I don’t know, the day I remembered your smile
The heavens cursed my maimed heart
Memories from times long past, ages past
Lives before this one
When you were by my side
If only I knew you remember me, silly little me.

Everyone knows your name,
No one knows mine unless there’s a check to pay
I feel so far behind, unable
How can I caught up with the light
The light that emanates from you, resou ding in your laugh.

My heart is torn, between finding any way
And loosing all hope, I see no hope
Visions of you hunting my every night
The way that your eyes shine is breaking my heart
It’s all broke and I cry, I cry.

Sometimes I wonder if you feel like this inside
If you even know there’s a missing piece
Lost in this forsaken land, this forsaken land
I wish I could reach your side at least for this night.
A life in one night.