It had been a week since they had been at Diane´s apartment and Loki´s mood was getting to the foulest. He had been playing all kind of unpleasant tricks to everyone for a couple of days then he suddenly stopped and set at being gloomy. If it wasn’t an avenger emergency there was no hope of getting him out of his room.
Thor said to his team mates during breakfast –My dear friends, I am concerned about my brother. He is not being himself lately-
-You think? – Tony snarl at him still angry at Loki for messing up with his shampoo dying his hair blue
-We´ve got to admit, he isn´t behaving under “normal” Loki standards- Clint added
-Have to you tried to talk to him? – Steve asked Thor
-I tried, but he does not want to talk about what is troubling him- Thor answered a defeated frown on his face
-I guess I could give it a try-Tony regretfully volunteered-At least I´ll try to get him out of his room-
-I will be most thankful son of Stark –Thor thanked him
As Tony reached Loki´s room he noticed that it looked as if a teenager lived in there. Clothes scattered all over the place including the floor along with empty and half eaten take overs.
A sulking Loki was still sprawled at his bed listening to some music through a set of earphones, the music was too loud, loud enough for Tony to be able to hear it,it was the new album from U2 “The Troubles” not particularly cheerful lyrics.
As Loki noticed Tony he took off his earphones and asked –Is there an emergency?-
-No, there´s none. I just wanted to talk to you-
-I already said I was sorry for dying your hair blue-Loki whined
-That´s not exactly what I want to talk you about, though everyone is concerned about your latest behavior. Are you ok?-
-Yes, why wouldn´t I be?-Loki angrily replied at him
-Well, because you are acting like a lovesick teen-Tony snapped at him realizing he just nit a nerve as he saw the distraught on Loki´s face.
-You got to be kidding me? That´s what´s wrong? You are in love?-Tony asked in disbelief
-I don´t know why it should be of your concern should it be true. And it´s not-Loki snarled at him
-Come on, stop denying it. Thor is worry sick something is terribly wrong with you and it turns out you are simply smitten. But why the bad temper? Shouldn’t you be happy?-
-You would think that-Loki sighed then sat at his bed
-What´s wrong?-Tony sat down beside him.
-Everything- Loki replied with a worried frown-I shouldn´t have fallen in love-
-Come on, it can´t be that bad, so what´s the problem? She doesn´t love you back?-
-No, at least I think she feels the same-
-Then for the love of god, what´s the problem?-
Finally Loki confessed- Thanos-
-What? Why? Isn´t your amulet working? – Tony asked with concern looking at the amulet Loki always wore around his neck
-No, it´s working just fine, it´s just that… –He sighed- I don´t think I …- he stopped for a second then added – I don´t think me being in a relationship is a good idea. It could be dangerous- he stated
-What?But it´s ok for us to be near you? – Tony scolded him
-You are all quite able to defend yourselves. I don´t want to talk about it- Loki pouted
-Because some evil titan wants to see you dead, you´d rather be alone-
-Well, yes- Loki answered
-But we haven´t even heard from him in years now, for all we know he´s across the universe quite busy to remember about you-
-I don´t want to risk it. If something happened I couldn´t live with it- Loki sadly said
-Loki, you´re being utterly stupid- Tony stated
-Thanks for the compliment-Loki answered a bit hurt at Tony´s remark
-I didn´t meant it like that- Tony rectified-You are clearly head over heels about Diane-
-How did you know it´s her? I didn´t told anyone- Loki inquired
-Well, you didn´t had to; we all saw both your faces as she thanked you. She does feels something for you, only God knows why, and you rather drive all of us crazy over the remote possibility Thanos would come back for you.-as Loki kept quiet Tony added-She might be the love of your life and she might not, but you won´t find out unless you risk it. You deserve some happiness after all you´ve been through.-Tony admitted
-You really think so? – Loki asked
-Boy, are you a mess.-Tony stated as he smiled- You are a pain in the ass most of the time but you are our pain in the ass. We care about you, and if you have a chance at being happy I really think you should take it- then as he saw Loki still doubtful added- Come on Loki, grab a pair, saddle the horse and go see your lady-
-What? – Loki asked not understanding more than half of Tony´s last remark.
-I just mean stop sulking and talk to Diane, the world can always end tomorrow, but you still have today-
-Thank you Tony-Loki said then frowned a bit as he nervously told Tony- I might need a little help though- then reluctantly admitted –I have no experience on human courting rituals-
-Don´t worry, you´re talking to the expert, I´ll give you some tips-
-No! Don´t! – Natasha voiced out as the door opened revealing the rest of the team that had been silently listening their conversation.
Loki asked in anger- Why the hell are you all eavesdropping?-
-I´m sorry brother, we were all concerned about you-Thor apologized
-Well, I suppose you would find out sooner or later. –He sighed-Tony isn´t exactly discreet- then added – I´m sorry about all the pranks-
-It´s ok-Steve answered. Love makes us do foolish things. –
Then Clint added -I wouldn´t have though you of all people getting in love at first sight-
-That doesn´t exist –Tony exclaimed
-Well, as a matter of fact, it has been scientifically proven that it does in fact happen-Bruce added
-You are messing with me Bruce- Tony stated
-No, I´m not, using brain scans, researchers from Trinity College Dublin found that different parts of the medial prefrontal cortex, the region that sits near the front of the brain, make snap judgments about physical attraction and whether the person is likely to be a compatible match all within milliseconds of seeing a new face.-
-All right- Tony said disregarding Bruce lecture –About the tip part-
Natasha interrupted him and said to Loki-Just be yourself, don´t worry, you aren’t that bad after one knows you…-
Loki blushed at her compliment.
Clint then asked-I´ve haven´t seen your cape for a while, have you misplaced it? – He ended winking an eye at Loki.
He knew he hadn´t misplaced it, he knew exactly where it was and it seemed Clint had nagged Thor into telling him the story of his crashing at Diane´s.
-No-Loki smiled as he understood Clint´s hint.-I´d better go find it-with that he teleported to Diane´s front door and knocked.
After a few seconds Diane appeared at the door- Loki, hi! – She smiled-I didn´t thought I would see you again-
-Well, I forgot my cape- he told her.
-Yes, of course. I have it right here, come in- she was going towards her closet as Loki stopped her as he hold her hand- and to ask you for a date-he said pulling her close to him.
-What took you so long? – She asked as she looked blissfully into his eyes.
-Well. I’m a little slow sometimes at understanding my feelings- he confessed as he kissed her.