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I´m going to be a father

-“Something foolish … like what I did when I stayed with her”.- Loki admonished himself mentally. He had decided to leave her alone, to forget about her, that until Thor told him she was with child, with his child.

-I can´t be a father!- Loki stated out loud as he started to rant against the idea on his mind.

–“Did she really though I would settle down, get a white picket fence house, drive a mini-van? Who does she mistakes me for? I´m Loki of Asgard, I´m the God of Mischief, I am not father material!

Then why do I want to go to her more than anything? Why do I long to place my hand over her womb?

No, no, no, you´re being a sentimental fool again, that´s what got us into this mess in the first place.

But … a child, her child, my child, our child”-

Loki sighed obviously tore – I wonder if it´s a boy or a girl?-

-“Why do you care? It´s not like you´re going to be at his or her side, watching as he grows. I´m not going to be there when she takes her first steps, or when he speaks his first words, I´m not going to be there on sleepless nights caring for her illness, or standing beside him on his wedding day. I will be nothing but a shadow.

Will she even tell her I´m his father? Will Leah learn to hate me? Will she feed him venom against me? No she wouldn´t, she´s better than that. She´s better than me, better and at the same time so alike, that´s the problem.

I don´t think she´ll fancy being a super-villain…. companion, there you see you can´t even say the words, the best you can do for her and your child is to stay away.

But I can´t just abandon her, all I wanted was to get her off harms ‘way and I ended doing just the opposite. SHIELD is on to her, not even Thor and his friends can protect her all the time.

What have I done? “-

Loki rested his head between his hands in deep contemplation, he was a super-villain, he wanted power more than anything … when had he forgotten about that? Why did that small being growing inside Leah matter so much? He might had consider a family once, long ago when he was young, but along the way he buried the idea along with so many other things. Why did it had to happen now? Now that he didn´t wanted it, nor searched for it. Was he lying to himself? Did he really didn´t wanted that? Why had he kept visiting Leah all those months? After all, it was bound to happen sooner or later, why didn´t it happened sooner?

-“I can’t be with her but I can´t desert her neither”- He finally agreed, he cared too much to do that. –“I can guard her, I can make sure no one hurts her or our child.”-

-I´m going to be a father! – Loki laughed out loud for a moment, until the whole weight of his current predicament crushed his heart and drove him to tears.

Unknown to everyone remained the fact that Doom had already found out about Leah and his child, Loki and him may as well be occasional allies, but that was the full extent of their bond, they didn´t trusted each other and with full reason, they were both powerful mages who wanted the same thing…. power.

-Interesting! – Doom said as soon as the Doombot finished playing the recording of Thor and Loki´s conversation – It was a smart thing trying to prevent this conversation to fall into the wrong ears Loki, too bad you failed.- he laughed, that child was the perfect weapon against Loki, even more if by any chance the baby inherited his father´s abilities he or she would make a perfect apprentice.

-“There´s no need to hurry.”- Doom thought –“Let´s leave the Avengers to do all the hard work, once the child is born, then we´ll attack.”-

Friend or prisoner?

As Loki left Thor alone at the rooftop the blond god sighted in disappointment as he nodded his head negatively, it was a rather slim chance of Loki doing the right thing … at least this once, and now he regretted taking it .

-“I should´ve just beat some sense into him.”- Thor thought to himself then changed his mind –“No, that wouldn´t had make it right, not for her at least”- His desire to make Leah happy conflicted with his own desires, and adding Loki to the mix only made it worst; if he didn´t loved her too it would´ve made things so much easier for all of them. And now that he knew the answers Leah needed he was torn between telling her or not. Wouldn´t it just make everything more difficult for her? His hearth and head hurt with the problem at hand, what should he tell her?

Finally Thor decided to figure it out later, he had been away from his teammates for a long while, he should check on them. So he turned his comlink on and asked Jarvis to communicate him with Steve.

-Captain, I am afraid Loki got away, did you managed to capture Doom?-Thor asked in hope

-No, he got away too – Steve regretfully informed him –But Stark may have found what they were after, a vibranium meteorite. We were about to take it with us to avoid another intrusion to the Museum.-

-I´m on my way then, I will meet you in the Quinjet.-Thor replied.

The short travel back to the tower was a quiet one for Thor, he kept trying to figure out the best course of action regarding Leah, as they landed Tony couldn´t resist the urge anymore and asked him –So, Point Break … what´s wrong? You´ve been awfully quiet. Did something happened with Loki?-

Thor was more surprised than annoyed at the question, he sighed and decided he might as well tell them everything that had happened. Maybe between all of them they could come up with a solution to his dilema.

-Many things son of Stark, I have many things to tell though I am not sure where to start.-

-That doesn´t sounds good –Tony replied –Do you mind if we talk about it over some drinks –after catching a glimpse of everyone’s disapproving gestures he added -… and food. Come on, I can´t be the only one who´s starving!-

After they all agreed to take the conversation to the kitchen they were met with an unpleasant surprise that set them all on alert, a bloody trail that ended on a small puddle over the kitchen table, a broken glass and an untouched breakfast.

-What in Valhalla? – Thor shouted as he raised his hammer ready for an enemy attack

-Let´s not get ahead of ourselves – Tony said as he saw all of his friends taking defensive postures –Jarvis, did we get invaded and somehow you failed to inform me?-

-Of course not Sir – was the A.I. response

-All right, where´s Banner and Leah? – Tony asked

-Dr. Banner is currently at the medical ward and Mrs. Leah is in her room – Jarvis informed him

-Patch me through Banner Jarvis … umh, Bruce? Would you mind explaining me why my kitchen looks like a bad horror movie scene?-Tony joked

-Oh! Sorry about that, I thought I would have time to clean that up before you arrived, we had a “small incident” I´m on my way up, I´ll explain everything in a moment-Bruce told them

As he pated Thor´s shoulder Tony said to him to reassure him –See big guy, they´re both all right, they just had a “small incident”

-“Small incident”- Clint repeated taking a better look at the mess on the kitchen table –I wonder what Bruce calls a “big incident”-

-Believe me, you don´t want to know.- Tony answered.

They didn´t had to wait long for Bruce to appear, as he walked in Steve pointed out –You seem unharmed-

-Yes, luckily I am.-

-Luckily? – was Thor´s annoyed response, the blood had to be from Leah.

-Yes, if that blood had been mine, there might not be a kitchen to argue in. –Bruce explained – We would have a “big incident” to talk about.-

-See, told you! – Tony poked Clint with his elbow

-All right Bruce, we get your point. What happened?-Natasha asked

-It´s kind of a long story, though this mess is the least of our worries. We need to have a serious talk about Leah and his child. – Then he turned to face Thor and asked – Is it ok if I tell them about … this morning?-

After a small silence Thor conceded -Yes Doctor, I agree we need to discuss Leah´s situation, I also have a lot to tell you.-

-Loki, uh? – Bruce guessed

-Yes – was Thor plain response.

Bruce proceeded to narrate everything starting with Thor´s request to talk to Leah, when he got to her recollection of the fight Thor couldn’t had felt more awkward though he was reassured by a gentle hand squeeze from Natasha and the understanding looks of his teammates, seemed he wasn´t at all good hiding his feelings about her, none of them seemed surprised.

– … so I decided to clean up the medical ward first, I didn´t though you would be back so soon. I should´ve probably warned you about it before you arrived, I can only imagine what you must have thought- Banner apologized

-That someone had invaded us was our first thought.- Steve told him

-Or decided to make a snuff film on my kitchen – Tony joked – Loki and you had a talk Thor, how that went?-

Not at all as I thought it would- Thor confessed as he started to tell his own story, unaware to all of them was a lonesome figure that listened attentively to their words from behind the kitchen door. Leah hadn´t slept for long, the dull pain in her stomach had awoken her, she was on her way to find something to eat when she heard them talking, at first she refused to go in out of shame of the whole “small incident” as Banner called it but as she heard Thor start talking about Loki she froze. As she listened to Loki´s words on Thor´s lips she cried silent tears, he did loved her but he might as well hated her, he wouldn´t even talk to her; she was back to square one alone and pregnant.

– When Thor finished his recollection Bruce said to him on a serious tone –We are all she has then.-

-It would seem that way Doctor Banner. – Thor confirmed.

-I hate to be the one to say this but Leah is right, what are we supposed to do about her and her child – Tony interrupted. -We can´t just keep them locked in here for the rest of their lives, we are super-heroes, not super-nannies.-

-We can always send them to Asgard – Clint suggested

-I have already told you, Leah doesn´t want to go. – Thor reminded Clint

-We might not have a choice. – Natasha dryly told them

-You mean we should sent her there even against her will?-Banner incredulously asked

-If we have no choice, yes.-Natasha answered

There was a long silence, no one seemed to object the idea. Leah couldn´t believe what she was hearing and ran to her room as the argument continued in the kitchen.

-No, I do not agree.- Thor suddenly protested

-Me neither – Steve added- If we do such a thing we´ll only be proving her right.-

-About being our prisoner? – Bruce interrupted

-Yes – Steve answered – she made a valid point, she´s been trapped her since we got her out from SHIELD, to be honest I´m surprised she lasted this long without complaining about it.-

-Why should she complain?-Tony asked offended by Steve´s comment- My house is way better than a 5 star hotel, she should be grateful, I doubt SHIELD would’ve been that accommodating.-

-And I´m sure she is Tony – Bruce tried to calm him –But think about it, we all have the liberty to stay or go as we please, but we´ve taken that choice from her.-

-I do understand Bruce, if it were me who´s been locked in I would already tear this place apart, but are you really suggesting we take her out on a shopping spree? –Tony asked in disbelief

-Yes, that´s exactly what I´m suggesting.-Bruce answered determined to fulfill his promise.

-Maybe I could buy out a plaza and take her there- Tony suggested

-I don´t think that would work Tony, she needs to be out with the rest of the world, to feel normal even if it is just for a couple of hours. She´s barely starting to open up, do you realize today was the first time she even mention the accident where all her family died? I´m afraid she´ll clam up again if we don´t at least try to give this to her.-

-I really don´t think that´s a good idea.-Tony responded

-Maybe not – Steve interrupted – But it´s the right thing to do.-

-I´m getting sick and tired of we being the only ones that have to do the right thing all the time, why can´t Loki do the right thing this once?-Tony snapped

-Tony!- Natasha yelled at him infuriated while slightly nodding her head to point at Thor.

-I know, I know, I´m sorry. My bad.-Tony apologized

-You are right Stark.-Thor heavily agreed – None of us would be in this mess if it weren´t for Loki. I can´t make him do the right thing, but I will do what´s right for Leah.-

-So, will you tell her everything? – Bruce asked concerned

-Yes, I will, you were right not to keep things from her earlier, refraining to tell her anything of what Loki said would be as bad as lying. She needs to be able to trusts us, though I am worried about her reaction- Thor answered

-She´s stronger than you give her credit for Thor – Steve reassured him – You are doing the right thing, and who knows she might even change her mind about going to Asgard.-

-That takes care of one problem, though we still have another.- Clint reminded them

-How to get her out without any danger – Tony elaborated – Ok, let me think about it, I´m sure I can come up with a plan.-

Meanwhile Leah had arrived at her room, the prospect of being sent off to Asgard without her consent made her angry, and the knowledge she was alone haunted her.

-“Of course he won´t do anything”- Leah admonished herself mentally – You were nothing but a stupid child hoping he would come to your rescue once he found out, you still believe in knights in shining armour? Come on Leah, be serious!”-

She started pacing up and down her room trying to figure out what to do, suddenly she walked into her bedroom mirror, as she examined herself attentively she spoke – All right, you´d better be through with feeling pity for yourself, we have someone else to care about now, and we can´t let him down. You´d better get ready to rescue yourself out.-

She had decided, she would try to escape on the first chance she got. –“I´m not the first not the last woman to be on my position, alone and desperate. If hundreds, no millions of woman can survive being a single mum I will survive too. There´s no point on deluding myself I still love Loki, I still wish he would come and make everything all right, but I really don´t expect him to. I´m alone at this, and maybe that´s not such a bad thing, who says I need a man to be happy? I know that if I put my heart to it I will find out I´m much stronger that I give myself credit for.”

-I won´t let you down, I swear.- she said as she caressed her womb, it was staring to show. She would have to act soon before her pregnancy was too advanced to try anything.

Leah´s image faded on Loki´s skying pool, he had been watching her since she woke up, he cursed himself mentally for not thinking about it sooner when he saw her bandaged hands. He had been tempted to watch her many times but he somehow managed to convince himself against it, it served no point, he already had made up his mind about leaving, seeing her only made it more painful.

-Leah, Leah… what are you thinking? – He asked out loud, he had a bad feeling he couldn´t shake, she was acting to calmly, she was up to something. – Why do I have the feeling you´re going to do something foolish?-

Facing the Truth

As soon as the team left Banner went down to Leah´s room, he wasn´t sure of what had happened though he knew that if Thor had felt compelled to tell him they must have had a really bad argument otherwise he wouldn´t had mentioned.

His suspicions were confirmed when he heard Leah´s response as he knocked on the door.

-Go away Thor! I don´t wanna talk! Leave me alone!-

-Leah, it isn´t Thor. It´s me Bruce, can I come in? – He asked hoping she wouldn´t sent him away.

After a long awkward silence Bruce heard footsteps coming to the door, he sighed with relief when he heard the door being unlocked.

-I´m sorry Bruce, please come in- Leah said as she kept trying to clean her tears with her sleeves.

Bruce looked at her and couldn´t help to feel concerned, she usually hided her feeling all the time, but this time she didn´t cared to anymore. –“What should I tell her?”- Bruce thought to himself –“Asking if she´s all right when she´s obviously isn´t doesn´t sound as a good idea.”- Then he decided to be direct –“Leah, you look upset. What happened?-

-I kind of had a fight with Thor – Leah admitted and then proceeded to admonish herself –I can´t believe I was so mean to him, I´m so stupid.-

-I hardly think you are stupid Leah, how about you tell me what happened?- Bruce asked her.

As Leah told Bruce the details of her fight with Thor he just listened attentively adjusting his glasses or placing his hand over his chin in deep thought.

– … so you see – Leah ended her recollection of the fight – I´m just plainly stupid.-

  • Leah, you aren´t stupid, why you keep saying that?- Bruce asked her
  • Because I know Thor is the good guy, the right guy, I should be thrilled he pays me any attention, and I do enjoy his company but I don´t think of him like that. God knows I´ve tried but I just can´t. And I know Loki is the bad guy, the wrong guy and I would be better off without him, and still … – Leah stopped unable to end her sentence.
  • And still he is the one you love- Bruce ended her sentence
  • -Yes!- Leah acknowledge as she broke down in tears holding her own arms in search of comfort, which unexpectly camed from another couple of arms holding her, Bruce warmth undid her completely, as she embraced herself to him it seemed that all the tears she had withheld were pouring out.

As Leah´s sobbing finally subsided she told Bruce – I´m sorry, I don´t know what came over me.-

-You don´t have to apologize Leah, there´s no shame in crying, now how about you clean yourself and then we go to the kitchen and fix you something to eat, we can keep talking on our way there.-

Leah seemed a little reluctant so Bruce added –And if you don´t want to talk I can do all the talking, agreed?-

-Ok, agreed.- Leah answered as she went to the bathroom to rinse her face.

-Are you feeling better now?- Bruce asked her as she came out.

-A little, I hate to admit it, but after all that crying I do feel better, though a bit worn out too.-

-I´m glad you do, and it´s only natural you´ve been under a lot of stress.-

-That´s an understatement.- Leah added

As they went to the lift Banner asked her – Do you really feel like our prisoner?-

-Well … yes- Leah answered – I know you are doing your best you can to protect us but the fact remains, I can´t get out because it´s too dangerous.-

-Maybe we can fix that – Bruce told her then added as he saw Leah´s expression grew into a smile – I´m not making any promises, but I´ll talk to the others, maybe we can come up with a plan that allows you to spent a few hours off the Tower.-

-Really Bruce? I would love that, thank you so much- Leah exclaimed in excitement

-What would you want to do if we managed to safely take you outside?-

-I´m not sure, I guess a walk in the park is out of the question. Maybe shopping? That would definitely make me happy – Leah answered in hope.

-Ok, well see – Bruce told her then added –About what will happen when your child is born, that´s a tough question. Are you sure you don´t want to move to Asgard?-

-Yes, I´m sure.-Leah answered – I want to stay on Earth, Asgard sounds great to visit, but I can´t see myself living there. I would be lost.-

-All right, I´ll have to get back to you on that one then.-

-Sound fair –Leah agreed then she suddenly noticed everything was too quite.- Where is everyone?-

-They had to go on a mission. – Bruce answered as he served her the eggs he had just prepared on Leah´s plate, he hoped she wouldn´t ask him anything else about it, he was a terrible liar.

Leah picked up Banner´s discomfort as he answered her, for a moment she tried to ignore it and took a sip of her glass of milk, suddenly she asked – That sounds exciting! Where to?-

-Not far away, in the city-

Banner´s reluctance to give her any details peaked her curiosity, after another sip she added – Really? Who are they fighting?-

-Doom … and … his army of doombots. – Bruce answered her as he retrieved the bread he placed in the toaster a few minutes before.

-Bruce, you are hiding something from me, what are you not telling me? – Leah asked as she takes another sip

-“Damn!”- Bruce thinks to himself – “If I lie to her she won´t trust me again” – so against his own better judgement he tells her –Loki is with Doom.-

-What?!- Leah´s grip on her glass tightened suddenly causing it to break on her hands –Why didn´t you told me? Please I need to talk to Thor Bruce, please, I need to, before… before it’s too late.-

Bruce turned around as he heard the glass shattering and ran to her with a towel to stop her hands from bleeding.

-Good Lord Leah! Look at your hands! We need to take care of them now- Bruce scolded her.

-No Bruce, please I need to talk to Thor first, before it’s too late –Leah pleaded as her tears threatened to start pouring out again.

-Too late for what? – Bruce asks her in earnest

-Before he finds Loki – Leah keeps pleading fear reflected in her eyes – Please Bruce, after all I said to him you can´t let him fight Loki!-

-Leah, what are you so afraid of? You really don´t think Thor would .. – Bruce asked trying to calm himself down and concentrate on Leah´s wounds.

-Hurt him? Kill him? I don´t know. I just refused him for Loki. Bruce at least talk to him.-

-All right, I will but we need to get you to the medical ward right now.-

-Ok, just talk to him please – Leah agreed as she let Bruce guide her swiftly of the kitchen.

-Jarvis. I need you to connect me to Thor´s comlink- Bruce told the A.I.

-Certainly Sir, it will just take a moment. The connection is ready Sir- Jarvis told Bruce as they got off the lift in the medical ward level.

-Thor, is Bruce-

-Banner? Is everything all right? – Thor asked

-Yes … well … kind of – Bruce answered uncertain of how to tell Thor about Leah´s concerns – Umm … Leah is a bit worried … have you found Loki?-

There was a moment of silence before Thor answered again – Yes. I have, we are talking right now.-

-Talking? – Both Leah and Bruce asked incredulous

-Yes, talking- Thor answered angrily –Tell Leah Loki is fine I´ll talk to her when I´m back. – With that he sever the connection-Sir, Mr. Odinson cut the comlink communication. – Jarvis informed them.

-There you go Leah, they are both all right, and now let me take a look at your hands.-

-All right- Leah agreed as she sat in a chair sniffling still, now that she knew Loki was all right she noticed the pain in her hands. –I´m sorry Bruce – she spat suddenly as he removed another shard from her right palm that caused her to whimper – I´m such a mess, you are trying to help me and I just keep making a mess of everything.-

Bruce sighed as he focused on the labor at hand, they both remained silence while he removed the shards, cleaned the wounds and stitched the deeper gauges. The only sounds were Leah´s muffled whimpers.

Once he finished bandaging her hands Bruce looked up at her, she was looking miserable as a scolded child, her nose was read, her eyes were puffy, tears still traced her cheeks as she absentmindly stared at her hands.

-Leah – he called her making her to look up.

-I´m sorry Bruce – she said again as more tears poured out – I feel so lost all the time, ever since that day I´ve never stopped feeling out of place, like I don’t belong anywhere anymore – It was the first time she had ever mentioned the accident, she thought about it every day but she never talked about it.

-I understand Leah, I really do. But you have to find a way to move on or you´ll only end up hurting yourself and all the people around you. I know you didn´t mean to, but you shouldn´t had given –Thor false hopes.-

-But … I didn´t meant … – Leah tried to interrupt him.

-I know – Bruce interrupted her in return – But the fact is that you did. I don´t have all the answers, and if even Loki gives you any, you will have to come up with some answers on your own about what you want to do with your life, both for you and your child.-

Leah nodded her head in acknowledgement, Bruce was right it wasn´t about her anymore, whatever happened she had to figure out how to move on.

-And now, let´s get you cleaned up again, you look like something the cat drag in- Bruce tried to joke to make her relax

-That bad, uh? – Leah asked.

-Worst actually, are you in pain?- Bruce asked worryingly

-A bit … yes – she confessed

-I´m going to administer you some pain killers, antibiotics and antinflamatories so your wound don´t get infected. Are you hungry?-

-Not really, I feel too spent to eat.-

-You might as well get some sleep then, try not to use your hands much, I don´t want the stitches to open.-

-I´ll try my best. – She meant it, she hated being so much trouble.

Bruce accompanied her to her room and tuck her in.

-Thank you Bruce.-Leah said to him just as he was closing her door, Bruce smiled back as he answered –You are welcome, now try to get some sleep.-

Leah stayed awake for a couple more minutes, she kept trying to figure out how to apologize to Thor and imagining what news would he bring about Loki. As the pain killers kicked in drowsiness won over until she yield to dreamless sleep.


-Let´s start from the beginning …why did you saved her?-Thor asks as he sits on the roof floor

-Because I´m a sentimental fool – Loki answered

-Loki if you are not going to tell me the truth our deal is off! – Thor nagged him

-All right! – Loki sighed as he shrugged his shoulders – Because of you … –

-Of me? – Thor inquired puzzled by Loki´s answer

-I remember that day clearly we were having a hell of a good fight, there were cars on fire, debris from the bridge, lots of smoke … thinking about it doesn´t surprise me that neither of us saw her walking right to the middle of it, she just appeared as if she were a ghost right between us as you summoned your lightning’s against me, I could´ve easily avoid them but as I heard you scream when you realized she was there, when I saw the look of horror in your eyes, the realization that you just had killed an innocent, in that moment I wanted to spare you from it becoming true, I wanted to protect my brother and the only way I could do it was by saving her .-

Thor looked at Loki confused – Why? Why did you cared?-

-I told you I was a sentimental fool that day, she meant absolutely nothing to me back then until … I held her. When I first looked into her eyes they were void like life had been drained from them, she didn´t even noticed me getting a hold of her to shield her from your blow, she just wasn´t there. And then your lightning hit us and as I screamed in pain before teleporting us they suddenly became alive, it was like watching the universe being born, she noticed me and then the strangest thing happened, there was no fear on her eyes, not form me, not from the possibility of dying … I had almost forgot how that looked like, but there it was, she was concerned about me. Can you believe that? She was worried about me! – Loki nervously laughed. –When my senses returned I found us still holding each other a few miles away from the bridge, she had blackout. Finally I could get a good look at her, she looked injured but not from the lightning her cuts and bruises were fresh, someone had cured them earlier that day, she was wearing a hospital gown and you could see the marks of where an IV had been on her right arm. She was bleeding so I left her in the nearest hospital.-

-Yes, the Golden Gate General Hospital where I found her.-

-I know, I saw you when you did – Loki confessed – The look on your face when you saw her alive made it worthwhile.-

-You were following me? – Thor asked

-No, I was watching her. I watched her for weeks, I´m not sure why, when I noticed your constant visits I thought she would fall in love with you, after all how many midgardian or asgardian woman for that matter can resist your charms, so I left.- Loki plainly added

-She didn´t – Thor confessed annoyed

-I found that out afterwards when I noticed her following me a couple of months later.-

-Why did you deceived her? Making her think she was dreaming of you – Thor asked

-I wasn´t planning to –Loki admitted – It was more like a confusion on her behalf and I just didn´t told her wrong, at first I was curious about why was she following me witch such intensity so one night I teleported myself to her motel room to find out. I founded her passed out sitting still on a chair her head resting over the room´s table, with more of a couple bottles scattered all over …-

-You are lying … – Thor protested energetically

-I am not lying, and even if you don´t like to hear it you know I am telling you the truth, or did she fooled you into thinking she was all right? How could she had been all right when she lost everyone she loved the day we met her? – Loki snapped at Thor, he was trembling with anger.

-I know, it was a terrible lost. – Thor apologized –Please continue, I won´t interrupt you again.-

-All right – Loki answered still angry at Thor´s outburst, he closed his eyes and sighed as he remembered – I was looking at her when she suddenly came to and saw me, although she was still very drunk I think that the surprise of seeing me there cleared her head a bit though not enough because she started laughing until suddenly she asked me what I was doing there, I told her that I heard she was looking for me so there I was to find out why. –

-You want to know why I´m looking for you? – Leah asked me as she took another sip from one of the bottles next to hear –Wouldn´t you like to know? – Then she laughed, I was seriously thinking she wouldn´t be able to give me any answers or remember any of it by the next day when she started talking – I want to know why …-

-Why what? – I asked her in return

-Why you saved me? Why am I still alive? – She explained

-Isn´t it enough that you are? Why should I explain my actions to you? – I´m not sure why but I didn´t wanted to tell her it was because of you

-Right! Why should you? You are only a dream, you don´t have any answers for me, as I don´t have them you can´t give them to me. – She nervously laughed as she kept drinking

As she was in a talkative mood I tried to find out more –Maybe if you give me more answers I will be able to give you some –

She laughed almost hysterically – Ok, Freud let´s psychoanalyze ourselves! I don´t think I´ll remember this dream in the morning anyway, so why not? Ask away!-

-Why is it important to you to know? – I asked

-Because I should´ve died that day, twice and I´m still here. – She answered as she played with her glass

-Twice? – I was rather confused

-Yes, on the car accident, all my family died except for me, my parents, my husband Martin … – she had to stop as her voice quivered, I could see the tears in her eyes she was refusing to shed – … and my baby – she broke down at that point.

I was shocked by her confession, I understood right then why she looked so injured that day, why was her mind gone when I first hold her. I´m not even sure how it happened but the next thing I knew I was holding her, trying to comfort her. She cried for what seemed hours when she finally quieted down she added – He took them away from me, and he didn´t even gave me the comfort of … justice … no, no I didn´t wanted justice I wanted vengeance and he took that away from me too.-

-Who did? – I asked her

-The drunk driver that hit us, he died in the accident too. – She answered, almost whispered. She had felt asleep in my arms.

-I was feeling confused with all the emotions she was waking in me, I understood her anger, her pain, but didn´t knew what to do about them so I laid her down in the bed and left. I tried to forget about her for days, but almost without thinking about it I found myself on her room again, this time she didn´t seemed as drunk as before she even looked a little cheerful though it might as well been the whisky.

-Hi stranger! – She greeted me as she noticed I was in the room – I remember our talk!-

-Really? I didn’t though you would. – I replied to her

-Well, me neither, but I seem to be holding my liquor better than expected.- she smiled, I had never seen her smile before that moment, and she looked beautiful , I think she noticed I was staring at her because the next thing she did was ask If I liked what I was seeing, she caught me completely off-guard. I, Silver Tongue was speechless, can you picture that? – Loki laughed at the memory – It took me a moment to react and when I finally said yes she got up from her chair, approached me and out of nothing kissed me …-

-Stop right there – Thor interrupted and swiftly added– I don´t need to hear that part-

Loki chuckled at Thor´s reaction – Like I was going to tell you, though I´m pretty sure you can imagine what happened through the next months –

-I´m trying not to – Thor asked with a frown then asked – Why didn´t you told her the truth?-

-Because I didn’t wanted that … whatever that was to end. – Loki confessed – I was selfish I wanted her to be mine, and mine alone, I was scared that If I told her the truth there wouldn´t be a chance of her staying with me; but as months went by I noticed she kept drinking and that she wasn´t eating nor sleeping much. At first I tried to get her to eat something when I visited her, or to get rid of the alcohol but whenever I did she got suspicious so I eventually quit, I tried to figure out something else. I was watching as she consumed herself with guilt for surviving, I now was afraid of telling her the truth because of what the truth would do to her, that´s when I realized I couldn´t help her, no matter how much I loved her I was now part of the problem. Furthermore, she wouldn´t stop looking for me, she was almost bankrupt and she didn´t even considerate to stop, I needed someone else to help her, to stop her from keep harming herself but it wasn´t as I could just ask for your help, the moment I showed I cared I painted a target on her back, so I came up with a plan to lead you to her.-Loki looked up at Thor – I was hoping you and your Avengers would pick up my trace and find her, I didn´t thought that SHIELD would beat you to it, when they did I had no choice but abandon her in hope they wouldn´t keep her.-

-They almost did – Thor informed Loki –

-So they don´t have them? – Loki asked in hope

-No, they don´t – Thor gave him a little smile – Fury thought us every step but we refused to let her with them even before we knew she was pregnant.-

-Is she and the baby all right? – Loki asked relieved

-You might say that – Thor answered him a bit uncertain if he should tell Loki about what happened in the morning – She´s … umm … sad-

-Sad? What do you mean? Why? – Loki´s face betrayed him on how much worried he was which made Thor´s decision easy, even if there was a slim chance Loki would do the right thing he had to risk it, he owed Leah that much.

-She … she loves you – the words were heavy on Thor´s heart – and misses you, and she is worried about herself and the baby, she knows SHIELD or anyone else that knows she’s pregnant with your child would get a hold on them if given the chance, she feels like a prisoner.-

-It´s all my fault – Loki reproached himself

-Then do something about it- Thor replied

-Like what? – Loki asked angrily

-Change your ways, I´m sure Father would forgive you. They would be safe in Asgard- Thor told him

-You think I hadn´t thought of that? How long do you think it would take me to get bored and abandon her there, a decade perhaps? I couldn’t do that to her, it would be too cruel. I am who I am Thor, and I don´t think I can change it, and If I did change for her I would end up resenting her. She doesn´t deserve that, she deserves someone better than me.- Loki said bitterly

-But she doesn´t want someone else Loki! – Thor replied angry at Loki´s response

Thor´s intercom interrupted them, it was Banner, he had told Leah where he was and who he was fighting and Leah was worried, they wanted to know if he had found him.

-Yes, I have. We are talking right now – Thor answered them, as he heard their response he grew impatient and told them – Yes, talking. Tell Leah Loki is fine, I´ll talk to her when I get back.- with that he severed the connection.

-She knows. – Loki sadly stated

-Yes, she was worried, I´m not sure what she must had thought.-Thor told him

-Probably that you would try to kill me.- Loki ironically said with a smirk

– I wouldn´t! – Thor protested offended

-I´m not so sure about that, you were pretty angry.-Loki added

-I´m still am, but that´s not the point. What are you going to do now? Will you come with me and explain everything to Leah? – Thor inquired

-I´m not sure, I got to think about it. But I´m not going with you. – Loki answered him

-What do you mean? You need to talk to her!- Thor snapped at him

-I can´t, I already told you she deserves much better than me, you know everything now. Explain it to her and … tell her that I am sorry.- Barely he had finished his sentence Loki teleported away.

Unknown to both Loki and Thor was the fact that one of the doombots had recorded their conversation, Doom had managed to escape and soon would be in possession of the recording.

I´m not lying

Without further delay the team got on board the Quinjet as they go through their plan which consisted mainly in rescuing the Museum visitor´s whom had become Loki and Doom´s hostages. Tony would draw the attention of the doombots posted outside so the rest of the team could go in undetected.

As they got closer to Central Park Steve approached Thor –Can I have a word with you?-he asked to the blond god as he took him aside from the others. Thor followed him slightly irritated.

-Before you say anything, I need you to promise me you will stick to our plan, our priority is to rescue the hostages, any personal issues will have to wait until then, do we understand each other Thor? –Steve asked him a very serious look on his face.

-We do Captain, and once we have rescued the hostages, Loki is mine.-Thor aggressively answered

-All right –Steve replied, then he added –And Thor, just remember whatever happens between you and Loki down there Leah´s going to find out eventually, so … don´t do anything you´ll regret later.- without waiting for Thor´s replied Steve left.

Thor was taken aback by Steve´s comment, he was still very furious at Loki, but Steve´s words lingered on his mind.

Within minutes they we´re landing in Central Park, Jarvis had used the satellites to locate the hostages, they we´re in the Ocean Life Hall. Before leaving to play his part on their plan Tony jokingly told them –Guys, remember it´s a museum. Try not to break everything- then he lured the doombots posted outside on a wild goose chase while the rest of the team went in.

-Where to Nat? – Clint asked Natasha who had the plans of the museum

-To our right, we need to follow the corridor until we hit wall and then left – She answered as she added – They chose their position carefully, there´s only one way in or out, they´ll see us coming-

-Is there a way we can access the hall from the upper level?-Steve asked her.

After a few seconds of analyzing the map Natasha smiled as she answered –Yes, there is. Here. – She pointed a corridor on the second floor that had a view to the lower level.

-Perfect, Thor and I will go to the second floor, you and Clint will go ahead and lure the doombots to that precise spot so we can ambush them. –

-All right, meet you there – Natasha answered as both Clint and she proceed to follow the corridor.

It didn´t took them long to find some resistance as they approached the hall, though compared to other enemies doombots were a fairly easy target their number´s didn´t made it any easier.

-I hate this damn things! – Clint shouted to Natasha as they ducked behind some pillars.

-I think they feel the same way about us – Natasha yelled him back as she fired her gun.

Suddenly they heard the sound of metal against metal, in less than a minute it all went silence as they took a peek they saw Steve and Thor.

-What took you so long?-Natasha complained

-This place is like a maze –Steve answered – It took us a while to find the right corridor.-

-Well, I´m glad you did- Client told them as he added – Should we get moving?-

-This way boys – Natasha motioned them.

Within moments they had reached the hostages and got rid of the remaining doombots, but there was no trace of Doom or Loki there.

-Why would they get into so much trouble just to leave?-Steve asked outloud mainly to himself

-Maybe the hostages were a diversion – Natasha answered

-Umm, Sir? – a small child pulled from Steve´s uniform.

-Yes?- Steve answered as he knelt to the child´s level, then the young boy whispered something on his ear.

Steve smiled as he ruffled the kids hair–Thank you son, now go to your parents. –

-You are welcome Captain- the boy answered with a big smile before running to his folks.

-I think I know where Doom and Loki are –Steve told the rest of the team – He said they were talking about a gift from the stars.-

-The Meteorite Exhibition.- Tony said as he walked in

-Right!- Steve agreed – Thor and I will go to the Exhibit, while the tree of you get this people to safety, we don´t know if Doom has more doombots hiding around.

-All right! Call us if you need us –Tony answered

-You are going to need this – Natasha said as she handed the Museum plans to Steve.

The Ross Hall of Meteorites was on the opposite side of the Museum, as they approached they could hear the sound of glass breaking and voices, it seemed that they still hadn´t found what they were looking for.

Once they were close enough Thor shouted –Loki!-

Both Loki and Doom turned in surprise being caught off guard, but they didn´t stood still for long as Thor was already charging against Loki, he tackled him with such strength they both went through the Museum outer wall and landed in the middle of the street.

While Steve dealt with Doom inside the Museum, Thor and Loki´s fight had already taken them to Central Park.

Both adversaries were strong, Thor was armed with Mjolnir while Loki had a three points spear which he used with great skill.

-Are we angry brother? – Loki mockingly told Thor as he blocked another blow from Thor´s hammer with his spear.

-You know very well I am- Thor spat at him as he flung his hammer against Loki again who ducked and avoided being hit for only a couple centimeters

-Anger makes you slow Thor – Loki again mocked him as he swung his spear against Thor´s leg making him fall.

Thor grunted as he quickly got up and charged again – How dare you do that to her? – He reproached Loki

-Her? … Oh! Do you mean that midgardian bitch I dich when SHIELD found me – Loki laughed sarcastically as he and Thor kept throwing and blocking punches at each other – I got tired of her, why you care? You like her? You can have her- Loki mocked him again as he had successfully managed to make Thor unhand Mjolnir, then he swirled his spear ready to make another attack.

Thor couldn’t believe how cold and demeaning were Loki´s words about Leah, it only made him angrier –I´ll teach you to talk about Leah like that – Thor shouted as he flung himself against Loki grabbing Loki´s spear and using it to pin Loki to the ground.

– I don´t see what the big deal is – Loki added– She had her fun and so did I-

-Fun! You call that fun? You deceive her – Thor yelled at Loki who seize the opportunity and twirl his spear against Thor´s head to free himself.

As he got up he shouted –I´m the god of lies Thor, that´s what I do! – He was smiling as he swiftly charged against Thor again who was still on the ground summoning Mjolnir at his side. – Why do you care?-

Mjolnir flew to Thor´s hand just in time for him to block Loki´s blow, then quickly charged again with all his strength as he shouted – I care because she´s pregnant with your child –

Thor words sank in Loki´s heart at the same moment Mjolnir broke his spear breaking sparkles, the strength of the shock wave send Loki flying a few meters away against a tree.

Thor expected Loki to attack again, the blow had been strong but no strong enough to defeat him, but Loki didn´t moved, he just stayed on his knees looking to the ground in defeat –I´ve failed!- were the words that were frozen on his lips.

-No, you are not going to get away this easy Loki – Thor grunted – Fight me!-

As Loki didn´t answered him back Thor pulled him up by his clothes – Fight me I say!-

-Did you left them with SHIELD?- were Loki´s words as he looked up at Thor

-What?!- Thor asked in return

-Tell me! Did you left her with SHIELD? – Loki asked again.

-Why do you care? – Thor spat at him.

-Because I love her you stupid oaf!- Loki yelled to him

– You liar … – Thor roared ready to give Loki a piece of his mind

-I´m not lying- Loki yelled back, only then Thor noticed the lonely tear running down Loki´s cheek.

-No! You abandoned her… – Thor said as he took a step back releasing Loki wondering I there were any true to his words

– I thought I could save her, but I was too late – Loki explained

-Save her from what? – Thor inquired still unsure if it was just another of Loki´s tricks

-From me! – Loki shouted as he hit his chest with his fist – I only bring chaos Thor, everything I touch becomes tainted, I wanted to spare her, but I was selfish it took me too long to let her go.-

-Then why did you said such poisonous words about her? – Thor inquired again

-The same reason I abandoned her to SHIELD, to make you all think that I didn´t cared for her, that way you would’ve considered her just another victim and let her go. But I failed. – Loki´s sounded desperate.

-I´m still not convinced you are telling me the truth, I want you to explain everything to me until I am satisfied. – Thor answered

-Thor, we are in the middle of a fight – Loki told him with irony

-I don´t see us fighting right now. Truce? – Thor volunteered

-If I answer your questions will you answer mine? – Loki asked in earnest

-I promise- Thor agreed

-Truce then – Loki agreed –Though I suggest a change of scenario. I don´t want this conversation to fall into the wrong ears.-

Suddenly Loki teleported them to one the roof of one of the building surrounding Central Park, Thor had been prepared for an attack when he realized Loki had teleported them and was surprised when there was none.

Loki read the surprise in Thor´s face and told him – We agreed on a truce, and I will keep my end of the bargain, at least until I get the answers I want.- he smirked sadly

As he sat on the cornice asked – What do you want to know Thor?-


Weeks had gone by without any news from Loki, it seemed he had fallen of the face of the Earth. Meanwhile his absence added to the fact that Leah had been cooped in the Avenger´s Tower all that time, which started to take it´s tall on Leah´s mood, she was growing sadder and restless although she made her best effort to hide it from the others by the time morning sickness appeared everyone had noticed she wasn´t taking it as well as she claimed.

The only times she seemed genuinely happy was when Thor told her stories about his and Loki´s youth. From time to time she would smile and said to herself mostly –So that really happened- or –It was true-.

Thor cherished those precious moment where Leah smiled forgetting all of her worries at least as long as his stories lasted. He was grateful to Loki for saving her, and at the same time enraged he had deceived her so, he wanted to protect her, to keep her safe from everything and everyone.

One morning Leah failed to appear for breakfast, concerned Thor looked for her in her room, when he couldn´t find her there he remembered about Jarvis and asked the A.I. –Jarvis, can you please tell me Leah current whereabouts.- he still felt strange talking to Starks invisible servant, though he knew it would be faster than looking for her all over the Tower.

-She is in the penthouse Mr. Odinson, in the terrace. – The A.I. quickly answered

-Thank you Jarvis – within moments Thor had reached the penthouse, Leah was sitting on the floor of the terrace, resting her head over one bended knee, she was so self-absorbed she didn´t heard Thor walking in until he spoke.

-You missed breakfast – Thor softly told her.

Startled by his presence Leah gave a small jump as she started to dry out the tears she had been shedding with her sleeves – Thor … I … I´m not in the mood for breakfast right now .-

-Are you feeling all right? I can call Dr. Banner …-

-No!- Leah interrupted him – I don´t feel ill, I´m just not in the mood, I just want to be alone for a while.-

-But Leah, you should think of your baby …- Thor started to scold her.

His words made something snapped inside Leah, her previous sadness turned into rage as she answered him –Think about my baby? You think I´m not thinking about him? That´s all I think about! What will happen when he´s born? We will have to stay here for always? For our own protection? I hate being locked in here, this maybe more comfortable than the hellicarrier but it´s a prison nonetheless.-

-You could always come with me. –Thor told her

-To Asgard? – Leah shrieked – How is that any better? Your people hate Loki as much as Earth people do, if not more. There´s no chance of happiness for us there.-

-I don´t know what you want me to say or do – Thor answered her a bit angry at her outburst

-I don´t want you to say or do anything Thor, what I want I cannot have. Just leave me alone! – Leah spat at him as she started walking away.

Thor grabbed her hand desperate to console her –Wait Leah, don´t go! What is it that you want?-

-I want my freedom back! – Leah answered crying as she kept trying to wriggle her hand out of Thor´s she screamed in despair – I want Loki! –

Thor left her hand go surprised by her statement, as soon as Leah felt her hand free she ran inside the penthouse towards the lift, leaving a very confused, hurt and angry Thor behind.

Suddenly Steve´s voice came up in his intercom – Thor … –

-What?! – was Thor´s angry response.

-Thor we need you to come to the situation room, Loki has finally showed up and he´s not alone.-

-I´m on my way Captain – Thor answered, he was glad the opportunity had presented itself to give Loki a piece of his mind.

When Thor arrived to the situation room everyone had already geared up, Loki, Doom and Doom´s army of doombots were on the screen.

-So, what are they up to this time? – Clint asked

-It seems they are after something inside the Natural History Museum. Knowing Doom it could be anything – Banner answered

-Anything powerful and dangerous you mean – Tony added.

-So what are we waiting for? – Thor replied

-Aren’t we a bit eager this morning big man? –Stark started asking though Thor´s angry glare made him add – And it´s not of my business, forget I said anything.-

After settling for a plan they decided to leave someone in the Tower to keep an eye of Leah in case SHIELD got any ideas to retrieve her while they were away. Bruce volunteer to stay, he alone could stop any intruders trying to break in.

Before they left Thor took Banner aside and told him – I´m afraid I made Leah upset earlier, would you … –

-Talk to her? Don´t worry Thor I will.- Banner reassured him.

It was a good thing the plan included Thor dealing with Loki, that way he wouldn´t feel guilty of leaving his teammates to deal with Doom and his army.

Waking up

-What happened? – Was Leah´s first though as she woke up in the early morning –Oh, yes! I remember now! – for a moment she felt scared she was back on board the hellicarrier until she saw the lights of New York City at the distance.

As she sighed with relief she noticed she was in a glass window bedroom and across the hall a couch where Thor was soundly asleep, had he been there all the time?

-Yes, he´s been there all night.- Natasha´s voice as she came in the room pulled her out of her thoughts. –How are you feeling?-

-Better, I guess – Leah answered she didn´t wanted to think of her feelings right now – I´m a text book lady in distress, am I not? – she asked with a sad smile

-I wouldn´t say text book, but yes you are –Natasha smirked – Do you want to talk about it?-

-Not really – Leah admitted, then asked her – Is it really true? Am I pregnant with Loki´s child? – She hoped against all odds she had dreamed that part.

-Yes, you are – Natasha answered her as she grabbed Leah´s hands in her own to comfort her as she saw the distress in her eyes – Don´t worry, we are here for you, you are safe her-

-I don´t wanna be safe –Leah´s voice quivered – I want answers and all have now are more questions.- Tears betrayed her as she continued – Why am I still here? Why he saved me? Wy couldn´t he let me die? He knew what I was looking for, why didn´t he gave me answers? Why did he kept coming to me? Why did he finally decided to tell me the truth? What am I to him, a toy? – she barely ended her last sentence when she broke down in tears, Natasha held her as she kept crying.

-I´m sorry Leah, I don´t know the answers, why are they so important to you? – She wanted to understand her, that way she might be able to help her.

-Because I don´t know any more what my purpose is –Leah whispered as soon as her crying subsided then she asked Natasha – Do you think he knows … that I´m pregnant?-

After all Loki had done to her Leah´s question surprised Natasha – I don´t think so, why you ask?-

-I … I´m not sure, I know I should be angry at him and I am, but I miss him also. Now that I know everything I thought I dreamed is true I don´t know what to think.-

Thor interrupted their conversation as he walked into the room –Leah, you are awake, how are you feeling? – He asked concern written all over his face.

-Uhm, better, thanks. I´m so sorry I made you all worry.-

-You don´t have to apologize, I´m glad you are feeling better, are you hungry? Should I bring you breakfast?-

-Breakfast would be fine Thor, thank you – Leah gave him a small smile.

As Thor left Natasha asked – Leah, do you love Loki?-

Leah blushed – I don´t know, I never thought about it, I was certain I was dreaming, that it was all in my head. That once I finally found him and get the answers I wanted the dreams would stop and I would have to go on with my life. Now, I´m confused, I don´t know what´s true and what’s a lie.-

-What do you mean? – Natasha frowned

-Well, we talked a lot – Leah blushed again as she lower her gaze – I know it´s hard to believe due to my actual predicament, but that wasn´t the only thing we did.-

-Oh! I didn´t mean … – Natasha quickly apologized

-Don´t apologize – Leah interrupted her – This is so confusing, and I know Loki isn´t a good guy but he isn´t that bad either, well; at least he isn´t for me. I´m not making any sense.-Leah sighed with frustration – I wish I could talk to him.-

Natasha looked at her with understanding eyes, she did had an idea of what she meant. –I´m sorry, but I don´t think that´s going to happen any time soon.-

-I know. – Leah answered – I didn´t though it would – as she said the words she looked sad.

-Breakfast is serve, my lady – Thor said with a smile as he entered the room bringing with him a tray – You like strawberries if I remember correctly.-

-Yes, I do – Leah smiled – I can´t believe you remembered.-

-Of course I did.- Thor smile grew larger.

This is a bad idea” Natasha thought to herself “I hope it´s only my imagination” But she had a feeling it wasn´t.


-I´m pregnant?! This can´t be happening!! I can´t be!!- were Leah´s thoughts as she ran down the corridor, she didn´t knew where she was running to nor she cared, she just knew she had to get as far away of the penthouse as possible, tears were running down her cheeks, why was this happening?, only the day before she thought Loki´s visits were dreams and now she knew she was pregnant with his child. He could´ve least told her why, even if it was a lie, he could´ve told her something.

Exhaustion made her trip and there she stayed lying on the ground as she let all the emotions of the last day overwhelmed her. Panic made her sit up as she noticed her breathing becoming constricted , but it didn´t helped, she had no idea of where she was, she had been in such a hurry to escape and now she was alone. She could feel a dull pain in her chest, it was different from the pain she usually felt, sharper. As she let herself slide to the ground she could hear voices at the distance calling for her, but she wasn’t able to call them back, a sweet sensation of oblivion filled her as her senses faded away.

-She is in the southeast corridor of the north wing two levels below the penthouse Sir- The AI answered Tony.

-How the hell she got away so far so fast?- was Tony´s response –Never mind that, Steve, Thor you are the fastest go get her, Banner will be waiting for you on the medical word, I´ll guide you to her.-

Steve speed and agility gave him the advantage as he was the first to arrive, he reached her just as she felt unconscious, swiftly he carried her directly to the medical ward where Banner, Clint and Natasha had been waiting for them. After what seemed an eternity Banner went out the ward to the small waiting area where the rest of the team was waiting for news.

-Will she be all right? –Thor asked him concern written all over his face

-Yes she will Thor.-Banner told him with a smile

-Thank God!-Tony sighed with relief then asked –What the hell happened?-

– Jarvis was right it was a panic attack, she´ll be fine. –Banner answered then he noticed the questioning looks of both Thor and Steve

-Sorry, I just realized you don´t know what that means, a panic attack is a strong emotional response combined with psychological and physical symptoms that …-

-I´m sorry Doctor, you are losing them – Tony interrupted slightly amused by the even more puzzled and worried looks on both Thor and Steve.

– She was too scared – was Bruce short explanation – I can´t say I blame her, it was a terrible way to break her the news-

-And Fury wasn´t exactly helping either – Tony added

-Can I see her? – Thor asked

-I gave her something to sleep, you won´t be able to talk to her until morning, but you can see her if you want.-

-I would like to if you allow it – Thor answered

-I do, just don´t wake her, she needs to rest.-

When Thor walked in Leah´s room he saw her wearing an oxygen mask, and also noticed an IV strapped to her hand, she now reminded him more off the first time they met, he had finally found her in an hospital not far away from the bridge where Loki and him had been fighting, Loki had left her there after saving her from him.

She had disappeared from his life a couple of months afterwards, he had assumed she had moved on with her life. And now she had reappeared in his life in the most unimaginable circumstances.

-So Doc, what´s your prognosis?- Tony asked Bruce, they were all together trying to figure out what to do next about SHIELD´s intentions to Leah.

-Considering everything that has happened to Leah a panic attack is the least harmful thing that could have happened, she is in no physical danger, but we need to keep her away from stressful situations, or there is a good chance of this happening again.-

-You are kidding me right? Can´t yo gibe her something to avoid this from happening again? Yoga, perhaps? –Tony said as he nervously smiled as he though like that´s gonna happen, no stress full situations, right …

-I can give her something to lessen the anxiety but I´d rather not medicate her if we can help it. And about stressful situations, reassuring her we won´t deliver her to SHIELD might be a good first step.-

-I think we can all agree that giving her up to Fury isn´t a choice.-Steve stated

-Of course not – Thor voiced –Why do they want her anyway?-

-A bargain chip –Natasha answered then explained –It gives them the upper hand against Loki, either to force him as their allied or to capture him.-

-That is not how an honorable warrior behaves – Thor said with disgust

-I agree Thor, and that´s why we are going to do everything on our power to keep her safe.-Steve reassured him

-There´s another problem you hadn´t thought about – Clint added – SHIELD won´t be the only one after her if the word spreads out.-

-What do you mean? – Tony asked concern showing on his voice

-Loki has both allies and enemies that will stop at nothing to seize the opportunity to control him. –

Everyone went quite, Clint had made a good point. The first one to speak again was Steve – There’s no point on worrying about that right now though I would suggest we raise the security in the tower just in case.-

-Consider that done – Tony replied quickly – now, should we draw straws to see who gets to tell Fury he won´t be getting his hands o her?-

-I´ll do it Tony. – Steve answered –All things considered she is safer with us that in the hellicarrier, and also more comfortable, if that doesn’t convince him …-

-You can always tell him I´ll withdraw his funds – Tony interrupted him with a smirk

-You really would do that? –Natasha asked

-Yes, I would, using a woman and her unborn child against Loki sounds like something a terrorist would do, and I´m not funding terrorists –

-Then we are settled, now Doctor, what would be the next step to help Leah to get better.-

-Normally, therapy or group therapy is suggested especially considering her history but I´m afraid that´s not an option right now due to security issues, so I recommend we take turns talking to her, even just listening to her might be helpful, though we have to be careful not to overwhelm her, we don´t want her to shut us down. – Banner answered

-So you want us to play shrink? – Tony replied with irony

Banner continued as he hadn’t heard him -Thor and Natasha should give it a try first, they have the best chance of reaching her – looking at Thor and Natasha questioning and almost in denial looks he added – Natasha is the only woman apart from her, she will feel more comfortable talking to her than with the rest of us, as for Thor I think I´ve already explained that she trusts him.-

-Well at least it sounds like a plan, I don´t think it can go worse than it already has –Tony said then added – Come on Steve let´s tell Fury he won´t be getting his hands on Leah any time soon.

Change of plans

-I didn´t though Thor would give us trouble so soon –Fury tells Coulson

-But he had a point Sir, staying in the hellicarrier would only contribute to the deterioration of Leah´s mental health, she doesn´t trusts us. You saw how she reacted when she woke up.-

-That´s the only reason I agreed for her to leave with them, besides should we need her we know exactly where she is. -Fury added still angry at the present outcome, though he knew they would have to fight the Avenger´s for Leah´s custody at some point this wasn´t the right moment to do so.

Leah had been more than happy to leave with Thor and the rest of the Avenger´s, she wasn´t exactly sure why but SHIELD made her nervous, she had almost cried with joy when she saw Thor at her side instead of SHIELD´s agents when she woke up, she couldn´t wait to get away from them.

Afterwards in the Avenger´s tower Dr. Banner was finishing his own medical examination of Leah.

-But they already draw my blood in SHIELD, do we really need to do this again? –Leah complained pointing to the small puncture mark she had in her arm.

-I´d rather have my own lab results, it´s just a little pinch, I´ll be gentle, I promise. – Banner tried to reassure her

-Ok – Leah sighed with defeat “I´m too tired to argue any way” were her thoughts.

-You seem fine, except for your malnutrition and lack of sleep symptoms, but that can be easily fixed with some rest and food, when was the last time you ate?-Banner asked Leah-

-I think … yesterday´s morning –Leah responded as she slightly blushed, she didn´t thought he could notice and that made her uncomfortable.

-There’s no need to be ashamed Leah, I once too wondered on the streets, I know how it´s like, it can be our secret if you want to – Bruce reassured her, she did look one step away from homeless.

-I … -Leah started to protest then changed her mind –Thank you Dr. Banner, I would appreciate it.-

-Please call me Bruce, Leah. Now let´s get you something to eat, afterwards you can go to your room and get some rest.-

At the mention of food Leah´s stomach complained with a sound full growl that made her blush even more than before –Oh dear!- she exclaimed in embarrassment.

-Don´t worry, Tony has a stock full kitchen, I´m sure we can find you something tasty to eat.- Bruce said as he gave her an understanding smile.

As they reached the kitchen they found Thor and Clint finishing a pizza, Leah prayed her stomach would keep quite this time, fortunately it did. Bruce left after a while, telling them that he had to take care of Leah´s lab results.

After a while Leah yawned, she was tired, being sedated wasn´t the same that resting though she felt conflicted, dreaming didn´t sound as appealing as the day before.

-I think we should let you get some rest Leah, after all it has been a long day-Thor told her as soon as he noticed her getting sleepy.

-But I don´t feel tired –Leah lied –I want to hear how your adventure ended.

-Nonsense, you can hear it tomorrow; besides the Doctor ordered lots of food and rest and I don´t plan on crossing him – Clint joked

-All right, but you are voting me off the island – Leah pouted

-We are what? – Thor inquired.

-She means she doesn´t want to go Thor – Clint explained, it seemed there would always be a common day expression or reference to explain to Thor; after all the cultural differences between planets were least to say … huge.

-I will show you your new accommodations Leah, I am quite sure you will find Stark´s hospitality more than welcoming- Thor made a small vow while pointing her to the door.

-Good night then –Leah told Clint – But I do want to hear the rest of your story tomorrow.- She had decided she wouldn´t break down in front of them anymore when she woke up the second time in the hellicarrier mostly because she didn´t wanted to be sedated again. She had learned to hide her emotions too well during the past months, they didn´t needed to see her cry, so the only option left was trying to act as normal as possible, like normal would be a word that could describe her situation.

They had just reached Leah´s room when a voice called for Thor –Mr. Odinson your presence is urgently requested by Mr. Stark in the penthouse.-

-All right Jarvis, tell him I´m on my way- the he added – I am sorry Leah but I have to go.-

-It´s all right Thor, I´m sure you have important matters to attend to I’ll be fine – she gave him her best fake smile.

Thor smiled her back as he told her good night, then made his way towards the penthouse.

-What is the urgent matter you called me for? – Thor asked as soon as he reached the penthouse where Steve and Tony were talking to a virtual screen where an image of Nick Fury appeared.

-Fury wants us to take Leah back with SHIELD. – Tony almost yelled – Like we hadn´t had this same argument a couple of hours ago-

-Why? We are just getting her settled, and she already looks a lot better.- Clint asked as he arrived.

-Probably because they just found out the same I just did. – Bruce added as he walked in

-What did you find out? – Steve asked intrigued.

-That Leah is pregnant. – Bruce answered

-I´m what?! – Leah screamed in surprise, no one had noticed her walking in just behind them, she had felt scared of being alone and went in looking for company.

-With Loki´s child –Fury added – This changes everything, I want her back on board the hellicarrier as soon as possible.-

-That´s not going to happen- Thor boomed – The child is my nephew and he will stay under my protection as well as his mother.-

They were all in the middle of a very heated argument when Jarvis interrupted them – Mr. Stark I´m afraid your guest Mrs. Leah is having a panic attack and she need assistance urgently.-

The whole room went silence, no one had noticed her leaving the room; then Steve told Fury – I think we´d better end this later.-

-Agreed –Fury answered as the screen went dead.

-Jarvis, where´s Leah? – Tony asked the AI.


-According to the recording this has been going on for some time now – Coulson tells Thor as soon as the recording has ended.

-How long have you been aware of these encounters? –a pensive Thor asks him

-We´ve only picked up some strange readings that resembled Loki´s the day before, we weren´t sure they were his until he showed up; that´s when we called you – Coulson answered

-I can´t believe she was following Loki´s trail, how did she found him?-Thor asks Coulson in exasperation

-Your guess is as good as mine, she managed to find him when SHIELD couldn´t –Coulson points out then adds –Thor, I read the Golden Bridge incident report, I understand you feel responsible for Leah in account of what happened, but is that all?-

Thor gives Coulson a questioning look –What do you mean?-

-I wonder if … you had feelings for her.-

-How you dare suggest such a thing? After all she has been through I would not take advantage of her. – Thor roars

-I´m sorry Thor, I didn´t mean anything by it, I just had to ask – Coulson quickly apologized to the irritated god.

-I ´d better go see if she´s all right –Thor answers still angry at Coulson´s question.

As Thor leaves Nick Fury walks in the room and asks Coulson –So, do you think he´ll get in our way?-

-He does have feeling for her Sir, even if he hasn´t figure it out yet. You can bet he´s going to give us a hard time.-

-And are you going to give me a hard time too, Coulson?-Fury asks him

-I agree with Thor Sir, she´s been through enough already, but I´m not that naïve. I know she can be a great asset, but I wonder if Loki will really come back for her Sir, after all he abandoned her.-

-Trust me on this Coulson, I have a feeling he will –Fury ends his phrase as he pats Coulson´s shoulder.

Meanwhile Thor has arrived in the medical ward and is sitting next to Leah´s bed waiting her to wake up. The doctors had administer her a sedative after she almost had a nervous breakdown when she woke up on board the hellicarrier. The truth had been too much for her to handle.

It was the second time Thor had been at her bedside, the first time it had been him who had put her there, not intentionally of course, collateral damage Tony called her.

As he looked at her Thor noticed that even if this time she wasn´t injured she didn´t look any healthier than the last time.

Steve interrupted his thoughts as he approached –How is she? – He asked

-Your healers say she is fine at least physically, although they are running some more tests to make sure. – Thor answered, concern showing through his voice.

-She´s a strong lady Thor, I´m sure she´ll be fine. What I don´t understand is what she was doing with Loki. –

-Looking for answers – Clint answered and added after looking into both Thor and Steve´s puzzled faces –About that day, about why he did it. At least that would´ve bothered me too.-

-Come on! Who knows what´s on reindeer games mind –Tony interrupted – She should´ve been happy he chose to do something nice that day, and moved on.-

-Not everyone is as uncaring as you Tony – Natasha scolded him – Normal people have something tedious to you called feelings.-

-I have feelings too! – Tony complained –And now you have hurt them – he added as he made a serious pout trying to look offended.

-You´ll survive! – Natasha replied with a smirk.

-I don´t think that´s important right now, Thor is right about something what´s wrong with her isn´t physical. – Banner interrupted then he added as he fidgeted with his glasses – I don´t think being in SHIELD´s custody will help her mental state, she needs to be in a more friendly environment. And I´ll admit this much I´m not that comfortable around them either.-

-Come on Bruce! They are the good guys – Tony snapped.

-That may be true, but they believe on the end justifying the means and I don´t like that.-

-So what do you suggest Doctor? – Natasha asked.

-Well – Bruce doubted for a moment –Right now, I think the only person that can make her feel safe is you Thor.-

-Me? –Thor asked in disbelief – But I nearly … –

-Yes, we all know, and you spent months apologizing afterwards, she has no one left, she knows and trusts you, she knows you´ll keep her safe.-

-That I will – Thor roars with conviction.

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