Diane was woken up by a sharp pain on her right forearm, she was injured. Her head hurt also from the blow that knocked her out. On her arm a bandage, she had been thrown against her glass coffee table cutting her arm with the shards.
Where was she? She couldn’t stand up, not that she felt strong enough to try at that moment. It wasn´t a cell, more like a cage, she was in a cage. It looked like a supply room, boxes and racks everywhere.
What did they wanted from her? She wasn´t important. She just …. was Loki´s girlfriend. “They must want something from Loki”, bad enough to risking his anger while abducting her. She had fought them but at the end they had overpowered her,
She was alone, how much she regretted their fight. At least she had managed to keep Samantha safe, she wondered if she was ok, if she had found help-
She also wondered if she´d ever see Samantha or Loki again, it hurt her that her last words to him were spoken in anger. “I don´t think they´ll kill me, at least for now, they wouldn´t have cured my wound if they wanted me death” – she reasoned.
It had happened too fast, she didn´t even managed to dial 911. Would Samantha be ok? Would she still be hiding? Who would take care of her? She started to cry then admonished herself –“That´s not going to help at all, you need to stay strong and focus, you need to escape or at least keep yourself alive”-
-Sir, someone is breaking through the firewalls, an encrypted communication- Jarvis warned Tony as an image appeared at the screen, it was Dr. Doom.
-You took something from me and I want it back. I think you would notice the trickster’s lover absence-
-You took Diane, you pathetic second hand wizard-Loki was furious
-Now, now Odin´s son you can have your love pet back in exchange for the item you took from my lab on your little excursion. I´m sending you the coordinates to drop it off, after I´m certain it´s the real item I will tell you where she is.-
The communication ended
-That son of a bitch!-Loki pounded the wall with his fist leaving a dent on it.
-Calm down Loki, Diane need us focused-Steve reminded him
Loki sighed as he defeated bowed his head leaning over the wall he just punched – I know-
-So Doom wants the item we retrieved from his Lab yesterday, do we even know what it is for?-Clint asked
-No, not yet- Bruce answered- I barely started to analyze it- the added – if I had to guess I would say it´s some kind of weapon-
-It must be important if he wants it back so badly-Tony added
-What does it matter?-Loki shouted-He took Diane … If he hurts her I´ll …-
Thor interrupted him-Loki, please calm down. You know we can´t just give the device to him, we´ll rescue Diane…-
It was Thor´s turn to be interrupted –Sir I have a location on Miss Diane-Jarvis informed
-Ok, let´s take a look-Tony replied- It seems that Diane is somewhere in Toronto in the York District, I need the blueprints of Toronto Jarvis-
-Right away Sir, I´m also rerouting the satellites so you can have a visual-
-Perfect Jarvis-
As the AI traced Diane´s GPS the satellite visual pop into the screen zooming into a building located in the industrial area.
-According to the GPS coordinates Miss Diane should be about four levels beyond the structure at the southeast corner- Jarvis reported
-What are we waiting for? Let´s go get her-Loki demanded
-Wait Loki, we need a plan to get her out safely- Steve reminded him.
-Sir, the instructions from Dr. Doom regarding the delivery of the artifact have arrived, he´s asking that Mr. Thor and Mr. Loki deliver the item at some specific coordinates located in the Death Valley Dessert in half an hour, failure to do or someone else’s presence will result on Miss Diane elimination.
Loki paled it wasn´t enough time to rescue her even teleporting and as soon as Doom realized they wouldn´t deliver the artifact Diane would be death.
-All right, we need to move quickly then –Tony explained his plan- Loki, Thor and you will take the artifact to Doom´s meeting point but before you do, you´ll have to take Steve, Clint and I as near as you can to the building where they are holding Diane. Dr. Banner and Natasha will stay and guard the fort as well as Samantha in case Dr. Doom has something else on his sleeve.- then asked –By the way Dr., can you place a remote self-destruction device on the artifact?-
-Yes, I can do that in a few minutes-
-Perfect, in case everything goes wrong we will be able to destroy the device-Tony congratulated Banner -As soon as we´ve rescued Diane we will communicate so you can kick Doom´s but without any concerns-he said as he placed a hand on Loki´s shoulder.
-Now gentleman gear up, teleporting flight to Toronto leaves in 5- Tony joked when nervous.