A month an d a half had passes since Loki last letter, everything had gone back to its usual pace, training, learning, check-ups; but this time something was different Leah was more focused. Loki´s promises gave her something to hold on that she didn´t had before, something to look forward, hope.

It had become a habit to either Bruce or Steve being around her training sessions to make sure she wouldn´t overdo it, this time was Bruce´s turn. Clint was teaching Leah how to shoot a moving target, which wasn´t going well at all. Since her change she had to learn again how much strength or speed she needed to do things, she had broken a couple of bows before Tony decided to make her a special bow with a vibranium alloy along with some reinforced arrows, the normal ones kept shattering on impact.

-Did you had to go through all this? – She asked Steve once after accidently breaking her fourth cup during the first week.

He smiled sympathetically at her frustration -Yes, you´ll get used to it. It´s just a matter of practice, soon you won´t remember the difference.-

-I can´t wait for that, maybe I´m overthinking it, I don´t know. If I keep breaking things at this rate Tony eventually is going to freak. – She confessed with a half-smile.

-Just stay away from my Ming vase and we´ll be all right.-Was Tony´s response as he walked in,

-I can do that. – Leah answered back.

-I got a surprise for you, a uniform.-Tony cheerfully told her.

-Are you out of your mind Tony? Haven´t you look at me lately? Do you really think I´m going to fit into a uniform right now? – Leah asked him taken totally off guard.

-It´s made from intelligent fiber just as Bruce´s pants, it will fit no matter what.-Tony explained her.

-Forget it! I´m not wearing it!-Leah totally dismissed his offer.

-Come on, don´t be like that, we work a lot on it. It even works as a bulletproof full-body vest. At least give it a try! – Tony whined as he tried to convince her.

-Please don’t tell me it has bars and stars.-Leah sighed defeated-No offense Steve, but that´s really not my style.-

-None taken.-Steve answered with a smirk. –You should really give it a try, these uniforms are more comfortable than you think.-He didn´t wanted he to worry about the real reason Tony had made her the suit.

Leah pouted as she looked anxiously at Tony.

-I promise you it has no bars or stars on it, could you please give me some credit? But .., what about a shield? – He half joked.

-No, no, no … no shield, absolutely no.-Leah rushed to answer

-All right, no shield, would you try it on?-Tony asked her.

-I´ll think about it.-Tony doubtfully answered.

After nagging her for a couple of weeks Tony had finally manage Leah to wear it on her training sessions, to her relief it wasn´t as revealing as Natasha´s, it had a small skirt over the one piece suit that made it look as a maternity gown, a rather short maternity gown that only reached half her thigh; Tony told her that if it were any longer it would get in the way, fortunately the uniform covered her legs completely. As Tony had promised it didn’t resemble Steve’s suit at all, it was black with small green and golden embroidery on her waist, collar, shoulders, and on the skirt edge, though it was the only resemblance it held with Loki´s armor.

-Golden and green? – She had asked Tony with a big grin when she finally saw it.

-I thought you would like it.-Tony smirked back

-I do, thank you.-Leah said as she gave Tony a small hug, it may seem silly to them, but she really loved the fact it reminded her of Loki.

-It´s useless Clint, I haven´t hit a target all morning.-Leah pouted frustrated by her failure.

-You just …-Clint started to say when he was interrupted by Tony´s voice on speaker.

-Guys, we received a call from our friendly neighbor, he needs our help, it seems to be he is grossly outnumbered.-

-All right, I´ll stay with Leah.-Bruce volunteered.

-I´m afraid we´re going to need the Hulk to make an appearance Bruce.-Tony replied.

-I don´t need a babysitter. – Leah complained.

-Well, you are getting one, end of story.-Tony dryly told her.- Clint, can you?-

-Sure, I´ll stay. That way we can keep practicing.-He said with a grin

Leah made a small pout, but knew better than to argue any more, there was no possible way for her to win that argument.

-I´m on my way then.-Bruce said as he went for the door he shouted back –Don´t let her over exhaust herself.-

-I won´t, don´t worry. Go already.-Clint reassured him.

The rest of the team was already on board the Quinjet when Bruce arrived.

-So, who we are up against?-Bruce asked as he took his seat.

-The Sinister Six; Mysterio, Rhino, Dr. Octopus, Sandman, Electro and Venom.-Natasha informed him.

-I thought they were the Sinister Five.-Tony joked. -Or were they seven? I can never remember.-

-Does that matter? – Steve asked with a smirk

-Of course not.-Tony answered back.

-What did Spiderman told you? – Steve asked again.

-That he had run into what he thought was a common bank heist and found himself with more villains that he had anticipated.-Tony explained.

-There must be a lot of money involved for those six to work together.-Steve pointed out.

-Yes, there is. – Tony acknowledged. –They are stealing the Federal Reserve Bank.

-Is that an important bank? – Thor asked interested.

-Extremely important Thor, they have the biggest accumulation of gold in the world.-Tony explained.

-And Spiderman calls that a common bank heist?-Natasha asked intrigued.

-It seems villains try to steal it a lot.-Tony replied.

-Well, at least we are not going to far.-Bruce suggested.

-Worried already mother chicken? – Tony teased him.

-Like you are not.-Bruce smirked back.

-I´m not, she´ll be all right.-Tony affirm, then added.-Just in case I told Jarvis to report any incident immediately.-

-And you just called me mother chicken?-Bruce asked amused.

-Stop fighting boys, it seems we are late to the party. – Natasha interrupted them as she landed the Quinjet in the middle of the street.

The Federal Reserve Bank had a huge hole in one of its walls which at the time was covered in layers of spider web. Not a soul on sight.

-We´d better find out what´s going on.-Steve said as he got of the Quinjet.

-I´ll tell you what´s going on, you´re late! – An unfamiliar voice answered him back.

As Steve turned his head on the direction of the voice he spotted Spiderman on top of the Quinjet –What do you mean, are they gone?-

-Not yet, but only because they are too busy breaking into the vaults.-Spiderman told him.

-Then we are still on time son.-Steve said with a smile –Are you sure they are still inside?-

-Yes, I´m sure I covered their exit as soon as they went inside.-Spiderman spat back.

-Then what are we waiting for? Let´s draw them out!-Bruce said before transforming into Hulk who jumped right into the hole, the spider web were only nuisance for him, hardly an obstacle.

Within seconds fight broke out as Hulk fighting roars could be heard inside. Thor was the first to follow him, eager to take part in the fight.

-Those two are going to hog all the fun if we let them.-Tony said as he flew in.

-That´s true.-Steve agreed as he invited the rest to join him –Are you coming?-

-You can bet we are.-Natasha said as she draw out her weapons, just before any of them had reached the opening a huge sand wave threw Hulk right off the building. Hulk furiously took swings at it without much effect, fortunately Sandman’s attacks on the Hulk seemed not be effective either. Suddenly an electric ray came out of the opening followed by a lightning coming in.

-We´d better hurry.-Steve said without turning back to see them.

When he finally walked in Thor was fighting Electro and Rino and Tony was trying to stand his ground against Dr. Octopus and Venom. There was no sign of Mysterio on sight, though he was probably still in the vaults.

-Care if I join in?-Spiderman said jumping between Tony and Venom

-Not at all, be my guest.-Tony told him as he shoot another of Dr. Octopus mechanical arms

Steve engaged in combat with Rino while Natasha looked for Mysterio.

Within a couple of minutes most of the battle had been taken outside the Bank, unexpectedly Venom started taunting Spiderman away from the Federal Reserve and into the city.