As Eydls and Even appeared in his father’s old chambers they were surprised by the mess Loki´s grief had made of the place.
-Even, be careful there´s broken glasses everywhere-Eydls warned her brother as they made their way around the broken vials, knocked down furniture’s and books.
-Eydls!-Even cried –Come here quickly, I found dad-
Loki was still under Locke´s spell, he was lying in the floor sleeping, his left hand still wounded, blood drops near him.
-Is he? – Even asked as Eydls knelt beside Loki
-Don’t be absurd, we wouldn´t been able to find him if he were –she tried to wake him up – Dad?-
As she touched him Eydls suddenly backed away shocked.
-Eydls, what´s wrong? What did you see?-
-Oh, Even!- she was near tears- He … he tried to kill himself … mother stopped him .-
-What do you mean Eydls? How could mother stop him? Show me!-Eydls offered his hand to Even, as he saw what she had seen he paled.
After a while Even broke the silence –What do you think Locke meant when he said we were all soon be together again?-
-I´m not sure, I didn´t meant to read Dad´s mind, it just happened – she felt uncomfortable as she had somehow done something wrong.
Even saw the discomfort on his sister´s face –Is not your fault Eydls, you know we can´t help it, it just happens.-
They normally had to concentrate to read people´s minds but if their emotions were too strong sometimes their memories flooded them.
-What should we do now?-Eydls asked her brother.
-First I´ll go tell uncle Thor Dad´s all right, he must be worried-Even asnswered-I´m pretty sure he´s still at your room waiting for us.-
-Ok- Eydls told him –I think I should pick up this mess-
-Can you undo Locke spell?- Even asked her
-I think so, but I´d rather let Dad sleep, either way the spell will wear off in a couple of hours and he really needs to rest, tomorrow is going to be … difficult-
-All right sys, I´ll be right back –Even said as he teleported away.
Eydls used her magic to clean the room up and restore all the broken items to their precious state. Then she levitated her father´s body and placed him on the bed, next she climbed in and healed his father´s wounded hand.
-Oh, father!- she said as she stoked Loki´s hair- Why did this had to happen? Why? – she started crying, she felt so scared, something told her that everything was about to change.
When Even returned after a while she was lost in her thoughts, but as soon as she noticed him she motioned him to climb in the bed with them.
-We should get some sleep too-Eydls told her brother-Tomorrow won´t be any easier that today-
-I agree-Even said as he yawned-I´m exhausted, good night Eydls, I love you.-he said as he kissed his sister´s cheek.
-I love you too Even-she smiled as she kissed him back.
It didn´t took them long to fall asleep, they were too worn-out. They didn´t noticed a couple of semi-transparent figures watching over their sleep.
As Loki woke up the nest morning he was surprised to find the rwins by his side and the chamber brought back to its original state.
“How?” He knew better than ask that, of course they had found him, they always did. They must had been worried, he felt guilty, he had lest them alone, their mother just died and he had left them alone. As he climb down the bed trying to figure out what to do Eydls felt him move and woke up.
-Dad? Where are you going?-she looked worried.
-Nowhere love, I just needed to stretch my legs- he said as he returned to the bed and hugged her –I´m sorry-he added-I´m your father I should be taking care of you both and not the other way around-
-It´s ok Dad, we understand-Even answered he had awoken too.
-Dad- Eydls was unsure of how to tell him – I didn´t meant to, it just happened..- She was barely holding back her tears
Loki frowned at her confused, what was she talking about?
-We know dad, what happened yesterday – Even tried to clarify his sister´s words –Everything that happened.- He looked worried
Then it hit him, they knew about their mother, about Locke and him breaking his promise to them.
Loki look back at his daughter as he sighed he opened his arms to hug both his children.
Eydls broke up in tears, and soon afterwards Even.
-I´m sorry kids, I shouldn´t make you worry, don´t cry, we will figure it out – he said to them as he kissed and hugged them as he often did when they were younger.