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Once they were well out of range of the medical ward Natasha suddenly asked –All right, what happened?-

-Well, remember the thing that we thought wasn’t going to happen? – Tony asked in return –Well, it did.-

-What?!- Both Natasha and Clint snapped as they stopped walking.

-But I thought you said that wasn´t going to happen, that she was out of danger.- Clint spat

-It seemed that way. – Bruce confessed –The process only took longer than we anticipated.-

-I don´t understand, how did you stabilized the transformation without the vita ray? I thought you said the chances of her surviving without them were slim at best.-Natasha questioned him

-My old man wasn´t the only genius in the family, you know? I made my own portable version of the ray. – Tony answered proudly

-And it worked? – Natasha asked visibly worried.

-Of course it did. I did it myself! – Tony spat angrily at her question.

-I don´t have time to nurse your wounded feelings Stark! Bruce, did it really worked?-Natasha just ignored Tony scowl as she asked Bruce.

-It seems so.-Bruce volunteered.

-Seems so? Forgive me if that doesn´t make me feel over confident about this whole business. I´m sure you read the reports about the experiments, shouldn´t we be worried about any possible side effects? Why isn´t she in a containment unit? – Clint asked agitated.

Natasha had probably been thinking the same thing, because she remain quietly waiting for an answer with her arms crossed.

Bruce sighed as he took of his glasses while thinking the best answer to calm their fears. –We have run all the tests we could think of.-

-And even invented some new ones.-Tony interrupted.

-Yes, we did.-Bruce added – And we found no indications of side effects, as far as I can tell she´s both physically and mentally stable, is that reassuring enough?-

-It would seem so.-Clint responded with irony.

-Ha ha, very funny.-Tony scowled back.

-Forget all that, why didn´t you called us? SHIELD could´ve had something to help you manage this situation. – She wasn’t done with her questions yet.

-You were on a mission. – Tony blurted out.

-Really? And since when has that stopped you from calling us? – Natasha was starting to lose her patience.

-We didn´t wanted SHIELD to find out.-Steve suddenly said out loud.

-Why?-Clint asked surprised.

-They already want them bad enough, can you imagine what would happen if Fury found out Leah has the abilities of a super soldier now? The least he would do is add her to the index.-Steve explained.

-It´s just a list.-Clint stated.

-Of people with abilities.-Bruce added-It´s a target list and you know it, either you work with SHIELD or you are against them, there´s no in between.-

-That´s not how it works, there are people with very dangerous abilities on that list, SHIELD just wants to be prepared-Natasha volunteered.

-So you think Leah belongs in that list?-Tony asked her.

-No, of course not. She just wants to live her life, she doesn´t want to be a part of all of this. –Natasha answered while she asked Bruce- She really has Steve´s super abilities?-

-I don´t know.-Bruce answered dryly.

-You mean you haven´t tested her yet? Why are we even arguing about this?-Clint asked annoyed

-Of course not, she´s a five and a half month pregnant woman recuperating from two near death experiences on the same week, forgive me if testing her abilities isn´t on my priority list.-Bruce answered visibly irritated.

Everyone looked back at him slightly worried at the tone of his voice.

-And don´t look at me like that, it would take much more than this to bring out the Hulk.-Bruce buffed at them.

-All right.-Tony spoke up first.- Let´s just say that we´ve all had a rough week, I´m sure we can fill you in the details later.-

-Ok.-Both Clint and Natasha reluctantly agreed.

-Is her baby all right? – Natasha asked.

-Yes, she is. As a matter of fact I think she´s better than all right, I don´t know if it´s because her alien DNA but she went through the transformation fairly easily.-Bruce answered.

-Now it makes sense why you didn´t wanted SHIELD to find out.-Clint said as he ran his hand through his hair.

-Loki’s child and a super soldier, every evil organization in the world would love to get their hands on her.-Natasha added in a stern tone, as if things weren´t complicated enough.

-And every other agency also.-Tony added.

-Exactly.-Steve interrupted before they started fighting again.-And that´s why we can´t let anyone find out, not even SHIELD, the moment someone finds out Leah will have a target painted on her back, we can´t let that happen.-

-She already has a target painted on her back.-Clint pointed out.

– I know.-Steve sighed- Just, let´s not make this worst than it already is.-

-I guess we can do that, but no more secrets, agreed?-Natasha asked to no one in specific.

-I´m afraid that´s not our only problem.-Tony suddenly spat.-Loki wants her back.-

-What? Did he tried to take her? I can´t believe you didn´t called us! Don´t tell me you couldn´t find a way of tracking his intrusions to the Tower.-Natasha yelled at him in frustration.

-No, and no.-Tony simply stated.

-Then, how … – Steve started to ask when Tony interrupted him

-He wrote her a letter.-Tony answered while biting his lower lip, this wasn´t going to be fun to explain.-All right, it´s kind of my fault, she was totally miserable so I suggested her to write him a letter that way she could get all of her feelings out, how was I supposed to know he would write her back.-

-And you kept this from the rest of us.-Steve asked as he place his palm on his forehead.

-Thor knew.-Tony said pointing at Thor who had remained quiet all the time.

-Yes, I did.-Thor confessed – We really weren´t trying to keep this from you, we just didn´t found the time to tell you before.-

-When did you find out he wrote her back?-Steve asked them trying to remain as calm as possible.

-When her transformation triggered we found the letters.-Thor answered back.

-Letters?-Natasha asked with a frown.

-He must have written her the night before, she was writing him back when …-Thor began to explain.

-When we interrupted her.-Bruce said as he remembered.

-Yes.-Thor agreed. – I delivered her last letter for her.-

-You mean you saw Loki?- Clint asked surprised.

-Yes, we talked. – Thor sighed. – He really tried to do the honorable thing and let her go regardless of his feelings but she …-

-I have to guess she refused, and in a very determined fashion if I can add.-Bruce said with a half-smile.

-Yes, she did.-Tony said with a smirk. –You should´ve read her answer, what a feisty girl!- a tinge of proud could be heard on his voice as he said it.

Everyone could very much imagine Leah´s answer and tried very hard not to smile at the thought.

-So, Loki told you he wants her back?-Natasha asked.

-No, he hadn’t decided yet when we talked, though he has been considering every possibility, even throwing himself at Odin´s mercy.-Thor informed them.

-If he loves her so much, why hasn´t him? – Steve asked intrigued.

-The All Father Isn´t very forgiving and Loki knows it. He´s afraid that doing such a thing would only kept them apart forever.-Thor confessed.

-Not even because she´s pregnant?-Bruce asked trying to make sense of Thor´s comment.

-That would not matter to him.-Thor stated.

-And I thought I had daddy issues.-Tony said as he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

-He has to be a King first.-Thor tied to explain.

-Forget about it! Then how do you know he wants her back?-Steve interrupted

-Leah told us, he wrote her again. I don´t know his exact words but based on what she said he decided he wants to be with her though he doesn’t have a clue about how to do that and keep them safe at the same time.-Tony explained

-Any ideas Thor?-Clint asked

-We spoke of another possibility, but he dismissed it too.-Thor dryly stated as he nodded his head in a negative way.

-What possibility?-Steve asked intrigued

-Of joining us.-Thor simply spat

-What? Are you crazy? Why on Earth would we do that?-Tony asked in disbelief

-That´s what he thought you would say.-Thor grimly answered.

-Has he considered joining SHIELD instead? – Steve asked

-He doesn´t trust SHIELD. – Thor admitted.

-I can´t say I blame him.-Bruce agreed.-They keep to many secrets.-

-Because they need to.-Natasha spat angrily.

-Maybe.-Steve agreed doubtfully.

-If he dares come our way the only thing waiting for him will be a cell.-Clint angrily stated.

The other´s nodded affirmatively or manifested their approval out loud.

-So you wouldn´t give him an opportunity to right his wrongs?-Thor sadly asked.

-I know he is your brother, but do you really think he deserves an opportunity? After all he’s done, after all the destruction and death, you really think so?-Steve asked more intrigued than upset.

-Yes, I do.-Thor asseverate.- I refuse to believe people are either good or bad, that they are just born or made that way and that they can´t do anything to change it. If that were true, what is the point of our struggle? Why not just separate the bad from the good and just get rid of them all once and for all. If there´s no room for second or third chances then we are all hypocrites, most of us were given a second chance to do what is right, why should we deny Loki that?-

Everyone just went quiet, Thor had stoke a nerve, they all had done things they weren´t proud of even if they wouldn´t admit it.

The first one to speak again was Steve –If he comes our way we´ll hear him Thor, beyond that I can´t make you any promises.-

-What! But Steve… both Tony and Clint protested.

-I only said we would listen, the rest is up to him. If he really wants a chance he´ll have to earn it. – Steve reassured them.

-Thank you.-Thor said gratefully as he made a small bow.

-And what if the love birds decide to run away? – Tony suddenly asked.

-If she decides that´s what she wants. – Steve said somberly.

-Are we really just going to let her go with him?-Tony asked incredulously.

-What do you want us to do? To lock her up? – Steve asked in return.

-No, but … we can´t just leave her alone. – Tony stated worryingly

-I thought that was the plan.-Clint interrupted- That´s why we were training her-

-Yes, but … – Tony´s mind just went blank.

-You became very tight with her over this past months Tony, either way It will be hard for you to let her go, we can just make sure she has all the help she needs before she does.-Natasha sympathetically comforted him.

-I know.-Tony acknowledge. –But that doesn´t mean I like it.-

-None of us do Tony, none of us do.-Bruce said as everyone nodded their heads in agreement.


When Leah awoke the next morning she opened her eyes to see a new rose and a letter, there were already three unopened rose buttons on the vase, she hadn´t had time for them in the last couple of days, and finally the night before decided to not touch them until she knew Loki´s answer, she sighed as she sat up and reach for the letter.

“- This is It.-“She thought to herself “-The proverbial moment of truth, sort of speak.-# there was no point on stalling it only made her more nervous so she opened his letter and start reading “-… my love… well, that´s much better already.-“ she thought with a smile, it couldn´t have been easy for him. As she kept reading just as with the letter before her emotions reflected on her face, first concern, then growing happiness that just exploded into pure joy, then again a touch of sadness along with understanding but then something caught her unprepared, she hadn´t expected him to be so forth forward in his longing for her, she knew exactly what he felt because her feeling mirrored his, she ached for his touch, for his warmth. As she kept reading her eyes stung, her heart beat faster and her face betrayed her with a blush, by the time she ended reading it her flustered face spoke of the memories far too explicit to retold, suddenly a voice pulled her out of her day dreaming.

-If he wrote you a dirty letter I don´t even want to know.-It was Tony´s voice, he was just standing in the door frame where he had been for a minute or two wondering when to interrupt her.

-What …? No…! What makes you say that?-Leah blushed even darker

-Oh God! He did!- Tony just laughed out loud.

-No, it´s not like that… well, maybe a little bit… why on earth do I tell you these things?- Leah asked as she hide her face between her hands, she never thought someone could be watching.

-Because it´s better than telling them to anyone else.-Tony smirked still laughing at Leah´s embarrassment.

-Telling anyone what?-Thor asked as he walked in.

-Nothing!- was both Leah´s and Tony´s response which made Thor look at them suspiciously, they were hiding something, whatever it was none of them seem willing to share it with him.

-As you like.-He answered quite annoyed. –I see Loki kept his word.-He said as he pointed to the letter in Leah´s hand.

-Yes, he did.-Leah acknowledged uncertain of what to tell them, if Loki was weaving a plan she shouldn´t spoil it.

-He suggested a name for our daughter. – She said trying to take the conversation elsewhere.

-Really? – Thor asked surprised –Which name did he suggested?-

-Eerika. – Leah answered with a smile, she liked the ring of it.

-That doesn´t surprise me. – Thor said with a big grin.

-Why? – Leah asked puzzled.

-It means ruling forever.-Thor volunteered.

-No pressure there.-Tony added with a smirk

-Don´t be like that guys.-Leah scolded them while pouting

-Don´t get mad, it´s a beautiful name.-Tony apologized –More important, do you like it?-

-Yes, I do.-Leah answered still rather annoyed and defensively.

-It´s a fitting name for a princess.-Thor agreed.

“-A princes.-“ Leah thought as she raised her eyebrows, Loki didn´t had any idea yet of what his plan was going to be, neither did she; she just would have to trust him, somehow it never seemed like a hard thing to do.

-What else did he said?-Thor asked as he had read her mind.

-Nothing much really, he doesn´t have a plan yet, but whatever it turns out to be he wants us to be together.-Leah said with a smile, she wasn´t lying to them.

-Then I guess we´ll just have to wait to see what your Romeo comes up with ….-Tony said. –besides from wooing you.-he ended while winking an eye at her.

Leah blushed immediately, why did he always had to say that sort of things?

-Romeo?-Thor asked intrigued.

-Oh! That´s a long story, a book as a matter of fact, I can show you the movie if you want.-Tony answered hoping he wouldn´t have to explain it to Thor.

-Maybe later.-Thor replied as he considered it.

After a while Bruce walked in with her breakfast tray followed by Steve, somehow it seemed that none of them had anything better to do than hovering around her. When she started getting morning sickness, cravings and other pregnancy symptoms she had dived in the internet searching everything she could learn on the matter, among the information she had read that pregnant female´s pheromones could affect men by making them feel overprotective; she found that very cute at times, and other times she just couldn´t stop thinking of how to get rid of them. Today was one of those days.

-You´re still hugging all the attention?-Natasha’s voice jokingly asked.

-Natasha! You are back!- Leah exclaimed in relief, being the only woman in the Tower was so exhausting , it make her wonder how Natasha managed to handle them before she arrived.

-Hi, are you feeling better?-Natasha asked walking in as she sat by her side.

-Yes, I am.-Leah answered with a smile.-Specially now that …-

Bruce suddenly interrupted her. – Why don´t you let me explain everything to them later? – He didn´t wanted them overreacting about it in front of her.

-Ok. – Leah agreed, he could explain it better anyway.

Both Clint and Natasha looked at Bruce intrigued but decided to wait until he could explain it, after a while Steve excused all of them, they had some debriefing to do.

Leah was grateful they finally left, she had been eyeing the tree closed rose buttons on her night table, with a big smile both in her face and in her heart she leaned to touch all of them with the tip of her fingers causing all of them to flourish at the same time, their sweet fragrances saturated her room.

-Until we meet again my love.-Leah whispered as she hold his letter close to her heart as she closed her eyes –Until we meet again.-

Loki´s answer

When Loki finally woke up it was after midday again. –“ If I had kept doing this any longer I might fell into Odin´s sleep.-“ He thought to himself. “-Or would it be Loki´s sleep? Well, it doesn´t matter I have no time for that, besides today will be the last time. I might have to take my time to regain my strength but I won´t be idle, though fist I have a letter to write.”

As he got up his stomach complained with a sound full growl –All right, all right. I will take care of you first, there´s no need to make a scene.-Loki admonished the growling sounds, he hadn´t been in such a good mood in months, as he noticed he scratched the back of his head as he walked over the kitchen trying to figure out the source of the change, then it hit him. As he leaned into the kitchen bar laughing he scolded himself –Oh Loki! You´ve been so stupid!.-

After he had eaten a good size breakfast he went to his desk, this letter might be the last she would heard of him for a good time, he´d better make it worthwhile.

-Leah, my love

-She´s going to have a blast with that-Loki said to himself smiling.

-I´ve been in terrible soggy mood since the day I left you at SHIELD´s mercy, I thought I was doing the right thing all these months keeping myself away in order to keep you safe, have I ever been so wrong before?

I´ve been so caught in my fear of losing you I forgotten who I am.

I am Loki of Asgard, and as you so accurate pointed out I do what I want, and what I want is you in every sense of the word.

Today is the first day in months I felt like myself, can you guess why? Because I have relinquished the foolish idea of giving you up, I might not have a plan, not even a shred of a plan but that won´t stop me, if there isn´t a way I will invent one. I won´t rest until what’s rightfully mine has been restored to my side.

I´m the God of Chaos, but chaos is also the womb of creation and rebirth. I am not my actions, they don´t define me, they never will. And if someone doesn´t like that they can choke on it.

Will I be at your side when our daughter is born? Just try to stop me! I´ve even thought a name for her … Eerika.

I guess Thor has already told you I won´t be delivering any more roses for the time being, and you probably remember why. On my despair I did the only thing I could think of to keep myself near you, but it was unwise from me to keep it up this long. I will need quite some time to restore myself and my magic to fit conditions, so I will have to ask you to be patient.

I´m convinced that the best place for you until our daughter is born is with the Avengers, they have already saved you twice and we might need their help again before this is over. I´ve seen you training, never thought you could be so skilled with the bow, keep at it, learn as much as you can, within reason discover your new abilities, they might come in handy as the time comes.

Looking at you so concentrated and determined as sweat rolls down your delicious neck has been driving me crazy, who could have thought that the sight of you as a warrior would be so … enticing. I´ve neglected you for so long and I intend to correct that mistake in a slowly maddening way until there´s no complain left.

For now my sweet mischievous girl know that you are in my thoughts every day and every night that I long for the soft touch of your skin against mine, and I´m eagerly waiting for the day you´ll be within my arms again.

Until then remember this, I love you.


He looked at his letter as he finished pleased with himself.-I wish I could see her face as she reads it, though I can almost see her blushing.- He mischievously grinned at the thought of Leah´s flustered face as she reads his letter.- Norn’s, how I miss her!-he sighed at the memories.

So, I have super powers now?

-Dr. Banner Mrs. Leah temperature has dropped below 37°C – Jarvis reported to an occupied Bruce.

-Finally!-Bruce sighed with relief as he removed his glasses and rested his head back for a moment before getting up and walking over her room.

Steve was there watching over her, it was morning again when Bruce walked in with made Steve stand up alarmed, there hadn´t been good news so far –Is something wrong?- he asked worryingly.

-No. – Bruce smiled to reassure him. – In fact she´s getting better, her fever has ceased, I think we can hook her off from the sedatives, with her new metabolism rates she should wake within the hour.-

-Are you sure? – Steve asked nervously.

-Yes I am, look at her, she´s not stirring any more, she even looks peaceful.-Bruce said as he removed a lose strand of her from Leah´s face.

-Thank god!-Steve sighed relief then he suddenly added –I don´t think she looks any taller.-

-You are right, I don´t think the changes are so obvious in her, and after all the serum works differently on every subject. Will just have to wait and see what her new abilities are.-Bruce reasoned.

-What are we going to tell her?-Steve askes concern written all over his face.

-The truth.-Bruce answered –That we choose not to tell her because we didn´t wanted her to worry over nothing.-

-It didn´t turned out to be nothing.-Steve commented.

-We had no way of knowing that.-Bruce admitted –Her transformation took so long to trigger it caught us off guard.-

-You are right.-Steve agreed.

-Don´t worry guys! Maybe she´ll end up liking the idea! You know super powers, who wouldn´t want those? – Tony told them as he walked in. –What?! You never know …-Tony snapped at Bruce and Steve’s surprised faces.- She wanted to be able to protect her daughter, and now she just might be able to.-

-Let´s just hope for no side effects.-Steve dryly told them.

-I think we can rule those out.-Bruce said to them. –I´ve just finished comparing her last DNA results to yours and other test subjects who have had side effects, except for some minor differences yours and hers seem to be identical.-

-Minor differences?-Steve asked intrigued

-There always be differences between DNA samples, but I don´t see anything significate, mainly genes for race, height, sex, color of eyes, etc. Stop worrying, she´ll be fine.-Bruce kept trying to appease Steve´s mind, then he changed the subject as he noticed someone missing –Where´s Thor?-

-He went for a walk.-Tony told them at their incredulous looks he confessed –Actually I had to ask him to go for a walk. He was driving me crazy. Should I call him back?-

-Just tell him Leah will be fine and probably will be awake within an hour that should make him happy.-Bruce suggested

-And less annoying.-Tony said with a smirk as he walked out.

-Have you communicated with Clint and Natasha?- Bruce asked Steve

No.-he answered –I´ll get them onto speed once they get back from their mission with SHIELD.-

-You are worried of Fury´s reaction if he happened to find out?-Bruce asked again

-Truthfully yes. Fury already wanted her badly before, can you imagine what would happen if he found out she´s a super soldier now?-Steve admitted with a grim face.

-He´d probably try to recruit her.-Bruce suggested.

-Or add her to the Index.-Steve added.-Either way we have to avoid that from happening.-

When Leah woke up she noticed three concerned faces looking at her- ´That can´t be good- she thought to herself, she wasn´t in pain or cold anymore, in fact she felt better than she had in a long time.

-Is anyone going to tell me what´s wrong?-She asked nervously as she tried to sit up.

-Easy Leah.-Bruce suggested as he helped her up, even if the lab results suggested she was in optimal condition it wouldn´t hurt to take it slow for a couple of days.

-Well.-Tony started. – We might have omitted to tell you a certain detail about a transfusion we had to give you when we thought we might lose you.-

-Transfusion? I don´t understand. What does that has to do with anything? – She asked confused, then it hit her – From whom?-

-From me.-Steve answered her question which made Leah´s eye´s grow big in surprise.

Tony started explaining everything to Leah, from now and then Bruce and Steve would add some details, when they finished their story silence reigned the room, they were all waiting for Leah´s reaction, who was trying to get her mind over all that had happened.

Suddenly the silence was broke as she asked intrigued –So, what does this mean? I have superpowers now? Like Steve?-

-Probably, but there´s no way to know for sure until they manifest.-Bruce answered.

-That´s …just … I can´t believe it, really? How can we find out?-she sounded more excited than scared which made everyone relax.

-I told you she would like it.-Tony smiled at her excitement

-I don´t think we should find out right now.-Bruce said with a serious look.

-But can I get off bed now?-she asked impatiently

Bruce couldn’t help to laugh. –No, not yet, I want to keep you in observation for a couple of days just to make sure everything is all right. Don´t worry you´ll be sleeping in your own bed soon.-

-That sounds nice.-Leah admitted with a smile, she was tired of being in the medical ward.

-I´m glad to see you better.-Thor said walking in.

-You and me both Thor.-Leah acknowledge.

-Guys, do you think I can talk to Leah in private? – Thor suddenly asked.

-Of course.-Steve answered as he got up

-We have things to do in the lab.-Tony dragged Bruce as he said the words.

-Yes, we do.-Bruce answered back as they went for the door.

Once they were alone Leah asked worryingly –Is something wrong Thor?-

-Nothing is wrong Leah, I just need to talk to you. Yesterday I found your letters … -Leah blushed at his news which made Thor smile when he saw her distraught.-You have nothing to be ashamed of Leah, I … delivered your last letter.- he added.

-You saw Loki? – Leah asked surprised

-Yes, I did.-Thor told her –He asked me to give you a message …-

As Thor retold Leah his encounter with Loki she listened attentively, Thor chose to leave out of his recollection about Loki´s worries regarding SHIELD taking action as soon as their daughter were born, there was no point of worrying her right now.-

“-So, he´s going to answer me back-“ She thought to herself, she felt a bit sad about not looking forward to his roses any more but she understood why, and was grateful he had gone through such lengths to let her know he cared.

-Are you all right Leah? – Thor asked when she remained quite.

-Oh! Sorry, yes! I was just thinking I´ll have to wait until tomorrow to know Loki´s mind.-She answered back.

-I hope he gives you the answer you are looking for.-Thor softly told her.

-Thank you Thor, I hope that too.-Leah said with a small sigh.

Brother´s talk

Tony hadn´t found a way yet to monitor Loki´s entrances, but he could pinpoint them from the appearances of the roses, so talking as if he were listening was Thor´s only plan, he had to talk to Loki once more.

As Jarvis quietly indicated Thor the rose had appeared he spoke up –She´s unwell brother, we need to talk. Meet me on the rooftop of the building where we talked last, it´s important.- Thor stayed for a couple of more minutes looking at Leah with concern, fortunately the fever hadn´t gone up, it seemed to be maintaining, before he left he called for Tony who was examining more samples to take his place.

– Are you sure of this Thor?-he asked as he arrived to Leah´s room.

-As you said, they both seem to be miserable without the other, I need to give it another try, for both their sakes.-Thor bluntly responded.

It wasn´t long before Thor arrived to the rooftop of the building surrounding Central Park, hidden in the shadows was Loki, who had been there for a while now, he looked ill even at the pale moonlight, dark patches around his eyes, he even looked thinner.

-What´s wrong with her? – Loki spoke first without turning around

-I understand you saw her on the operating table, did you witness the transfusion?-Thor asked him

-Transfusion? No, what do you mean? – Loki looked back worryingly.

-I should explain this to you from the beginning then, she had a tear in her uterus, she lost a lot of blood, normally we have blood reserves for the inhabitants of the Tower, but …- Thor began his explanation.

-She´s not a normal inhabitant.-Loki interrupted him.

-No, she is not, it never occurred to any pf us to have a blood supply for her, and she has a rare blood type AB-, none of us were a compatible match except for the Captain.-Thor continued

-The soldier? – Loki looked concerned.

-Yes, what do you know of the super soldier serum?- Thor asked Loki

-Enough to know is not to be played with. – Loki dryly answered

-They had to do something, she was dying, there was no other choice. For a while she seemed to be all right that somehow his blood only had help her keep alive without any side effects, that until this morning. You didn´t scried for her today?-Thor asked hoping he wouldn´t have to explain everything to Loki

-Sadly no, even a simple spell like that is difficult for me at this moment.-Loki looked down as he sighed

-Her transformation triggered, the Captain recollection of it is in his words as excruciating painful, but in his case it only lasted a couple of minutes, her change is too slow but it seems equally painful.-he added with a grim look in his face.

-What?-Loki paled at his words –You mean she´s in pain right now? Can´t you do something to help her?-

-She was sedated the moment it started, Dr. Banner explained to me that her body is in pain, but her mind is not around to register it, and we´ll keep her that way until the change is finished.-Thor explained

-So, that´s why she looks so agitated, I thought it was because of the fever she obviously has.-Loki reasoned sadly.

-No, that is just another manifestation of the transformation.-Thor added

-How long will it take?-Loki asked in earnest

-According to the test they´ve made tomorrow morning probably.-Thor said hopefully

Loki sighed in relief, morning wasn´t too far away now, then he told Thor –I´m sure you didn´t asked me to talk just to tell me this.-

-No, I didn´t … she was writing you another letter when … it happened.-Thor offered Loki a folded piece of paper.

Loki couldn´t grab it or unfold it fast enough, as he started to read it he couldn´t help to smile –She´s too smart for her own good.-he said mostly to himself, unshed tears glistered in his eyes as he kept reading, at some point he had to dry them with his sleeve, once he finished he said to Thor as he hold the letter close to his heart.-Thank you.-

-You are welcome brother.-Thor placed his hand on the younger man shoulder, he didn´t had to imagine much how Loki felt. Suddenly he asked –What are you going to do?-

-I don´t know, what can I do? I´ve been thinking this over and over, I hoped she graciously accepted my offer to do the honorable thing, but she didn´t. I don´t understand why. – Loki admitted

-I didn´t either at first, then Stark told me that doing the honorable thing and doing the right thing isn’t always the same thing.-Thor explained

Loki looked puzzled at him, noticing this Thor added. – She knows there isn´t a way, but she´s not giving up on you, what she wants is for you to do the same thing.

Loki ran his hands through his hair as he sat nodding his head in a negative way.-There is no way, I’ve though this over and over and I can´t find one.-

-Why? Haven´t you considered turning away from this evil path for her?- Thor asked as if the answer was as simple as that.

Loki looked at him infuriated.-Of course I have! Tell me if I surrendered myself to Odin or SHIELD what do you think would happen? That they´ll just forgive me without any trials or consequences? Best case scenario they´ll condemn me to prison for the norns know how long. What is a brink of an eye for us would be an eternity for her, I strongly doubt they would allow us to see each other again. If that happened I know for sure her heart would break as mine would.-

Thor looked inquisitively at Loki, he didn´t thought of that, risking his brother’s rage he asked again.- What if you didn´t surrender yourself to the, what if you joi8ned us?-

-You mean become an Avenger?-Loki spat amused –Like they would treat me any different than Odin or SHIELD would. Have you forgotten I´ve tried to kill them on many occasions? Do you really think they will be that forgiven?-

-I would forgive you. – Thor volunteered.

-It doesn´t count, you are my brother. And even I don´t get why you are always so eager to forgive me.-Loki confessed.

-Because no matter what you do, I know somewhere beneath it all must be the brother I grew up with, and I loved him deeply.-Thor answered.

-As I said it doesn´t count.-Loki pouted.

-All right! Then ran of with her to the other side of the Galaxy! – Thor answered annoyed

-With all the enemies I have made, it would be only a matter of time before someone found us, should I be defeated they would be alone, stranded millions of light years away with no means to get in touch with you. That assuming that whoever defeated me left them alive. She´s safer in [Earth, if anything happens she can count on you and the other Avengers to help her.-Loki reasoned equally annoyed.

Thor´s heart hurt, he was out of ideas.-So you are just going to give up? – He asked irritated.

-No.- Loki yelled back offended –As she said I can´t let her go any more than she can, but that doesn’t help either of us. We are at an impasse.-Loki sadly admitted –And running out of time.-

-What do you mean? – Thor inquired.

Loki sighed, why he had told Thor that, probably because he wanted to tell Leah, but he wasn´t sure he could or even should. –Our baby is due in three months and a half, do you really think SHIELD isn´t going to try something when she is born? I would if I were on their place.-

Thor looked at him surprised –They wouldn´t!-

-Do you really think so? – Loki asked intrigued –They may claim to be the good guys, but they don’t always act as one. The stories I could tell you wouldn´t let you sleep at night.-

Thor´s dark expression told Loki differently – So you do have heard the stories.-he corrected himself.

-Only rumors.-Thor acknowledge

-Your friends play with their own set of rules, which isn’t bad if you are a villain, but if you are a good guy.-Loki gestured disapprovingly. –I´d love to stay and chat but I´m exhausted Thor.-Loki said in a weary voice.

-Are you all right Loki? – He knew very well he wasn´t.

-You would look this good too if you had travelled through the branches of Yggdrasil 5 days in a roll.-Loki answered with a fake smile.-Would you give her a message for me? – His smile changed to a sad one –Tell her that I´m sorry but tomorrow is going to be the last rose, I can´t keep this up any longer. I’ll write her back tomorrow too. Take care of her for me, will you Thor? – Loki pleaded.

-Always Loki.-Thor said to him as he nodded his head affirmatively.

Loki thanked Thor with a small bow as he teleported himself to his hide out.

He dropped to his bead with a heavy heart, the image of Leah soaked in sweat as she thought the pain haunted him. –Now SHIELD will have one more reason to get a hold of her.-he thought to himself, he had to come up with a plan, she was counting on him, and this time he wasn´t going to let her down.


The next day as Leah opened her eyes she drowsily look to her night table, there was a new rose button on the vase and … a letter. He had written her back, she was afraid he wouldn´t, she stared at it for the longest time her heart pounding, she was scared of opening it, what if …

-“Get a hold of yourself Leah, you won´t change what it says just by looking at it, and you won´t know what it says unless you open it”- she scolded herself mentally as she reluctantly stretched her arm to get a hold of it –“Leah, stop shaking, breathe and for the love of God open it.”- She had to command herself to open the letter after she froze holding it for a couple of minutes.

She closed her eyes as she sighed and opened the letter at last, as she read I she wasn´t surprised at all at Loki´s confession about doubting to take her letter in the first place, but she was surprised by the formal tone he used to continue –“Dammit Loki, I´m not one of your diplomatic missions.-she thought annoyed though it lasted short as she started reading Loki´s recollection of her … she didn´t even wanted to give it a name, it was still too fresh on her memory and still felt scared thinking about it.

As she kept reading her expression jumped from swooned to sad and angry depending which part she was reading. She blushed about his reference of the Princess Bride, he had seen her sleeping with Tony, it didn´t matter what he wrote, she knew he was jealous.

She growled in frustration as she clenched her fists around the letter looking at the ceiling –What was I thinking? – She motioned herself –I shouldn´t had let Tony talk me into this.- She whispered between clenched teeth, she stayed still for a couple of minutes with a frown on her face until suddenly she started giggling which grow into full laughter. When she finally finished laughing she dried the tears that had rolled from her eyes and pulled a writing pad and some blank paper sheets from a drawer in the night table.

-Nice try Loki, just enough truth to make me buy it, but you are becoming careless, why would you practically admit being jealous if you really had no hope for us.

Didn´t you thought I was paying attention to all of your stories? The art of giving everyone what they think they want, didn´t you define politics that way? Well baby, I´ve been living with 5 of the most wanted bachelors in the world, not to mention handsome, interesting, preety much capable of taking care of me and our baby, any woman´s dream … and one of them is filthy rich, better make that two, I´m quite sure Thor could pile up quite a considerable amount as an asgardian prince, are you following me? All heroes and through all these months the only man I´m interested is you.

Do you think that´s gonna change because you are asking me too? Really? We were together for how long? Half a year perhaps? Don´t you know me? Do you ever remember me changing my mind just because?

I´ll agree with you, at this moment IO don´t see a way for us to be together, but that doesn´t mean that we´ll never find one.

All I know for sure is that you can´t let me go any more than I can, if not why the roses?

If there was a moment I should´ve stop loving you it was the night you sent me back after you promised me you wouldn´t, if that didn´t made me hate you and look comfort somewhere else, what will?

So, please if you write me back, don´t ask me again to forget you, I don´t know how to do that. And more important I don´t want to.

I´m done begging, you´ll do what you want to do as always, I was a fool to think otherwise.

If you find a way to be present at your daughter´s birth you´ll be here, I want to believe that. If you can´t I´ll still believe it was because you couldn´t find a way.

I know, I spoiled your plan, and I´m not sorry at all –

She stopped for a moment uncertain there was anything else to say, why is it so cold? She was too concentrated on the letter she hadn´t noticed she was shivering, suddenly a voice made her jump, she had been too distracted to notice Bruce and Thor entering the room.

-Sorry, we didn´t meant to scare you.-Bruce apologized –You were awfully concentrated, what are you doing?-

-Nothing, just writing.-Leah said reluctant to tell them exactly what was she writing –Could you adjust the room temperature? I´m freezing.- She said mainly because she wanted to change the subject and secondly because she really was cold.

-The temperature in this rooms is fixed, you shouldn´t be cold.-Bruce tolod her worryingly as he touched her forehead with the back of his hand. –Jarvis what´s Leah body temperature?-

-38°C Dr. Banner- The A.I. informed.

-and you didn´t thought it was worth reporting because …-Bruce asked more intrigued than annoyed.

-The value for a fever assessment is set to 38.3°C Dr. Banner, according to this Mrs. Leah temperature isn´t within the right parameters to make a report.-Jarvis responded.

-Ok Jarvis, change the parameters to 37.5°C and alert me next time.- Bruce told Jarvis, there was no point arguing over it, he should´ve thought of reviewing the parameters for medical alert when Leah was interned in the medical ward.

-Thor, help me get Leah´s bed to the lab, I need to run some tests.-Bruce asked Thor

-Hey, what are you doing?-Tony entered the room followed by Steve

-Leah is 38°C, we need to get her to the lab and figure out what´s provoking it.-Bruce informed them.

Leah tried to place her writing pad and paper sheets on the night table before they moved her but she failed to do so and everything just fell to the floor.

-Tony!-She called him as she looked to the mess on the floor trying to sound less desperate than she was –My papers, could you …?-

-I´m on it.-Tony answered her realizing why she had asked him.

-I´ll pick them up.-Thor said while starting to pick up the scattered papers.

-Steve, will you give me a hand?-Bruce asked impatiently.

-Sure Doc.-Steve answered as he helped Bruce pull the hospital bed through the door.

-Oh god! Please don´t let Thor look at the letters!-Leah pleaded mentally, but this time she was out of luck as Thor recognized Loki´s handwriting in one of the paper sheets he had just picked up.

-This is Loki´s handwriting. – He sharply told Tony as he showed him the paper sheet in his hand.

-Um, well, yes.-Tony agreed, there was mo pint on denying the obvious.

-You knew about this?-Thor asked confused.

-Well, yes.-Tony nodded as he scratched his head –Kind of, I knew she wrote him a letter, I didn´t knew he had written her back.-He said as he picked a sheet with Leah´s handwriting –And by the looks of it he pissed her off.-

-I don´t see why.-Thor said skimming through Loki´s letter.

-Really? Let me take a look.-Tony exclaimed surprised.

-I don´t think we should be reading any of these.-Thor suddenly realized.

-Too late Thor, she´s already going to pissed at me for not avoiding you from finding out, I´d rather know why I´m going to be yelled at.-Tony reasoned as he kept reading Leah´s letter.

-I suppose.-Thor said doubtfully –Maybe we should read them just to make sure Loki isn´t up to something.-He added as he searched for the first part of Loki´s letter.

Both of them looked concentrated and concern as they kept reading although for a moment Tony bursted laughing –I guess she´s referring to me.-Thor looked at him puzzled –Oh, never mind, you´ll understand when you read it.-

Tony finished reading Leah´s letter first and asked Thor for the first part of Loki’s letter as he gave him Leah´s. Once they both finished reading both letters Tony exclaimed –No wonder she´s all snarky and belligerent on her letter.-

-I still don´t see why, although Loki’s doing completely out of character, he´s just trying to do the honorable thing for her.-Thor answered.

-That it is the honorable thing doesn´t make it the right thing.-Tony replied, as he looked Thor´s confused expression he added in disbelief –Really? It must be an asgardian thing. – He sighed as he proceeded to explain what he had meant.-She doesn´t wants him to do the honorable thing Thor, she wants him to act according to his feelings for her.-

-So, are you suggesting they run off together?-Thor both asked confused and irritated.

-No, that´s not what I´m saying at all Thor, let me explain this …-Tony was interrupted by Bruce´s voice.

-Tony I need you in the lab ASAP, and bring the vita radiation device with you.-Bruce´s voice sounded agitated.

-On my way!-Tony answered concerned at Bruce’s request, that only could mean a thing.-We´ll finish this later big guy! – He said to Thor as he turned to run towards his lab.

Thor ran behind him, something was wrong, Banner´s urgent tone told him so.

When Bruce and Steve got Leah into the medical lab she asked him nervously –Bruce, what’s wrong?-

-I´m not sure, fever is an indicator of something going on, mainly an infection. I need to make some tests to know for sure.-He answered as he took a blood sample.

-Ok.-Leah acknowledge, she´d have to wait until he told her something else.

Bruce placed her blood sample inside an electronic microscope and pulled a virtual screen to visualize it. –That makes no sense.-He said mainly to himself.

-What makes no sense Doc?-Steve asked intrigued

-I don´t see a virus or a bacteria that´s setting this chain reaction, it´s almost as the white blood cells are fighting amongst themselves.-He explained while examining the screen.

-Bruce … I´m not feeling so good.-Leah said to him suddenly, pain was reflected on hr face.

-Leah, what´s wrong?-Brue asked concerned as he rushed to her side.

-I … everything hurts … it started mild but now it´s growing.-Leah told him scared.

-Dammit! Leah, does it feels like hundreds of small needles pinching you?-Steve asked agitated.

-Yes, but how you know?- Leah answered intrigued.

-There´s no time to explain! Doc, can you safely sedate her … and the baby?-Steve asked in a hurry

-Mm, yes, but why?-Bruce asked as he prepared the sedative

There´s no time to explain, just do it! Trust me. –Steve answered, he started to sound really alarmed.

-Ow!-Leah complained, the pain was growing, when Bruce approached her with the sedative she pleaded –No, wait! Explain to me what´s happening!- without any warning Bruce stuck the needle into her arm, the sedative made effect almost instantly as she faded away Leah asked in half voice –Why Steve looks so scared?-

-Now. Will you explain to me why I just did that?-Bruce asked Steve

-You read my file, what does it says about the actual transformation.- Steve asked in return

-That it was painful …-Bruce suddenly realized what had just happened.

-Try excruciating painful.- Steve confessed –I still don´t understand why it took her so long to react to the serum in my blood.-

-Probably because she wasn´t healthy when we administer it to her.-Bruce started piecing everything together in his mind.-The cells needed to be repaired first, once they got healthy enough the transformation triggered, but you really think the sedation was necessary?-

-I really think so, in my case everything was done in a matter of minutes, for what we´ve seen I highly doubt that´s her case.-Steve answered preoccupied.

-Jarvis, do you have a register about when Leah´s temperature started to raise?-Bruce pondered as he asked.

-Around yesterday at 22:49.-Jarvis replied.

-It seems you could be right, it might take her hours or even days to complete the transformation, and she would be in pain through it all, am I right?-Bruce asked

-If it´s anything like mine, yes, she will.-Steve agreed.

Suddenly an alarm went off.-Dr. Banner your patient is having a convulsion.-Jarvis informed

As they ran to her bed Bruce called for Tony in the comlink.

-What´s going on? – asked alarmed at the scene unfolding, both Bruce and Steve were holding Leah as she convulse trying to stop her from being hurt.

-The serum has finally activated a transformation.-Bruce answered him –she´s having a convulsive seizure.-

-I can see that.-Tony exclaimed –What do you want me to do?-

-It´s not stopping, you need to give her a carbamazepine shot.-Bruce informed him.

Tony quickly located the medicine Bruce asked for and gave her a shot. The convulsion stopped for everyone´s relief.

-What caused the seizure?-Tony asked concerned

-I´m not sure, Jarvis pull up a scan of Leah´s brain activity and show it in the screen along with her blood sample.-Bruce ordered

-Right away Doctor.-The A.I. replied and soon both images appeared on screen.

-Shit!-Bruce exclaimed – It looks like a fucking Christmas tree, everything is lighting on, everything is being re-written.-then he turned as he told Steve –That explains the needles sensation you remember.

-What of her baby?-Steve asked worryingly, he couldn´t help to feel guilty.

-Pull up a scan of the baby´s vitals, brain activity, blood flow and temperature Jarvis.-Bruce ordered, as he analyzed them he sighed with relief.-She´s experiencing a transformation too, I don´t know if because she´s too young and still developing or if it is because her father isn´t human but something is protecting her from the side effects Leah is experiencing. For her it seems it´s only making small adjustments in her DNA strands. Unfortunately Leah isn´t that lucky, we´ll have to monitor her vitals closely. I´m worried about her temperature, if it raises another degree will have to find a way to cool her down. For now we need to stabilize her transformation, we have to irradiate her with the vita radiation now.-He ended looking at Tony.

-All right, are you sure the radiation is harmless to the rest of us?.-Tony asked worried.

-Yes, I´m sure.-Bruce informed him.

Suddenly a bright light flooded the room.

-I said I was sure, but either way you should´ve warned you were going to do that.-Bruce scolded him.

-You said now.-Tony replied shrugging his shoulders.

-Never mind.-Bruce sighed annoyed.

-Now that that is settled, I´m guessing you´re taking the first watch Bruce? – Tony asked him.

-Yes I am, I want to gather more information, I´ll run a few more tests and then we can get her back to her room, she´ll be more comfortable there.-

-I´ll stay with you if you don´t mind Doc.-Steve volunteered.

-It´s fine by me Steve, I also want to run some tests on you, I want to see if I can find a comparison point between the both of you.-Bruce answered.

-I´ll relieve you in 3 hours then?-Tony asked in earnest

-Make it 4.-Bruce answered back.

-If you insist.-Tony replied. – See you in 4 then.- as he ended he motioned Thor who has stayed still and quiet through all the commotion-Come with me Thor, we have an unfinished business.-

As Thor didn´t move Tony came back for him. –They´ll take care of her, you can be with me in the next watch if you want. For now we have to leave them work.- Tony insisted.

All right.-Thor agreed reluctantly.

-Now where were we?-Tony suddenly told him while they were walking down the corridor.-Oh yes! I´m not saying they should run away together. – He hated leaving a conversation unfinished and there was nothing else they could do but wait. –She just wants to know if he´s going to keep trying to find a way, she´s willing to wait for him, but she needs to know if he´ll do the same. What I´m trying to say is that she doesn´t want him to do the honorable thing by giving her up, she wants him to do the right thing, to fight to keep her. She´s really not giving up, she want to know if Loki will do the same.-

-That´s … very profound. – Thor answered surprised.

-I can be profound if I want to, don´t be so surprised.-Tony answered offended.-It´s all in her letter, you just have to read between the lines.-Then he added with a smirk –The advantages of being a playboy is that you meet so many women you end up understanding them better than most.-

To Leah

When Loki went to Leah´s room that night to leave her another rose he found the letter she had written for him, he was surprised and doubted if he should take it, what could it say that they hadn´t said before, why prolonged their pain? But wasn´t that what he was doing? He resisted leaving her, he was so consumed with guilt he felt compelled to make it up to her somehow, even if that only meant leaving a rose for her every night. Whatever she had to say to him he wanted to know, even if it only meant more pain, he had to know.

Once back at his hideout Loki sat in an armchair holding the letter in his hands, he was still debating with himself about reading it or not, suddenly he toss it over the coffee table in front of him, got up and left to his room. A couple of minutes afterwards he returned for it, he growl in frustration as he picked it up and walk back to his bedroom.

-This is a bad idea. – He told himself as he unfolded the letter sitting down in his bed.

-“Loki, my love … really Leah?! –He raised his eyebrows amused, she´d never used that kind of pet name ever before. As he kept reading a wide range of emotions ran through his face, surprise, disbelief, guilt and suddenly joy, he stop reading for a moment as he let the idea sank in –“A daughter!”-, he got back to the letter; the emotions on his face kept changing anger, sadness and even glee at her final note. But over all of them reigned yearning, the kind of yearning that makes your heart ache and keeps it beating at the same time, the one you will only recognize if you ever loved in excess.

As he finished reading it he lay back on his bed thinking deeply as he stared at the ceiling, why did he still resisted the urge to go meet her, was there really no hope for them? She had practically begged him to be at her side when their daughter were to be born, and nothing would make him happier than grating her such request, then why didn´t he?

-“I don´t deserve her”- he thought as he closed his eyes –“I know she loves me, but why is beyond my comprehension, it would be on her best interest to forget me, even if by doing that she´d break my heart, I would deserve it. The weight of my sins have finally caught up with me, why can´t I make her understand that there is no happy ending with me.”

Then it hit him. –“I got to make her understand, and she just gave me a way. I got to write her back, but not tonight I´m too tired and I need to think, I don´t want to hurt her, I just want to … -he yawned, he was indeed exhausted”- to change her mind, to stop wishing what´ll never happen.”-

It was midday when he finally woke up, he´d slept with his clothes on, he drowsily walked to the bathroom to empty his bladder, as he washed his hands he took a look at himself in the mirror, at times like these he thought that the fact that he couldn´t grew a bear as a blessing, it would only add to his already shabby looking condition. –“I need to take a bath.”- He mentally told himself while he undressed.

As the warm water hit him he relished in it, the sound of the water drops was comforting somehow; for a peaceful moment he forgot everything and just concentrated on the calming sound as he bathed until his heart betrayed him reminding him of Leah, all through the months they’ve been apart his longing for her played tricks on his mind making him imagine her everywhere, right now he was absorbed picturing her bathing with him. Water running through her hair soaking it, her exposed neck as she leaned her head back as she washed her hair, water drops running through her chest travelling down her breasts and further down to …

-Stop it! – He shouted at himself irritated –How am I supposed to convince her …that I can´t be with her, when I can´t even convince myself? – He punched the bathroom wall in both anger and despair as tears rolled down his cheeks while he leaned into the wall he whispered –I just can´t stop loving her … I just can´t…-

He stayed there for the longest time leaving his tears getting washed by the water drops until he got his resolve back. –Enough of this! – He admonished himself –I´ve been too selfish, even if it means tearing my heart apart, I have to do what´s best for her, no matter what we both feel.-

Once he got dressed and had something to eat he sat at his desk decided to write Leah back, after an hour or so tenths of cramped paper balls surrounded the desk.

-Come on! I used to be good at this! Writing letters, politics, solving matters … come on Loki concentrate! – He sighed as he started writing once more.

-Dear Leah,

At first I couldn’t decide if I should take your letter though I´m glad I did, there are too much matters that have gone unsaid between us that I think we should discuss.

I´ve been filled with guilt from the first instant I scry for you and found you on the operating table as your friends fought for your life; I had a bad feeling all morning that day but I kept pushing it back as my imagination. As I watched the only thing that was on my mind was being at your side, but I understood I couldn´t. My arrival would only had distracted them from their efforts to save you and our child, so I stayed watching, unable to do anything. I can´t help to imagine what could´ve happen if instead of being in the Avenger´s Tower you had been with me, you might not have survived it … and that thought alone terrifies me.

I won´t lie to you, I do love you and I do wish there was a way I could be at your side, though all my past misdeeds have made it impossible. I´m so sorry, but all of my past decisions are the ones tearing us apart. I can´t change who I am any more than I can change what I have done, even if I wanted to change I would never be able to undo all my wrongs. This is a burden I alone must carry, my only wish is to spare you and our baby girl from ever having to carry this weight.

You see? I want the same thing that you do, to give her a clean start, you are right she won´t have one neither in Asgard nor under the Avenger´s watch, and the only way I can help you making it happen is staying away. I won’t forget my promise of taking care of you both, if you ever are in danger I´ll come to your aid. It has become a bad habit you know, recuing my damsel in distress, mother would be proud though, she would indeed, I´ll be finally acting as a prince, and it is your fault, who would´ve thought that one good deed would set all of this in motion? I as you wouldn´t change what has happened, I wouldn´t trade one second with you for al the gold in the world, but even so, regardless my love for you I must let you go, villains don´t have happy endings my love, and I as you are no hero. I´m just a fool who thought power would bring me happiness, I too wish we had meet before on a different life, but that´s impossible and we both need to accept it.

Whenever I see you I see something precious, I´ve always had ever since the first instant our eyes meet, don´t sell yourself short baby, you are stronger than you know and smarter too, do you think I would fancy a weak dull woman? Of course not, I have high standards and you meet them all. You think I saved you, well I think the same thing about you; you resurrected my heart, I´d forgotten long ago how to use it, it was frozen and you defrost it.

I´m so glad to hear you loved the roses, but that’s all I can offer to you my love, along with my heartfelt apology, I´m so sorry I´ve failed you, I couldn´t keep you safe, it´s comforting to know you have such good friends who have your back, if you ever feel anything for any of them that goes beyond friendship please forget about me, you deserve happiness and regretfully I know it can’t be at my side.

I don´t know when we will meet again, but I promise if you still wish to that we haven´t seen each other for the last time, although I have to admit the last I saw of you was an exquisite sight, yes I´m incorrigible, and no, making clothes magically appearing on you never crossed my mind, it just didn´t so you can stay angry if you want I´m not apologizing for that.

About … what you asked of me, I do want to, but I don´t know how could I make it happen without putting you at risk. I won´t make you any promises, I don’t want to disappoint you, right now I don´t see how to make it possible but if I find a way I´ll be there with you holding your hand.

PS: I didn´t knew you liked the Princess Bride, and no, I´m not jealous. Just a little concern, of all of them he wouldn´t be my first choice, though I´ll admit he is quite a character.

-Why on earth I wrote that? It does sound like I´m jealous.- He stared at the letter for a moment twitching his lips –Well, maybe I am. Whatever, I´m not writing this again.- He placed his quill on his desk as he powder the letter dry and blew the excess dust before folding it and stuffing the envelope with it.

“To Leah” could be read over it in beautiful hand writing, when it was closed he pondered –“Should I´ve told her I can´t keep delivering her roses much longer? It´s draining too much of my energy, I might be able to go two more times at the most and then I´ll need to stop for a good while.- He sighed. –I´ll will tell her next time… I just hope there is a next time. Will she answer me back? Will she understand? Will she forgive me? Can I ever forgive myself?”-

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