It was his fault, he´d finally found him. He´d been as helpless as before but this time he wasn´t alone, this time he hadn´t pulled him from the infinite void. His friends had fought for him, thought and died. Even his brother had fallen, he hadn´t been able to help him.
He was in chains again, defeated by the mad titan.
-You thought I´d forgotten about you, didn´t you trickster? – His red eyes glowed with anticipation of the tortures he had designed for him.
He shivered, but not from fear of his fate he´d already accepted it, he´d captured them also, would he make them watch as he tortured him, or would he torture them and make him watch. His children, his wife, why hadn´t he been able to protect them?
Eydl and Even, his beloved twins, their hair was light brown as their mother, his beautiful two year old children, they were too young to be at the edge of death. His oldest Samantha, she looked more like her mother every day, she would´ve made a beautiful bride someday.
Diane, the love of his life, he owed her more than he could ever repay her. And he couldn´t keep her safe.
The first stroke of the whip snapped him out of his thoughts, it burned, he remembered still the first time he felt it, he was supposed to conquer Earth and deliver the Teseract, and he had failed.
As the second stroke hit him he could hear Diane crying for him, how he wished she didn´t had to watch, the next strokes came swiftly until he lost count.
He was half conscious, but he could still hear Diane sobs.
-So many tears over the trickster woman, maybe I should give you a better reason to cry for- Thanos wickedly stated.
-No!- Diane shouted as they brought her children – Don´t hurt them please, I´ll do whatever you want, please don´t hurt them – she fell to her knees crying in impotence.
-I might be tempted for that offer woman, I´d like to see what the trickster finds in you, but then again why should I trade when I can force it out from you- he laughed as he obliterated her children from existence.
-No!-Diane cried – You monster! You killed them! They were only children! Why?-
Loki tried to lift his head, he could only see a dark blast mark from where his children had been slayed, he howled in pain, he wished Thanos had just killed him.
-Still awake runt? Maybe I should give you a spectacle to enjoy while I decide your next torture- with that he pushed Diane to the ground as he tore her clothes.
-No! Leave me alone! – Diane fought him but she just wasn´t strong enough.
-I like it when then fight- Thanos said to Loki as he stroke Diane across her face , then pushed her legs apart and finally trusted his member into her.
-No! – Loki suddenly sat up, his heart thumping in his chest; it had been a dream, a vicious nightmare, he was at the Malibu compound. Diane sound asleep at his side. He was still shaking, cold sweat enveloped his body, he hadn´t had a nightmare in over three years now. They hadn´t stop since Thanos captured him, but they came less frequent now. He´d never told anyone about them, not even Diane; he hated the fact that Thanos could still torture him in his dreams. But after all they were just dreams, eight years and a half had passed since the chitauri invasion.
There was no reason to believe Thanos knew he was alive, and with the Teseract in Asgard he probably didn’t thought of Earth as appealing.
He got up, even if he knew it was a dream he felt compelled to check on his children. He went to Samantha´s room first, she was sound asleep, all her bedcovers in the floor, he picked them up and covered her.
-Daddy? – She asked half-asleep
-Shh, go back to sleep. It´s ok- he whispered softly as she fell back to sleep.
Next he went to the twins’ room, they were at their crib. They refused to sleep in separate beds as they embraced each other to sleep. He smiled at them; they looked so peaceful even when they were an absolute handful when awake. Their lucky children, he would have to start teaching them magic soon before they started experimenting on their own.
He went back to his bedroom, Diane hadn´t realized he had gotten up. As he climbed back to bed he felt the need to hug her, as he did Diane complained softly he had awaken her, half-sleepy green eyes opened – Loki?- she softly asked –What´s wrong?-
-Nothing love- he replied – I just love you too much-
-Me too- she kissed him – Now let´s get back to sleep, ok? – She yawned as he hugged him pulling him closer to her.
-All right- he answered as he returned her embrace.
Everything was all right, he was with his family, with his friends, he was where he belonged, where he was loved. Once he felt he didn´t belonged anywhere, now he knew he had been wrong.


The continuation of this story: Loki´s Quest