Loki went through the plan in his mind as he prepared for disembarking, it was more like a sketch of a plan which trouble him the most; they would have to gather more information before being ready to attack.

“So, you are telling me that you really don’t have reliable intel about this base?” Loki spat bewildered as Fury first explained him the situation.

“Regretfully no, I don´t. There wasn´t enough time to infiltrate someone.” Fury admitted.

“How do you even expect us to prepare for this mission then?” Loki asked irritated as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Well … that´s where Chameleon will come in handy. We´ll need him to corroborate or disprove all the information we have at this moment.” Fury volunteered.

“I like this mission less by the minute.” Loki complained.

“Let´s concentrate on what we have and work it out from there.” Fury suggested sternly.

“All right.” Loki agreed reluctantly with a big sigh. “What do we know?”

“The vibranium mine is 2.4 km deep, the base was built over it; so if we take other Hydra bases as reference there should be only a small number of levels over the mine shaft.” Fury explained him.

“What do you suggest we do about that? Vibranium is practically indestructible.” Loki asked with a concern look on his face; this mission was going to be one of the hardest ones he had ever been on.

“You are right; we can´t destroy it. We´ll just have to content with collapsing the mine… and the base.” Fury agreed, at least they would buy time for coming up with a more permanent solution.

“That´s only a momentary solution; nothing will stop them from reconstructing it again. Especially with Hydra behind them; in a couple of months they will be mining again.” Loki pointed out.

“Do you have a better idea?! Fury spat angered, he also preferred a permanent solution but couldn´t find one.

“Not yet.” Loki admitted. “But there´s another problem; I don´t know if you have considered that the real reason Doom agreed to participate in this mission is to get his hands on some of that vibranium for himself. The rumour says it can amplify mystical powers.”

“Actually I have.” Fury admitted, Doom had been too easy to recruit. “We can´t let him get anywhere near that mine.”

Loki looked at him sarcastically. “How do you propose we do that while we fight an entire base? We simply can´t keep an eye on him at all times.”

“That´s why I´ve been thinking we should split into two teams; the first one will be in charge of sealing the base and preventing anyone from leaving as well as start the cleanup.“ After making sure Loki was listening attentively; Fury continued. “If I were them I would have the vehicle hangar on the first floor; and the armory either on the same level or the next one. There must be two or three levels for the chemical and biological labs which should be on the lower levels, that way they would have a chance to evacuate in case of a spill. Between those levels should be the living and training quarters. Doom, Venom, Octopus, Mysterio and Rhino should be on that first team.”

“Sounds good, but how will you guarantee Doom won´t just abandon the mission and try to seize some vibranium?” Loki interrupted him.

“We won´t have too, Dr. Octopus will take care of that.” Fury revealed.

“Why would he do that?” Loki asked intrigued.

“Because if he does I´ll get him something even better than money.” Fury smirked.

“Better than money?” Loki thought to himself. “And what can that be?” He asked Fury out loud.

“Our Doctor is dying.” Fury simply stated. “His body has sustained too many injuries over the years and is failing; but I promised him we would use every available technology to save him if he … helps us keep an eye on Doom.”

Loki looked at him surprised, he had negotiated every payment except for that one.

“Don´t worry, we´ll deliver on our word.” Fury reassured him. “I already have a team working on that.”

“All right.” Loki finally said. “Any more secret deals I should know about?”

“None that should concern you.” Fury dryly told him.

“As you like.” Loki conceded slightly annoyed.

“On the second team should be Chameleon, Electro, Sandman, you and me. We´ll be in charge of neutralizing the weapons in the labs and setting up the explosives to collapse the mine.” Fury explained over some diagrams he had sketched on the screen.

“I´m guessing you don´t want to risk any quemical or biological spill, even if that could do the cleanup … faster.” Loki volunteer.

“You´re right. Besides the point that not all of us are immune to earth diseases like you there´s the matter of the vibranium, it´s highly mutagenic so I´d rather not spill god knows what around.”

“Known one at least.” Loki added. “You are right; we have no idea what have they been playing with in those labs. But I´m sure you know that incineration alone might not destroy all the threats.”

“I know, but we hardly will have time to neutralize them one by one.” Fury acknowledged grimly.

“Maybe we can.” Loki told him pensively, they would need to have more information to come up with an effective plan.

“We´re five minutes from the drop point Sir.” Melinda informed Fury.

“All right people, get ready to jump.” Fury told to no one in particular.

Loki and Doom eyes each other zealously, as the rest of their team mates put on their parachutes.

“I´m not wearing that.” Loki pointed to the backpack Sandman was offering him. “I have my own means of getting there.” He added with a smirk.

Doom had also refused to wear a parachute; his suit had minor flying capabilities.

Fury gave some final instructions to Agent May before finishing strapping his own parachute.

The back door opened and a strong cold wind flooded the inside of the Quinjet; Fury yelled. “Remember you have a tracking device in your equipment; should you get separated during the landing it will guide you back to the drop point.”

The first to jump was Chameleon, followed by an overly enthusiastic Venom and theatrical Mysterio. Sandman was amongst the last to jump; he had to be pushed out of the aircraft by Fury when he failed to jump by himself. Loki simply teleported to the drop point after Fury jumped. Doom had left the aircraft moments before Sandman did.

Loki watched as some grey spots slowly descended into the jungle. The first one to arrive was Chameleon, he glided into the drop point; it was safe to admit he had done it before.

The rest for the team except for Fury weren´t that skilled and ended up somewhere in the jungle. Doom landed a few seconds before Fury did. The last one to arrive was Rhino who have had some trouble figuring the tracking device operation.

After everyone had arrived they travelled by foot a couple of miles till their provisional base.

In the morning Chameleon left early to infiltrate the enemies base; he had been equipped with all sort of interesting gadgets from SHIELD´s scientists that would allow him to find any vulnerabilities in the base and exploit them.

Loki watched him worryingly as he walked away; the reconnaissance mission would take at least a day. “How will Leah be doing?” He thought to himself allowing the thought linger for a while before grunting displeased; he couldn´t scry fop her to find out.

“I´ll better do some reconnaissance myself.”