In one swift move Thanos caught Loki´s wrist as he painfully twisted Loki´s arm he force him to drop Laevathian.
-You are no match for me. – Thanos laughed as he force Loki to his knees with a kick, then he relished on Loki´s screams as he kept twisting his arm until he had dislocated it. –I missed the sound of your screams –Thanos warmly told Loki as he tightened his grip on Loki´s arm –I think I will break it just to hear you scream some more.-
Thor had listened Loki´s screams, but he was too far to get top his brother on time. Suddenly a female shape that seemed to had appeared out of thin air ran quick as a lightning towards them; using her weapon as a pole she jumped over Loki´s body and kick Thanos in full force sending him flying a couple of meters away.
-Get your filthy hands off my husband! – were her words shouted in rage as she kept attacking him.
Loki´s heart skip a beat when he heard the sound of her voice, it made him look up, he couldn´t believe his eyes, it was Diane.
He had never seen his wife that furious, it made him shiver. It was like watching a storm, deadly and at the same time beautiful.
Her fiercely look as she swung her scythe against Thanos, the way her hair moved as she attacked, how her armour framed her perfect body, Loki forgot the pain in his arm for a second as he stared at Diane mesmerized.
-Are you finish drooling over mother yet? – A familiar voiced asked pulling him away of his thoughts.
-I … wasn´t –well he was but he wasn’t going to admit it out loud.-I´m not – he ended still flustered for being caught at it by Locke.
-Well, you´d better be. I wouldn´t like to run into that kind of thoughts while I do this- Locke told him in a serious tone.
-Do what? – Loki inquired.
Without any further explanation or warning Locke jumped into his father´s body, a sudden magical wave released an unexpected and unbelievable amount of power.
-What have you done? – Loki asked he couldn´t feel his body, he could see only infinite space –Where am I?-
-Inside your mind –Locke answered as he appeared in front of him. –I´m borrowing your body father.-Locke informed him
-Why? – Loki asked him
-Infinity and Eternity gifts are useless if I don´t have a physical form, even my magic is seriously diminished in this eterical shape.- Locke explained as he added –I needed someone who would be able to handle the full-strength of my powers-Locke smiled at him.
-So you chose me.-Loki stated –How does this work?-
-You will be able to hear and see everything that happens, but I will be the one in control. Just relax and …-
Diane painful shriek pull them out of their trance, Thanos had managed to grab her through her hair and was pulling her off the floor. She was desperately trying to break herself free from his grasp but she couldn´t find a support point to push herself off his reach, her cosmic energy bolts were useless against him.
-So, you are the runt’s wife, I will enjoy tearing you apart just to make him scream. But first I might have some fun with you. – Thanos told her with an evil grin as he pulled her closer to him in an intent to kiss her.
-Let her go!- Loki and Locke´s voices echoed through the distance, a strong vibration ran through the battle field causing everyone to stop in their tracks and turned their heads to find the source of it.
-Mm, interesting. Who are you?-Thanos inquired still holding Diane´s hair on his hand.-You are using the runts body but you are not him.-
-Aren’t we smart? My name is Locke Lokison. Your allies Chaos and Death tried to get rid of me but I´m more resilient than they anticipated.-Locke smiled mischievously at him as he demanded –Now, I won´t repeat it again, let her go!-
-Why not?-Thanos answered as he forcefully threw Diane to the floor.
As she rolled through the floor before being able to stop her own fall Locke warned Thanos –You are going to regret that.-
– – — – — – – — – — — – — – – – — – – – – — – –
-Gamora, is this the shrine?-even asked her
-Yes, there are some secret compartments on that panel, if I could just find the switch …- suddenly something made a clicking sound and the panel opened.
-Bingo!-Peter shouted
Yondu had left them as soon as they walked into the vault, he had some collecting to do he told them.
As Eydls search through the compartments she retrieved a small glass container with a green gem inside.
-Even we got it- Eydls screamed happily at him.
– – — – — – – — – — — – — – – – — – – – – — – –
-Sure baby boy? I can sense Infinity and Eternity powers within you. As your mother tested cosmic powers are useless against me.-He laughed as he had already won.
-That´s why they spiked the mix- Locke told him a grin on his face- The secret ingredients, my father´s magic and my mother´s humanity.-Without any further words Locke threw a massive energy bolt against Thanos, who tried to withstand the full-force of it by blocking it with his arms. The bolt a mix of cosmic energy and magic flew Thanos away. He has been mildly scorched by it.
-Nice try boy. –Thanos admitted –But it´s not enough- as he said the words he threw a huge cosmic bolt at Locke.
Locke blocked the bolt with a magic barrier.
-My turn. – He told Thanos with a grin as he casted and maintained some sort of ray against Thanos.
-Time flow manipulation-Thanos snarled –Stupid child, I´m immortal. Time doesn´t affect me.-
-That would be truth-Locke answered him with glee –If I were pushing it forward.-
Suddenly Thanos realized Locke wasn’t bending time forwards he was bending it backwards.
-You miserable spawn- He spat at him.
-Aw, aw-Locke nodded his head negatively –Play nice – he laughed at him.
– – — – — – – — – — — – — – – – — – – – – — – –
-Quick Eydls we need to get to Locke and dad-Even told her
-Don´t worry about us .Move. – Gamora told her
As she nodded they teleported to the planet
– – — – — – – — – — — – — – – – — – – – – — – –
When they got to the battle ground they could see their father holding an energy ray against Thanos. But he felt different, as they realized what the difference was they shouted. –Locke we have it.-
-Splendid!-Locke smiled –Now do what I taught you-
Eydls opened the glass container and placed the gem in her hand, it suddenly came alive. Even place his hand over hers covering the gem with it.
Thanos eyes widened in terror as he recognized the gem.
-Let us teach you what fear feels like-Locke laughed at him.
A wave of green energy emanated from the gem and flooded the twin’s eyes as they wielded it´s power against Thanos.
-No!-Thanos shouted, with his strength diminished by Locke´s rejuvenating spell he couldn´t stop the soul gem power. His voice quieted by the gem removing his soul from his body.
An energy spike on the gem revealed Thano´s soul entering it.
It was over they had won.
Locke left Loki´s body, who felt a bit drained after the experience. Suddenly Loki noticed his arm was still dislocated as the pain returned.
-Sorry, I forgot. – Locke apologized –I´ll fix that.-as he touched his father´s shoulder the bone and ligaments returned to their original place.
-Thank you son.-Loki smiled as he hugged him, tears of joy running down his cheeks, at last he was free from Thanos.
-It´s ok dad-Locke smiled as he rested his head on his father´s chest.
-Eydls, Even!-Diane greeted her child.
-Mum! – The twins shout at unison s they hugged her
-You are alive!-Eydls cried.
-Well, not yet. But now we have won I will be soon.-
As they had sensed each other’s presence both Diane and Loki look up at each other.
-Go to her –Locke told Loki.
-Go to him-Eydls told Diane.
As they released the embrace on their children they ran to each other´s arms. As Diane flung herself to him Loki twirled her around while holding her by the waist as he embraced her. Then they kissed full hearty, such a deep passionate kiss that made everyone that looked at them a bit uncomfortable for watching such an intimate moment.
As they children got closer to them they complained.
-Eww! – Locke spat
-Mum! – Eydls called her wishing they stop already
-Dad! Get a room!-Even jokingly told his father
As their reaction made their parents stop in laughter Diane told them –I will remind all of you about this when you start dating.-
-Which better not happen in a long, long time –Loki added
-Loki, Diane! – Thor had finally arrived by their side, Thanos minions had fled after their masters defeat.
-Hi Thor!-Diane smiled at him –What kept you? – She jokingly asked him
-Nothing much, just a couple hundred soldiers that I had to take care of.-He smiled her back as he embraced them.
Locke clear his throat to get their attention – Father, aren´t you forgetting something important? Mother may be a Valkyrior but she´s still dead.-
-A Valkyrior?-Loki asked in surprise
-It´s a long story, I will tell you later.-Diane answered him.
-I think you should do the honors-Eydls told her father as she gave him the soul gem.
As Loki will his wife back to life a white light wrapped Diane, who was taken by surprise by her own heart beep. As the light faded she noticed Locke falling as something had stroke him. She ran to his side and caught him before hitting the ground.
-Locke, what´s wrong? Please don´t leave us.-Diane´s eyes were flooded by tears.
-Don´t cry mum. I´m not scared any more. Of all possible realities in all the universes and timelines this is my favorite because you are together –He touched her cheek as he smiled he told her – I can´t be at two places at once, remember?-
With that last phrase he faded away leaving Diane holding the air. Loki knelt and held her as she broke up in tears.
-Shh baby. It´s ok. We´ll see him again, approximately in seven months, remember?-He tried to comfort her.
-I know, but I never got to thank him.-Diane told him through her tears.
-You can do that for the rest of his life, don´t worry.- He kissed her forehead as he pulled her up.
The rest of their team joined them after a few minutes. They all looked exhausted a wide variety of injuries covered them.
– Volstagg, are you all right?-Thor worryingly asked him as Hogun helped him walk.
-Nothing a barrel of mead can´t cure – Volstagg answered him laughing.
-I think we can arrange that- Thor told him with a smile.
-Let´s get you back to Peter´s ship-Loki told Drax and Groot.
-I would like to bid farewell to them- Thor told him
-All right, I´ll just take us all there then. – Loki agreed.
As they teleported in Peter exclaimed –Wow! Who´s the hot looking warrior babe?-
-Hey! That´s my wife!-Loki snarled at him.
-No wonder you wanted her back so badly prince charming. You are a very lucky man.-It was as close as he was going to get from offering Loki an apology.
-Mm, I know.-Loki agreed, he was a lucky man to have Diane at his side again.
Diane had turned read as a beet at Peter´s comment suddenly self-aware she was still wearing her valkyrior outfit.
-Don´t mind him-Gamora told her –He´s like that always.-
-It´s not that, I normally don´t wear something as revealing as this- she pointed to her armour.
-I like it – Loki swiftly told her.
-I´m pretty sure you do.-Diane smiled at him, he was practically undressing her with his eyes as Locke had told her he would.
-Loki, can I talk to you for a moment?-Thor sked him.
-Sure- Loki answered intrigued by his brother’s request.
As soon as they reached a more private place, Thor asked him –I will understand if you don´t want to talk about it, but I need to ask, why did you never told me Thanos …-
-Raped me? – Loki ended his phrase, Thor was such an easy book to read.
-Well, yes.-
-Would you told me if you had been in my place?-Loki answered him
-Probably not.-Thor reasoned.-It is true you called for me while he was …-
-Torturing me?-Loki interrupted him again, he could see both guilt and concern in Thor´s eyes- Yes, it is true. At first I had the hope you would came and rescue me from all the pain Thanos was putting me through.-
-I´m sorry-Thor spat
-For what?-Loki asked intrigued.
-For not rescuing you back then-Thor answered shame showing in his voice.
Loki was surprised at his brother´s statement – But you didn´t knew, you couldn´t knew. You thought I had died, even Heimdall didn´t knew I had survived the fall into the void. It wasn´t your fault.-
-I still feel I let you down somehow.-Thor stated
-Never Thor. I couldn´t had wished for a better brother than you.-Loki told him while looking into his eyes.
-Nor could I- Thor answered him as they embraced.
After they had all bid their farewells they returned to the planet where Thor called for Heimdall to open the Bifrost.
As they walked towards the palace Loki started laughing.
-Care to share the joke with the rest of us?-Diane asked him.
-It´s not exactly a joke. It´s just that …- he couldn´t stop himself from laughing –Again I have so much explaining to do.-
Diane looked at him puzzled but Thor knew exactly what his little brother meant –Come on, this time I will help you explain Father all that has happened.-He told him as he pulled his arm over Loki´s shoulders.