Leah tried to push the door open ramming against it a couple of times before giving up. It was useless she hadn´t managed to even move it. She kept looking at it thoughtfully.

“A hole in the wall?” She felt increasingly nervous as time went by. She nodded her head negatively looking at her hands. “Maybe if they were healed; it will never work like this.”

She anxiously looked around the room trying to find something she could use to pry the door. Suddenly she remembered the scissors Natasha had used to cut the adhesive tape from the plastic wrappings they had used to keep her splinters dry. She ran into the bathroom a few seconds later she ran out bringing the scissors with her. She tried to shove them into the wood frame; maybe if she could force them into the latch.

After more than a couple failed attempts Leah gave up “Argh! “She exclaimed frustrated against the door.

“There´s got to be another way.” She started searching her room again all of the sudden she smiled victorious. “The window!”

It had never occurred to her to try to open any of the windows before; she just assumed it wasn´t a good idea but she never thought they were sealed, not a handle or panel she could access. She tried to break one of the window lites with the scissors; to her surprise it didn´t break. Astonished she look closer; she hadn´t break it but she could see a small dent on the glass. She nodded her head negatively as she told herself before chopping the lite again. “Loki is going to be furious at me … but it isn´t like he left me any choice.”

Loki started searching for Tony in all the usual places; finally, he found him on the communications room along with Steve and Thor.

“Brother!” Thor greeted him happily. “Natasha told us you were back.”

Loki ignored his brother´s salute and walked directly to Tony. Without any warning he aggressively poked him on the chest cornering Tony against the wall. “You will tell me exactly what happened!”

Both Thor and Steve turned to help Tony, who quickly signaled them to wait.

“What are we talking about?” Tony asked perplexed.

“Your little argument with Leah.” Loki answered irate.

“Ah!” Tony exclaimed. No wonder Loki looked so angry. “What did she told you?”

“Not much. She keeps saying that it was all her fault and that I shouldn´t be angry at you. All that I really know is that she broke her fingers over something you two argued about. I want to know exactly what happened.” He huffed angrily.

Tony scratched his nape nervously. “Um yes, about the guilty part I would say 50-50.”

Loki took a step forward vexed. Tony lifted his hands in surrender as he told him. “If you calm down I´ll explain…”

Suddenly an alarm went off. They all looked surprised at each other.

“Are we under attack?” Steve asked out loud.

Loki muttered some words and suddenly a view from the mansion exterior was projected on thin air.”

“There!” Steve pointed to a window in the second floor. “Is that Leah? What is he …?”

Loki teleported away before Steve could finish his question.

Leah had finally broken a hole big enough to pass through it; not without getting several cuts from the shards all over her body. Her unprotected hands had suffered the worst part.

She had climbed out onto the cornice and now was trying to climb back in through another window.

“Dammit Loki! Wait until I get back inside! I´ll teach you to lock me in!” She grunted vexed as she positioned herself to start chopping the window tile with her scissors again. The moment she hit the glass she inadvertently triggered the defense system. A laser grid lit up immediately scorching a line on Leah´s right leg. She yelped surprised, stepping back on instinct. She lost her footing and helplessly fell into the void.

She knew the two story fall wouldn´t kill her but undoubtedly it would hurt.

Loki teleported outside immediately realizing Leah´s reckless efforts would activate the house defense systems. But he was too late to help her. He witnessed powerless as Leah hit the ground.

The impact knocked Leah´s air out. She growled painfully and coughed loudly as she tried to get some air back on her lungs.

Loki ran to her side. “By Odin´s ravens Leah! What on Helheim you think you are doing?”

“Proving I can hurt myself without any help!” She retorted with irony. “Fuck! That hurt!” She rolled painfully trying to get up.

“Dammit Leah! Stay still!” Loki motioned her.

“Why should I listen to you? You don´t listen to me!” Leah growled as she managed to sit herself up. She looked at Loki defiantly as she sternly reproached him. “You locked me in!”

Loki noticed a swallow slash on her right cheek and blood stains all over her clothes and hands. Ignoring her complaints, he swiftly carried her up teleporting both of them inside.

“Let me down!” Leah angrily yelled at him while trying to wriggle her way out of his grasp.

“No, and stop behaving like a child! I´m taking you to Banner and that´s that.” Loki scolded her harshly.

Leah grunted annoyed but decided to keep her mouth shut. She did needed Bruce to patch her up this time. It seemed that Loki wasn´t in the mood to heal her and she wasn´t asking either.

When they reached Bruce he spat surprised. “What the hell…?”

Both Loki and Leah started arguing again.

“It´s his fault! He locked me in our room because he´s insanely jealous.” Leah shrieked.

“Why shouldn’t I be jealous?” Loki yelled back.

“Because I love you, you stupid Asgardian!” Leah screamed angrily.

“I know!” Loki growled back.

They both stared at each other vexed for a moment. Suddenly Leah stuck her tongue at him.

“Stop being a brat!” Loki spat irritated.

“Make me!” Leah challenged him.

Loki huffed nodding his head annoyed and simply handed Leah into Bruce´s arms. “Just patch her up!” Next he walked outside leaving a very confused Bruce and angry Leah behind.

“What was that all about?” Bruce asked Leah once he had placed her on the examination table.

Leah explained him briefly what had happened growling and grunting all the time. When Bruce got to the burn on her tight she complained loudly.

“I hadn´t seen you this whining ever before. “He told her surprised by her attitude.

“I´m not in the mood Bruce. Didn´t you realized he could´ve healed my wounds and he just didn´t.” Leah complained loudly; this time her eyes watered against her will.  “He´s not forgiving me.” Was the thought she refrained from saying out loud.

Loki strolled off angrily to the communications room where Tony, Thor and Steve were waiting for any news.

“What happened?” Tony asked alarmed as he noticed some blood smeared on Loki´s clothes.

“She triggered the mansion defenses. Bruce is patching her up right now.” Loki reluctantly volunteered.

“Patching her up? Bruce? What happened? Why didn´t you healed her yourself?” Tony asked confused.

“Because apparently I’m a stupid jealous Asgardian … and I´m not in the mood.” Loki growled angrily.

Three pairs of mouths opened for a second before snapping closed. That sounded like Leah. What could´ve happened that she was so mad at Loki?

“What did you do to her?” Tony finally asked.

“She kept trying to prevent me from talking to you, so I locked her in our room.” Loki volunteered still growling.

“And you didn’t thought that would backfire?” Tony asked him incredulously.

“Obviously not.” Loki acknowledged. “Now will you tell me what happened before she gets another bright idea?”

Tony scowled pensively. “Guys do you mind? Loki and I have a lot to talk.”

“Are you sure?” Steve asked cautiously.

“I´m sure.” Tony asseverated. “Besides I don´t think that our friend here wants to … uhm … anger his sweetheart any further.”

“All right. If you need us …” Steve offered.

“I´ll call you.” Tony volunteered.

“Brother?” Thor asked concerned.

“He´s right Thor. Leah is angry enough with me as it is. We´ll be fine. I just want to talk.” Loki agreed.

“And that´s it; so …? Tony cautiously asked Loki after finishing telling him everything that had happened in his absence.

“You cur, you …” Loki growled angrily.

“Hey!” Tony cut him off. “There’s no need for name calling!” Tony complained offended.

“Really?” Loki asked irked. “You drove her to the edge. Name calling is the least you deserve! What if something else had happened? Did you even thought of that?” A concerned tinge could be detected in Loki´s voice through the anger.

“But it didn´t.” Tony dryly replied; he had asked himself that question before and the answer scared him. “Don´t you think I feel guilty enough? Regardless of what Andrew thinks I´m not comfortable with what happened.”

Loki took a moment to observe Tony´s face. He was truthful about feeling remorse. “I believe you are.” Loki finally told him sternly. “I´m not just angry at you.” Loki sighed frustrated. “I´m angry at her. It doesn’t matter what I do, she keeps trying to keep me on the dark. Why do I even bother? She tries to hide things from me all the time.”

Tony looked at Loki sympathetically. “Don´t take it personally; she does that to all of us. She probably just doesn´t want to upset you. Put yourself in her shoes. It can´t be easy…. But my friend … I think you´ve failed to see the obvious.” Tony told him with a smug.

“The obvious?” Loki asked puzzled to the meaning of his words.

Tony volunteered. “She fought you, quite enthusiastically I must say.”

“Yes, she did. But what do you …?” Suddenly he understood. “She´s not giving up anymore.” Loki smiled wryly at the irony.

Tony didn´t even tried to keep a straight face when he added. “Yes, she´s getting better pal. Seems Andrew was right after all. Good luck handling her now.” He gave Loki a patronizingly look.

Loki sighed amused. “No one said it was going to be easy.”

“Nope, it never is.” Tony agreed.