Steve was washing the dishes from breakfast when Tony suddenly showed up. For a moment they both ignored each other until Steve heard a familiar sound that made him turn around. The sound of a can being opened; a beer.


“How´s the headache?” He asked with irony knowing Tony would have a very bad one due to all his drinking the day before.


“Don´t even pretend you care.” Tony spitefully answered as he leaned the cold can into a sore temple. It was only a momentary release but he relished in the cold sensation.


“I wouldn´t have asked if I didn´t.” Steve volunteered sternly. Why did everything had to be so difficult with him?


“You have a strange way of showing it. Kissing my boyfriend on one side …. knocking me out on the other.” Tony mocked him resentful.


Steve huffed upset biting his lip he looked down. “I´m sorry for both. It won´t happen again. I know this doesn´t mean much to you right now but I´m truly sorry I betrayed your trust. It´s just … “ He nodded his head negatively clearly distraught “Solitude is a bad counselor.” He looked up at Tony; repentance in his eyes.


“Forgive me if I don´t trust the man that just a few hours told me he would steal my boyfriend from me if he had the chance.” Tony pointed out wryly.


“What is it that you want Tony? You want to take another shot at me? Scream at me? Just tell me what you want and get it out of your system.” Steve raised his voice frustrated before warning him sternly. “Just don´t make me your excuse for not dealing with Loki. You really don´t have the time for that.”


“Really? Why wouldn´t I have the time?” Tony asked with irony. “Maybe you already have a plan, isn´t that right Captain?”


“Fine. You don´t want my apology; fine. I´m not playing this game with you Tony. You can believe whatever you want but the only thing standing between you and Loki is yourself. I won´t interfere anymore.” With those final words he directed himself to the kitchen door.


“Why?” Tony asked loudly stopping Steve on his tracks.


“Why, what?” Steve asked baffled as he turned around.


“Why not stand between us?” Tony asked nonchalant. Shrugging his shoulders, he continued calmly. “Obviously Loki likes you … or he wouldn´t have kissed you back.”


“He didn´t …” Steve tried to tell him wrong.


“Don´t lie to me Steve. I saw both of you remember? I might be selfish but not stupid … and I know him better than he thinks.” He took a sip of his beer, he felt so thirsty.


“I don´t know what is what you think you saw Tony but Loki loves you.” Steve assured him. “You can have my word on that.”


“For what it´s worth, I love him too.” Tony agreed wryly.  “But … he does like you and … you are a better man than me, you´ll always be … better.” Tony acknowledged somberly. “It would solve everyone´s problems.”


“What the hell are you saying?” Steve asked irked hoping he had misunderstood.


“You know what I´m saying Steve. Stop acting as you didn´t. “ Tony stared at him bluntly. “Loki can have a better man; one that won´t let him down. You can have Loki and I … I can keep doing whatever I want no strings attached.” Tony explained wryly, he had convinced himself that it was a solution. One he hated but a solution nonetheless.


“You are still drunk Tony. Go back to bed.” Steve dismissed him incapable of believing what he had just heard. “Sleep it off.”


“On the contrary my Captain. I´m quite sober … I can assure you.” Tony asseverated firmly before changing his tone to a more familiar one. “Come on Steve, you say it all the time. I´m a big screw up; and accident waiting to happen. He would be better off without me.”


“Loki is not a stray cat you can put up for adoption when it´s convenient.” Steve scolded him angered by Tony´s last remark.


“What is it Steve? Are you afraid of a little commitment? I thought you loved him.” Tony spat with irony.


“More than you at least.” Steve growled in return. Vexed he turned his back on him ready to leave; he had only taken a few steps when he returned to confront Tony. Irked he poked him strongly in his chest as he stated. “The real question here is if you love him.”


“Of course I love him.” Tony asseverated offended. “Do you think it´s easy for me to give him up? I love him more than you can ever understand.”


“I don´t believe you.” Steve stated firmly. “I don´t think you even understand the meaning of the word Mr. I´m doing what’s best for everyone.”


“I do understand the meaning of the word, you … self-righteous popsicle! I do love him! And that´s why I want you to be with him!” Tony shrieked painfully.


“No, you don´t Tony.” Steve growled vexed. “You don´t desert the one´s you love because it´s too hard to love them. You don´t leave them because they would be better off without you. That´s what cowards do, they justify leaving just to make themselves feel better about not having what it takes to stay and fight. When you truly love someone you fight for them. You strive to become more than what you are; someone they can be proud of. You just don´t leave because it´s convenient. So no, I don´t believe you love Loki. I don´t believe you ever did.”


Steve´s words touched a nerve. “I don´t care what the fuck you think. I do love him!” Tony growled enraged.


“Then prove it!” Steve dared him defiantly.


“I…” Tony gasped thunderstruck. “I …” He frowned in deep thought.


“If you do love him probe it!” Steve dared him again sternly. “Go to him right now and tell him you made up your mind.”


Tony looked at Steve in amazement. Did he just used reverse psychology on him? “You almost had me there Cap. Do you think I wouldn´t notice?” He asked between irritated and amused.


Steve nodded his head in disbelief. “Tony … stop getting in your own way. You know you love him. Furthermore, you know you would be lost without him. Why on earth do you keep resisting?”


“I will screw up again, maybe not right away. But at some point; I just know I will.” Tony volunteered somberly.


“Yes, at some point you will.” Steve agreed, as Tony looked up at him baffled for his admission he continued. “It´s called life Tony. Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you don´t.” As Tony remained quiet he continued. “He´s not asking you to always get it right Tony … after all … we are only humans. What he wants to know is that you won´t drop the ball again.”


Tony frowned for an instant considering Steve words before raising his brows as he mocked him. “Sports analogy Cap? Really? You are really going with that?”


“Stop being a dick Tony.” Steve admonished him with a smirk. Something told him he had finally gotten through this time.