As Steve dressed up as fast as he could the rest of the team put each other up to speed on what they knew.


“so Nat, did your contact said anything else?” Clint asked frowning in deep thought.


“Nothing that could be useful. He gave me Barnes file but he doesn´t have a clue about where could Hydra be hiding him. All he knew was the location of two operational hydra bases in the city. Those are our best chances.”


“And if we attack one and he isn´t there we blow our chances of finding him.” Clint thought out loud, meditating on what he just said for a moment before sternly adding. “I hate to say this, but we´ll have to split up.”


“Can´t you send a SWAT team to one base while we take out the other?” Tony asked concerned. Dividing their forces; he couldn´t think of a worst plan.


“And if the SWAT team finds Barnes instead of us? They wouldn´t have a chance. Don´t you remember what he …” Natasha elbowed him hard while giving him a dirty look pointing at Steve with a nod.


“Ouch! Why?” Clint first complained before noticing Natasha signal. “Oh, mmm, well you know what´s he´s capable of.”


Steve had overheard everything and with a heavy sigh told them as he continued tying up his boots. “He stab me. You can say it out loud. And maybe I didn´t resisted him in the end; but he´s more than what the SWAT team can handle.”


Tony scowled grimly. They had a point. “All right. What are you suggesting?” He asked as he crossed his arms upset.


“We divide into two teams. Each team takes a SWAT unit for support. You and me take the base at the outskirts of the city. Natasha, Loki and Steve take the one in the abandoned industrial sector. As soon as one of the teams can confirm eyes on Barnes the other team will fall back to help them.” Clint explained while concentrating on the city plans appearing on his portable screen.


Tony´s frown grew even more. “Why don´t I take Loki with me? We´ll make a better team.”


“I need Loki with Steve, Tony. Just in case.” Clint informed him harshly.


“I am right here you know?” Steve complained upset. “And I´m just picking up my pace I´m not crippled.”


“You lost your say in this when you allowed Barnes to stab you!” Clint spat in anger. “And you are either going with Loki or back to bed. Your call.” He pointed to the bed with a severe look.


Steve clenched his jaw angry. He knew he couldn´t possibly beast that argument. “Fine. We´ll do it your way.” He agreed defeated still scowling.


“Clint is right Tony.” Loki intervened. “He needs someone to fills Cap´s position until he has picked up his pace.” He smirked with irony while catching a glimpse of Steve rolling his eyes at him.


“But Loki, the spell …” He wanted to say something else but the furious glare Loki gave him stopped him. Loki had been in bed only a week before; and even if Asgardians healed much faster than humans he didn´t felt comfortable about Loki fighting without him. Not just yet.


“I´ve had more than enough time to recuperate.” Loki answered eying him sternly. “There´s nothing to worry about.” He ended trying to soften his tone.


“But …” Tony started to complain.


“I said I´m all right.” Loki insisted more than slightly annoyed by his insistence,


“Are you sure?” Tony asked worryingly knowing he wouldn´t be able to change Loki´s mind.


Loki softened at the pleading look Tony gave him. “Do you want me to prove it to you?” He almost purred as he mischievously ran a finger over the chest plate of his armour licking his lower lip in anticipation.


Tony couldn´t thought of a come back to that and just uttered a flustered “Umm”


Both Nat and Clint complained instantly to the lover’s foreplay. “God guys! We are about to go on a mission here! Get a room when we get back.” Clint scolded then jokingly. Even Steve smirked amused at the scene.


“All right.” Tony conceded defeated. “And for your information whatever we do after the mission is not of your business.”


Clint lift his hands in the air as peace offer with a big grin on his face. “As long as we all come back in one piece I don´t give a damn.”


“Sounds fair to me.” Steve interjected.


“Shut up Cap! We wouldn´t be in this mess if it wasn´t for you.” Tony scolded him harshly; allowing his anger to get the worst of him he added. “But maybe we should get a room for you and Barnes. Do you want me to give you a few pointers? Maybe lend you some lub?”


Everyone looked shocked at him. “Tony!” The scold was almost unanimous. Only Steve had remained silent after an initial hurt scowl he had down casted his gaze mortified.


“That was uncalled for.” Natasha admonished him displeased before walking up to comfort Steve.


“Way out of line man.” Clint told him off before walking away. He had to set up the aircrafts and SWAT teams.


Loki remained in his place looking at him disapprovingly.


“This is both your faults.” Tony informed him wryly. He thought he had forgiven both Loki and Steve for kissing … but maybe deep down he still hadn´t. Loki just kept looking at him with his eyes crossed for a bit longer before telling him in disbelief. “We had a whole week to talk this over and you choose now to do this? Now … before we go into battle?”


Tony scowled while adverting his eyes; Loki was right. He couldn´t have picked a worst moment to let his jealousy get the worst of him. “I know.” He finally acknowledged grimly. “I just can´t help it. I´m jealous, ok?” He paused then pointing out at Steve he added. “I mean … just look at him. He looks so lost even I want to hold him tight.”


Loki snorted lightly at that. With a mischievous smile he whispered in Tony´s ear. “And that´s why he need a friend.” Changing his tone for a lustfully one he added. “And why you will get a not so friendly reminder of whom you belong to once this is over.”


Tony´s heart race at his words. He wasn´t sure if he should feel aroused or concerned; maybe a little of both. He opened his mouth to say something but Loki pushed his index to his lips motioning silence. “We´ll continue this later, all right?” Now help Natasha and Clint with the preparations. If they hadn´t thought of something make sure you do. I´ll talk to Steve. Are we clear?”


“Cristal.” Tony replied. “I´m …”


“I know.” Loki reassured him. “now hurry. We don´t have much time.” Then he approached Natasha and Steve who were sitting on the bed talking.


“Do you mind if I have a word with Steve?” He asked her politely.


“No, of course no.” Natasha agreed quickly. “Steve?”


“It´s all right. You have things to do.” Steve agreed still gloomy.


Both Tony and Natasha left the room arguing between themselves. As soon as they were alone Steve busted out. “He hasn´t forgiven me.”


“It will take him some time; but he will … in the end.” Loki admitted. “you shouldn´t let that botter you right now.”


“I know.” Steve agreed. “Do I look as bad as I feel?”


“Of course not. You look worse.” Loki jokingly teased him.


Steve smirked shyly at his joking tone. “Are you really up to this?” He suddenly asked Loki worryingly.


“I should be the one asking you that.” Loki admonished him.


“I´ll be all right.” Steve asseverated sternly.


“Then we shouldn´t speak of this anymore.” He volunteered willingly. “And … Steve”


“Yes?” Steve turned around intrigued.


“I apologize for what Tony said; but …if you do have any questions … “Loki looked him straight in the eye while saying it.


Steve dropped his gaze flustered. “I think … I´ll figure it out … by myself.”


Loki laughed whole heartedly at his shyness. “I´m sure you will.”