“It´s too fast … I can´t do it …Why not? … You´re being stupid … Relax and Enjoy … I´m not ready … Your body tells otherwise … Three years, no probably more … Too fast … It´s not just me anymore … I can´t … Come on risk it … No …Yes …” Diane´s mind was spinning as Loki kissed her neck softly sending shivers all through her spine.
-Loki, wait! – She had decided.
-Wait? – He gave her an inquiry look – Why?-
-This is happening too fast – he could see distraught in her eyes – Can we slow it down? … Please-
-I don´t understand. Why you hesitate?-he asked feeling angry
-I´m sorry- she said as she lowered her head so he couldn´t see the tears threatening to pour out –I´m not ready yet, I thought I was…And I do want to, but I can´t … I´m sorry –her voice quivered
Loki felt guilty at his anger and tried to get her to look into his eyes by gently pushing her chin up, she closed her eyes and added- I´m being foolish, am I not? Any woman in the planet would be thrilled, but I´m scared- as she opened her eyes he could see she was fighting hard to push down her tears– I feel something for you-she confessed as he bowed her head again – It’s so strong it scares me. I´ve been in love before but this is different, I don´t want to rush into it and there´s Samantha, I got to think about her too. –She paused then added –Why did you notice me? I´m damaged goods.-
“I wasn´t enough to make him stay… Not even for his child …”-she thought although she knew it wasn´t true he had left because he couldn´t deal with the responsibilities of a family but the fact that he decided to leave still hurt her.
Loki´s heart beat faster as he thought–“How could I not notice you?” then answered –It’s ok, I´m damage goods also, we´ll make quite a pair- his remark made Diane smile as she raised her eyes to meet his –Are you angry?-her eyes pleading.
-Not any more –Loki confessed –Although a little disappointed-
-I´m sorry-she bowed her head again
-Stop that-Loki cautioned her as he wrapped her in an embrace –No more tears, ok?-
-Ok-she sighed then asked him –What do we do know?-
-Don´t know, act like a normal couple?-
Diane laughed –I believe that´s not an option, we are way off from being normal-
Her comment made Loki laugh as he responded –We really are quite a pair-
-I know- she giggled.
He loved to see her smile, the way her eyes sparkled; she was as scared as he was who would´ve guess?