After the magic incident with the twins Banner programmed all invasive procedures to include Loki´s presence in case something unexpected happened, though nothing did, perhaps Loki´s presence alone was enough to calm both Diane and the twins.
Diane´s delivery date was set on the last weeks of October, though Loki refused to go on any mission within the first days of October worried Diane would go into labor without him. Thor decided to stay with them a few days later so the brothers ended stuck together in the palace for weeks.
One morning while they were having breakfast they were telling stories about a hunting trip they had took when young and all the fun and adventures they encountered with when Diane asked them –Why don´t you both go on a hunting trip? You seem to enjoy them very much, and I guess it´s been a very long time since you went in one: and you probably won’t have the chance to go for a long time.-
I really don´t think that´s a good idea Diane, your due date is closing in-Loki tried to reason with her
-I hardly think the twins would choose to be born on the only day you decide to go hunting-Diane replied –It will be good for both of you, you have been stuck in the palace for too long now.-
-Come on brother, it will be fun-Thor tried to encourage him to go-We don´t have to go too far, we can hunt in the forest just outside the city-
-Can I go?-Samantha interrupted
-Most definitely not, you are too young. Maybe next time-Loki quickly answered
-So you are going?-Diane asked with a smile
-All right, we´ll go. But I think you´re trying to get rid of us for a while-Loki told her as he kissed her.
-Maybe-she mischievously answered, it had been a little too much having the brothers locked together; she wondered how Frigga managed to handle them when younger.
-We´ll be back soon-Thor reassured them.
As they mounted their horses Loki shifted into one of the guards of the palace so no one would recognize him, he would change back once they were alone in the forest.
Diane watched them leave; they both looked happy and excited. It made her glad she had convinced them to share a moment that reminded them of happier times.
-So brother, should we look for a boar or you have something else in mind?-Thor asked Loki as they reached the forest.
-I think boar should be fine; we can eat it later with a good amount of mead-Loki answered with a smile
-You still remember that? – Thor laughed
-Of course I do- Loki replied –I had to get you out of the mess you got yourself into. I still don´t know how you manage single handed to insult everyone at the tavern.-
-It was a good fight, wasn´t it? – Thor asked while still laughing at the memories
-If by a good fight you mean I had to rescue you from under a pile of drunken worriers, then I guess you could say that-Loki reminded him
-I don´t remember it that way-Thor replied while rubbing his beard.
-That´s because you had too much mead in you-Loki laughed-Now come let´s look for that boar I want to get back in time for dinner.
They picked up a trail and started the hunt, asgardian boars were not like earth one´s, they were big as a calf with tusks sharp enough to pierce an armour.
As Loki lurked the beast it caught his scent and furiously came after him lowering his head to run him over his tusks.Loki lifted his spear ready to finish the best when something or someone unexpectedly invaded his mind, confusion, fear, pain, help, it was too overwhelming Loki felt to his knees while trying to shield his mind from all the feelings that suddenly invaded it forgetting about the boar that was only a few meters from him.
-Loki!- Thor shouted as he watched his brother fall and quickly bridge the gap between them just in time to hold the boar through its tusks avoiding Loki for just a couple of steps. Then quickly disposed of the beast with his bare hands before rushing to his brother´s side.
-Loki! Are you all right? What happened?-Thor asked as Loki tried to catch his breath after the violent intrusion to his mind.
-I´m not sure … It was too overwhelming someone projected …- he paled not someone the twins have sought for him – Something´s wrong- he told Thor- We need to get back to the palace, it was the twins; they were scared- He tried to get up, but he still felt lightheaded.
-Can you use your magic?-Thor asked worryingly
-In a moment perhaps, I´m still a bit disoriented-Loki frowned as he answered, why did he let Diane convince him to leave, every time she left his sight something like this happened.
-Should we try to get by horse then?-Thor asked him
“No, it would take too long” Loki thought then asked Thor –Can you fly us in?-
-Yes, I can but I though you hated travelling like that-Thor replied
-I´ll survive, let´s go- he did hated it but it was the fastest way to get back to the palace.
-All right-Thor said as he started spinning Mjolnir over their heads.
It didn’t took them long to get in the palace, as they reached the healing rooms Loki heard Diane scream, she had gone into labor, that explained the twins reaction.
-Loki-Diane sighed as she saw him-I´m sorry I should´ve know this would happen, it seems every time you leave something like this happens- she told him while recuperating from the last contraction. Odin and Frigga were at her side.
-Don´t worry, but I´m planning on seriously not taking my eye of you ever again-Loki jokingly replied as he replaced Frigga at Diane´s side.
-Promise? – Diane asked as she was interrupted by another contraction
-I promise-Loki reassured her as soon as the contraction ended.
-Ok, ok- Diane whispered worn out from that last contraction as she rested her head against the hospital bed Banner had asked Tony to send over the last month.
-How is he Doc?-Loki asked Banner
-She´s doing fine by now. The twins should be born soon.-Banner answered then asked him –How did you get back so soon? The messenger we sent for you only left about ten minutes ago.
-The twins called me; they were scared-Loki replied while holding Diane´s hand
-Are they ok now?-Diane asked him worryingly
-I don´t know, I shut my mind after they found me, their feelings were too overwhelming, I´ll try to comfort them , I´ll calm them down- Loki reassured her as another contraction came in.
Loki concentrated into projecting to his children a reassuring presence before opening his mind “You will be all right” he mentally stated “It will be only a moment and then we will finally meet, don´t be scared, everything will be all right” he opened his mind slowly not wanting to get again overwhelmed by the twins. He still felt confusion but they weren´t scared any more, he smiled as he said –Yes, they are all right Diane, a bit confused but they aren´t scared any more-
Diane sighed it eased her mind.
-Where´s my mummy? I want to see her-Samantha´s voice could be heard from the other side of the door she probably had just returned from school.
-I´ll go to her- Thor reassured Diane as Loki nodded affirmatively.
-It´s all right Samantha-Thor said as he carried her in his arms –The twins are coming, you can´t see your mom right now, we´ll have to wait until the twins are born.-
-I´m scared-Samantha told him-I heard her scream-
-That´s normal little one, don´t be scared. Should we go to the gardens and wait there?-Thor kindly asked her
-Ok-Samantha doubted until she heard Diane screaming again, and then held herself tight against Thor.
As he carried her across the halls he saw his team mates appear around the corner.
-Sif told us Diane had gone into labor-Tony told Thor as he saw his questioning look-Are the twins born yet?-
-Not yet-Thor replied-I´m taking Samantha to the gardens to wait until the twins are born but you can go to the healing halls.-
-Do you want some company?-Steve asked him
-We´ll be all right, you go ahead. Call for us when the twins are born.-Thor answered
As they arrived another scream could be heard.
“God gracious!” Tony though, no wonders Thor took Samantha to the gardens he wished he had gone with them.
-I´ll go in and see if Banner needs any help –Natasha told them- You should wait here.-
She had some medical training that could be useful.
-Natasha! – Diane said as she extended her hand to her with a weary smile –You came-
-Of course we came, we wouldn´t have missed this for the world. The rest of the team is outside. I just came to see if Banner would like some extra help.-
-You have medical training?-Banner asked her after another contraction.
-Yes. It´s standard training but I think I could make a decent nurse should you need one.-
-All right, go change then. Sygn can show you where to wash yourself -Banner told her as he pointed to some medical garments over the next bed.
-Diane, you are almost fully dilated by now –Banner told her –It will be over soon, you´ll have to push very hard when I tell you to, ok? Don´t push before I tell you-
-Ok Bruce – she replied they had become very close during her pregnancy.
-You´re doing fine love, you´ll soon be holding our children in your arms-Loki reassured her as another contraction came.
-Ok Diane, now push!-Banner told her as he placed himself to receive the baby-Push Diane, push!-
Diane pushed with all her strength.
-It´s a baby girl- he told them.
-Eydls!-Diane sighed, they had already chosen the twins names, Eydls meant Goddess of Luck, the boy’s name was Even which meant Lucky, after all they were their lucky children, their miracle babies.
Eydls skin was pale blue but shifted at Banners touch to pink.
-Just like her father-Odin stated remembering the first time he held Loki in his arms.
Banner cut the umbilical cord after clamping it and presented Eydls to her mother.
-Hello precious-Diane said to her with a smile, having her in her arms made all the pain go away.
Loki looked at his daughter, she was beautiful –Hi love, it´s dad- He told her with a smile as he gently touched her cheek with his fingertips. She opened her eyes for a moment they were emerald green.
Suddenly Diane complained she was having another contraction, Loki took Eydls from her arms.
-We are not done yet Diane, you´ll have to push again-Bruce reminded her.
Diane tried to push hard again but she was to tired – I can´t – she said tears on her eyes- I´m too tired, I can´t – panic was on her voice.
-Yes you can Diane, you re the most amazing woman in the universe, remember? You can do it. Please just push-Loki reassured her as he place Eydls in Sygn arms –I´m here for you, you can do it-
-Ok, ok, I´ll try-Diane answered
As another contraction came Diane pushed with all the strength she had left.
-It´s a baby boy-Banner announced as he received the bay.
-Even-Loki stated as he looked at his son shifting as his sister had before.
Banner repeated the operation and placed Even in Diane´s arms- Well done Diane- he congratulated her.
-Even-Diane was crying as he hold him-My little one- she talked to him as she kissed his cheek she offered him to Loki
-Hi, Even-Loki couldn´t be happier he was holding his son for the first time.
-Take care of all my children-Diane suddenly said to him as she cramped in pain. She knew something was wrong, she could feel herself fading.
-Damned!-Banner shouted –She´s hemorrhaging – He could see her vitals in the monitor, they were becoming erratic, then added.-We need to get her a transfusion immediately-
-Take mine –Loki offered still holding Even in his arms
-No, it won´t work. We need aesier blood.-
-Then take mine- Odin stepped forward.
-Ok-Banner said –Natasha, can you prep him?-
-Yes-Natasha answered as she quickly prepared him for the transfusion.
-I need to find the source of the bleeding and stop it-Banner said to Natasha –I´ll have to operate, Sygn can help me, can you set the transfusion yourself?-
-Yes, don´t worry-Natasha answered
As the monitors started beeping he could see Diane´s blood staining the bed.
-Diane! – He shouted in fear as tears rolled out from his eyes.
-Get him out of here!-Banner shouted
Frigga helped his son out of the room while holding Even still in his arms, he was in shock.
-What will I do? What will I do mother? – He asked trembling-What will I do if I lose her? – He was crying while holding Even close to him as he leaned his back into the wall.
-You will do as she asked you-Frigga answered him-you will take care of all her children.-
“All her children” echoed in his mind, he had forgotten he was still holding Even; then he looked at him –I´m sorry- he told his son –It will be all right, don´t worry-tears still flowing from his eyes.
It was too bright, the light hurt her eyes, what happened?, she was confused, it ached, her body ached as she fought to keep her eyes open, weariness won as she felt asleep again.
The next time she opened her eyes the light was dimmer, it must be late in the evening she thought to herself then turned her head to her left, there was Loki, he´d fallen asleep at her side. She smiled then allowed herself to go back to sleep.
The third time she opened her eyes she didn’t felt drowsy anymore, a pair of green emerald eyes were staring at hers, she smiled –Hi! – She said to Loki
-You gave me quite a scare- Loki admitted as he smiled back at her.
-I´m sorry- she answered softly almost whispering.
-It´s ok – he said as he stroked her hair- You are ok now and that´s all that matters. You don´t have to apologize for anything-
-How are our children? – She asked him
-Eydls and Even are sleeping at their crib, I think they miss you. Samantha is with Thor, he´s been taking care of her since the twins were born, she was worried about you, she´ll be happy to see you awake.-
-I love you-Diane said to him, she couldn´t believe sometimes he was hers.
-I love you too- he answered, he would be lost without her, he was so glad he didn´t had to find out if he could raise their children without her –Don´t ever leave me- he added tears in his eyes-
-Never- she answered- You´re stuck with me until the all the stars have faded.-
They kissed as their hearts beat as one.