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I don’t know, the day I remembered your smile
The heavens cursed my maimed heart
Memories from times long past, ages past
Lives before this one
When you were by my side
If only I knew you remember me, silly little me.

Everyone knows your name,
No one knows mine unless there’s a check to pay
I feel so far behind, unable
How can I caught up with the light
The light that emanates from you, resou ding in your laugh.

My heart is torn, between finding any way
And loosing all hope, I see no hope
Visions of you hunting my every night
The way that your eyes shine is breaking my heart
It’s all broke and I cry, I cry.

Sometimes I wonder if you feel like this inside
If you even know there’s a missing piece
Lost in this forsaken land, this forsaken land
I wish I could reach your side at least for this night.
A life in one night.



No pienses mal de mí

Pero, sabes

Estoy bien hasta atrás

Vaya, que divertido

Al empezar quería algo

Pero, ya se me olvidó.


Raro, no hay elefantes rosas

Pero veo otras cosas

No me sorprendería

Que Batman llegara hoy

Si viene le daré un beso

Y si se queda más que eso.



Me empiezo a marear

No seré malabarista hoy

La vida me da vueltas

Pero hoy no me interesa

Solo he de probar el licor

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