-Oh god! Loki!-Diane moaned as she arched her back to meet him.
-Mm! Diane!-Loki moaned back as he trusted deeper into her.
A year had gone by since they defeated Thanos and life had gone back to normal, except for the fact that all of Asgard now knew it´s Prince hadn’t died and he had been living amongst them along with his wife and children.
It has been a political nightmare to strengthen all the lies told over the years to keep Loki safe, but Odin had insisted on it.
He was proud to have both of his sons by his side again without pretending Loki to be someone else. Frigga was delighted, she finally had her entirely family reunited without having to fake any more while in public.
With his honor restored by defeating Thanos Loki found a bit strange how people looked at him with newfound respect. It felt good but he still had to get used to it; he had lived under the shadows for so long that shinning on his own accord allowed him to receive all the appreciation and acceptance he craved for when younger.
The twins were starting their second year in their respective Universities. Eydls had started to date Steve´s son Chris, much to Loki´s dismay. At least the boy knew him well enough not to cross him.
-Loki relax, for god’s sake she´s dating Captain America´s son, not Dooms evil spawn- Diane told him after Chris had asked Loki for his permission to date his daughter. –As much as son´s in law is concerned we hit the jackpot, you can be sure he will treat her with old fashion chivalry. Besides it´s her first love, it´s not like they are getting married.-
-They better not, I´m not even ready for her dating-Loki answered her.
-You never are-Diane smiled at him, he had reacted the same way when Samantha had first taken a boy home.
Even had been a bit jealous at first, he had barely got used to been away from his sister most of the day while in school and now she went out with Chris. Luckily Chris knew how hard it had been for the twins to be in separated Universities and tried to include Even regularly in their activities. Soon they had earned the nickname of “The Three Musketeers” from the rest of their Avengers team mates.
Samantha was still doing her internship a great weight lifted from her heart when her mother came back, they both cried for what it had seemed hours when they reunited.
The soul gem was safely looked away in the Relics´ Vault.
-I´d rather not use it again.-Eydls had once told Loki –We could feel it being hungy when it absorbed Thanos soul, it gives me the creeps.-
-Let´s hope we never have to then.-Loki had answered her, he had also felt some kind of sentient presence when he had used it to resurrect Diane.
As they came near their peak both Diane and Loki´s breathing grew faster, they fervently kissed for a moment before Loki trusted into her faster and harder as he came. Diane´s pleasure moan told him she had also reached her peak.
They quietly cuddle in the afterglow for some minutes until a baby cries filled their chamber.
-I´ll go for him-Loki told Diane as he got up and walked over Locke´s cradle- I think someone´s hungry- he smiled as he carefully leaned to pick Locke up and deliver him into Diane´s arms.
-It´s ok little one, I have your breakfast right here.-She offered one of her breast to him on which he hungrily latched on.
Loki had gotten back to bed and looked at them tenderly, he had been so close to losing both of them he now relished every single moment.
-What?!-Diane asked with a smile as she suddenly became aware Loki was staring at her intently while feeding Locke.
-Nothing.-Loki smiled her back –Have I told you how much I love you?-
-Not since we woke up.-Diane jokingly answered him. He was changed, he had never been so open with his feelings before, it was like he wasn´t scared of sharing them anymore.
-Well, I do love you-she kissed her softly in her lips. – And you too little one- he kissed Locke´s forehead.
-We love you too Loki-Diane told him with a wide smile as she leaned to kiss him back.
The End.


Hope you enjoyed reading it, I enjoyed writting it.