-I´m worried about her Thor.-Loki confessed with a grim look –She won´t admit it anymore but she hasn´t stop thinking about it.-

-About her nightmare?-Thor asked intrigued.

-Yes.-Loki acknowledged.

-You really don´t think she’s really capable of killing? – Thor asked surprised.

-Less than a month ago I would told you I wasn´t, now I´m not so sure. But more importantly is that she think she is. You and I were brought up as warriors, we always knew killing was expected of us during a battle. One way or the other we both made our peace with that long ago; but she’s not like us Thor. She´s rationalized it to the point she´s actually do it If she feels she doesn´t have a choice, but I don´t think she really understands what it will do to her.-

-You can´t be serious. – Thor paced around upset.

-I wish I wasn´t. Think about it for a second, she already lost her husband and first child to a drunk driver, do you really think she wouldn´t do it if something threatened Eerika? -Loki told him concerned.-If she´s cornered she won´t hesitate, you can´t let that happen.-

-What do you want of me? – Thor inquired.

-I can´t protect her in here!-Loki said raising his voice.-I´ve done everything you asked of me but you still don´t trust me.-

-That´s not entirely true Loki, your information has proved both correct and useful. I think it´s just a matter of time.-Thor informed him.

-We´re running out of time!-Loki yelled at Thor, then he sighed deeply as he lowered his tone. –If something happened … I´m afraid I would lose her. Please, if it comes to that … make the choice for her.-

Thor looked surprised.-Are you asking me to …?-

-Yes, I am.-Loki interrupted him in a stern tone.

Thor kept pensive for a moment before asking Loki –Do you really think SHIELD will do something? Or is it our mysterious enemy that has you so worried?-

-I´m not sure, maybe both. I hoped by now I would´ve earn your trust, she´s going to give birth one of these days, both parties probably know about it, an attack is imminent and you know it.-

-I know.-Thor said with a frown.-We all know Loki, they wouldn´t have gone into that much trouble if they weren´t. We want to protect them too.-

-Then let me help!- Loki pleaded.

-I´ll talk to Steve again but I can´t make you any promises.-Thor volunteered.

-I guess that´s better than nothing.-Loki accepted with a sigh.-Thor if everything´s gone wrong…-

-Nothing will go wrong.-Thor tried to reassure him.

-No, let me finish. I haven´t told you everything; all the time since my last letter until our confrontation in Central Park I wasn´t idle.-Loki told him eagerly

-What do you mean?-Thor asked him intrigued.

-Leah was right, we can´t raise our child within the boundaries of the Tower, it wouldn´t be safe for them. Even if everything works out and I become one of you, this can’t be our home, so … I built us one. A sanctuary if you like protected from its foundations by ancient and powerful magic as well as state of the art technology, invisible to both our enemies and friends, my gift to her. If something happens…-

-Nothing will happen.-Thor interrupted him.

-If something happens, let me take them there Thor.-Loki ended his phrase regardless Thor´s objections.

Suddenly Tony´s voice interrupted them. -Thor I need you to get to the medical ward ASAP! And bring Loki with you!-

-Why? What happened?-Thor asked him worryingly.

A scream could be heard in the background when Tony answered back nervously.-Leah is giving birth. Now bring Loki before his daughter is born.-

It took them a moment to react, Loki looked both excited and scared. Thor doubted for a moment if he should place the chains in his shackles before deciding against it and rushing Loki out of the cell and into the corridor.

Some minutes earlier Tony and Leah had been lazily sprawled over the couch watching a movie, the team had just returned from a mission a few hours before and everyone was unwinding.

-Ow! – Leah suddenly complained as she felt a contraction.

-Another false alarm?-Tony asked strenuously.

-Mm … I don´t think so Tony.-Leah swiftly told him.

-How would you know? We´ve already had like six false alarms this week.-Tony teasingly told her.

-Because my water just broke.-Leah plainly told him.

-What?!-Tony was so surprised he fell of the couch where he had been laying which caused Leah to laugh amused.

-How can you be so calm? We need to inform Bruce and…-Tony frantically started to say when Leah interrupted him.

-And walk to the lift to go six floors down into the new medical ward. Relax Tony, is not like you have to drive to the hospital or something like that.-Leah kindly told him.-Now if you help me up we can be on our way.-

Tony agreed -All right, if you put it like that. Jarvis inform Bruce and the rest of the team and …- suddenly Leah hunched as she felt another contraction.

-That´s not right.-Tony told her nervously.-Did you just had another contraction?-Tony worryingly asked.

-What do you think?-Leah asked him angrily as she gasped.

Natasha and Clint had been in the same floor and quickly arrived to help.

-Is it for real this time?-Clint asked which caused Leah to give him dirty look.

-Yes, it´s for real.-She finally answered annoyed.

As they helped her out of the elevator Steve arrived running through the corridor, within seconds another contraction presented itself.

-How far along are they?-Bruce asked as they rushed her in.

-A couple of minutes.-Natasha informed him.

-I thought you said that labor could take hours, because it isn´t.-Tony told him bewildered.

-I was afraid of that.-Bruce said with a scowl.-Accelerated metabolism … -Then he instructed Steve and Tony.-Get her to the table quickly; I need to know just how much dilated is she.-

When the next contraction came Leah screamed in pain, as it passed Clint worryingly asked Bruce. –Can´t you give her something for the pain?-

-I´m afraid not, her labor is moving too fast. Anesthetics take too long to take effect.-Then he turned to Leah.-I´m sorry, but you´ll have to do this the old way.-

-Where´s Loki?-Leah asked in ragged breath.

Only then Tony noticed they hadn´t arrived yet.-Jarvis, is Thor still with Loki?-Tony asked the A.I.

-Yes Sir.-The A.I. replied.-It seems he had turned off his comlink, I haven´t been able to communicate with him.-

-Override the security cell communications protocols and patch me to him.-Tony told the A.I. anxiously. -Thor I need you to get to the medical ward ASAP! And bring Loki with you!-

-Why? What happened?-Thor asked worryingly as Leah had another contraction.

-Leah is giving birth. Now bring Loki before his daughter is born.-Tony nervously answered.

-Leah, you are almost fully dilated, as soon as you are you´ll have to push.-Bruce instructed her.

-I´m not pushing until Loki is here.-Leah said defiantly.

-But Leah …-Tony started to say.

-I said I am not pushing until Loki is here.-Leah panted angrily.

-I´m afraid that´s not a choice.-Bruce informed her.

-I don´t care what you think! I´m not giving birth to this baby until Loki is here! Now go get him!-Leah screamed loudly as another contraction came.

Tony bolted out of the medical ward to find Loki and Thor stepping out of the elevator.-Thank God you are here!-He told Loki as he pushed him in.-Now get in there before Leah bites both our heads off!- Loki looked confused and nervous by his statement but didn´t resisted.

-Loki!-Leah sighed relieved.

-Get over there now Loki!-Bruce instructed him to stand besides Leah´s right side.

Loki quickly obeyed and took Leah´s right hand in his.-I´m here love, didn´t I promised?-He softly told her.

-Yes, you did.-Leah smiled for a moment before another contraction came, she inadvertently squeezed Loki´s hand too tight making Loki squirm a bit.

-All right Leah, next contraction push with all your strength!-Bruce told her.

-Ok.-Leah nodded as she struggled to recover from the last one, she was sweating deeply, exhausted by the effort. Loki´s heart was beating as fast as hers, he soon would be holding his daughter in his arms. He looked into the eyes of the woman he loved with deeply admiration until the next contraction came.

-Leah push!-Both Loki and Bruce encouraged her.

-Hi Eerika.-Bruce welcomed her with a smile, next he suctioned clean her mouth and nose; suddenly a baby´s cry could be heard.

Leah and Loki looked at each other happily at the sound of Eerika´ s first cries, tears of joy were rolling down her cheeks. Loki couldn´t remember ever feeling that happy before, he kissed Leah´s excited as he told her.-You did it Leah! You did it!-

Bruce walked to them with Eerika in his arms and softly placed her in Leah´s.

-Hi sweetie, it´s mummy.-Leah greeted her with a smile.

Loki leaned to softly touch his daughter´s cheek when a little hand grabbed his fingers, he gasped surprised; unable to talk he just stared at her mesmerized.

-And that´s daddy.-Leah told Eerika as he smiled to Loki who was still looking to his daughter fascinated.