A week had gone by inadvertently since they had been left alone in the mansion. Everyone else still out on missions.


They had talks about everything; between other things. It was almost as If they were on vacations. Oblivious to everything but each other until one afternoon as Loki walked idle through Tony´s lab while Tony worked on some modifications for a new suit.


“Do you think they are all right?” He suddenly asked while absentmindedly running his fingers over a night-vision prototype helmet for Steve.


Tony looked up puzzled at the unusual question catching a glimpse of Loki´s concerned features. “Of course they are. They would´ve called us if something had gone wrong.”


“I guess you are right.” Loki shrugged his shoulders, he was right but for some reason he couldn´t shake an uneasy sensation growing on his stomach.


Tony stopped working and walked towards him worried. “What´s wrong love?” He embraced Loki by his waist.


“I don´t know. It´s probably nothing.” Loki volunteered still troubled.


“Is this about Steve?” Tony inquired trying not to sound jealous. “Do you miss him?”


Loki snorted lightly. “Are you jealous?”


Tony turned him around. “You did kiss him.”


Loki rolled his eyes. “I wondered how long it would take for you to bring that up. It was nothing.”


“That´s not what I meant. I know you don´t love him.” Tony acknowledged dryly. “Not that way at least.”


“Of course not.” Loki agreed swiftly.


“But …” Tony continued. “He was there for you when I wasn´t … it must have meant something.”


“He´s just a friend.” Loki volunteered; suddenly realizing what he had just said. He stayed silent for a moment thinking; changing his tone he added. “He is a good friend; probably the best I have.”


“I know; better than most.” Tony agreed wholeheartedly; he had already forgiven Steve´s indiscretion.


Out of sudden Loki´s expression turned to a worried one again. “I never realized he was so …lonely.”


“Neither did I.” Tony confessed. “I guess we all assume he could handle it; he´s Captain America after all.”


“You should talk to him when he comes back, you know? He could use a friend and … I´m not sure he´ll want me around. Not after all that happened.” Loki added conflicted.


“Of course he will.” Tony asseverated trying to cheer Loki up. “He´s better than both of us put together; you´ll see.”


As Loki didn´t showed any sign of believing him he shamelessly added. “We could try setting him up.”


Loki raised his head alarmed. “Don´t you even dare!” Pensively looking down he added. “He´d probably hate that … although … you might be right about that … he needs someone.”


“To fill the void.” Tony suggested in deep thought.


“You noticed, didn´t you?” Loki inquired glad he wasn´t the only one to see it.


“Yes.” He nodded his head affirmatively. “If you pay attention … it´s not hard to see.”


Suddenly they were interrupted by Jarvis. “Emergency call from Mr. Barton Sir.”


Tony frowned upset. What could´ve happened? “Patch him through.” He ordered sternly.


“How fast can Loki get to Moscow? Without teleporting.” Clint inquired anxiously. He looked like he had just walked out of a war zone. Filth and mud everywhere.


“Five hours in a Quinjet, maybe four.” Tony volunteered while doing the math on his head.


“He doesn´t have that long …” He mumbled as he frowned distraught. “Isn´t there other way? A faster one?” Suddenly he lost his temper. “Why didn´t he waited for me?”


Loki frowned while watching Clint attentively. Why was he …? Suddenly he noticed; it wasn’t mud. “Who?” He asked loudly; fully aware of the gravity of the situation.


Clint huffed upset while scowling. “Steve.”


“How bad?” Loki asked dryly as his heart pounded on his chest. No teleportation, that alone should´ve alerted him.


“Bad.” Clint answered down casted. “The doctors don´t think he´ll make it. He´s losing blood faster than they can patch him up…” He suddenly looked up in despair. “You need to help him.”


To heal him, that´s why Clint had said without teleportation. He knew that without the Teseract or some other artifact a spell like that would use too much energy. Even if he arrived in seconds it wouldn´t help at all. Healing spells were complicated; he needed most of his energies to perform them.


“Jarvis, display my research on lay lines on the screen.” Loki ordered sternly. “Close in the Eastern Europe region.” He swiftly screened the map. “There …” He pointed to a spot where the lines crossed. “Where is that?”


“Kutaisi, Georgia.” Was Jarvis swift reply.


“How fast can you pick me up there?” Loki asked Clint with decision.


“Fifteen minutes …” Clint answered astonished, there might be hope after all.


“Make it ten.” Loki demanded resolute.


“I´ll send Natasha.” Was Clint swift reply. “Don´t be late.” He pleaded grimly before cutting the communication.


“Tony take me to Bimini now!” Loki snap at Tony who was still too shocked at the news to react.


“But … what?” Tony frowned confused while pointing to the map that still was on the screen.


“I´ll explain you in the Jet.” Loki volunteered swiftly grabbing Tony´s hand and hurriedly pulling him to the lab´s exit.


“Loki what are we doing?” Tony asked while boarding the jet.


“I can´t teleport so I´m going to use your planets energy paths to travel as near as I can to Moscow.” Loki volunteered nonchalant.


“Have you ever done this before? Is it safe?” Tony inquired worryingly as he buckled his seatbelt and lighted the aircraft.


“I don´t know.” Loki replied doubtful. “It should be.”


“You can´t do that! You are barely getting your strength back … there´s got to be another way …” Tony spat taking his eyes of the control panel.


“I´m not losing him!” Loki yelled furiously. “I´m not … I´m just … not.” He frowned angered with his arms crossed while looking away.


Tony glanced at Loki surprised, next he looked ahead in contemplation. After a few moments he agreed. “You are right. We can´t lose him … not without a fight at least. Explain me again, what´s the plan?”


Loki sighed relieved. “Thanks” He volunteered softly before explaining Tony the fundaments of the spell he was going to use. If everything worked as plan he should be transported from one energy vortex to the other, the spell was fairly simple and shouldn´t use too much of his energy. “I can´t take you with me.” He heavily informed him.


“It would take too much energy.” Tony realized grimly.


“Yes.” Loki agreed disgruntled.


“I´ll take the long route then.” Tony offered calmly. “It will take me a couple of hours but I´ll join you there. Just … don´t overdo it.”


“Are you worried about me?” Loki asked playfully. It was a nice change … to know he cared.


“Always love.” Tony answered winking an eye at him. “Get ready, we are almost there. I know cold doesn´t affect you but see if you can find a jacket back there. It´s winter over there; it should help you blend in.”


Loki unbuckled his seat as he searched the supplies. Luckily he found a jacket that looked about his size, he wondered who did it belonged to for a moment before putting it on; it almost fitted perfectly. Suddenly he realized; it had to be Steve´s. He closed his eyes pained for a moment as the familiar scent enveloped him. “I won´t be long.” He mentally promised. “I won´t let you die.” With a sigh he returned to the cockpit.


Tony looked up at him when he returned, he recognized the jacket immediately. “Isn´t that …?”


“It was the only one I could find …” Loki answered with discomfort. “I can leave it if you want. I really don´t need it.”


“No … it´s all right. You are about the same height; it fits you well.” Tony acknowledged conflicted. “It´s only a jacket” He reminded himself mentally. Loki had picked him and not Steve, he shouldn´t forget that.  He turned to watch Loki, he looked worried. “He´ll be all right. You´ll see. Clint is probably just overreacting.”


“I don’t think he is.” Loki volunteered dryly.


“I know.” Tony agreed, he wouldn´t overreact about something like that. For a moment the aircraft was completely silent.


“We ow him.” Loki acknowledge suddenly. He had help them be together again, they couldn´t just … walk away. They had to do something.


“I know.” Tony admitted as he landed in the coordinates Loki had given him. The energy vortex was nearby.


“Keep me posted.” Tony asked Loki as he zipped the jacket up before kissing him softly. “And take care.” He hated letting him go; but he knew it was necessary.


“I will.” Loki asserted before kissing him back. “Everything will be all right.” With that he disappears into a flash of light.


“I surely hope so.” Tony asseverated out loud. Next he hurriedly went back to the Quinjet, he had to get back to the mansion. On his way back he instructed Jarvis with the last details of one of the new suits, one specially designed to withstand beyond cero degrees’ temperatures. “Russian winters.” He mumbled upset before suiting up and flying away.