Loki took a deep breath after locking Andrew´s door behind him. “There´s no point stalling this.” He started walking with decision to the infirmary.

“How is she?” Loki asked almost in a whisper to Bruce who was sitting just outside her room browsing some notes.

Bruce stood up immediately and glanced back swiftly before pulling Loki to the side to inform him. “She´s all right. Still refusing to take any pain-killers though; but her wounds are healing nicely. Most of them will be healed by the end of the day. “

Loki listened attentively to Bruce´s prognosis. “Thank you. I need to ask you to leave us alone for a while.” Bruce looked up at Loki puzzled by his request. “We need to have a very long talk.”

“Are you sure?” Bruce asked slightly concerned. “Maybe you should wait until she feels better.”

“No, Bruce. We need to talk now.” Both men looked into each other eyes with understanding.

“All right. If you need me call me.” Bruce finally agreed not without some reluctance.

Loki smiled lightly as he agreed. “Don´t worry. I will.”

When Loki walked into her room she saw Leah lying on her left side giving her back to him.

“Leah?” Loki asked softly unsure she was awake.

Leah´s half-asleep voice answered. “Mm?” She laboriously rolled on her back. “Oh! You’re back.” She stared at him for a second before asking with curiosity. “So? Where have you been?”

“With Andrew.” Loki volunteered dryly.

Leah huffed clearly distraught. “Why?”

“I needed to talk to him … to understand.” Loki started to explain when she interrupted him abruptly.

“Understand what?” She growled trying in vain to keep her anger at bay. “what´s to understand? This?” She raised both her hands up for him to see.

“Among other things.” Loki acknowledged.

Leah looked up to the ceiling as she sighed upset. “Can´t you just leave it at that I’m a screw-up?”

Loki got closer to the bed upset by her comment as he reassured her. “No, first of all because you are not a screw-up and secondly … because it´s not that simple.”

“Doesn´t matter. You can´t forgive me.” Leah volunteered sadly.

“It´s not that easy! I can´t just forgive you like that! Have you thought what could´ve happen if you had been alone with Eerika?” Loki inquired her frustrated by her answer.

“But I wasn´t.” Leah defended herself quickly.

“How can I know you won´t do something like this again?” Loki asked her sternly.

“Because I promise?” Leah volunteered nervously.

“We both know promises can be broken.” Loki told her gravely.

“Then I don´t know what is it that you want form me!” Leah shrieked alarmed by his tone.

“I´m … not sure either.” Loki acknowledged. “That´s why I can´t just forgive you. You´ve been reckless and foolish …” Loki looked away from her before adding. “And I don´t mean just know…”

“Then … is this … goodbye?” Leah asked in a broken voice absentmindedly looking at the wall away from him. Afraid to look him in the eyes while he gave her the so dreaded answer.

Loki looked back immediately surprised by her question; even looking away from him he could feel the sadness in her eyes. Impulsively he grabbed her hand and placed it near his fast beating heart. “No! Of course not. Why would you think that?”

“I … don´t know.” Leah turned to see his face; she looked troubled. “You … won´t forgive me.” She didn´t knew what else to tell him.

Loki looked at her with compassion. As he weakly smiled he caressed her cheek softly. “I didn´t said I would never forgive you.”

Leah smiled back relieved. “That´s a start.”

Loki smile grew bigger; he could lose himself in that smile. “Yes, it is. “  Then he changed his tone to a more serious one. “I talked to Toyy and Andrew. They filled me in with the details you neglected to tell me.”

Leah´s smiled faded into a pout. “Did they? Just what I needed.”

“I understand not telling the other how you felt, but me? Why do you keep hiding things from me?” Loki reproached her.

“I … I´m not even sure. Force of habit?” She replied nervously.

Loki looked sternly at her before scolding her. “Leah!”

She sighed defeated. “I´m scared…”

“Scared of what?” Loki asked bewildered.

“Of not being good enough.” Leah replied dryly casting her gaze down.

“I thought we already talked about this.” Loki spat frustrated.

“Yes, but … I hadn´t broken my fingers on a whim before.” Leah answered ashamed.

“It wasn´t a whim!” Loki scolded her harshly. “Tony pushed you too far; he should´ve foreseen something like this happening!”

“It´s not his fault!” Leah defended him adamantly.

“It is! And yours too!” Loki firmly added.

“I know it´s my fault!” Leah said raising her voice. “It just … “ Her voice broke for a second. “It hurt too much.”

“What hurts?” Loki asked; Tony might have told him the answer to that but he needed to hear it from her.

“Everything…” Leah released with a sigh the burden that still lingered in her heart. “The truth … I realize know that hiding it won´t make it go away … it just makes it hurt even more. You´re right I´ve been careless, reckless, foolish, however you want to call it. It´s just … I would do it all again. When I told Doom I was ready to forsake my soul for you and Eerika … I didn´t knew I already had …” She couldn´t go on, thick tears running through her face. She looked into his eyes worriedly, pleadingly. “I´m trying to get it back … and it hurts.”

Loki looked at her pained, tears glistered in his eyes, a dull pain in his chest echoed the one she felt in hers. “I don´t want you to hurt anymore.”

“I know.” Leah acknowledged. “I don´t want to hurt anymore either. I´m sorry; you are right. I shouldn´t had tried to hide from you.”

Loki sat on the bed looking directly at her. “When you hide things from me it makes me angry. It makes me feel that you don´t trust me. That I’m not that important to you.”

“But … that´s not true.” Leah refuted his words. “It´s quite the opposite.”

Loki looked into her eyes intrigued.

“I´m afraid to see disappointment in your eyes.” Leah confessed.

“Disappointment?” Loki repeated in disbelief. “What a curios choice of words.” He though.

“Yes.” Leah asseverated. “I’m afraid someday I´ll disappoint you and then you´ll regret choosing me over a realm.  I really don´t think I will ever be able to compete with a realm.”

“Don´t be foolish Leah.” Loki softly scolded her leaning to looked into her eyes. “There is no realm in all the universe that can compare to you. No sapphire stone that can melt my heart as you do when you look at me. No amount of gold, no power that could keep me warm at night. Can a realm love me like you do? Give me the joy of a child? No, it can´t. Don´t you understand why I can´t forgive you that easily? Because you hurt the one person I hold dear above all… you.”

Leah was speechless. Joy and guilt fought to top each other in her heart. Tears flowed silently while she stared into his emerald eyes; those eyes that conveyed all the love his words meant.

“I´m sorry.” She finally said when she found her voice back. “I know it doesn´t make it better; but that´s …”

Loki sealed the words in her mouth with a fervent kiss. As the kiss grew in intensity a green aura lit wrapping them, healing Leah´s wound.

Leah suddenly broke the kiss confused. “I don´t understand … I thought you said you wouldn´t forgive me that easily.”

Loki smiled warmly at her. “That doesn´t mean I want you to suffer. I think you have punished yourself enough already.”

“Thank you.” Leah whispered grateful. “I´m really …”

Loki stop her from finishing her sentence again with another kiss. This time he leaned over her pushing her into the bed.

When he stopped for air Leah was looking at him delighted, flustered and amused.

“Will you let me apologize? “ She asked playfully.

“No.” He answered in the same playful tone. “But I’ll make you ask for mercy and grant you none.” Next he kissed her again, he longed for her, for her warmth.

Leah knew it and unconsciously a soft moan escaped her lips. Her heart was beating fast, an ache growing between her tights.

“Someone might come in.” She whispered in his ear.

Loki looked at her mischievously. “that didn´t stop you when I was in my cell.”

Leah blushed bright red. “Don´t remind me.”

“Why not? I had a great time and so did you. How about an encore?”

“At least close the door.” Leah suggested nervously.

“So… now you are shy?” Loki grilled her amused.

“Loki, please!” Leah pleaded nervously. “Anyone can just come in …”

“All right.” He finally agreed. “Either way… I don´t want to share the view.” He volunteered as he peeked into her cleavage lustfully.

Leah looked down at his hands gasping in anticipation when Loki suddenly snatched her from the bed.

“Let´s go somewhere more private. Fortunately, this house has more than enough rooms.”

“But …” Leah started to say when another kiss demanded her silence.

“No buts!” Loki told her adamantly.

Leah smiled as she nodded her head in agreement. “Ok.”

Loki walked on the corridor for a few meters until he entered a room he knew was unoccupied.

Next he lay Leah down the bed. While climbing on top of her grinding his pelvis against hers he nibbled her neck extracting needy moans from Leah who had already began to rise her hips to meet him.

Loki left no spot unattended; lips, neck. When her t-shirt came on the way he simply ripped it open causing Leah to utter an embarrassed complaint.

“I made this clothes appear, remember? I can do the same once I’m done with you.” He mischievously explained as he did the same thing to her bra.

Leah couldn´t do anything except to laugh at his enthusiasm. Soon her laugh was replaced by a gasp when Loki took one of her breasts in his mouth sucking on it vigorously.

“Ungh!” Leah moaned loudly arching her back. Loki smirked at her reaction and stopped to remove the rest of her clothes.

He remained still for a second contemplating her; flustered and wanting. He undid his trousers and without delay entered her.

Both their cries echoed the room. Out of the sudden he rolled the leaving Leah on top of him.

“Your turn love. Work for it!” He smirked at her while giving a playful trust that caught Leah by surprise.

Leah giggled delighted. “If that´s what you want, that´s what you´ll get.” She leaned into him resting her hands on his chest as she pushed up and down slowly building a rhythm. Then she bended all the way down in search of his mouth kissing him passionately arousing Loki even more.

“How about we make this more interesting?” She mischievously ask him as she arched her back carefully while shifting her legs from a kneeling to a bended position. Loki shifted in return sitting up to prevent her from sliding out.

“Put your leg on my shoulder.” He ordered. Leah complied happily. The position made it easier for him to penetrate her deeper.

He started trusting in her faster and harder extracting pants, gasps and moans.

A tightening of her entrance and a wetness feeling told Loki Leah had come. Without giving her any time to recuperate he flip her onto her stomach raising her hips up to penetrate her again.

“Ahh!” Leah screamed at the arousing sensation. “Wait, Loki!” She panted.

“Ready to ask for mercy?” He asked playfully.

“No!” She laughed, it felt too good for him to stop now. “Do your worse.”

Her challenge was well received by Loki who pushed her down laying both of them down completely.

Leah moaned loudly.

“So tight.” He uttered between moans while he trusts.

Leah couldn´t even respond surpassed by the sensations his penis caused in her.

For a second time a wet sensation told Loki Leah had come again. He smirked while pulling out only to pull Leah up too. Swiftly he positioned both of them on the edge of the bed sitting Leah into his throbbing member.

Leah leaned on him moaning loudly; he wouldn´t give her a break.

Loki laughed amused. “Hold on.”

“Why…?” Leah barely started to ask when Loki stood up carrying her with him. Within a few moments he had slammed her into the wall while he kept trusting her relentlessly.

“Oh god!” Leah moaned between ragged breath. She was completely at his mercy. The only thing he could do was to hold on tightly to him wrapping her legs around his waist as his trusts grew in intensity.

“Oh god! Loki!” Leah panted as she felt herself came for the third time.

“Ready to ask for mercy?” He teased her.

“Yes … please.” She begged.

Loki stopped for a second and looked into her eyes. She was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen; her cheeks flustered, her blue eyes glowing with lust. He kissed her deeply pinning her hard against the wall before answering with a smirk. “Soon.”.

Next he carried her back to bed carefully laying her down on her back while he kept riding her.

Leah closed her eyes overwhelmed; she had come only from their position change.

“I´m almost there.” Loki reassured her in a whisper.

“Ok.” She managed to whisper back happily before starting moaning again at each of Loki´s trusts.

With a special hard trust and growl Loki cum; Leah could feel his penis throbbing inside her while he ejaculated. It was the best sensation ever; his seed running into her.

Finally, Loki rolled to her side exhausted.

Both of them searched for the other eyes; when they met they happily smiled to each other.

“I missed you.” Loki volunteered first.

“Not as much as I did.” Leah volunteered. Next she rolled towards him; his scent, his warmth enfolded her as she drowsily closed her eyes.

Loki noticed it and sweetly kissed her eyelids. “Sleep my love. I´ll be here when you wake up. I will always be here for you.”

Leah snuggled closer to him as she whispered. “I love you.”