As Loki left them a few blocks from where Diane was being held Tony told them his plan.
-Ok guys, we need to keep a low profile it´s imperative Doom doesn´t know we are here until we have rescued Diane-
-Ok- Steve and Clint answered at the same time
-I´ll stay outside and guide you to Diane. Jarvis do you have the blueprints I asked for? – Tony asked the AI
-Yes Sr. I´m combining them with the satellites information, you should have it on your screen in 3 seconds-Jarvis reported
-Marvelous, let’s see. That´s it –As he explained Steve and Clint how to access the building undetected Bruce ended arming the self-destruct device.
-It´s ready- he said as he gave the artifact to Loki, he was looking so worried Banner added- She´s going to be all right Loki. They will rescue her. Everything will work out just fine.-
-I hope so Doc-Loki replied. He wished they hadn´t fight the night before, but he couldn´t do anything to change it. –Will you look after Samantha for me?-
-Of course. – He answered – Me and the other guy, both of us will keep her safe-
-Thank you –Loki replied
-Is everything ready brother?-Thor asked as he walked in the room.
-Yes, Dr. Banner just finished the self-destructive device. Are you ready?-Loki answered as he put his helmet on
-I am- Thor said while upholding Mjolnir
-Then, let´s go- Loki said as he held Thor´s arm and teleported both of them at the coordinates given by Doom.
-I don´t like this-Loki commented-Nowhere to neither hide nor cover. I got to admit Doom really thought this through-
-Ok Tony, we´re in the elevator shaft-Clint reported-Now what?-
You have to go down four levels then it will be a corridor on your left. The last door on your right is where they´re keeping Diane-
-Let´s move, we´re running out of time-Steve reminded them.
The building upstairs was almost abandoned; they expected to find more resistance on the levels beyond.
As Clint peeked into the corridor he reported to Steve, there are some guards at the door where Diane is being held. Any way we can past by them without raising an alarm?-he asked Tony
-Yes- he answered- Get into the first room on your right, it´s empty you´ll have to get into the air conditioner system, I will guide you when you´re in-
-Ready Steve? I´ll go right after you-Clint told him
As they climbed into the air conditioning system Doom´s aircraft arrived at the meeting point.
-Why so sad trickster? You’ll be with your mistress soon provided you brought me my artifact-Doom mocked him
-If you had touched even a hair from her head. – Loki snarled at him
As Doom gloated on his victory Clint and Steve had arrived to the room Diane was locked, having checked no one was inside they got down from the air conditioning system.
Diane heard the noise and turned her head to find Steve indicating her to keep quite. The guards had also heard the noise and got in to investigate what had caused it. Clint disposed of them quickly as he shut the door to avoid more interruptions.
-I´ve never been so happy to see anyone in my life-she admitted to them
-Are you ok Diane?-Steve asked her looking at the bandage on her arm.
-Just cuts and bruised –She answered – Where´s Loki?-
-Keeping Doom busy so we could sneak in to rescue you-Clint answered as he broke the lock on the cage and helped Diane up.
-Can you walk?-Steve asked
-Can you run? Would be more like it-Clint added
-I think so-Diane told them, she was ready to leave.
-Tony, we have Diane, tell Loki he can kick Doom´s as now. We´ll need some help to get out though.- Clint told him
-I´m on my way-
As they opened the door they were met by fire gun shoots, they had been discovered.
-Tony, they made us. We really need some help to get out –Clint told Tony as they barricaded themselves.
-Working on it guys- Tony replied as he fought the doom-bots that had surrounded him
-Loki, Thor; Clint and Steve have Diane but they are cornered in the 4th level, I´m surrounded by doom-bots. We need some help-
Loki looked at Thor distress on his eyes-Go! I´ll deal with Doom-was Thor answer
Loki teleported in a heart beep to Toronto.
-Tony, where are you?-
-On your six pal –was Tony´s answer-We need to take their attention from them, are you ready to kick as?-
-I´ve never been more ready-was Loki´s reply as he blasted an energy beam towards the building entrance-
-That should call their attention-Tony agreed
-Guys “the cavalry” has arrived –he told Clint and Steve –We´ll drive their attention, get out from there-
-I´ll go first-Steve instructed Clint- Stay behind and protect Diane-
-Ok.-Clint answered
Steve climbed into the vent again and got out right behind the guards and took them out. Then opened the door and motioned Clint and Diane to hurry.
As they were running to the elevator they felt an earthquake –It seems they´re having fun up there- Clint jokingly said then called them- Hey Tony, take it easy we´re still down here-
-I´ll remind the angry Norse god about it boys, he´s getting a bit carried away- he squirmed at Loki´s ferocious attack on Dooms minions.
Loki was there, Diane heart jumped, he had come for her.
-We are in the elevator going your way, can you cover us?-Steve asked
-I don´t think that is necessary-Tony reported to Steve as Loki had almost single-handed finished with their enemies.
As they got out of the elevator Diane could see Loki in his armor, he was standing in the middle of a pile of boom-bots.
-Loki- she shouted as she run towards him.
-Diane- he answered as he turned and closed the gap between them.
He held Diane against his chest as repressed tears flowed on both of their faces.
-I feared I would never see you again-Loki confessed
-I´m sorry about last night-Diane cried
-Forget it happen. I´m never going to let you out of my sight ever again-
Then he looked into her eyes while uttering his love for her –I love you, you are the light in my life, I would be lost without you.-
Tears of joy rolled out Diane’s eyes –I love you too-she answered. She had never been happier, he did loved her.
Suddenly Loki dropped to his knee and asked her –Would you marry me?-
-Yes-Diane answered with a smile –Yes I would-
Loki got up and kissed Diane passionately, for a moment there was nothing else in the universe except both them, as he felt Diane wince under his embrace he released his hold on her as he asked with concern- Are you hurt?-
-Nothing to serious, some cuts and bruises- she answered as she nursed her wounded arm
Loki noticed her bandage had begun to show blood stains soaking the white fabric, as he looked at her attentively he also noticed she had sustained a hard blow on her left cheek which had already turned purple. Minor cuts and bruises could be seen across her face and arms.
He cursed Doom mentally –“When I get my hands on him, he´ll be sorry.-“
-This may sting a bit- he warned her as he used his magic to heal her wounds.
-Aww-Diane complained, it did sting luckily it had ended in a few seconds
-Better? – He asked her love reflected in his eyes
-Yes, thank you-she answered with a smile then she kissed him.
-Clint, are you crying? – Tony asked as he stood beside them contemplating the lover’s reunion.
-No, I just got something on my eye-he lied – probably the smoke from all those broken doom-bots.
-Don´t you just love happy endings-Steve asked both of them while he smiled
-I hardly think we are done dealing with Doom- Tony replied –Thor had just informed me he escaped.-
-We can worry about that later- Steve told him feeling satisfied –Let´s leave them enjoy this moment-