A year had passed since the wedding, everything was back to normal, well, as normal as it could be, Samantha attended Shield Cover School, Diane worked from home as usual and Loki went on missions with the rest of the team every once in a while. They had just returned from one of these missions, Thor had gone to see Jane, Steve and Natasha were gone for the daywishing to spent some time by themselves; nobody would have thought Diane was right about them, although they certainly took their time, his relationship was fresh news. Banner was in his lab as usual while Loki and Tony were still on the situation room evaluating the mission success when Samantha´s voice sounded through the intercom –Dad? – It had took them a few months but finally both Samantha and Loki were comfortable with his new title-
-Yes? – Loki answered
– I think something´s wrong with mommy, can you hurry?-she sounded nervous.
A sense of uneasiness on his stomach- Jarvis, can you tell me the location of Diane?-
-Of course Sir, she´s located on the spiral stairs in the main house- the AI hadn´t finished saying this as he teleported to find his wife.
He found her sitting in a step around the middle of the staircase Samantha was at her side; she looked a bit pale- What´s wrong?-he asked Diane
-Nothing I just felt a little lightheaded I had to sit for a moment and catch my breath, it´s my fault I skipped breakfast. Really is not a big deal-
-She´s been skipping more than breakfast lately- she informed Loki for Diane´s displeasure
-Is this true, why? Are you feeling ill?-It didn’t sounded like something Diane would do
-It was probably something I ate, my stomach has been feeling rather unsettled lately- she confessed
-Come on, I´ll take you to Banner, he´ll run some test and you´ll be ok in no time- he said as he offered his hand to her
-Do I have to?-Diane pouted –I hate to be poked at like some lab rat-
-You´ll hurt his feelings if he hears you say that, he just likes to be thorough- he kindly motioned her
-All right-she sighed, but as she tried to get up her legs wouldn´t respond –I think I´ll need a little help- she stated as she looked up at him
-Come on, I´ll carry you- he said with a smile as he asked the AI- Jarvis, can you tell Dr. Banner to meet us at the medical ward?- she had lose some weight on the few days he had been out not that she was heavy for him but he could tell.
-Of course Sir- Jarvis responded
-Come on kiddo, let´s take your mum to see the Dr. – he said as he move his head inviting Samantha to come with them.
-Ok-Samantha replied.
They got down the stairs and went to the entrance of the Avenger Compound underneath hidden in one of the columns of the living room.
Diane rested her head on Loki´s chest, she was so tired lately, he was probably right she should have seen a Doctor days ago.
-What´s wrong?-Banner asked them as they arrived to the medical ward.
-Diane hasn´t been feeling well for a couple of days, she think it was something she ate, could you check her up please? – Loki asked him
-Of course- Banner smiled, he had become the family doctor which was a refreshing change of pace of the hero´s routine. As he examined Diane he said to them -Why don´t you go both go to the waiting room? I think Tony installed some games and a ping pong table in there, he just hates waiting with nothing to do.-
Fortunately they didn´t used the medical facilities much, though a few months ago Clint had given them quite a scare getting shot rather badly during a mission. That´s when Tony had decided to install the games.
-All right, come Samantha, let’s let the Doctor work-Loki said as he carried up Samantha so she could kiss Diane –We´ll be back soon-
-Ok, have fun- Diane told them as she watched them leave
-Can I join on? – Tony had arrived to the waiting room concern by Loki´s absence
-Yes!-Samantha agreed- Play with us we can have a ping pong tournament-
Loki hadn’t realized how much time had pass until Banner called in the interphone –Loki, could you please come to the medical ward, alone?
-I´m on my way- he reassured Samantha who didn´t looked happy at all she couldn´t go with him –I´m sure Doctor Banner just don´t want to bore you withscientific talk, don´t worry-
When he got to the medical ward he could see banner had connected and IV into Diane´s hand.
-Is everything ok, Doc?-Loki asked a bit worried and a bit intrigued by his request to come alone- Is Diane sick?-
-Well, not exactly- he answered while noticing Loki eying Diane´s IV – I´m just giving her some fluids and vitamins to stabilize her. Her symptoms are quite normal for a woman in her state, although normal isn´t a word I would use to describe it-
Loki looked at him, he didn´t had a clue of what he was trying to tell him, as Banner picked up he clarified –Well Loki, umm;Diane´s pregnant-
-What? How? – Loki was totally in shock
-Well hunny- Diane told him –When a mummy and a daddy love each other very much …-
-Diane. It´s not time for jokes- he seriously replied
-I´m the one pregnant with an alien, I will joke if I please- she pouted
Banner tried hard not laugh, though he couldn´t help to smile, it was so amusing they seldom fight but when they did this little woman 5 feet and an inch used to pretty much beatLoki´s every argument.
Loki just sighed as he bowed his head touching his forehead with his hand as if he was having a headache then looked up to Banner –Would you care to explain?-
-I´ll be delighted, that´s why I took such a long time I wanted to be sure I would have an explanation, I took a DNA sample from Diane and analyzed one of your own against our new alien species database. I think I know how the inter-species barrier was crossed, it appears that one of your grandparents was aesier so that would make you a third easier-he paused as to see Loki ´s reaction but he was still too much surprised to mind about that for the moment-The samples also indicated that Idunn apples are rewriting Diane´s DNA so she´s approximately a third easier too. This seems to have been enough to close the gap, so I guess congratulations are in order.-as he ended his explanation he extended his hand to Loki who had remained pensive during it.
He was lost in his thoughts when he noticed Banner reaching out –I´m sorry, I´m just surprised; I never thought this could happen, I´m going to be a Father! – He finally smiled as he accepted Banner´s hand. Then he walked over Diane and kissed her –You have made me the happiest man on earth, again-
-Can we come in?-Tony asked, Samantha´s patience had worn out and had dragged him to the medical ward
-Off course-Banner replied- I think you have news to share-
-Is mummy ok?-Samantha asked a bit worried
-Yes, dear I´m going to be all right. You´re going to have a baby sister or brother!-she said with a smile as she extended her arms to her daughter who ran into them delighted at the news.
-Are you serious? How?-Tony was baffled
-Well Tony- Diane told him –When a mummy and a daddy love each other very much …-
-Diane, baby please I´m sure Tony knows about that part…-Loki said laughing
-Ok-she giggled- Don´t worry Tony, Doctor Banner will fill you in the details later-
-I barely can handle one of you and now we are going to have a little you running around soon. Congratulations!-he said while embracing them
After Tony had taken Samantha upstairs Loki asked Banner privately –Are you sure she´s going to be all right?-
-I wished I could tell you that, but the true is that I don´t have any information to back it up – he admitted –I would like to go to Asgard and talk to a healer, maybe if possible a jotun healer also I would like to know if this kind of cross-species birth had happen before.-
-I´ll take you to Asgard tomorrow, you´ll be able to gather all the information you need- Loki told him then asked –Is she ok to leave the medical ward, or should she stay?-
-I don´t think she needs to stay the night, I´m sending her some vitamins, and you have to make sure she eats something, her body decompensated due to the lack of food plus the baby-
-I´ll make sure she does, thank you doctor-
As they were back in their bedroom Loki started looking for Jane´s cellphone number in Diane´s cell, he wanted to tell Thor of the news and ask him to join them in the trip to Asgard in the morning.
-Hello, Jane, Is Thor around? – Loki asked the woman on the other side of the line
-Yes, he is Loki. Is something wrong?-He didn´t use to call his brother while he was with her unless it was an emergency
–No, I just need to talk to him. Could you put him on the phone?-Loki told her
-All right- she said as she called for Thor
-Loki? Is everything ok?-Thor answered a bit worried
-Yes, it is. I just have some news to share with you-he paused- Diane´s pregnant-
-What? How?-Thor questioned him
-Well Thor- Loki started telling him as Diane laughed–When a mummy and a daddy love each other very much …-
-You are terrible- Diane interrupted him – Didn´t you just told me to behave?-
-Seriously brother, you are going to be an uncle. I´m going tomorrow to Asgard with Banner, he wants to gather information on aesir and jotun pregnancy and births. Could you come with us?-
-I will- Thor replied – I´ll be there first thing in the morning. And Loki, congratulations! –
-Thank you brother- Loki smiled – I´ll see you tomorrow-
As Thor hanged the phone Jane could see he was worried
-What´s wrong? – She asked him
-I´ve never heard of a human nor an easier woman surviving a jotun baby birth. I´m worried about Diane and Loki- he confessed
-That you haven´t heard of one doesn´t mean it couldn´t happen –she reassured- I´m, certain they will be all right-