After a while Leah started to feel sleepy, resting her head on Loki´s lap made her feel safe, she had no idea how much she had craved that sort of peace. She drowsily told Loki again. “I´m sorry I said you would be better off without me.”

Loki turned his gaze to her and sighed. “I know you are, but it won´t just magically disappear because you say you are.”

Leah asked him. “How do I fix it then?” She wished she could just take it back.

“I don´t know” Loki confessed.

“Tell me what happened” Leah requested with a serious look.

“I thought you said you remember now. “ Loki answered confused.

“Not everything” Leah told him. “I don´t know what happened when I died.”

“Why would you want to know that? “ Loki asked her with a frown on his face.

“To understand.” Leah volunteered with a yawn.

“I think you are too tired now.” Loki told her.

“I´m not that tired.” Leah snapped at him as she swiftly sat up, she closed her eyes while rubbing the back of her head; she scolded herself mentally for moving too fast.

Loki looked at her concerned. “Are you all right?”

“Just give me a couple of aspirins and I´ll be fine by the morning.” Leah joked while still rubbing her nape.

Loki looked at her the blow to her head when she fainted was obvious; but he hadn´t noticed the bruises on her knuckles before. Suddenly Leah interrupted his thoughts.

“So, are you going to tell me? I can finish telling you the rest of my story first if you want.” Leah offered.

“I really think we should wait until tomorrow.” Loki volunteered.

“I don´t want to wait.” Leah whined, she just wanted to get it over with, sleeping could wait.

Loki sighed disapprovingly. “All right, suit yourself.”

Leah quickly referred the rest of her story to Loki, she still hadn´t noticed she nursed her injuries as her story passed by.

“And then you arrived; you know everything now.” She told him with a yawn.

“You need to sleep.” Loki advised her.

“But I don´t want to.” Leah complained while snuggling against Loki, her energy was totally spent.

Loki stroked her head softly. “We can finish this in the morning, now rest.” He had barely spoken the words when he noticed Leah had fallen asleep, he let out a soft chuckle before carrying Leah in his arms. As he walked back to their room he found himself in deep though, he had to talk to Clint.

As soon as he had tuck Leah in their bed he searched for Clint finding him in the kitchen cooking dinner.

“You didn´t told me everything that happened.” Loki told him while leaning in the door frame.

“What?” Clint asked startled by Loki´s presence.

“You slapped Leah” Loki asseverated crossing his arms.

“Oh! About that …she told you?” Clint asked surprised.

“Only because she thought you had already told me.” Loki asserted.

Clint shrugged his shoulders. “It just …happened. I got angry, would you done it differently?”

“I don´t know” Loki acknowledged with a sigh. “I was so angry at her when she finally told me we got into a huge argument.” Loki explained Clint everything that had happened.

“At least she remembers now.” Clint volunteered.

“But I´m still worried.” Loki admitted. “Do you think she’ll try to do something?”

Clint frowned while twisting his mouth. If you are asking me if I think she´ll purposely hurt herself the answer is no; however … did you noticed the bruises on her knuckles?”

“Yes.” Loki answered with a scowl.

“She really didn´t do it on purpose, she was just venting her anger at the punching bag … that´s the kind of thing I´m worried about. She might be more than a little reckless for a while, we definitely need to keep an eye on her.” Clint suggested.

Loki kept his frown, it still bothered him she could just dismiss herself so easily. His emotions were clear enough for Clint to read. “You need to forgive her Loki, it was her pain doing the talking. She didn’t really thought it through.”

As Loki remained silent Clint said. “Something else is bothering you.”

“She said yesterday” Loki finally confessed.

“She´s just confused it will become clearer with time.” Clint reassured him.

“And Fury” Loki ended.

“Yes, I´ve been thinking about him too.” Clint confessed.

“I used to think he was using her to get to me, but I´m not so sure now,” Loki volunteered.

“I thought that too, now I have the feeling he wants her for a very particular mission or purpose.” Clint acknowledged.

“I hate being in the dark” Loki snapped.

“I´m afraid we don´t have a choice for now, I could try getting in touch with the team but I don´t feel comfortable leaving you alone with Leah and Eerika; at least not yet.” Clint told him.

“This is just a big mess.” Loki complained while sitting at the dinner table as he leaned his head into his hands with an utter sense of defeat.

“That’s life pal, it never comes easily especially when it comes to family.” Clint sympathetically told him while serving himself a cup of coffee before sitting in front of Loki.

Loki raised his head. “Clint, I´ve been meaning to ask you … “He hesitated for a second. “Do you have children?”

Clint laughed a bit before taking a sip of his coffee. “Yes, two and a beautiful wife.” He proudly told him. “I thought you would never ask.”

“How do you even make it work?” Loki asked.

“It´s not easy” He volunteered. “I try to be with them as much as I can. But keeping them off the radar just makes in more difficult.”

“I don´t know if I´ll ever be able to make this work.” Loki told him with sincerity.

“You will, don´t worry. Just take it one step at the time and you´ll figure it out eventually.” Clint reassured him.

“That´s how you do it?” Loki asked him.

“That and listening to my wife.” Clint said with a smirk. “You´ll do just fine stop worrying.”

“How do you know?” Loki asked again, he didn´t felt that confident at all.

“Because I see how you look at them; you love them. You would do anything for them. You just have to do your best and hope it´s enough. No matter how bad things get if you can remember why you´re doing it at the end of the day you´ll be fine. “Clint volunteered.

“I hope you are right.” Loki admitted.

“I know I am” Clint reassured him. “Now back to business, if you took me out to find out what happened I don´t see how to report back to you safely without unknowingly leading you into a trap.”

“I hoped to set up an untraceable communication center in the house but I ran out of time.” Loki confessed still annoyed he had though at the last time they could do without.

“Wait a second! “ Clint exclaimed. “Do you still have Leah’s belongings from the time she tried to escape? “

“Mm, yes. I think so.” Loki answered intrigued.

“Tony had made her an untraceable cell phone and since you sent her empty handed I´m assuming it might still be among her stuff.” Clint suggested.

“Why don´t we just snatch Tony out of the Tower?” Loki asked him, he could set up the untraceable communication center in maybe a couple of hours.

“What if you run into SHIELD there?” Clint asked him in response.

“I won’t.” Loki asseverated. “I gave you the short tour when I brought you here, but I can stay in the paths of Yggdrasil for a good fifteen minutes, that should be enough time to locate Tony and bring him here.”

“That´s how you delivered her roses.” Clint smiled with understanding.

“Exactly.” Loki asseverated.

“It sound like a plan, but I still think we should wait until Leah´s better.” Clint suggested.

“Why?” Loki asked in earnest.

“Because if something goes wrong we need her in her best shape.” Clint asseverated.