-How´s my son today Heimdall? – Odin asked as he arrived to the observatory.
-If you could see him Odin Al Father you would be proud of him- Heimdall answered with a smile.
-Is good to hear it, has his mother been here already?-
-I´ve had to ask the queen to stop coming so much, I finally convinced her that people would start noticing if she kept it up and only my promise to her to report to daily is keeping her in the palace-
-I can imagine, it has been hard to let him go, but I am confident it will work for the better-Odin replied.
-Can you tell Thor I need him to return to Asgard?-
– You finally found a dwarf that will craft the amulet?-
– Yes, I have but …-
Heimdall interrupted – He´s asking a prince ransom …-
-More like a King’s one. And he even gave me a list of magical ingredients to procure as it wasn´t enough- Odin told him
-Well, he´s going to have to embed it with very powerful magic-
-Yes, also I need to send messengers to all the Realms; we need all of them to send us their best mage to help with the spells-
-Do you think they´ll agree? – Heimdall asked him
-I´ll have to make sure they do, we can´t afford mistakes.-
-I understand my King, I´ll make the arrangements-
-Thank you Heimdall- with that Odin left Asgard may be at peace but he wasn´t idle, much had to be done if Loki would be brought back safely one day.