It was midnight when they finally came for him, the best hour to avoid unwanted eyes. Thor, Odin and Frigga, they would not trust anyone else but Heimdall to know Loki was alive.

He had decided to accept his fate, though he was scared and nervous he did his best to hide it.

-Let´s go to the Observatory – Odin spoke first- We will have some privacy there-

Frigga´s held Loki´s hand as they silently walked into the Bifrost, not daring to look into her eyes he just gently squeezed her hand as she squeezed his in response.

What would his father had decided? He didn’t knew; but he would soon find out.

Thor looked at his brother both concerned and proud he had finally decided to yield to Odin´s judgment. Being human wasn´t easy and it would prove specially challenging for Loki.

As the family arrived to the Observatory Frigga let go of Loki´s hand as she took her place at Odin´s right side and Thor took his place at Odin´s left. Loki felt a shiver crept all over his body, all his instincts called him to run but he wouldn´t , he couldn´t, not anymore …

-Loki Odinson- Odin voiced – you have been found guilty of betrayal on Asgard with your actions you have brought shame on yourself and your family-

Loki bite his lower lip hard trying to refrain himself of talking, though he most wanted to protest Odin´s judgment.

-Though your last actions weren´t yours alone I have no other choice but to banish you I am stripping you of your powers until you prove yourself worthy of returning to us-

Loki´s resolve weakened as he protested – You mean to turn me into a mortal? That is a death sentence.How am I supposed to defend myself?-

Odin angrily answered him –Humans manage to live with their limitations and so will you. If Thanos is your concern dismiss it, he would be looking for a mage not a mortal.-

Loki couldn’t believe it, he was about to get cast out as Thor once was. Odin stripped him out of his medals and armour along with his magic.

For a moment Loki panicky hold his breath, he had feared and expected to turn to his jotun form, but he didn´t. He looked at his hands still easier pink then gave a questioning to Odin.

Odin noticed his son´s unspoken question and told him –You are Odin´s son, and as such you will remain. Asgard will welcome you with open arms when you have proved yourself pure of heart and honorable.- with that last phrase he pulled his own black fur cape and placed it on Loki´s shoulders.

-Like that´s going to happen – Loki thought – I might as well live forever though I will never be able to prove myself worthy-

-Goodbye mother – he said turning at Frigga and then stepped back into the portal that had just opened for him.

The portal let him a bit disoriented, when he finally started to focus his surroundings he was shocked –No .. no … please … not here – ice everywhere he could see – not Jotunheim-

As he stepped back he slipped into the ice and started to slide on the snow until his head hit a sign post –Welcome to Mytaah, Siberia – it read.

He laughed –Midgard, he sent me to Midgard- then he screamed to the skies –I thought you didn´t had a sense of humor!!- Then muffled his voice and added – But it’s a very wicked one.

Regaining his composure Loki realized he was freezing even with Odin´s fur cape, he would have to seek for refuge or he wouldn´t even survive one night as a human.

He tried to locate the nearest dwelling, but his eyes weren´t as sharp as they normally were. How do humans can live with such limited senses?

Luckily he stumbled onto a path that lead him into some stables, there were horses on them, short wooly sturdy horses. He barely managed to get inside before he collapsed over a pile of hey.