-Do you think they´ll be ok with it? – Loki asked nervously to Thor.
-Why wouldn´t they? You have proven yourself worthy-Thor replied without a doubt on his mind
-But I wasn´t exactly nice to them-Loki remembered him
-You didn´t do it willingly, they´ll understand-Thor reassured him
-I´m not so sure-Loki said worried it wasn’t such a good idea after all.
As they entered the Avengers tower all alarms went off, and they suddenly were met by all the avengers fully armed and pointing their weapons towards Loki
-Told you-Loki snapped at Thor
-Dear friends- Thor walked protectively in front of his brother – You need not to be afraid of Loki, he´s changed his ways and wish to join our efforts to keep Midgard safe-
Ironman removed his face peace –You got to be kidding me- he said to Thor
-No I am not-Thor replied – If you let us explain I am sure you will be satisfied with our story-
-All right- Steve said –But I think I´ll listen to your story first and lower the weapons later-
-I can live with that-Loki told Thor -Once again there´s a lot of explaining to do. – He added
The avengers listened, asked and listened some more until they were satisfied by Loki´s and Thor account of everything that had happened so far.
At some point they entered a scar contest after seeing some of Loki´s scars from his imprisonment from Thanos.
By the morning they were peacefully having breakfast having put down the weapons a long time ago.
-So you’ve been Russian for three years? – Natasha asked as she took a spoonful of cereal
-Two and a half to be exact-Loki answered her –But I think myself more like Siberian.-
-You liked the motherland? – She enquired him again.
-Yes, although I mainly stayed in Mytaah we travelled once to Moscow, I was impressed by the Kremlin the architecture was majestic. And Russian people as well as Siberians are warm proud people, I remember them fondly- he replied
-I think I´m starting to like you-Natasha said half seriously half joking
-I will grow on all of you – Loki joked although he really meant it.
He had decided to become an avenger to protect Midgard and his inhabitants. He felt a debt of gratitude and even if he wouldn´t admit it too often, he had become very fond of humans.