Diane just arrived at her apartment as the phone rang, it was her sister –So sys, are you finally a free woman? -she asked
-Yes, I am- Diane answered Madeleine with a grin on her face- Three years of fussing about it but finally the divorce papers are signed
-Congratulations! So are you going to finally let me set you up on a date?-
-Come on Maddie, let me enjoy my freedom for a moment before trying to play cupid- Diane said as she rolled her eyes at her sister comment
-Ok, ok, don´t get all worked up about it. I´ll see you tomorrow. I just wanted to know how you were doing. – Madeleine replied
-I´m fine, don´t sweat it. I´ll see you tomorrow. Bye- Diane told her sister
-Ok, bye. Love you-
-I love you too, bye-
As Diane hung the phone she sighed –Free at last- she said, although the signing the divorce papers only made it legal, she had been alone for three years by now. She walked into the bathroom to get a shower; she wanted to relax as tension had built up on her.
Diane step into the shower unaware that a few miles away a battle was starting; the Avengers were fighting Dr. Doom.
As she walked away from the bathroom and towards her bed wrapping a towel over her wet body she said at loud while looking herself in the mirror – So a free woman, uh? Then why I feel so lonely all up the sudden – then she admonished herself – Well, no dating and no action in three years can do that – then with a sigh she said – God! I need a new husband or at least …-
She was interrupted before finishing her sentence by the sound of broken glass provoked by something, or rather someone being thrown forcefully from outside and landing upright in her mattress with a loud crash causing it to break as well as forming a great cloud of dust, debris and glass.
-What the hell?- she thought as she manage to pull herself up to investigate the source of the wrecking of her bedroom, as she approached the remaining´s of her bed she saw that someone was over the wrecked mattress, dress with an armour and a big helmet with horns. He looked quite as surprised as her of being thrown down into her apartment.
As she moved in closer to see and ask him if he was ok she was taken by surprise – He has green eyes, such a beautiful shade of green – she thought as she felt her heart beating faster as blood rushed over her cheeks, she hadn´t felt that way before, as the rest of the world had gone empty and only them existed.
-Green eyes looking back at mine, that´s a first …- he thought – I like that … I like that a lot …- his pupils dilated as he felt a warmth coming over him, then he noticed she had asked him if he was ok.
-Yes- he finally answered as they kept staring at each other eyes mesmerized, hers were closer to olive green, his to emeralds.
-I´m Loki- he told her as he started getting up
-I know – she smiled which cause Loki´s heart to skip a beat- I´m Diane – she replied
As Loki climbed down of the wrecked mattress Thor arrived.
-Are you ok, brother? That beam hit you pretty hard- then he noticed Diane and averted his eyes.
Suddenly Diane realized that her towel had been flown away during the commotion as she blushed she tried to find something to cover herself up.
Loki noticed she was naked practically the same second she did and swiftly pulled out his cape to cover her.
-Thank you- Diane thanked him shyly
-Don’t mention it, it´s my fault. I trashed your bedroom. I promise I´ll fix it as soon as I can- he told her feeling a bit awkward.
The moment was broken but they had both felt a connection between them and with Thor there they weren´t sure what to say next as they half looked at each other shyly.
Thor coughed realizing he had interrupted something then said to Loki- I think we´d better help the others before Doom trashes half New York.-
-Yes, we should- Loki replied then reassured Diane –I promise I´ll fix it-
-Ok. – Diane answered as she saw them leave.
-What a mess!- she said as she noticed the extend of the damages – I´ll better get dress and start cleaning up- then though to herself – Will he be ok? Will he really come back? – Then nodded her head negatively – Don´t be silly, this kind of thing probably happen to him all the time, although I wouldn´t mind him coming back. – With that last thought she started climbing the debris on her way to her closet.
-Are you all right brother? Thor asked Loki – You seem a bit distracted – he added with a smile-
-I´m ok, why would you said that- Loki inquired
-Well, a beautiful woman can be a serious distraction- Thor grinned
-I´ve got no idea what so ever of what are you talking about- Loki lied as he tried to sound shocked by his brother suggestion though his blushing gave him away.
He was thankful they were in the middle of the fight a few seconds later so he wouldn´t have to answer any more of his brother´s questions.
As battle ended with Doom´s defeat, Loki said to his teammates – I´ll see you later, I´ve got something to do-
-You’re going back to see her?-Thor asked willfully trying to make his brother squirm a bit
-That’s not of your concern- Loki answered
-What woman? – Clint asked
-Is she pretty? –Tony added in the conversation
-Loki felt over her bedroom when hit by Dooms magic blast and he promised to fix it later –Thor explained enjoying the baffled look on Loki´s face
-I want to go – Clint said-
-Me too – Tony volunteered
-No, no, no, you´re not coming with me – Loki refused in distraught
-Come on, we just have to meet the girl that caught your eye- Natasha pitched in
Loki sighed
-Coming Steve?-
-Well, I guess I should, if only to make sure you don´t drive a poor lady crazy with your nonsense. Coming Doc? – He asked Banner
-All right, if you are all going I think I´ll tag along.-
– I´m curious to see who stole our God´s of mischief heart. –Tony joked
Loki was at lost, they had all decided. He wasn´t going to win that argument.Like if it wasn´t bad enough he was feeling a turmoil of emotions that confused him he was going to get all the team to chaperone him.
-Jarvis –Tony said in a more serious tone – We might need some construction materials. I´ll tell you as soon as I make a list, and we´ll need them ASAP-
-Understood Sir- the IA replied.