It took Diane a few moments to adjust her eyesight afterwards, she was surprised to see Loki before her, Valtrauta was gone, Brunhilde a few meters behind him surrounded by armed valkyrior.
-Loki? What happened? Why are you here? – Diane worryingly asked
-I couldn´t let you fall into oblivion my love, I made a bargain with Brunhilde, a soul for a soul – he calmly replied to her.
-No! Please tell me you didn´t –Diane pleaded tears threatening to pour out of her eyes.-
-Mother! It´s a …- Locke tried to warn her but a mysterious figure prevented him from reaching her.
-Don´t cry. I´m happy to do this, even if we are unable to see each other I will know that you still exist- Loki told her as he stroked her cheek.
-But what about Thanos? And our kids? You can´t abandon everyone for me-Diane tried to convince him.
-That´s not of our concern any more, you will remain in Valhalla while I leave to Hellheim to pay for my sins- he sadly replied
-Sins? That can´t be right. Loki you have done a lot of good and you still can. Don´t let me stand in your way-she was already in tears as she ended her phrase.
-Goodbye my love, I will always cherish the memories of our time together not matter how brief it was. I was never happier than at your side- he tried to comfort her as he kissed her.
-No Loki, please. I´m not important. Please you can´t leave everyone at Thano´s mercy. You have to keep fighting- she begged him.
-The deal I made can´t be undone –he bitterly answered –The universe will have to take care of itself, I can only make sure you are safe- he said to her as he turned to leave.
-Maybe the deal can´t be undone –Diane stated as she raised her sword –but it can be broken- with that she plunged her sword into her heart.
For a moment she couldn´t hear or see anything, slowly her senses started coming back to her, she was still in the arena lying on her back, she could see Valtrauta unconscious in the floor a few meters from her, a tall fair looking woman dressed in a blue gown standing beside her, Locke was kneeling at her side.
-What happened? – She asked him
-It was a test- the woman answered her –And you passed it.-
-A test? What do you mean? Who are you? – She asked again
-Mother, meet Mistress Love, she´s one of the cosmic powers-Locke informed as she helped her up.
-Mistress Love? I don´t understand- Diane was confused –But what happened to your father?-
-Father was never here mother, it was all an illusion.-Locke told her
-Why? – Diane felt even more confused
-To see if you were worthy of my gifts-Mistress Love answered –And you are-
Without a warning Mistress Love placed her hand over Diane´s heart a sudden wave of energy washed over her as her body glowed with a bright pink aura.
Her armour shifted to a silver one, her sword became a scythe, and a new shield appeared on her back.
-What happened? What is this? – Diane asked admiring the changes
-They are a manifestation of your subconscious mind –Mistress Love answered smiling at her surprise –I´ve invested on you a part of my powers.-
-Mother, you play to much videogames- Locke pouted at her new look.
-Why? Oh!- she suddenly realized she did look like one of the characters of the videogames Loki and her used to play –Well, I guess I always wanted to look like a valkyrie, it doesn´t look good on me?- she asked worried at her appearance.
-I wouldn´t say that- Locke answered –Father is going to be seriously distracted when he sees you – he said in a disapproving tone.
-It´s not like I chose it, It just appeared.-Diane pouted.
-Forget about it, we have more important things to care about- Locke told her then added –You should help Krista with Valtrauta, I need to speak to Mistress Love.-
-All right, but tell me why are you so calmed about all of this, I thought you didn´t wanted me to win-Diane asked intrigued
-If I had told you that you could defeated a Valkyrior you wouldn´t had believed me, and you wouldn’t had fought as hard as you did.-Locke said while smiling mischievously at her.
-So you tricked me- Diane smiles back at him –I wish you stop doing that.-
-Are you angry at me? – Locke asked her concern showed through his eyes even if his face told her differently.
-Not this time – she answered as she hugged him- I love you even if you are driving me crazy, but you should really stop hiding things from me and your father, we aren´t that thick headed you know.-
-I´ll have that in mind next time.-He jokingly answered then change his tone to a more serious one as he told her –And mother… what you said to father about not being important, you know it isn´t true, do you? You are the first not jotun woman to survive a jotun pregnancy, also the first human soul to enter Valhalla over a millennium, Mistress love chose you to share her gifts, you have the love of Father, and even if you cast all of that aside you have three special gifted kids, how could you not be special when you are our mother?-
Diane was taken aback by his words, as she full-heartily hugged him she whispered –Thank you son-then as she pulled back from the embrace she told him –I´d better help Krista-
As Diane walked away Locke asked Mistress Lobe –So, why did you came?-
-I was kind of called here- she answered him.
-Called? How? Why? – Locke asked again
-By her – Mistress Love pointed to Diane then added –She called me here when she embraced the whole universe in her heart. Although I have been watching her for some time now.-
-You been watching her, how come? – Locke was still intrigued, Mistress Love smiled at his confusion.-Do you know real true love is really hard to find? I´ve only seen it a couple of times since the universe was born, it must have been over a millennium since the last time I saw it.-
Locke suddenly realized what she meant –My parents? – He asked her to confirm his suspicion.
-Yes, they are truly in love with each other. There´s no bond as strong as that in the whole universe. It makes them stronger than you think. – She confirmed his thoughts.
-So that’s why they choose them …-Locke said mostly to himself, the idea made him feel warm inside.