-I´ll be back soon-Loki told Diane in the morning- Please eat something-
-I´ll try- Diane answered – Don´t worry, I will be ok.-
He kissed her, he was feeling unsettled about leaving her side, but both Tony and Samantha had promised to take care of her, and he needed to accompany Banner.
As he approached the end of the staircase Thor walked in the house –Are you ready to leave brother? – He asked him
-Yes, I am – Loki answered-I think Banner is finishing packing up some equipment-
They didn´t had to wait long, after a couple of minutes Banner appeared a big metal suitcase in his hand.
-All set to go – he informed them
-All right, let´s go outside-Thor told them
-Heimdall, open the Bifrost- he called
Soon they were at the observatory.
-I believe congratulations are in order Prince- Heimdall told Loki
-Have you being peeking Heimdall? – He mischievously replied
-Your mother would be upset if I didn´t though I had not told her of your news-
-Thank you Heimdall-Loki answered-I want to tell them myself-
-They´re in their chambers-Heimdall indicate them
As they reached their parents chambers Loki felt nervous.
-Mother! Father! – Thor called for them
-Thor? Loki? Is everything ok?-Frigga asked as they were not expecting them
-Yes it is-Loki answered – I bring news-
His parents looked at him questioning what his news were about.
-Diane´s is with child. With my child- he finally stated
Both of his parents looked concern, that wasn´t the reaction he had expected. Frigga was the first to talk after an awkward silence.
-Loki, we didn´t meant to react that way, it´s just … – she didn’t wanted to tell him, she didn´t wanted to hurt him.
-It´s just that no easier nor human woman has ever survived a jotun pregnancy –Odin heavily finished for her.
Loki felt like someone had hit him had on his stomach knocking the air out.
Banner interrupted –That may be true, but Loki isn´t completely jotun, I´ve discovered easier blood on his veins, which should make the difference-
-It might.-Odin answered hope in his voice
-I just don´t have enough information about easier not jotun pregnancy and deliver to help Diane. We were wondering if I could talk to some aesier and jotun healers.-
-I´ll ask a messenger to go to Jotunheim and bring back their best healer, you can talk to Sygn she´s our best healer.-
Frigga added- Thor, could you take Doctor Banner to the healing rooms? We need to have a word with your brother-
-Of course mother, follow me Banner, they both left leaving Loki alone with his parents.
Loki had stayed both silent and still staring absentmindedly at the floor.
Frigga rushed to his side and embraced him- Loki, darling it´s all right. Everything will be all right, Banner is a very skillful healer, and Diane is a strong woman-
-Mother- he finally reacted despair all over his face-I feel there is a death sentence pending over Diane´s head and I´m the one that placed it there-he broke down, tears running freely as his sobs got louder-I´m afraid I will lose her and the child-
-Loki, I don´t think that after all you and Diane had gone through destiny would try to separate you, this child is a miracle, I´m sure of it-she tried to comfort him
-I really want to believe that, but I´m just too scared-he continued crying, his heart torn out.
-It is ok son-Odin stepped in as he embraced both Loki and Frigga-Cry all you need. Empty your heart of the sadness that pains you let it strengthen you because Diane is going to need all of your strength to get through this.-
After Loki had finally been able to pull himself together he went to find Thor and Banner.
-Do you need me to stay?-Loki asked nervously- I want to go back to Diane-
-No, don´t worry. I´m all settled in, and the healer from Jotunheim will arrive tomorrow. Sygn is already helping me gather information. You can go ahead-Banner answered him a sympathetic look on his face; he could only imagine how he felt.
-All right. I´ll see you back on Earth then-Loki said as he turned around.
-Wait brother-Thor stopped him- Let me walk with you to the Bifrost-
-If you wish to-Loki answered with a sigh
They stayed silent for a while until Thor asked him –Are you ok?-
-No, I´m not- Loki confessed-I could lose her- his tears started pouring again as if they had a will of their own.
-Brother- Thor said as he embraced him not sure he could said or do something to make him feel better.
Thor´s embrace only led to more sobs, Loki hadn´t felt so vulnerable ever before, his sentiments raw at the top of his skin, his heart ached him, if he could only rip it apart to stop the pain.
Thor let him cry until his tears died out.
-Do you feel better? – He asked concern all over his face
-I think so-Loki answered as he tried to wipe out his face.
-Let´s go to your room and get you cleaned up, If Diane sees you like that she´ll worry-Thor told him.
-All right- Loki nodded his head affirmatively –Thank you-
-What for? – Thor asked he didn´t though he had helped him much.
-For being here with me-Loki answered a sad smile on his face
-Always brother-Thor said as he patted Loki´s shoulder.
-You´ll need to be strong for Diane, I have faith everything will work out. Destiny wouldn´t pull you together just to break you apart.-
-Mother said something very similar-Loki told Thor
-She did because it´s the truth. Don´t despair brother. Banner will find a way to help her.-
As they got to his room Thor asked if he wanted him to stay, he declined he needed to be alone for a moment. He went for the bathroom, he needed to calm himself down, a shower might help him. -You have to be strong for her- he reminded himself. – If she sees you worry she will worry and that won´t help her or the baby- he sighed, it wouldn´t be easy.
They had returned from Asgard for a couple of weeks by now, but Diane wasn´t getting any better, the only food she could keep down was Idunn apples, so Loki continuously provided them.
She felt tired and spent most of the time sleeping, he was worried he had never seen her so thin, the last couple of days she hadn´t had the strength to leave their bed.
He went to Banner –Doc, she´s not getting any better-
-I know Loki- he heavily agreed-But I think I have an idea. We should take her to Asgard.-
-All right, but why? Are you giving up on her?-Loki asked worryingly
-No-Banner swiftly answered-I have not. But I´ve been thinking about the Idunn apples; maybe it´s the only food she can keep down because it´s asgardian food. Her DNA sequences are being rewritten to one of an asgardian; she might tolerate their food better than ours. Even the air and the sunlight might help her.
-It´s worth the try. When should we take her?-
-As soon as possible, tomorrow would be good. I don´t want her travelling the Bifrost after her fourth month, it might be dangerous-
-I´ll tell her then, will you come with us? – He asked Banner
-Just try to stop me- he stated, he wasn´t going to leave Diane´s care to someone else.
-Diane, are you awake?-Loki asked as he arrived to their room
-Yes- she answered weariness in her voice
-Banner thinks that maybe asgardian food will agree with you better, he wants to take you there-he told her
-When do we have to leave? – She asked him
-Tomorrow-Loki answered
-But what of Samantha? She can´t just skip school-
-Don´t worry Heimdall can take her to school and back every day, she won´t miss school and we all be together.-
-Ok-Diane said as he closed her eyes.
-I´m sorry-Loki suddenly spat without even thinking
Diane opened her eyes and sat up quite swiftly upset at his apology-What for?-she asked
-For putting you through all of these-he confessed
-I don´t want to hear you say that ever again-she told him angered by his response-You didn’t put me through anything. I admit this hasn´t been easy but I wouldn´t change it if I could. I´m happy to have your child as you should. I love you and our child.-
She just amazed him-You re the most amazing woman in the whole universe, you know?-Loki told her his hopes renewed
-I do- she jokingly said.
He kissed her, he couldn´t even remember how life had been without her.