Loki was in his bed thinking about his next move, as he reflected on the past days.
After he had woken up he had an outburst at her mother that still made him guilty, but that didn’t made his words less true. He was broken, as much as from his captivity in Thanos hands as for the events that preceded his fall to the void. He felt lost, not even his mother presence could comfort him enough.

How could they love him after all that he did? He knew Thor wanted to speak with him, probably to make amends with him, but he just couldn´t, not right now, he loved his brother but he just couldn´t face him yet.

Even Odin had given him some slack, well … more than that, in one of the arguments with his mother he has discovered that he wasn´t dreaming when he saw Odin guarding his sleep. He was disgusted at himself, weary of being the source of all of their concerns.

-The void did not consumed me, nor this wound – he thought to himself touching the bandage that covered the scar in his chest- Why?-

He had learned that there weren´t any guards nor was he in a cell due to his now regretful confession about Thanos being the one that imprisoned him.A fake funeral had taken place a few days before to keep appearances. He was sure his father could not forgive him so easily, but he ignored Odin´s intentions about his errant son.

Would he try to leave? Where too? Wouldn’t it be best to accept Odin judgment? If he couldn´t regain his honor in death, could he do it by accepting his fate? To stop running didn’t sounded do bad. “Maybe I will find some peace by graciously accepting my punishment”. Because Odin would punish him, no matter his last actions were an effort at redeeming himself he was about too short at fixing all the damage he had caused.

He sigh as he closed his eyes –I´ve got nowhere to run, no plan, I´m so sick of fighting I just hope I can endure what´s coming.

With that last thought he let sleep numb his senses as he abandoned himself to restless dreams.