When Leah awoke the next morning she opened her eyes to see a new rose and a letter, there were already three unopened rose buttons on the vase, she hadn´t had time for them in the last couple of days, and finally the night before decided to not touch them until she knew Loki´s answer, she sighed as she sat up and reach for the letter.

“- This is It.-“She thought to herself “-The proverbial moment of truth, sort of speak.-# there was no point on stalling it only made her more nervous so she opened his letter and start reading “-… my love… well, that´s much better already.-“ she thought with a smile, it couldn´t have been easy for him. As she kept reading just as with the letter before her emotions reflected on her face, first concern, then growing happiness that just exploded into pure joy, then again a touch of sadness along with understanding but then something caught her unprepared, she hadn´t expected him to be so forth forward in his longing for her, she knew exactly what he felt because her feeling mirrored his, she ached for his touch, for his warmth. As she kept reading her eyes stung, her heart beat faster and her face betrayed her with a blush, by the time she ended reading it her flustered face spoke of the memories far too explicit to retold, suddenly a voice pulled her out of her day dreaming.

-If he wrote you a dirty letter I don´t even want to know.-It was Tony´s voice, he was just standing in the door frame where he had been for a minute or two wondering when to interrupt her.

-What …? No…! What makes you say that?-Leah blushed even darker

-Oh God! He did!- Tony just laughed out loud.

-No, it´s not like that… well, maybe a little bit… why on earth do I tell you these things?- Leah asked as she hide her face between her hands, she never thought someone could be watching.

-Because it´s better than telling them to anyone else.-Tony smirked still laughing at Leah´s embarrassment.

-Telling anyone what?-Thor asked as he walked in.

-Nothing!- was both Leah´s and Tony´s response which made Thor look at them suspiciously, they were hiding something, whatever it was none of them seem willing to share it with him.

-As you like.-He answered quite annoyed. –I see Loki kept his word.-He said as he pointed to the letter in Leah´s hand.

-Yes, he did.-Leah acknowledged uncertain of what to tell them, if Loki was weaving a plan she shouldn´t spoil it.

-He suggested a name for our daughter. – She said trying to take the conversation elsewhere.

-Really? – Thor asked surprised –Which name did he suggested?-

-Eerika. – Leah answered with a smile, she liked the ring of it.

-That doesn´t surprise me. – Thor said with a big grin.

-Why? – Leah asked puzzled.

-It means ruling forever.-Thor volunteered.

-No pressure there.-Tony added with a smirk

-Don´t be like that guys.-Leah scolded them while pouting

-Don´t get mad, it´s a beautiful name.-Tony apologized –More important, do you like it?-

-Yes, I do.-Leah answered still rather annoyed and defensively.

-It´s a fitting name for a princess.-Thor agreed.

“-A princes.-“ Leah thought as she raised her eyebrows, Loki didn´t had any idea yet of what his plan was going to be, neither did she; she just would have to trust him, somehow it never seemed like a hard thing to do.

-What else did he said?-Thor asked as he had read her mind.

-Nothing much really, he doesn´t have a plan yet, but whatever it turns out to be he wants us to be together.-Leah said with a smile, she wasn´t lying to them.

-Then I guess we´ll just have to wait to see what your Romeo comes up with ….-Tony said. –besides from wooing you.-he ended while winking an eye at her.

Leah blushed immediately, why did he always had to say that sort of things?

-Romeo?-Thor asked intrigued.

-Oh! That´s a long story, a book as a matter of fact, I can show you the movie if you want.-Tony answered hoping he wouldn´t have to explain it to Thor.

-Maybe later.-Thor replied as he considered it.

After a while Bruce walked in with her breakfast tray followed by Steve, somehow it seemed that none of them had anything better to do than hovering around her. When she started getting morning sickness, cravings and other pregnancy symptoms she had dived in the internet searching everything she could learn on the matter, among the information she had read that pregnant female´s pheromones could affect men by making them feel overprotective; she found that very cute at times, and other times she just couldn´t stop thinking of how to get rid of them. Today was one of those days.

-You´re still hugging all the attention?-Natasha’s voice jokingly asked.

-Natasha! You are back!- Leah exclaimed in relief, being the only woman in the Tower was so exhausting , it make her wonder how Natasha managed to handle them before she arrived.

-Hi, are you feeling better?-Natasha asked walking in as she sat by her side.

-Yes, I am.-Leah answered with a smile.-Specially now that …-

Bruce suddenly interrupted her. – Why don´t you let me explain everything to them later? – He didn´t wanted them overreacting about it in front of her.

-Ok. – Leah agreed, he could explain it better anyway.

Both Clint and Natasha looked at Bruce intrigued but decided to wait until he could explain it, after a while Steve excused all of them, they had some debriefing to do.

Leah was grateful they finally left, she had been eyeing the tree closed rose buttons on her night table, with a big smile both in her face and in her heart she leaned to touch all of them with the tip of her fingers causing all of them to flourish at the same time, their sweet fragrances saturated her room.

-Until we meet again my love.-Leah whispered as she hold his letter close to her heart as she closed her eyes –Until we meet again.-