into the Tower through the shattered glass of the Penthouse, following Venom wouldn´t be hard, he left a path of destruction on his way.

When Jarvis told Clint about the intruder he restock his quiver and told Leah to stay put, he didn´t wanted her to run into Venom by accident.

-But … -Leah protested, she wasn’t at all keen of being left alone.

-Don´t worry. We´ll be fine, trust me, just stay here.-He reassured her-If you hear someone coming to this level hide, all right?-

-All right. – Leah nervously agreed –Please take care of yourself Clint.-

-I´m harder to kill than you think, I´ll be back in no time.-He smiled at her as he walked away.

-Clint? Where are you?-Steve called him in the comlink.

-Steve? I´m on my way to level 79, my best guess is that Venom is after something in the labs of level 80, any ideas?-Clint answered

-Your guess is as good as mine.-Steve replied –Where´s Leah?-

-I left her on the shooting ring, she´s a bit scared.-Clint confessed

-I can imagine –Steve commented then asked –Where´s Spiderman Jarvis?-

-Currently at level 79, he´s engage in a fight with the intruder.-Jarvis Reported

-I´ll meet you there.-Clint told Steve

Clint was the first to catch up with Venom and Spiderman, by the time Steve arrived the fight had already moved to the labs level, the shooting ring was only three levels below, they had to stop him there.

Before he could know it Venom trapped Clint in a spider web pod just as Steve arrived.

-Mind if I join in?-He asked as he stroke Venom with his shield making him release his grip on a unconscious Spiderman.

-How you dare interrupt us?-Venom growled fiercely –We´re getting rid of all of you.-Followed by his anger burst Venom teared from the floor a very heavy looking equipment and forcefully threw it against Steve.

Only because of his super-human reflexes was Steve able to get out of the way before it hit him, though the weight from the equipment made the floor to cave in. Suddenly a woman´s scream could be hear at the distance, the equipment must have fallen all the way to the shooting ring level. The scream called Venom´s attention and before Steve could avoid it he jumped into the hole. Steve jumped right after him, they both kept fighting between the debris as they descended. In a second Venom managed to get a hold of Steve´s head and forcefully smashed him down against the floor which made Leah cry out.

As Venom lifted a half-conscious Steve in the air with the intention of ending him a voice interrupted him.

-Let him go.-Leah sounded a lot more confident than she felt, she was trying her best to hide her trembling as she pointed her arrow against Venom.

-Look at that, who do we have here?-Venom teasingly asked without loosening his grip on Steve.

-That´s not of your business. I can’t let you hurt him. Let him go!-Leah ordered again

-Leah, no!-was Steve´s muffled plea

-You´d better stop pointing at us with that thing before you get hurt.-Venom sarcastically told her.

-I´m not afraid of you.-Leah yelled standing her ground.

-Really? We´ll see about that.-Venom said as he let Steve drop to the ground as he charged against Leah.

Leah´s arrow flew just beside him which made Venom release a maniacal laugh –You missed! My turn!-

Leah didn´t had enough time to set another arrow, out of instinct she protectively raised her arms in an attempt to withstand Venom´s lunge against her as her started shout echoed the floor.

Almost at the same time a green shimmer appeared just a few paces from Leah as a blue bright glow flooded the room.

Loki was the first to come around after the shockwave that followed the glow knocked all of them out, his helmet had protected him from the blast.

-What the …? – He started to ask confused about what had just happened when he noticed Leah unconscious on the floor –Please, no! –was his first thought as he rushed to her side and cradled her between his arms; he sighed in relief when he noticed she was still breathing –Leah, Leah, please wake up!- he desperately pleaded trying to reanimate her.

-Mmm.-Leah complained under his efforts until she recognized his voice –Loki?-She weary asked as she struggle to open her eyes.

-Yes, baby, it’s me. I´m so sorry.-He said with a sad smile as he fought the tears on his eyes while holding her tight to his chest.-I didn´t knew, if the news hadn´t been on …-

-Ow!-Leah groaned in pain as he hugged her which made Loki worryingly loosen his grip on her.

-What´s wrong? Are you injured? Did Venom touch you? If he dared to hurt you …-Loki growled

-No, I don´t think he did. My hands, and arms hurt.-Leah said in a half voice –And I feel drained.-

Loki swiftly took a look at her hands, he gasped as he recognized her wounds –It can´t be.- He said mostly to himself, then he raised one of her sleeves to take a look at the rest of her arm –But that´s not possible, you can´t do magic.-

-What are you talking about? – Leah inquisitively asked.

-Those burns, I´ve only seen similar ones on magic apprentices, it happens when they can´t control their powers, their magic … burns them. I don´t know how but it seems you are the one behind the explosion Leah. Unless …-

-Unless what? – Leah asked worryingly

-What was your last thought before the explosion? – Loki asked in earnest

-I was scared.-Leah acknowledged.

-Something else, think Leah! – Loki pleaded

-I was thinking of Eerika, I was so scared for her.-Leah confessed

Suddenly voices could be heard through the hole in the levels ceiling.

-Why can’t we catch a break? – Loki sighed in exasperation

-Please don´t go.-Leah pleaded as she noticed Loki´s change in demeanor.

-I have to my love, please listen we don´t have much time. Sometimes on jotun pregnancies the mother´s powers grow stronger or manifest when their child has a high magic level, fear must have triggered it. You have to control your emotions. I´m sorry, I can´t stay, at least not yet, It´s not ready yet; but I promise next time we meet I won´t leave. Please believe me, if I could stay I would.-Loki nervously told her as he help her sat up.

His eyes reflected all the other things he didn´t had time to tell her, she knew it was useless to argue, she nodded her head in agreement while she fought the tears and the lump on her throat.

-Steve!-Clint´s voice echoed the room.

-I love you-Loki said with a half-smile, then he softly kissed her before teleporting away.

-I love you too.-Leah whispered back as she lost her battle against her tears.

Just as Loki teleported away both Clint and Spiderman dropped down to a strange scene, Steve was still on the floor unconscious just as Eddie Brock who had been separated from the symbiont by the explosion and Leah was sitting on the floor staring back at them while tears rolled down her cheek.

-How are they Doc?-Spiderman asked Bruce.

They had all hurried back after defeating the villains.

-They will be all right, they just need some rest.-Bruce answered

-Who is she? – He suddenly asked.

-A friend.-Bruce answered –We need to keep her safe, no one can know she´s here.-

-My lips are seal Doc, but I can´t make you any promises about Eddie.-He dryly told him.

-Don´t worry about him, he´ll be in solitary confinement until we can relocate her.-Tony said as he walked in.

In prison a guard delivered Eddie´s meal. –The distraction worked like a charm.-the guard told Eddie.-We have the information he asked for.-

-Just as planned Chameleon.-Eddie smirked back. – What of our payment?-

-Doom has already wired the money to your account.-The fake guard answered.

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