Eydls and Even were at Eyd´s room trying to keep themselves occupied to avoid thinking of the events of the day. Eydls was working on her drawings, her mother had always encouraged her to cultivate her talents, she was supposed to start attending New York School of Visual Arts that summer. Somehow It didn’t felt important at the moment.
Even kept throwing a small ball onto the wall and catching it back when it bounced on the floor, he was also starting attending New York University this year, engineering was his thing, he had always had a talent for pulling any machinery apart and after careful examination pulling it back together, he had drove his mother crazy doing this to every appliance in the house when younger.
-I don´t know how can you be working in your drawing right now- Even suddenly told his sister.
-I´m just trying to keep myself occupied, as you are bouncing that freaking ball for the fucking thousand time- she replied angered at his comment.
-Language! – Even answered without even thinking it, they both kept quiet. It was the way their mother admonished them when she didn´t liked what they just said, it had become a joke between them as they grew older, but now it only reminded them their mother was gone.
The silence was broken by Eydls sobs.
Even ran to her side and hugged her –I´m sorry Eydls, I said it without thinking, please don´t cry or you´ll make me cry too – tears were already stinging his eyed.
-I miss her Even, she´s only been gone for a couple of hours and I miss her so much already – she answered through her sobs.
-I miss her too Eydls, I can´t believe she is gone- tears were now running freely across his face.
As they kept embracing each other they silently cried trying to draw comfort from each other.
-Do you remember the time she went shopping and got caught in a bank heist?-Even asked his sister trying to make her think of happier memories.
-How could I forget?-Eydls replied – I though father was going to have a heart attack when he saw her in the four o´clock news-
Both twins were smiling as Even added –And then he called her cellphone and asked her if she was all right-
-And she answered “yes, why you ask?”-Eydls added-As if nothing had happened.-
They were both laughing by now.
-“Diane, I´m watching you in the news” father told her very angry–Even imitated their fathers pose.-And mum turn into the camera and waved saying hi, I thought father was going to faint after that stunt but he only said “Very funny, I´m worried sick and you are making jokes”-Even added
-And then she blew him a kiss as she whispered “I love you too” on national television. She just had a way of melting dad´s heart- Eydls remembered a sad smile on her face.
-Do you think he is ok?-Even asked his sister.
-I don´t think so-Eydls replied –She literally lighted his world, uncle Thor once told me he had never seen dad truly happy until they met-
-We should check on him-Even stated
He had just said the words when Thor knock on the door –Eydls, Even, are you there?-
-Yes, uncle Thor come in –Eydls answered
-What´s wrong uncle Thor? – Even asked. Their uncle feelings were always easy to read but this time it was evident something was wrong.
-I am worried about your father; he has not been seen for a while. I wonder if you could find him-
Eydls and Even looked at each other and then closed their eyes; they could always find their father even if Heimdall couldn’t.
-He´s still in Asgard, if you were worried about him going to Haven to fight the angels –Even told his uncle.
-He is in the palace –Eydls added –Don´t worry uncle we will go to check on him-
-There´s something else troubling you Uncle Thor. What happened? – Even asked Thor again
Loki had taught them that reading family and friends minds without their consent was least to say impolite unless they felt it was necessary.
Thor knew that if they really wanted to know what he wasn´t telling them they could just read his mind, but he wasn´t sure if he should.
He sighed, they would find out one way or the other –Your father just found at your mother was with child at the moment of her death.-
-What?-Even shouted in surprise.
-Even, we got to find him right now-Eydls states as she reached out for her brother.
As soon as they touched each other they teleported to their father´s location, leaving Thor alone at Eydlss´ chambers.