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Month: May 2015

That´s what it takes

Another week had gone by, all of the Avengers were now talking to Leah again except for Thor. Leah just sighed in frustration every time he took off whenever they crossed paths.

-Keeping tabs with a flying god while pregnant it´s just impossible-she had complained to Tony at some point.

Then one morning Leah woke up feeling a dampness in her sheets, as she drowsily uncovered herself to find the source of the humidity she was horrified to discover there was blood on her clothes and bedsheets.

-No! – She whispered trembling, it took her a great effort to find her voice and desperately called for Jarvis –Jarvis …. I … I need help.-

The A.I. read her vitals and gave the alarm to all the inhabitants of the tower, Steve was already up training and therefore he was the first to arrive at Leah´s room. She was in shock, trembling visibly as tears ran though her cheeks, rocking herself as she mumbled –Not again, not again.-

Steve gasped as he saw the blood covering her and swiftly picked her up and ran to the medical ward carrying Leah in his arms as he called for Banner and Tony to meet him there.

Natasha and Clint arrived almost at the same time at Leah´s empty room only a couple minutes afterwards and also gasped in horror as they saw the bloody bed realizing what just happened.

-Bruce, are you with her, is she ok?-Natasha asked in the comlink as both her and Clint rushed to the medical ward.

-Yes, I don´t know Natasha, I´m busy right now.-Bruce cut her off sharply.

-Clint, if she loses this baby … -Natasha nervously stated as she stopped walking.

-We don´t know if she has. – Clint stopped and hold her – We need to have faith, Bruce and Tony are with her now, if someone can save her baby is them.-

-But if she does …-Natasha insisted – I don´t think she´ll be able to pull through this time.-

Suddenly another figure caught up with them, it was Thor; it had taken him a while to woke up, when he finally did and asked Jarvis for the source of the commotion he had been distraught to hear about Leah´s condition.

-Is she all right?- he asked as he meet them, their worried looks made him fear for the worst

-We don´t know Thor.- Clint answered –Bruce and Tony are with her right now, we´ll have to wait until they tell us something.-

-I´ve been so angry at her …. if something happens to her …I don´t know what I´ll do.-He told them in anguish

-You should´ve though of that sooner Thor!- Natasha yelled at him furious

-Come on guys! This is not the time to start a fight – Clint said as he stepped between them. – Nothing has happened yet, why don´t we all go to the medical ward and wait there for news.-

-All right.-Natasha growled through clenched teeth

Thor just nodded his head and followed them.

When they arrived there was no one in the waiting room.

-We´d better stay here until someone comes out –Clint suggested – They don´t need us distracting them right now.-

After a good fifteen minutes Steve walked out with his right arm bended upwards, blood stains over his clothes and arms, a very concern look on his face.

-How is she?- Natasha asked worryingly

-We just gave her a blood transfusion –Steve answered in a stern tone

-Are you seriously telling us you gave her your blood? –Clint asked as he nervously brought his hand through his hair. –You don´t know what it could do to her, to them.-

-I know. – Steve answered with a displeased sight.-We ran out of options, Leah has a rare blood type, I´m universal, she was going into shock, we didn’t had time to do anything else.-

-Did it worked? – Thor asked him in earnest.

-I think so, Bruce and Tony are with her right now, they managed to stop the bleeding, all we can do now is wait.-Steve told them – And pray there are no side effects.-

-What do you mean by side effects? – Thor asked worryingly.

-Hydra made lots of experiments with the super soldier serum, most of them unsuccessful and with awful side effects – Natasha informed them. – But they were working with their own version of the formula, nothing like this has ever been done before, especially with a pregnant woman.-

Clint placed his hand on Steve´s shoulder as he said –You did what you though was the best for her Steve, I´m sure Bruce and Tony wouldn´t even considered it if they had an alternative.-

-Why don´t you go change? – Natasha suggested looking at Steve´s bloody clothes –If anything happens we´ll call you.-

Steve took a look at his clothes and agreed –Thank you, I´ll be right back.- as he stepped out in a hurry.

Steve had already returned by the time Tony finally walked into the waiting room.

-They are out of danger for now.-he told them before anyone could asking anything

-What do you mean with for now? – Natasha asked him concerned

-The next hours are critical – he answered in a serious tone – We programmed the nanobots to repair the damage both to the placenta and her uterus, but they were never programmed for this sort of procedure and her bay is only 22 weeks old, she´s too young to be born.-

-She? – They all asked at unison.

-Oh yes- Tony smiled as he realized what he had just said – Leah is expecting a baby girl.-

-Can we see her? – Thor asked anxiously.

-She´s sedated right now, and we think it is better for them to keep her that way until the danger has passed. You´ll be able to talk to her tomorrow.- Tony answered, as he noticed Thor anguished look he added –But you can see her if you want.-

-I … thank you. – Thor said as he nodded in agreement.

-You can all come –Tony said looking back at everyone –But you´ll have to stay outside the operating room.-

-All right. – Steve answered for all of them –Lead the way Tony.-

Bruce was still inside the operating room monitoring the nanobots progress and adjusting their program as needed, Leah was lying in the operating table unconscious, she still had her bloody nightgown on.

-She looks so pale. – Natasha was the first to speak after a long silence.

-Well, she lost a lot of blood –Tony informed them.-I imagine Steve has already told you we gave her a transfusion.-

-Yes, he did.- Clint answered him –Did you considered the possible side effects? –

-Of course we did. Right now we were hoping for an accelerated healing factor –Tony confessed.

-And? – Natasha asked curiously

Tony sighed –Nothing yet, but maybe it´s too early to tell. For the moment the transfusion kept her alive and the nanobots are healing the damage. Both her and her baby are stable – then he suddenly turned to Thor as he said –I´m surprised to see tou here Point Break, I though you weren´t taking to her.-

-Tony!- Both Natasha and Steve scolded him.

-What?-Tony complained – I´m just addressing the huge elephant in the room, now we can talk about it and move on.-

-Tony, that´s …- Steve started to say when Thor interrupted him.

-No, he is right. I allowed my anger to get the best of me, it shouldn’t had come to this to make me realize I was wrong –Thor confessed while looking still at Leah – I just hope I can apologize to her.-

-You will big guy.-Tony reassured him patting his back.

-Is there anything we can do? – Clint asked changing the subject.

-Not for now, but we can always take turns watching her one she´s in the recuperation room. – Tony offered.

-That won´t be necessary –Thor said to them. – I´ll stay with her until she´s awake.-

-I had a feeling you were going to say that.-Tony told him.

About an hour later Leah was moved to a recuperation room in a clean hospital gown, al the blood that covered had been washed, she looked peaceful.

As he had promised Thor was by her side the moment they brought her in, the rest of the day went uneventful, from time to time someone would walk in and spent some minutes with Thor. Steve offered to relieve him at some point during the night but Thor wouldn´t hear of it.

When the new day break dawn, the first sun rays snapped Thor out of his thoughts, as he raised from his chair he walked over to Leah.

-I am so sorry – he whispered – I should not have been so hard on you, I should have been the first to forgive you, not the last. I was not only angry at you for deceiving us and escaping, I am ashamed to say I was jelous … jelous of you and Loki, of the fact that you would go anywhere with him if he asked you. I realise now it was wrong of me, you have never lied to me about your feelings, and I should have already learned to be your friend. If you still have me I want to be your friend and help you protect your baby in the manner you best think fit.-

-So that´s what it takes to make you talk to me again.-Leah´s voice sounded fatigue.

-You are awake!-Thor raised his gaze and was meet by Leah looking back at him.

-Yes, you talk too loud. – Leah joked as she tried to move.

-No, Leah, stay still. Banner told me that you should stay in bed for a week at least.-Thor told her as he placed his hand on her shoulder preventing her of getting up.

-And you really should follow doctor´s orders after all the hard work we went through to make sure you were all right.-Tony motioned her as he walked in –How are you feeling?-

-Like a train hit me.-Leah complained –Are we really ok? – She asked as her eyes pleaded for good news.

-Yes, both of you girls seem to be out of danger, we just want to make sure you stay that way.-Tony explained.

-Girls? – Leah asked raising her eyebrows as she smiled.

-Am I terrible at keeping secrets? – He smirked –Congratulations, it´ a baby girl!-

-A girl! – Leah repeated delighted with the news.

-Can we come in, or it´s a private party?-Clint said as the rest of the team arrived, they had resigned to sleep, they were too worried and had been with Bruce in the kitchen when Jarvis reported to him that Leah had woken up.

-Hi! – Leah greeted them smiling.

After all the hugs, questions and congratulations Leah noticed a closed red rose button in a vase in the night stand next to her bed.

-You really didn´t needed to bring me flowers Thor –She said certain he had been the one who had placed it there.

-Flowers? – Thor asked in return as he turned to look in the same direction Leah was looking –I didn´t bring you that rose Leah.-

Leah looked confused the asked – Tony?-

-Baby, if I´d brought you flowers you would have hundreds of them, not just one.-he jokingly answered.

-It wasn’t me –Bruce answered Leah´s questioning look.

-I´m not a flower kind of guy. – Clint said before Leah turned her gaze to him.

-I didn´t brought it neither.-Natasha said looking worryingly at the rose.

-Then who?-Tony asked, a concern look on his face.

Leah was afraid to even suggest what her heart was telling her.

-Thor, can I see the rose please? – Leah asked as she raised her trembling hand.

-Um, yes, of course.-Thor said as he took the flower off the vase and offered it to Leah.

As soon as the rose touched her skin it emitted a faint glow as it bloomed completely and flooded the room with its delicate fragrance.

Leah gasped in surprise as the rose bloomed in her hand, she could hear her heart beating in her ears like a drum, there was only one person who could´ve sent her that rose, Loki.


It was around noon when Leah finally decided to walk into the kitchen, she wasn´t expecting a warm welcome but she wasn´t prepared for the ice-cold reception the guys gave her, Thor and Bruce practically bolted out of the room without even acknowledging her presence. Tony gave a hurried excuse about having to check some lab results and Clint said he needed to train. The only one who didn´t left was Steve who remained sitting at a stool at the kitchen bar.

As Leah sat next to him she said –They hate me!- with that she sank her head between her arms all the way down the table.

Steve smiled sympathetically –No, they don´t. Just give them some time-

-No Steve, they really do hate me – Leah answered looking back at him.

Steve sighed –No, they are just angry. They care about you, that’s why they are so angry at you.-

-Why aren´t you? – Leah asked intrigued

-I´m angry, but not at you. We tried to keep you safe but we failed to give you what you needed the most, hope.-

-So, you understand- Leah asked hopefully

-Steve laid his hand on her shoulder as he smiles –I do, and they will too eventually, you just have to be patient.-

-It doesn´t seem I can do anything else –Leah confessed- Um, Steve?-

-Yes?- Steve asked raising his eyebrows

-I´m sorry, you got to believe me, I never wanted to hurt any of you-Leah´s eyes glistered with unshed tears she was trying really hard not to shed.

-I forgive you, we all do foolish things when it comes to our loved ones.- Steve reassured her then changed the subject –Have you thought any names for your baby ?-

Leah was surprised by his question –No, I really hadn´t thought about it. Any suggestions?-

-Not really, but I can help you come up with some ideas.-he volunteered

-I would really love that Steve, since you and Natasha seem to be the only one´s talking to me I´m afraid you are stuck with me for a while.-

Steve laughed –I can think of worst things that being stuck with you- then added –Don´t be so hard on yourself, you did what you thought was the best for your child. Although it wasn´t a very good plan.-

-Tell me about it.-Leah answered with a sigh.

The rest of the week went on practically on the same fashion, Leah tried to keep herself occupied with Natasha and Steve who had joined in her training, he wanted to make sure she wouldn´t overdo it.

-It´s not a good idea for you to get hurt, especially when our Doctor refuses to speak to you.- he plainly told her one day.

Clint joined in her training the following week, Natasha had finally convinced him to give Leah another chance.

He acted as if nothing had happened which made Leah feel nervous, so she seized the first opportunity she got to speak to him alone.

-Clint? I … – she started saying

-Don´t- Clint interrupted her

-But … – Leah tried to interrupt him

-It’s not necessary.-He added

-But I think it is. And it will make me feel better – she pleaded

Clint sighed –All right. Go on.-

-I´m sorry I lied to all of you, I´m sorry I escaped and made everyone worry, but most of all I´m sorry I hurt our friendship. I just hope you can forgive me someday.-She told him apologetically as she nervously fidgeted with her fingers.

Clint looked at her sympathetically, she looked as contrite as a scholar who has been caught red handed, he placed a hand on her shoulder as he lean to look into her eyes –I won´t lie to you, I´m still angry. And I might be angry at you for a while, but I do forgive you.-

-Really? – Leah asked in hope.

-Really – Clint answered her –But I´m upholding you to the promise you made Natasha-

-About not escaping again? – Leah inquired

-Yes. – He answered

-Don´t worry, I´ve learned my lesson. I won´t do it again, I promise. – Leah assured him

-We´ll see about that. Now how about you show me what you can do with a bow?- Clint said as he handed her his bow.

Another week went by with no change about the behavior of the rest of the team. Leah´s training had moved on from self-defense to target practice.

-As your pregnancy advances, we´ll have to stick to more theoretical training.-Natasha had told her.

Trying to keep herself occupied wasn´t helping her anymore, so one day she just decided to show up at Tony´s lab, if he wanted to yell at her at least it would be an improvement.

Both Tony and Bruce were at the lab working when she got there, as usually Bruce bolted out of there when he noticed her.

-You just scared out my assistant.-Tony complained still working in some sort of mechanism.

-I didn’t meant to. I just wanted to talk.- Leah apologized

-We don’t have anything to talk about. – Tony icily told her

-Come on Tony, you haven´t talked to me for two weeks now, at least hear me out.-Leah pleaded.

-Why?-Tony buffed –How can I know you´re not lying to me again? You could even by under Loki´s mind control.-

-Then test me.-Leah volunteered – I´m sure you already invented something you can use to tell if I’m saying the truth.-

Tony raised his eyebrows as he kept pensive –As a matter of fact I did.-

Leah sighed relieved, at least he was talking to her, then he directed her to a strange looking examining table.

-This will tell me if you´re under anyone´s influence, hop in.-

Leah looked at him worryingly, then back at the table.

-I assure you it´s quite safe –Tony told her noticing her reticence to get up.

-The things you make me do- Leah sighed as she got up.

Tony activated the device that made a scan of Leah, as it finished he told her –All right, congratulations you are brain wash free!-

-Told you – Leah said with a smile.

-But that doesn´t clear you from willingly working with someone, but this will.-Without any warning Tony punctured her neck with a needle.

-Hey! – Leah protested as she protectively rubbed the spot where the needle had entered.

-Now al we need is to plug you to the polygraph and make some base questions-Tony said without minding Leah´s surprised and annoyed look.

-“Calm down Leah! You are here to make amends, not to start another fight.-“ She reminded herself mentally.

-All set, let´s get started!- Tony said in an almost happy tone.- Yes and no answers please. Your name is Leah?-

-Yes. – Leah answered annoyed

-No attitude – Tony scolded her –Again, your name is Leah?-

-Yes.-Leah said trying to sound normal

-Are you pregnant? – Tony asked her

-Yes – she answered.

-All right, now lie to me. Are your eyes green?-

Yes.- Leah lied

-Do you find me attractive? – Tony smirked as he asked her

-No – Leah answered with a scowl

-Lier- Tony told her smiling –Now, do you have a hidden agenda? – He said in a more serious tone.

-I don´t even know what that means – Leah complained.

-All right, are you working with a supervillain? – Tony rephrased

-No, Leah said seriously

-Have you ever worked with a supervillain?-

No- she answered

-Are you working with an evil organization? – Tony asked again

-No- she answered pouting

-Did you planned your escape alone? – Tony asked looking at her sternly

-Yes. – Leah answered

-Did you knew Loki was following you that day?- Tony asked

-No. – Leah answered annoyed

-Did you had sex with Loki? – Tony asked bluntly

-Are you serious? – Leah asked surprised by the question then pointed to her belly –What do you think? –

-Point taken, ok, did you had sex with Loki the day you ran away?-

Leah looked at him incredulous

-Answer the question please –Tony dryly told her

-Yes – Leah answered clenching her jaw

-Did you enjoyed it? – Tony asked without any second thoughts

-I don’t see how that´s of your concern –Leah answered irritated.

-I´m just trying to figure out if you would sold your friends for a good shag-Tony angrily answered back.

Leah´s face grew red with anger and embarrassment, suddenly she yanked the devices Tony had attached to her and got off the examination table as she shouted at Tony –I had it with you and your games! If you don’t want to believe me, then don´t- then she stormed out of the lab.

She was so angry she didn´t even noticed Bruce on the hallway.

As he walked in the lab he asked Tony- What just happened? I´ve never seen Leah so angry before, she didn´t even noticed me on the hall.-

-I might have insulted her – Tony said scratching his head

-Well, I´m pretty sure you did! – Bruce informed him

-Damn! – Tony exclaimed –That´s why I didn´t wanted to talk to her, I´m not good at this sort of thing.-

-You mean personal relations?-Bruce asked

-Whatever you want to call them –Tony answered –I screwed up.-

-That´s an understatement- Bruce told him

-Hey! You are not doing it any better Mr. I disappear if she walks in. – Tony buffed

-I… have anger management issues.-Bruce said twitching his lips.

-Seriously? You would go Hulk on her?-Tony asked in disbelief

-I don´t know, but I didn´t wanted to risk it. – Bruce confessed.

-Maybe we should give her a break –Tony said looking Bruce in the eye- We both know we can´t keep ignoring her forever, especially now.-

-I know – Bruce acknowledged –We should really be monitoring her pregnancy closely. We have no idea if there could be complications.-

-So, should we give her the good news?-Tony smirked

-Maybe tomorrow. – Bruce answered doubtful

-All right, suit yourself! –Tony told him walking away.

-Where are you going?-Bruce asked

-I owe a lady an apology – Tony explained –And I don´t like to owe anyone anything.-

It was late in the evening when someone knocked on Leah´s doo.

“-Who can be at this hour?-“ Leah asked herself as she went to the door.

-Hi!- Tony greeted her as he stopped with his foot the door Leah tried to slam on him.

-What do you want?- She angrily asked him

-To talk, apologize. – He answered smiling – I bring peace offerings – He lifted a beer bottle and a pizza box

-You know I can´t drink that.- Leah answered with a frown

-That´s why I brought you this one, alcohol free.- He showed her another bottle.

-All right – Leah answered letting him through – But I´m afraid you didn´t added a table to these rooms.-

-No problem. We can have a picnic in your bed.- Tony smirked

Leah was near laughter, so she bit her lower lip trying to stop herself from smiling as she answered –Only if you promise to behave.-

-I promise I will be a perfect gentleman.- Tony answered

She had missed talking to him, after all the rest of the team had more serious personalities.

-Sop what you been up to?- Tony asked taking his first bite

-Training mostly.- Leah answered –I´m not overly popular at the moment you know.-

-I think we can change that- Tony answered her

-I would like that –Leah said smiling

-And how´s training coming along?- Tony asked

-Clint says I´m improving, though I think I´m better with a handgun than a bow.- Leah answered him as she took another bite of pizza.

-I´ll take that in consideration the next time I piss you off- Tony joked

-You know I wouldn´t hurt you, at least not on purpose.-Leah answered offended

-I know – Tony apologized –An I´m sorry I was so mean to you earlier.-

-It´s all right – Leah sighed as she shrugged her shoulders –You were angry at me and with just reason.-

-No, it’s not all right- Tony told her –And I´m not angry at you anymore. I forgive you.-

-Really? – Leah asked with a smile

-Yes, I´m magnanimous that way.-Tony said taking a sip of his beer.-Now that we are picking up where we were, what´s keeping you awake at nights?- he asked in a serious tone.

Leah blushed –Is that obvious? – She asked.

-Yeaph! You can blame it on the dark patches around your eyes, they gave you away.- Tony answered looking at her.

-You´ll think is silly –Leah told him

-If it’s keeping you awake I don´t think it´s silly.- Tony reasoned

-I … I´ve been having nightmares –Leah confessed ashamed

-Really? – Tony asked intrigued –What off?-

-Waking up in strange places, Asgard, SHIELD, prison.- Leah answered a bit distraught.

-Man! He really messed with your head.- Tony exclaimed

-I know – Leah sighed –Asgardian and earth men are alike, they can be real dicks when they want to.-

-Hey! I thought we were cool! –Tony protested

-You practically called me a slut. Now we are even.- Leah smiled at him.

-All right. Point taken –Tony smiled her back –Do you want to watch a movie?-

-But you didn´t installed a TV in here –Leah told him unwilling to take the party elsewhere.

-Who need a tV? –Tony asked –Jarvis, pull through an image of … what do you want to see?- he asked Leah

-Umm, the Princess Bride?-Leah asked taken by surprise

-No, we are not watching a girl’s movie- Tony pouted.

-It´s not a girl´s movie –Leah protested –It has fighting in ti too.-

-Yeah, yeah, no. Jarvis put Artificial Intelligence- Tony told the A.I.

-And that´s not a girl´s movie?- Leah asked laughing

-It´s not, it has science on it. Besides Jarvis likes it, isn´t it right? – Tony asked the A.I.

-Of course Sir.- Jarvis answered.

-You see? Two against one, we win.- Tony smirked

-All right, suit yourself –Leah agreed.

-Come here girl, you look like you need a hug –Tony offered Leah who gladly agreed and got cozy next to him as the movie started.

About a half an hour later Tony turned as he said to Leah –You see, that´s 100% science… -Only then he noticed she had fallen asleep a long time ago.

-Sleep tight kiddo.- He said with a smile as he kissed her head- Jarvis?-

-Yes, sir?-the A.I. answered

-Put up the Princess Bride –Tony told him

-Certainly Sir.-

It as late in the morning when Leah awoke, surprised to find Tony asleep by her side, then she noticed she has slept all through the night without any nightmares, she smiled to herself as she kissed Tony´s cheek and whispered –Thank you.-

-You are welcome – Tony answered as he opened his eyes.

-I thought you were asleep.-Leah said blushing

-No, I just didn´t wanted to wake you up. You seemed so peaceful.-Tony answered as he stretched –I think I´m going to have to but you a life size teddy bear?-

Leah raised her eyebrows as she asked –Why?-

-As pleasant as this was, I have no intention of pissing of any Norse gods- He jokingly answered

Leah blushed bright red as she tried to think an answer.

-I´m just messing with you –Tony said as he winked an eye at her –I know you are taken.-

-Then I´ll accept the teddy bear –Leah answered still flustered

-How about breakfast? I´m famished!- Tony asked her

-Breakfast sounds great. Just let me take a shower and I´ll meet you in tyeh kitchen –Leah answered as she started to get up.

-Do you need any help?-Tony asked while looking at her, her movements were becoming slow due to her growing belly.

-Not yet, ask me again a month.-Leah jokingly told him aware of his concern look.

-All right. I might take a shower myself. I don´t think we need anyone asking why I´m wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday- Tony joked back.

-No, we certainly don´t. – Leah giggled as she walked into the bathroom.

Tony grabbed the empty bottles and pizza box and walked out of her room just as Thor walked by.

“-Fuck!-“ Tony cursed mentally when he looked at Thor´s confused glare –We were just patching up-Tony quickly told Thor.

-It´s not of my business. – Thor angrily replied as he walked away.

“-At least I didn´t got squashed.-“ Tony told himself as he walked to his room.

About an hour later Tony and Leah were at the kitchen talking animatedly.

-So, you are finally talking? – Natasha said as she walked in.

-Yes, we are.-Tony answered –I couldn´t keep being angry at her when she´s the only fun person to talk to.-

Leah blushed as she scolded Tony –That’s so mean!”-

-Don´t worry, I´m used to his sour sense of humor.-Natasha told her smirking –You look rested!-

-I slept better –Leah shyly answered which caused Tony to smile as he plucked a huge teddy bear from behind a counter.

-Oh god! You didn´t- Leah said laughing

-Yes, I did. Here, I present to you your new bed partner …Teddy.- with that he handed the bear to Leah who hugged it happily.

Natasha looked at the scene intrigues –Why do I have the feeling I´m missing something?-

-Nothing important, I assure you.-Tony told her with a smile.

Later in the afternoon Leah was on the library studying a book Natasha had given her when Bruce walked in, Leah was too surprised to move when he just went directly to her and gave her a strong hug.

-Don´t ever do something like that again.-Bruce said to her

-I won´t – Leah answered near tears –I promise, I´m sorry.-

-Shh, I know. I forgive you.-Bruce comforted her.

-Thank you –Leah said holding him tight.

A Rude Awakening

The first thing that told Leah something was wrong as a sudden change in the room temperature, still drowsy she looked for Loki when all she could find was an empty bed all her senses became alarmed as she recognized her own bedroom in the Avenger´s Tower. Loki had sent her back, no matter how much he had promised her he wouldn’t do it, he had sent her back. For a moment Leah just sat there wrapped in the sheet that covered her naked body staring in disbelief at the window, everything was silence except for the beating of her own heart that drummed in her ears.

She couldn´t believe he had done it again, too much emotions ranted on her head until rage beat fear, sorrow and everything else. Furiously she grabbed the lamp that rested on her night table and yanking it from its plug she threw it against her nightstand mirror shattering into pieces, then she stood up and trashed everything she could get her hands into, as she forcefully threw a chair against the window she watched as the chair broke leaving the glass undamaged, it was useless, she was trapped again, as the truth of her situation caught up with her Leah dropped to her knees trembling still in anger as she shouted to the sky.

-You promised! You promised you wouldn´t sent me back! You … -she couldn´t finish her sentence she was crying too hard to be able too.

Just as Loki had sent her back Jarvis had given Tony and the rest of the Avengers the alarm about an intruder in the Tower, the location of the intruder Leah´s room. Steve, Tony and Natasha were the firsts to arrive just as Leah shouted against Loki for his betrayal. They all froze at the heartbreaking scene as Leah bent in pain while crying, the first to react was Steve he pulled out a blanket to cover Leah up, as he wrapped it around her shoulders Leah snapped up trying to fight Steve´s touch in vain.

-No! No! Let me go! – Leah pleaded as she cried, it was pointless and she knew it.

Steve only hold her tight trying to avoid her form hurting herself as she struggled –Leah, come down. It´ll be all right, I promise.-

They had all read her letter where she thanked them all for all their help and patience, also apologized for deceiving them about her true intentions behind her shopping trip. She explained how she feared they wouldn´t be able to find another solution to her situation but to send her to Asgard. That she hated herself for running away from them, but she couldn´t find another solution that would give herself and her child a chance for a normal life, she hoped they could somehow understand how hard taking that decision was and would be able to forgive her. She also thanked them for all the trouble they had gone through to help her and regretted ruining her friendship with all of them, especially Thor and Banner.

By then the rest of the team had arrived.

Leah answered Steve´s between cries –No, it won´t be all right. It will never be all right! He was right, I have no means for defending myself, I´ll never be free – she had stopped struggling and just sobbed with her head vowed down in defeat as tears ran through her cheeks dripping into the blanket and Steve arms.

Natasha walked to them and knelt in front of Leah as she raised Leah’s chin so she could see into her eyes she asked –Who told you that?-

The question itself felt like a dagger had pierced her heart, the pain reflected on Leah´s face as she answered –Loki! – More unrestricted crying followed her confession as Natasha motioned Steve to let Leah go as she hugged her.

-That might be true right now. But it doesn´t have to be- Natasha told her

Leah tried to still her crying, sniffing still she asked –How?-

-I can teach you to defend yourself and your child – Natasha plainly answered

A light of hope lit in Leah´s eyes as she asked between her sniffing –After what I did? You´d still help me? Why?-

-Because we all deserve a second chance –Natasha replied – Just promise me you won´t run away again – the she whispered –You gave us quite a scare-

-I … promise. – Leah accepted as she leaned into Natasha for comfort.

Natasha then asked the rest of the team as she arched her eyebrows motioning them out –Guys, would you mind?-

It took them a moment to react to her request. –Are you sure? – Tony asked

-Yes, I can handle this Tony. If you don’t mind we need to have a girl to girl talk. – Natasha insisted.

-All right guys! Let’s give the ladies some space. Nothing to see! Move on!- Tony herded everyone out before anyone could speak against it.

When they left Natasha asked Leah- Can you get up?-

-Yes, I´m not hurt, if you don´t count my pride and self-respect I´m all right.-Leah answered as she got up still wrapped in the blanket.

-Leah, you don´t have to pretend you are all right, especially when it’s obvious you aren´t – Natasha replied.

-I´m tired of being the weak link Natasha- Leah confessed

-You are not weak, Leah, you´re just …- Natasha made a pause trying to find the right word.

-Broken? – Leah volunteered –A mess? Hopeless? –

-Well, something like that, but I don´t think you are hopeless. Now, do you want to tell me what happened? I´ve read your letter, we all did. But I really don´t understand.-

-Why I refuse to go to Asgard? –

-Mainly yes, according to Thor you would be treated like a princess, why do you hate the idea so much?-

-I don´t feel I can trust them.-Leah confessed.

-The Asgardians? Why? – Natasha asked in disbelief

-Because of Loki, he grew up there with them, and I´m not saying it´s their fault he turned out … bad but they seem to give him a push into that direction even as a child. I´m afraid the same thing will happen to my child especially when they find out who his father is.-

-But you …- Natasha interrupted

-Don´t have to tell them who the father is? Even if Thor and his parents choose to keep the secret I´m sure the truth will come out eventually, plus I don´t think I should start a new life by lying to my child.-Leah explained

-I guess you have a point. – Natasha agreed. –So what was your plan? You must had one or you wouldn´t had run away.-

-Plainly to disappear, the only reason SHIELD found me was because Loki was trying to guide you to me.-

-That´s not that easy. – Natasha scolded her

-I know that now, SHIELD was on my track as soon as I escaped from your watch.-Leah confessed

-What? – Natasha asked incredulous –How you know?-

-Because they almost caught me-Leah nervously laughed as she sat on her bed –And then he rescued me … again.-

-Loki?-Natasha asked in confirmation as she sat next to Leah.

-Yes, must be a bad habit that is adopting.-Leah joked –You know what the real sad part is Natasha? He would be a wonderful father if he gave himself the chance. I´m not that sure about a life´s partner but I can see him being an awesome dad.-

-You are messing with me right? Are we sure we are talking about the same guy? Tall, dark hair, wears a helmet with some huge horns, I do what I want supervillain kind of guy?- Natasha asked in disbelief

-I know, I know and yes, we are. I know it doesn´t sounds like him and yes, he´s … well … a pain in the ass.-Leah was interrupted by Natasha laughing at her last remark –Natasha! – Leah blushed dark red –I didn’t meant it like that!-

-I´m sorry, I know what you meant to say and for the record I wasn´t thinking about that until you mentioned it.-Natasha apologized laughing still at Leah´s embarrassment.

Leah covered her face in shame –Fuck! I´m so screwed!-

Natasha laughed even more –Oh! I have no doubt about that!-

Leah started laughing too –Oh god! I´m just digging myself deeper. Maybe I´ll just shut up.-

-That might be a good idea –Natasha answered between giggles

Suddenly Leah paled –Oh my god! Natasha! Do you think everyone noticed? Oh go! I´m so ashamed! I´ll never be able to see them in the eye again! –She dropped herself on the bed covering her face –Natasha, will you just shoot me?

-Come on, don´t be so melodramatic! And if they hadn’t noticed at some point they will, and it’s not like it hadn’t happened before.-Natasha smirked at her

-Damn it Loki! Couldn´t you sent me here with my clothes on?-Leah complained to the rooftop.

-I guess, it wouldn’t be fun that way –Natasha joked –God of Mischief, remember?

-Maybe –Leah sighed –Maybe it’s just the universe getting even. I´ve been awful to all of you- then she turned to see Natasha as she said –I´m so sorry.-

-It´s all right. I forgive you, but I´m not so sure about everyone else, especially Thor.-Natasha answered

-He must be very angry at me –Leah turned her gaze to the ground.

-More like disappointed.-Natasha added

-That´s worse, angry is easy to cope with. Disappointment … mmm … I don´t know how to deal with that.-Leah confessed.

-One day at a time –Natasha volunteered. – You´ll have enough time to make amends with everyone while I train you.-

-So you weren´t kidding about that? – Leah asked surprised

-I never joke about that sort of stuff Leah. We won’t be able to take a normal training because of your condition but I´ll figure something out. It seems that we will have to establish a special superheroes witness protection program for you.-Natasha elaborated

-So you really are going to help me disappear?-Leah asked in hope.

-It might take some time to get the guys on board this, but yes, that´s the plan. I have a feeling you will try to do something as foolish as the stunt you did yesterday if we don´t help you. I´d rather know you and little one here are somewhere safe –Natasha told her as she touched Leah´s womb.

-Thank you Natasha –Leah told her tears of gratitude on her eyes –I´m sorry I didn´t trusted you before.-

-I´m sorry too –Natasha told her as she hugged Leah –Although you wouldn’t had a rendezvous with your knight in shining armour, so how did that went?-Natasha asked as she let go.

-Not so good –Leah confessed –I feel like bloody Juliet.-

-That sound bad. – Natasha said in a serious tone.

-Basically fi we weren’t who we are, we would be together –Leah sighed.

-But then you wouldn´t had met.-Natasha reasoned

-Yeaph! That´s the problem.-Leah agreed – He sent me back because he thinks you arer the only ones who can keep me safe, he said he need us to be safe.-

-Well, at least you know he cares.-Natasha said trying to cheer Leah up.

-And that makes it worst. If he didn’t cared I´d probably be in SHIELD´s custody by now. But my heart would feel … less broken. – Leah sighed

-Sorry girl, I can´t help you with that. – Natasha said as she shrugged her shoulders. -So how about we deal with what we can do. Today get some rest, tomorrow we’ll start training. And … I´m curious how did you came up with the plan to slip away from Thor and me?-

-Oh! From like … over a dozen movies.-Leah confessed as she blushed

-Really? – Natasha laughed –I think I can beat that easily. Now, how about we search you some clothes and get you installed in another room so you can get some rest?-

-I´d like that, I feel drained.-Leah admitted

-I bet you do!-Natasha answered with a smirk

-You are not going to let me forget it, are you?-Leah asked

-Oh! I will, but the guys might not. You´d better get a thicker skin soon, you´re going to need it. I´d suggest you try to make amends with Tony and Bruce first, we need them on board our plan as soon as we can.-Natasha suggested.

-This is going to be a long week!-Leah pouted

-Make it a long month. – Natasha corrected her

-A month? – Leah asked in disbelief – Do you really think they´ll let me apologize for that long?-

-I don´t have an idea about that, but men are rather touchy about being deceived. I´ll try to put in a good word for you with Clint, apart from that I can´t make any promises.-Natasha added

-I guess I deserve it.-Leah admitted

-I can´t argue about that, but think about this, they wouldn´t be so angry if they didn´t cared. – Natasha agreed then added – And I think Steve is more worried than angry at you, after all he knows better than all of us what is to have your world disappearing in a moment –

-I know, he promised everything would be all right, I´d like to believe him, but I´m afraid to.-Leah confessed

-Stop worrying! It´s not good for both of you. –Natasha scolded her -We´ll figure this out. –

Lover´s Reunion

-What?!-Leah broke apart in surprise –Where are we?-

-One of my hideouts-Loki mischievously answered –I thought you would appreciate a more private surrounding- he purred as he bit his lower lip in anticipation as he leaned to kiss her again.

Leah moved away annoyed –So you think I´m that easy? You left me behind! And now you think just because you came to my aid we´re going to have sex?-

-You look so sexy when angry-Loki smirked trying to pull hr back.

Leah blushed dark red, she wanted him too, but she wasn´t going to make it easy –No!- she seriously pouted

-No? – Loki asked in disbelief as he raised his eyebrows

-Yes, I said no –Leah crossed her arms standing her ground –You abandoned me!-

-Didn´t Thor explained all to you?-Loki asked in annoyance.

-Yes he did, but I shouldn´t have had to hear it from him.- Leah raised her voice

-Well, I couldn´t just walk into the Avenger´s Tower and explain it myself-Loki snapped at her

-I hate you! – Leah snapped back angrily

-No, you don´t- Loki answered as he forcefully pulled her for a kiss.

Leah though him back for a moment, eventually she stopped and whispered –No, I don´t- as she kissed him back.

All those months apart, all the anger, the loneliness, the yearning were in every single kiss they shared.

Suddenly Loki lift Leah up and kissing her still he carried her to his bed, as he carefully laid her down he started kissing her neck extracting more soft moans from her lips, as he travelled his way down he unbuttoned her blouse leaving here breasts half exposed behind the bra fabric, then he squirmed his hand behind her back searching for the bra clasp, he smiled triumphantly when he managed to undo it and hurriedly pull it down exposing her breasts completely.

-You´re so beautiful – he said looking down at her.

-Flattering will get you anywhere- she smiled him back as she sat up toi remove her blouse and bra.

-I´m serious. – He complained

-I know you are. -She answered as she climb onto his lap as she started to undress him, he was wearing a black leather jacket, a plain green t-shirt and a pair of jeans- I don´t think I´ve ever seen you in casual clothes before – she said as she finished removing his t-shirt.

-Well, I couldn´t just go in my normal attire, I would´ve attracted too much … -he was interrupted by Leah biting his neck –Ungh … attention.- he finished panting while pushing her back to the bed kissing her.

-Ah!-Leah moaned back still fidgeting with Loki´s trousers, when she finally managed to get her hand inside them it was Loki´s turn to moan in pleasure as she stoked his cock gently making him shiver as his shaft grew hard.

Leah pulled him down to bed as she straddled him placing all her attention on pulling off him the rest of his clothes, as soon as she finished the task in hand she turned her attention to Loki´s penis taking it all into her mouth, extracting a delightful moan from him, she knew exactly what he liked, she could feel herself being aroused as Loki started trusting into her mouth. His scent, how much she had missed him, the taste of his skin, the warmth of his body.

-Stop!- Loki pleaded –I want to cum inside you-

But Leah ignored him, she was having so much fun making him shiver –Not yet- she said as she started licking his cock with softly tingly moves that made Loki whimper. When he couldn’t fight the urge to penetrate her he rose to meet her, pulling her by the hair he said –Yes, now- the he rolled her down as she pulled her skirt and panties down.

-Naughty, naughty girl. I´m going to make you pay for saying no to me- As he utter the words he slide a finger inside her which made Leah moan –You´re so wet already, let´s see if I can make you wetter- He slide a second finger making Leah whimper in pleasure as he started trusting them in and out. She was near her orgasm when he pulled them out, as she complained he pull his finger back in this time probing for her g-spot.

-Oh my god!- Leah´s cry told Loki he had found the spot he was looking for, as he startle to fondle the sensitive spot Leah squirmed under his touch, her panting was growing faster when he pulled his fingers out again.

-Loki …stop … that. Just fuck me already – Leah said through ragged breath and flustered face.

-Since you are asking nicely –Loki mischievously answered as he trusted his swollen member inside her.

This time they both moaned in pleasure, arching their backs to meet each other with every thrust, furiously clinging one another as their rhythm grew faster.

With a loud moan Loki came first, followed only seconds behind by Leah.

When Loki pulled out and laid beside her as they both catch their breaths he turned to face her –We should have angry sex more often.-

Leah laughed at his occurrence –If you keep me we just might-

-You know I can´t do that- Loki said in a serious tone

-Why not? – Leah asked concerned

-You know very well why- Loki said sitting up

-But I don´t understand … then why? – Leah asked pleading

-Because I missed you –Loki answered –I missed having you-

-So, that´s all I really am to you? Just someone to fuck! – Leah stood angrily

-No, you are not. You are much more than that to me- Loki protested standing too.

-Then explain it to me, why you keep pushing me away? – Leah shrieked

-Because I love you too much –Loki yelled back –Because when something happens to you I won´t be able to live with myself, and something will happen to you if you keep by my side.-

-You don´t know that for sure –Leah reasoned – And it´s not like I´m that much better by myself.-

-What do you mean by yourself? I´m taking you back to the Avengers!-Loki revealed to her

-What? No! You can´t do that!- Leah protested

-Come on Leah, be serious. You don´t have a chance of surviving on your own, you have no training, and no powers whatsoever, how long you think it will take SHIELD or someone else to caught you?- he pointed out

-I don´t want to go back! Please Loki, don´t take me back- Leah started crying, she had been so close to being free.

-I´m sorry, they will keep you safe –Loki plainly told her

-You can keep me safe too –Leah whined –Don´t you care about us?-

Loki´s heart shrank at her accusation –I´m doing this because I care.-

-Then keep us! – Leah pleaded –I don´t mind you are a supervillain.-

-I´m not playing little house with you – Loki snapped –The next thing I´ll know you´ll be trying to make me one of the good guys.-

-I´m not asking you to change –Leah snapped back – I don´t want you to change. I fell in love with you, the real you, not the one Thor remembers or the one you pose to be, the rough around the edges, mischievous, incorrigible you.-

-I know –Loki wryly said –That´s part of the problem. I don´t deserve someone like you.-

-That’s not for you to decide- Leah protested as tears ran through her cheeks –If you´re not going to keep me, then let me go!-

-I can´t do that- Loki protested

-Why? – Leah screamed

-Because I love you, that´s why. Because I love you and our child and I want, no I need you to be safe. You will never be safe by my side.-Loki told her

-I will run away again, if you take me back- Leah menaced him –I will keep trying until I’m successful.-

-No Leah, you can´t do that. I might not always be there to save you.-Loki pleaded

-I don´t care –Leah shrieked – I´m not going back.-

-Please Leah, for our child-Loki pleaded reaching out to touch her womb, when he finally did Leah lost all composure as she started crying out loud.

-They want to take me to Asgard! I don´t want to go! Please Loki, please! I want to stay on Earth with you! Don´t let them take me!-

Loki hugged her –Shh, baby don´t cry! I´ll think of something! I promise …-

-Please don´t take me back – Leah kept pleading

-I won´t, please stop crying –Loki answered as he sweetly kissed her – I´ll always be at your side, and our child’s.-

-Promise? – Leah sniffled

-Yes – Loki answered –Now come back to bed.-

It was late at night when Loki woke up with Leah by his side, he just contemplated her in silence, trying to memorize every curve, every strand of hair, every little detail, it broke his heart he had lied to her.

Shopping Spree

Tony and Bruce had been working on some gadgets to insure Leah´s safety in case she got separated from Thor and Natasha. They had agreed that a smaller group wouldn’t draw too much attention.

-This necklace has a location device inside –Tony explained as he placed the necklace around Leah´s neck –And it´s expensive, try not to lose it –he ended his phrase by winking an eye at her.

-Oh! It´s beautiful Tony, I won´t – she already planned to, as a matter of fact it was the first thing she would get rid of.

-And this –Bruce said as he gave her a cellphone- is an untraceable phone and a panic button. This button will connect you directly to Jarvis and if you push this other one it will send us a signal with your location.-

-Seems you´ve been thinking about everything –Leah answered smiling, keeping the phone could be a good idea in case she ran into trouble.

Finally the day arrived, she packed everything she could in the small pouch Tony had given her as a present for the occasion. –“Why couldn´t he pick a bigger bag?”- Leah complained mentally, she would have to leave some stuff behind. She packed the phone, the little cash she manage to find, some cufflinks and other small valuables she was planning to sell, the last item was a small envelope. She had decided she couldn´t just leave them without any explanation, especially Bruce who had been nothing but a true friend to her, she felt guilty about deceiving them, but she didn´t felt like she had a choice, she had to leave.

Tony and Bruce were staying in the tower in case something went wrong and they needed to coordinate their efforts to locate Leah through her necklace or cellphone. Steve and Clint would stay outside the mall should they need any backup. Only Thor and Natasha were going in with Leah.

-Are you ok?-Bruce asked Leah as they prepared to leave.

-I think I´m a bit nervous- Leah confessed though not for the reasons he might think.

-It will be all right-Bruce reassured her with a smile –Enjoy yourself!-

-I will, thank you Bruce –Leah gave him a hug, she was saying her goodbyes.

Bruce blushed at the sudden display of affection –You are welcome- he answered as he hugged her back.

-Come on guys, she´s going to the mall not to China, lighten up –Tony joked and the complained –What? Don´t I deserve a hug too?-

-Yes you do- Leah smiled as he hugged him too.

-All right, that´s enough- he said as he broke the embrace –We don´t want to get someone jealous, don´t we –he smirked at her.

-You are terrible –Leah motioned him – and don´t pretend you don´t like it-

-Ok, I do, what the hell! Give me another – He joked as he hugged her back.

-Is she ready to go? – Natasha asked as she walked in

-Yes, she is, all systems ready –Tony answered then told Leah –Don´t do anything I wouldn´t do-

-I don´t even know what that means –Leah replied with a smirk.

-You are right, bad advice. Mm … have fun and behave –Tony said with a smile

-I will – lying had become easier, maybe it´s just a matter of practice she thought to herself.

Thor was waiting for them in the garage, of course Natasha was driving. Leah could feel her pulse speeding as they left the tower, she didn´t knew how much she missed the chaos of a city, the noise, the traffic, the people, she felt as excited as a young child on her way to an amusement park.

Thor smiled, she hadn´t look that happy in weeks, after the incident with Loki they had grown apart.

-You seem happy- he finally said to her.

-I am Thor – she smiled at him

Thor looked at her mesmerized, he loved seeing her smile. Leah realized Thor was staring at her and turned her head to the window –Where are we going? – She finally asked.

-The Mall at Bay Plaza up the Bronx – Natasha answered –It has everything you might need. It might be a little crowded but that will make it easier for us to blend in.-

It took them about half an hour to get there, as soon as they got off the car Leah was taking mental note of every escape route, security guards and possible hideouts.

Soon they were at the maternity department of one of the stores browsing, Leah felt it was a shame she wouldn’t be able to take any of the clothes with her, she never thought about learning how to remove the sensors from the clothes.

After the first round of trying clothes she told them she had to go to the bathroom, both Thor and Natasha walked with her to the nearest bath, before any of them had any ideas of going in with her she said –Come on guys, I´m not a child. I can go in by myself.-

-All right- Natasha agreed –But we will be right here should you need anything-

-Thanks –Leah smiled as she opened the door, as soon as she closed it she started looking for a way out –“Damn!”- She thought –“They make it look so easy in the movies, I should´ve known this wasn´t going to work.”-

-Are you ok? – Natasha asked walking in

-Yes, of course –Leah said as she walked out of one of the bathrooms after flushing it –Why wouldn´t I?-she smiled as she washed her hands

-No reason, Thor got a bit nervous, If I hadn´t promise I´d check on you he would´ve storm in-Natasha said as she shrugged her shoulders

-Please no! – Leah joked

-That´s what I told him- Natasha laughed.

They went through a second round of clothes try outs, Leah had a plan by then, Thor was standing outside the dressing rooms waiting, Natasha helped her with the clothes, she had already tried asking her to get a different color or size so she wouldn´t suspect if she asked her again. She had brought with her some hair bands, she would have to braid her hair quickly. As Natasha walked out the pulled a long sweater that covered almost all her clothes from under the pile of clothing where she had been hiding it, provided Thor didn´t looked at her directly she might be able to walk pass him undetected.

She removed the necklace and placed it over the small envelope she had been carrying. Without a second she took a big breath to steady herself and after making sure Thor wasn´t looking at her way she passed right beside him. She didn´t knew she was holding her breath until she walked out of the maternity department, she kept reminding her not to run it would only draw attention to her, so after what seemed like an eternity to her she reached the sports department which was near the exit. Then she removed the sweater and placed it over some equipment as she pretended to be looking at it, giving a quick glance to her surroundings to make sure no one was looking at her she walked out of the department store.

She had sent Natasha on a wild goose chase to buy herself some time, the dress she had asked her to get again was lying under the pile of clothes in the dressing room.

But she knew it wouldn´t take them long to notice her absence so she hurried to the electric staircase, she had barely made it to the next level when she notices two men in suits following her, they had to be SHIELD agents, why hadn’t she thought of that? She had to lose them going back to the hellicarrier was even less appealing than Asgard, before she knew it she was running toward the parking lot, if she got back into the plaza she might run into Thor or Natasha, they must have noticed she was gone by then.

She could hear footsteps at the distance running towards her- “I have to hide, but where?”-Then she remembered a small maintenance closet on that level, if only she could get there unseen.

The footsteps sounded closer, she wasn´t going to make it, she stood still for a moment evaluating her options when suddenly someone grabbed her from behind covering her mouth to prevent her from screaming.

Her eyes opened wide in terror and she began fighting to break free until she heard a familiar voice whispering at her ear –Shhh little one. Stay still or they will see us.- Her heart skipped a beat as she recognize the voice, then she tilted her head left to make sure, and there he was, Loki.

Leah gave him a surprised and questioning look but Loki only motioned her to silence with his free hand, he was still covering her mouth to make sure she wouldn´t make a sound, then he pulled her further into a small corridor at their back just in time to avoid being seen.

Loki made sure the agents were gone before releasing his hold on Leah and ask her in annoyance –Are you stupid? What the hell were you thinking running away like that?-

He never saw Leah´s hand coming until she had slapped him, he looked surprised at her, she was trembling in anger, tears threatening to pour out.

-You abandoned me! – She snapped at him –After all we shared you just left me there-

-I had to- Loki snapped back –I did it for you-

-You had no right!- Leah said raising her voice.

Loki looked alarmed and tried to calm her –Leah, this is not the right time to be having this discussion-

-I don´t care! I … -Leah´s angry statement was suddenly quieted by Loki pulling her into a kiss.

As his lips engaged hers Leah felt overwhelmed by all kind of feelings, sadness, anger, longing, joy, and desire.

Loki´s quick move had just saved them, the agents walk past by them dismissing them as a young couple making out, after all they were looking for an unaccompanied woman.

Both Leah and Loki had unconsciously closed their eyes as they kissed lost in the moment, suddenly Leah broke their embrace she looked confused, she thought she would never see him again and there he was, rescuing her, again.

Loki sighed as he read the confusion on her eyes and said –By the norns I´ve missed you!- It was all he needed to say, before they knew it they were furiously kissing each other again.

-I´m still angry at you-Leah managed to say between kisses

-I know – Loki answered before kissing her again.

Their bodies responded to each other, as soon as a soft moan escaped Leah´s lips Loki smiled –I think we need a little more privacy- he hardly ended his sentence when he had teleported themselves to an apartment.


Leah´s stomach growled taking her apart from her thoughts –“Damn! I´m so hungry …”- she thought, she didn´t wanted to face any of the Avengers at the moment, especially Thor. She had no way of knowing if they were all still in the kitchen, her stomach growled again to her dismay.

-Damn it, shut up! – She whirled in anger with such bad luck she hit one of her hands against the night table –What the…! Ouch! Fuck!-she nursed her wounded hand against her chest for a moment, once she had calm herself down she slowly took a look at her hand, she could see small blood stains on the white fabric, and then she smiled –Jarvis, can you patch me to Bruce, please?-

-Of course Mrs. Leah- the A.I. answered

-Bruce? – Leah asked trying to sound as innocent as she could, she had learned many things in the streets, it was about time she put them in practice.

-Yes Leah, is everything all right?-Bruce answered

-Umh … I´m afraid I might need a bandage change. I´m sorry, I forgot … could you please come? I´m so tired-

-Of course Leah, don´t worry I´ll be there in a moment-Bruce reassured her

-Thank you Bruce …and Bruce … could you please bring me something to eat? I´m starving.-Leah said trying on purpose to sound like a needy child.

Bruce couldn´t help to smile at her tone –Ok, I will-

Thor felt a bit jealous at Leah´s familiar tone with Bruce, and instantly felt ashamed, he was being a good friend to her, nothing else. Though he couldn´t help to ask –Do you need any assistance Doctor Banner?-

-Thank you Thor, but I don´t think it´s necessary, I can handle it –was Banner response, then he noticed Thor´s disappointment –I think is better I go alone and make sure she eats something before you talk to her. It´s been a hard day for her, we don´t know what will be her reaction to Loki´s revelations.-

-I guess you are right-Thor answered still annoyed at Bruce´s negative answer to join him.

It took Bruce about ten minutes to get down to Leah´s room carrying a tray with some food and a medical kit, which gave Leah sometime to think about what should her reactions be towards the news they were about to give her, she didn´t had a plan yet but she knew she couldn´t let them find out she had overheard them.

-Leah, is Bruce. Can I come in? – He said as he knocked on her door.

Leah remained on her bed, sitting over the edge and answered –Yes Bruce, please come in.-

After removing the now bloody bandage and getting a good look at the source of the blood he asked her –What happened?-

She sighed as she shrugged her shoulders – I knocked myself against the night table, It was so silly of me, I forgot it was there when I woke up – it wasn´t a complete lie he would notice if she lied about how that happened.

-The stitches are still in place, so no harm is done, don´t worry. I´ll clean it up and redress it, but you have to be more careful- Bruce motioned her

-I will- Leah answered as she anxiously eyed the sandwich Bruce had brought to her.

Bruce almost busted in laughter when he caught her –Come on grab it, I can work on your other hand while you eat.-

He hadn´t even finished his phrase when Leah had taken her first bite, while she was about half done she casually asked –Is Thor and the others back yet?-

-Yes, they arrived about an hour and a half ago-Bruce informed her

-And?-Leah asked in earnest

-Thor and Loki talked as you know ….-

-And? – Leah asked again trying to sound anxious

-I think it will be better if Thor explains everything to you, he wanted to tag along but I told him you should get something to eat first-

-You are worried about how I´m going to react.-Leah plainly stated

-Well, he finally has the answers you wanted, and after all that has happened today, can you blame me for being cautious?-

-I guess not – Leah answered –Where is he?-

-In the kitchen, finish your meal and I´ll walk you there.-Bruce offered

-“Damn!”- was Leah´s thought, why couldn´t Bruce just told her, she couldn´t refuse to go, it would be too suspicious so she just nodded her head as she agreed – All right, thank you Bruce.-This wasn´t going to be easy, she wasn´t used to lying, well not that much at least, she wondered how Loki managed to do it all the time, it didn´t seem to bother him.

-Hi Leah! – Tony greeted her as both she and Bruce walked in –We heard you had a “small incident”-

Leah blushed distraught by his comment as she unconsciously hide her hands under her arms while she answered –Um, yes. Nothing to worry about.-

-You think so? We almost had a heart attack when we walked into the kitchen, we thought someone had broken into the Tower.-Tony shamelessly answered

-Come on Tony, give her a break! She´s had a hard day, she doesn´t need you to remind her –Steve interrupted

-I´m sorry that came out the wrong way – Tony apologized -What I meant to say is that we were worried about you and we´re glad you are both ok-he ended giving Bruce a look that spelled help I´m dying in here.

-We are both all right, Tony. And we appreciate your concern-Bruce said trying to lessen the tension that Tony´s comment had built up.

Natasha came close to Leah and added while placing a hand on her shoulder –We really are glad to see you ok- then she motioned the rest of her teammates –I think you need some privacy, guys?-

-Certainly, you are right.-Steve answered dragging Tony away –We have things to do anyway.-

-Ok- Leah answered a bit concerned they might had decided to take her to Asgard right then, she wouldn´t have time to stop them if they had.

-Leah? – Thor called for her when she remained still.

-Oh, yes, sorry!-she snapped back-Bruce told me you had news for me-

She crouched on the opposite side of the couch where Thor was sitting, she didn’t wanted to be too close to him. Thor saw her defensive posture but decided to say nothing.

As Thor told her everything that had happened Leah realized she didn´t needed to fake her feelings, they were still to raw for her to hide so she cried again at Loki´s confession of Love and felt angry again at his negative to act on it, though she wasn´t sure if her anger was directed towards Loki or to herself.

-I´m sorry Leah- Thor said ending his story looking worryingly at her eyes.

She realized halfway Thor´s recollection that she hadn´t had time to react to the fact that Loki saving her was either an act of dumb luck or an act of brotherly love, either way it had nothing to do with her, so it took her a moment to answer Thor´s statement –Sorry for what Thor? – She asked as she tried to clean her tears with the back of her bandaged hands, which made Thor move towards her in concern.

-About everything, this morning … and Loki… and that.-Thor said pointing at her hands

-That was my fault Thor, I don´t know what was I thinking I overreacted.- Leah confessed angry at herself . -They will be all right in no time-

-Are you sure? Are you in pain? – He suddenly closed the gap between them as he tried to grab one of her hands.

Leah read his move and retrieve her hand before he could reach it –Thor, please don´t.-

-I´m sorry –Thor apologized –You must still be angry with me-

-No Thor, I´m not angry at you, I´m angry at myself –Leah sighed-I shouldn’t had given you false hopes, it was selfish of me, and I shouldn´t had been so mean to you earlier, you only wanted to help me. I´m sorry, I don’t want to make the same mistake twice, I do care about you Thor, just not that way.

Thor dropped his head in disappointment then asked in hope- Is there anything I can do to change your mind? Loki might not want a family, but I would.-

Leah´s heart cringed at his words –I … I am sorry Thor, I wish you could, but you can´t. Even with Loki out of the picture …the heart wants what the heart wants … and I can´t change it.-

-I understand –Thor heavily admitted – You can´t rule your heart- she couldn’t stop loving Loki as he couldn´t stop loving her.

-No you can´t –Leah sighed, it would have been so much easier if she could return Thor´s feelings and forget about Loki, she might even reconsider going to Asgard with him, but it had no point dwelling over it, it wasn’t going to happen. As she thought of Asgard she remembered her plan.

-Thor? Did Bruce told you about … our talk?-she asked in hope

-Yes, he did-Thor answered –We’ve been talking about it, we really don´t have another plan at the moment though I´m sure we´ll think of something before your baby is born, we won´t take you to Asgard if you don´t want to go. Though I hope you´ll reconsider, my Father would protect you, and my mother would be most pleased with your company, it has been a long time since the sound of baby footsteps was heard in the palace.

Leah sighed again as she thought –“So you´re not going to take me by force, but you won´t stop until you convince me. I´m sorry Thor, I have to go away.-

Thor cleared his throat snapping Leah of her thoughts –Oh! I´m sorry! You were saying?-

-Stark is working on a plan to get you safely outside for a couple of hours-Thor told her

Leah´s face lighted up as she heard the news, there was her chance to escape-Oh my god! For real?-

-Yes, Leah. You are not our prisoner, we don´t want you to feel that way and if this helps you we´ll all try to make it work.-Thor reassured her.

-Thank you so much, it will help me. I assure you.-Leah answered

-Though you´ll have to wait until your hands are fully healed-Thor added

-Ok, I can do that, I can wait-Leah said smiling, she had to start making plans on her own.

As the days went slowly waiting for her hands to heal Leah had time to come up with a plan, the only reason SHIELD had got to her was because Loki lured them to her, so she had no reason to believe they would be able to find her again should she choose to disappear. She knew fully well none of the Avengers would agree to her plan specially Thor, allowing her to leave alone wouldn´t be acceptable to them. If she was going to disappear she needed money, but it wasn´t as she could just ask Tony for it. At first she thought of taking something valuable and sell it, but she also needed it to be small and that no one noticed their absence, for a multimillionaire house it turned out to be a very difficult thing to find.

She also took on a mission to watch every spy or thieves’ movie she could get her hand into, she now had dozens of plans to escape on her mind; one of them had to work.

As days turned into weeks finally Bruce told her one day – I think we can remove the stitches, your wounds seem to have healed perfectly fine.-

That was all she had been waiting to hear, although she had plenty of ideas on how to escape the money part hadn´t come up as well as she thought it would, she had only managed to put together a couple hundred dollars. As she looked upon her scarce bounty she decided it would have to be enough, she was already on her fourth month, her clothes weren´t fitting anymore. That would make an excellent reason to go on a shopping trip.

Broken Vow

broken_vowExplanation? I had to sold my wedding bans today to pay for my daughters tuition.

I don´t care about not having the bans, they were just a piece of jewelry without the promise they ment to mean, I´m upset I had to because I couldn´t come up with the money on time due to my non cooperative clients. I´ll admit seing them being cut made me feel upset too. I wish I could have the money to give her anything she needs …

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