Loki had finally ended all his explanations, everyone was fascinated by his stories, and Misha and Anya were frantic about his armour and kept trying toput his helmet on although it was too big for them.
-I´d like to thank you for all you have done for my brother-Thor said to them.
-There´s no need, Vanyusha I mean Loki is like one of the family for us. We are glad he crossed our path-Sergey replied.
-And we owe him our gratitude as well-Irina replied. Loki blush he knew she meant he´d saved Anya´s life.
-As well as 30 miners also-Sergey added
Loki felt he couldn’t blush any more if he tried.
-Will you return to Asgard with me brother?-Thor suddenly asked –Mother and Father will be eager to see you and hear your stories.-
-I …-Loki stammered being taken by surprise by Thor´s question, he didn´t wanted to leave but he also wanted to go home.
Thankfully Irina knew how he felt and reading his expression told him –You should go, you´ll make your parents happy and you can always come back to visit us any time you want- she told him as she stared at his eyes with a smile.
Loki nodded- I will brother, could you give me a moment? I´ll join you in a minute- he added.
Thor nodded in response as he left the house having said his farewells to all.
-I can´t thank you enough- Loki told them- You helped me in more ways than you can imagine, and I´ll be forever grateful I met you all- tears threatening to pour out.
-Come on, you’ll make all of us cry- Sergey answered tears on his eyes also.
-You´ll come back?-Anya asked him with a worried look
-Of course-he replied as he hugged her- I´ll come back as often as I can.
-Ok-she said with a smile
Misha signaled him “We love you, Don´t forget us” Loki´s tears finally poured out as he hugged Misha then signaled him back “Never, I love you all too”.
Irina was already crying when she hugged him –Take care of yourself, don´t be a stranger and visit us often-
He nodded as he used his magic to materialize a small green ring –I will – he answered as he gave the ring to her- In case you ever need me put the ring on and call for me, I´ll get here as soon as I can- he told her as he kissed her forehead .
-I´ll treasure it always brathiska- she answered him
Alexey was the next to give him a hug –I´ll miss you, you been like a brother to me- he told him.
-I feel the same way- Loki answered as they embraced.
The last one was Sergey- You made us all cry- he said to him.
-I´m sorry- Loki answered
-Don´t be- Sergey replied –Crying is good for the soul sometimes. We will all miss you but we know you have to follow your own path. I think great things expect you. Go and make us proud. – He ended giving him a hug.
-Thank you, I´ll try to make you all proud- he said to them, with that he left the house.
-Are you ok brother?-Thor asked as he saw his brother wipe out his tears.
-Yes, It´s just that I´ll miss them …-
-You don´t have to do it if you don´t want to, you know?-
-Yes, I know. But I want to go I long to see our parents-
-Then off we go. Heimdall, we are ready!-
A sudden ray of light appeared taking them to Asgard.
As they arrived Frigga thrown herself to Loki´s arms and hugged and kissed him as she cried and told him –I´m sorry. I won´t let you go again. I´m so sorry. I´ve missed you so much. I´m sorry-
Loki´s heart warm up at her welcome. He was glad to see her –Mother, don´t. I´m ok. I understand now. You did the best that you could- the laughed- Mom, please stop it, you´re smothering me.-
She placed a few more kisses and hugs before finally letting him go.
As she loosened her hold on him Loki looked at Odin who was standing beside them –Father- he said feeling a bit nervous. Then to his surprise his father hugged him, he couldn´t recall when did he last did it, probably when he was a child.
-I´m proud of you – he heard Odin´s voice- You´ve come a long way my son. I regret It had to be so hard on you.-
-Thank you father-Loki replied he´d never heard those words before from his father –I do understand I had a lot to learn-
Odin loosened his embrace as he held his son by his shoulders he looked into his eyes and told him –You really have matured during this trialing time. I know I never said it to you before, but I´m proud to call you my son-
Loki´s eyes watered as he swiftly returned his father´s embrace.
It was Odin´s turn to feel surprised. He felt at lost for a second then hold his child and told him –Let´s go to the palace, we have much to celebrate, and you´ll have many stories to tell.-
-I certainly do Father-Loki said smiling.