-What?!-Leah broke apart in surprise –Where are we?-

-One of my hideouts-Loki mischievously answered –I thought you would appreciate a more private surrounding- he purred as he bit his lower lip in anticipation as he leaned to kiss her again.

Leah moved away annoyed –So you think I´m that easy? You left me behind! And now you think just because you came to my aid we´re going to have sex?-

-You look so sexy when angry-Loki smirked trying to pull hr back.

Leah blushed dark red, she wanted him too, but she wasn´t going to make it easy –No!- she seriously pouted

-No? – Loki asked in disbelief as he raised his eyebrows

-Yes, I said no –Leah crossed her arms standing her ground –You abandoned me!-

-Didn´t Thor explained all to you?-Loki asked in annoyance.

-Yes he did, but I shouldn´t have had to hear it from him.- Leah raised her voice

-Well, I couldn´t just walk into the Avenger´s Tower and explain it myself-Loki snapped at her

-I hate you! – Leah snapped back angrily

-No, you don´t- Loki answered as he forcefully pulled her for a kiss.

Leah though him back for a moment, eventually she stopped and whispered –No, I don´t- as she kissed him back.

All those months apart, all the anger, the loneliness, the yearning were in every single kiss they shared.

Suddenly Loki lift Leah up and kissing her still he carried her to his bed, as he carefully laid her down he started kissing her neck extracting more soft moans from her lips, as he travelled his way down he unbuttoned her blouse leaving here breasts half exposed behind the bra fabric, then he squirmed his hand behind her back searching for the bra clasp, he smiled triumphantly when he managed to undo it and hurriedly pull it down exposing her breasts completely.

-You´re so beautiful – he said looking down at her.

-Flattering will get you anywhere- she smiled him back as she sat up toi remove her blouse and bra.

-I´m serious. – He complained

-I know you are. -She answered as she climb onto his lap as she started to undress him, he was wearing a black leather jacket, a plain green t-shirt and a pair of jeans- I don´t think I´ve ever seen you in casual clothes before – she said as she finished removing his t-shirt.

-Well, I couldn´t just go in my normal attire, I would´ve attracted too much … -he was interrupted by Leah biting his neck –Ungh … attention.- he finished panting while pushing her back to the bed kissing her.

-Ah!-Leah moaned back still fidgeting with Loki´s trousers, when she finally managed to get her hand inside them it was Loki´s turn to moan in pleasure as she stoked his cock gently making him shiver as his shaft grew hard.

Leah pulled him down to bed as she straddled him placing all her attention on pulling off him the rest of his clothes, as soon as she finished the task in hand she turned her attention to Loki´s penis taking it all into her mouth, extracting a delightful moan from him, she knew exactly what he liked, she could feel herself being aroused as Loki started trusting into her mouth. His scent, how much she had missed him, the taste of his skin, the warmth of his body.

-Stop!- Loki pleaded –I want to cum inside you-

But Leah ignored him, she was having so much fun making him shiver –Not yet- she said as she started licking his cock with softly tingly moves that made Loki whimper. When he couldn’t fight the urge to penetrate her he rose to meet her, pulling her by the hair he said –Yes, now- the he rolled her down as she pulled her skirt and panties down.

-Naughty, naughty girl. I´m going to make you pay for saying no to me- As he utter the words he slide a finger inside her which made Leah moan –You´re so wet already, let´s see if I can make you wetter- He slide a second finger making Leah whimper in pleasure as he started trusting them in and out. She was near her orgasm when he pulled them out, as she complained he pull his finger back in this time probing for her g-spot.

-Oh my god!- Leah´s cry told Loki he had found the spot he was looking for, as he startle to fondle the sensitive spot Leah squirmed under his touch, her panting was growing faster when he pulled his fingers out again.

-Loki …stop … that. Just fuck me already – Leah said through ragged breath and flustered face.

-Since you are asking nicely –Loki mischievously answered as he trusted his swollen member inside her.

This time they both moaned in pleasure, arching their backs to meet each other with every thrust, furiously clinging one another as their rhythm grew faster.

With a loud moan Loki came first, followed only seconds behind by Leah.

When Loki pulled out and laid beside her as they both catch their breaths he turned to face her –We should have angry sex more often.-

Leah laughed at his occurrence –If you keep me we just might-

-You know I can´t do that- Loki said in a serious tone

-Why not? – Leah asked concerned

-You know very well why- Loki said sitting up

-But I don´t understand … then why? – Leah asked pleading

-Because I missed you –Loki answered –I missed having you-

-So, that´s all I really am to you? Just someone to fuck! – Leah stood angrily

-No, you are not. You are much more than that to me- Loki protested standing too.

-Then explain it to me, why you keep pushing me away? – Leah shrieked

-Because I love you too much –Loki yelled back –Because when something happens to you I won´t be able to live with myself, and something will happen to you if you keep by my side.-

-You don´t know that for sure –Leah reasoned – And it´s not like I´m that much better by myself.-

-What do you mean by yourself? I´m taking you back to the Avengers!-Loki revealed to her

-What? No! You can´t do that!- Leah protested

-Come on Leah, be serious. You don´t have a chance of surviving on your own, you have no training, and no powers whatsoever, how long you think it will take SHIELD or someone else to caught you?- he pointed out

-I don´t want to go back! Please Loki, don´t take me back- Leah started crying, she had been so close to being free.

-I´m sorry, they will keep you safe –Loki plainly told her

-You can keep me safe too –Leah whined –Don´t you care about us?-

Loki´s heart shrank at her accusation –I´m doing this because I care.-

-Then keep us! – Leah pleaded –I don´t mind you are a supervillain.-

-I´m not playing little house with you – Loki snapped –The next thing I´ll know you´ll be trying to make me one of the good guys.-

-I´m not asking you to change –Leah snapped back – I don´t want you to change. I fell in love with you, the real you, not the one Thor remembers or the one you pose to be, the rough around the edges, mischievous, incorrigible you.-

-I know –Loki wryly said –That´s part of the problem. I don´t deserve someone like you.-

-That’s not for you to decide- Leah protested as tears ran through her cheeks –If you´re not going to keep me, then let me go!-

-I can´t do that- Loki protested

-Why? – Leah screamed

-Because I love you, that´s why. Because I love you and our child and I want, no I need you to be safe. You will never be safe by my side.-Loki told her

-I will run away again, if you take me back- Leah menaced him –I will keep trying until I’m successful.-

-No Leah, you can´t do that. I might not always be there to save you.-Loki pleaded

-I don´t care –Leah shrieked – I´m not going back.-

-Please Leah, for our child-Loki pleaded reaching out to touch her womb, when he finally did Leah lost all composure as she started crying out loud.

-They want to take me to Asgard! I don´t want to go! Please Loki, please! I want to stay on Earth with you! Don´t let them take me!-

Loki hugged her –Shh, baby don´t cry! I´ll think of something! I promise …-

-Please don´t take me back – Leah kept pleading

-I won´t, please stop crying –Loki answered as he sweetly kissed her – I´ll always be at your side, and our child’s.-

-Promise? – Leah sniffled

-Yes – Loki answered –Now come back to bed.-

It was late at night when Loki woke up with Leah by his side, he just contemplated her in silence, trying to memorize every curve, every strand of hair, every little detail, it broke his heart he had lied to her.