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Cold is the long night of the soul
Storms of time
No quantum of solace
Ineffable longing
Excruciating ghost

Half forgotten memories
Of lives lived before
Phantom deja vus
Riddling plague entangling
Thoughts within thoughts.

Golden mirages of you
Haunt my lonely hours
Oblivion would prove so sweet
If only it wasn’t denied

Ancient rites binded
My heart to yours
Unbreakable bond
That brought rejoice then
Only sorrow remains today

Pull so strong
Only half of me remains
The rest lost in endless journey.

Waiting ferverlishly
For that longed day
Where the old gods
Demand old promises to be kept
My heart, my home restored
To love you once again.

The Gates have Fallen

Oh beloved muse
Have you no pity on me
Tireless pounding my heart
Pulling all the painful threads
Shall I not fulfill thy demands?

How could I deny thy?
You enslave my reason
You bewitch my soul
And more you ask still?

Tyrant lover do you hate me or love me?
With unyielding fire that consumes my soul
A wretched puppet, let me rest
As my soul finds no comfort.

The winters of your absence
Do burn me more than the brightness of your light.

You mock my sanity
Stop the drumming I beg of you
Let this dried stump find peace on the slumber.
Nay, it’s not your will.

Call me to battle my trumpets
Feverish ruthless drive me mad
Thy absence ruled my dead
May your presence drive me mad.

And thy madness bring forth
Whatever pleases your heart
Blood become fiery ink
Let my words become daggers
May they win you a kingdom
Where I shall be your prisoner
And howler thy name every night.

Love Rapture

Overfilled and empty
Longing and fulfilled
Every second aching
Freezing warmth beneath my skin
Companionship in the shadows.

Never arriving
Holding my breath for so long
I’ve forgotten how to breathe
Loneliness keeps me company
Only shadows in my mind
Deceiving whispering echoes.

Blue in green
Hand in lips
Hearts in minds
Time and space
Blending into chaos
Promises to be fulfilled.

Visions far away
Fading past
Approaching future
Which, is to be foreseen
Voidless hole
In my soul.

The sun in the east
Mocks me, the moon
Nothing but a fleeting instant
Destiny’s cruel joke
Hope becomes dangerous.

Shall I abandon myself to hope?
Tedious hurtful game
A glimpse seals the trap
Rapturing my beating heart
Alas, it’s no longer mine.

Where home is

What is home?
Nothing but longing
Unending ache
Visions fading
Unobtainable, always aeay.

Warm mirages
Fluttering ilusions
Nothing but darkness
Deceiving cold
Everywhere ashes.

There’s no home
For this castaway
The heart longs
The mind deceives
Infuriating pain.

Ancient warrior
Of infinite wars
No home for me
Only echoes on the night
Mocking my longing.

I long for home
Killer is the longing
Unreachable light
Ceruleans skies out of my reach
The heart aches alone
Ad distance prevails.

I want to go home
Is there such a thing?
Helpless, stranded, alone
Destiny’s toy
Casted into the storm.

Will I ever see you again?
The warmth of your soul
Calls as it ripps mine appart
Useless cries fill me
I’ll never go home.

Hope deserted me
I can’t abandon you
You burn me
My soul bleeds out
As the time sands keep us appart.

You are my home …

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