Meanwhile as Diane waited in the Valkyrior’s Hall for Brunhilde´s decision Peter´s Quill ship arrived at the meeting coordinates arranged by Yondu.
-Let me do all the talking-Peter told both Gamora and Loki-I know Yondu better than I would like to-
Loki looked inquisitively at Gamora.
-It will be all right, he´s just kidding- she reassured Loki
-All right- Loki agreed although not completely convinced.
-Yondu, it´s been a long time-Peter smiled as he greeted the blue-skinned alien.
-What do you want Peter? You know my time is valuable-Yondu replied.
-To make you a proposition-Peter told him –We need someone who can help us steal Thanos´ treasures-
-You are kidding me, right? –Yondu replied with a smirk –Although tempting I´d rather pass-
-I thought you liked challenges- Peter insisted –We are only interested in one item, you can keep everything else you find. Besides, I´m pretty sure the idea had already crossed your mind.-
Yondu laughed –It had, you are right; but it can´t be done.-
-Why not? – Peter asked
-Because you would need something really big like a planetary invasion or something to lure Thanos as well as most of his army away from his ship, and even then you would still have to fight an army to get to his vault.-
-You are sure that´s the only way?-Peter worryingly asked
-Yes, I´m sure –Yondu replied –You can´t anticipate when and where something like that is going to happen, so it´s pointless. Besides we would need the schematics of Thanos´ vessel.-
-I could provide you with the schematics –Gamora told Yondu-I know Sanctuary II as the palm of my hand.-
-Well, now all we need is to Thanos conveniently decide to conquer a planet within our reach-Yondu mocked them.
They all stayed silent for a moment until Loki spoke –What if we could lure Thanos out wherever we want him?-
-How?-Yondu asked intrigued
-Leave that to me –Loki answered –Would you accept the job?-
-I might be tempted –Yondu grinned –But I would need an incentive.-
-How much of an incentive you would wish?-Loki smiled he knew Yondu would accept his offer.
-2 billion credits- Yondu stated
-That can be arranged –Loki stated –How soon can you be ready?-
-By tomorrow-Yondu answered –But I would need the incentive first.-
-And you shall have it –Loki agreed-Half of it, the other half after the job is done.-
-I think I like your friend Peter- Yondu smiled at the prospect of the money he would earn in a single hit.
After Yondu and Peter left the twins joined them to ask them what had happened, as they walked in Gamora was asking Loki –How do you intent to lure Thanos out?-
-With a bait he can´t resist-Loki answered with heavyheart
-What do you mean father, what bait? – Even asked.
Loki remained silent as he tried to figure out how to answer his question. As he did Gamora understood what he had meant.
-Loki you can´t be serious. You can´t possibly mean that …-Gamora’ s voice sounded alarmed.
-I can´t think of another way, believe me I wish I could-Loki told her.
-What is he talking about?-Eydls asked Gamora
-He intends to serve as bait for Thanos –Gamora told the twins.
-Why would Thanos want you father? – Even asked Loki
-We have … a history. He won´t be able to resist the opportunity-Loki wryly replied
-The opportunity to kill you –Gamora spat –You been hiding from him all these years. You can´t do this, I won´t let you!-
-I´m not asking for your permission-Loki told her –I already made my decision, I will go ahead with it.-
Even if Loki was trying to look calm and confident Gamora could tell he was terrified at the thought of facing Thanos, she knew why he wanted to do it, but she couldn´t understand it.
-Please Loki, I can´t see it happening again-Gamora pleadingly told him
-I won´t let that happen- Loki reassured her
-You couldn´t avoid it the first time – Gamora bitterly told him
-I … wasn´t … ready.-Loki looked anguished as he replied Gamora´ s statement
-What are you not telling us?-Eydls asked him
-That is not of your concern –Loki answered her defensively
-Gamora?-Eydls pleaded
-I can´t tell you. I promised.-Gamora answered as she lowered her eyes.
-We are not children any more father, stop hiding things from us-Even confronted Loki –We deserve to know what kind of trouble you are getting yourself into.-
-I decide what you need to know and what you don´t-Loki angrily answered
Even was trembling with anger as Loki uttered the words, he knew he wouldn´t be able to convince him as he reached to grab Loki´s wrist he said –I´m sorry father, you leave me no choice.-
Even caught Loki completely off guard, all of his memories about Thanos too fresh in his mind to hide, the emotions too raw to disguise.
It only took a couple of seconds for Even to uncover what his father was hiding, as he learnt the truth he suddenly let go his father´s wrist appalled of what he had found.
-What have you done? – Loki screamed a mix of anger and fear as he unconsciously nursed his wrist.
-I´m sorry father, I didn´t knew.-Even looked at him apologetically tears on his eyes as he added – You can´t do this, Gamora is right. It´s too dangerous!-
-You shouldn´t had done that-Loki nodded his head negatively –I won´t change my mind even if I have to do this myself.-as he ended his phrase he teleported away.
-Loki, no! Wait!-Gamora’ s voice hadn´t reached him.
-Are you happy now? Look at what you´ve done! He could be halfway to Thanos by now- Gamora scolded Even
-I´ve already said I´m sorry. I can´t undo it-Even admitted feeling guilty.
-He´s still in the ship- Eydls told them sadly –He is in the platform.-
-I should talk to him- Gamora stated –I hope I can undo the damage you just did.-
As she left the twins alone Eydls scolded his brother –What came over you? You know you shouldn´t have done that.-
-I know, I´m sorry. – Even broke up in tears.
As she hugged his brother Eydls told him as she sighed –Sometimes you are very stupid little brother.-
As even calmed down Eydls asked him –It´s that bad, isn´t it? – She was afraid to ask what he had learned.
-It´s worse Eydls, Thanos tortured father merciless- It made him sick to think about it – And he will do it again if he has the chance. We got to stop him.-
-You know we can´t, father would never forgive us if we were to stop him now.-
-But Eydls …-Even started to say trying to convince her.-
-If we don’t agree he will try to do this on his own, you heard him. And then we won’t be able to help him.-Eydls stated
-But …-Even insisted
-Stop arguing with me Even, you know I´m right. Listen to your older sister.-Eydls told him
-You are only older for a couple of minutes-Even complained
-But I´m a woman, so I´m wiser.-Eydls jokingly told him
-Arguing with you is useless-Even admitted- I still think this is a mistake.-
-You should apologize to father- Eydls said to him
-Do I have to? Can´t we just pretend I already did? – Even pouted
-Even!-Eydls angrily glared at him
-Al right I´ll do it. You are starting to sound like mom.-Even kept pouting
-I´ll take that as a compliment-Eydls smiled at him.
As Gamora found Loki he was staring at the stars trough an exterior window.
-Are you all right? – She asked him
-Do I look all right?-Loki answered anger in his voice.
-No, you don´t.-Gamora admitted – You shouldn´t let that get to you.-
-Of course, why would I? My son just saw his father being tortured and raped, why should I let that bother me? -Loki sarcastically replied.
-You don´t know he saw all that- Gamora tried to comfort him –If I was your kid I would have let it go at torture.-
-He didn´t need to know that neither –Loki sighed –How can I look him in the eyes now? –
-Loki, it wasn´t your fault. It was Thanos.-Gamora told him
-But… I let it happen.-Loki heavily told her as he dropped his face down–I was weak.-
-That´s nonsense. You are the strongest man I know, no one could have withstand what Thanos did to you. Even through the pain you refused to break. I know better than anyone what he did and I was and still are proud of you, my brother.-Gamora tilted his face up to meet his eyes as he told him.
-Thank you sister. – Loki smiled at her, she had a way of making things better.
-Father? – Even approached them timidly.
-What do you want? – Gamora angrily asked him
-I … want to apologize –Even nervously shifted his feet as he looked down.
-It´s all right Gamora, we need to talk. Could you leave us alone? – Loki asked her
-All right, but I´ll be near if you need me.-she answered as she left them alone.
-So …- Loki started to say as he was abruptly cut off by even hugging him as he said –I´m sorry father, I shouldn´t have done it. I wasn´t thinking, I´m sorry, can you forgive me? – Loki could hear Even voice strained as he fought to hold back remorseful tears.
Loki hugged him back as he stroke his son’s hair he answered –I forgive you Even. I´m sorry you saw it. I wished to spare you of ever finding out of your father´s weakest moments.-
-I would never think of you as weak father. Thanos tortured you and you are still willing to face him. I wish I was as brave as you, but I´m scared –Even told him as he broke his embrace to look Loki in the eyes.-
-I´ll tell you a little secret Even, I´m scared too. But being brave means doing things even though you are scared of them, that´s what heroes do.-Loki told even
-Dad?-Even asked
-Yes?-Loki replied
-You are my hero –Even smiled at Loki as he said it which made all the pain in Loki´s heart melt away.
-Let´s go back to your sister, we still have plans to do-Loki said as he placed his hand over his son´s shoulder, the asked –Does she?-
-No, I didn´t showed her –Even swiftly answered- I did told her Thanos tortured you but she knows nothing more nor she wants to know. I will deny it if you tell her, but she´s smarter than me … sometimes.-
Loki laughed at his son´s comment –Your secret is safe with me.-