After they all calm down Loki and the twins decided to concentrate for the moment on Diane´s funeral which would take place that night together with all who had perished in the attack the day before.
-We should grab some breakfast before going to Earth-Loki told them
-I don´t think I´m hungry dad-Eydls said
-Me neither- Even replied
Loki looked at the worried –When was the last time either of you had something to eat?-
I don´t know, I think yesterday´s breakfast-Even answered
-Well, that´s not acceptable. I know we are all sad but not eating won´t solve anything- he felt awkward admonishing them, he hadn´t had anything to eat since yesterday´s breakfast either. –Do you want to have breakfast here?-he asked them, he wasn´t eager about facing the rest of their family, he knew Frigga, Odin, Jane, Thor and his nephews cared for them but being around them right now would only make them feel Diane´s absence even more.
As he spoke he magically appeared the twin’s favorite’s foods.
-Dad, I don´t think ice-cream qualifies as breakfast-Eydls said to him eyeing the food that just appeared.
– I know, but it will make us feel better, don´t you think?-Loki told her a sad smirk on his face.
-I´m not complaining, this is delicious- Even said with a spoonful already in his mouth.
-Hey! Leave something for us-Eydls jokingly said to her brother.
After they finished they reluctantly directed to the Bifrost, notifying everyone would be the hardest thing Loki had to do, it made him feel uneasy to think how he should break the news to Samantha.
-Do you know if your sister is on duty at the hospital? – Loki asked Eydls. Samantha was on her first year of her residence at Kings County Hospital Center in New York.
-I think so, if I remember correctly she will finish her shift around midday.-
Meanwhile in Valhalla Diane and Locke were reaching the peak of a heated discussion.
-Then why did you told your father we would be together soon?- Diane asked him again, arguing with Locke was worse than arguing with Loki, if she hadn´t live with Loki so long Locke would have fooled her easily.
-One way or another we will, and here time is relative-Locke answered her
-That´s not why and you know it. Why won´t you tell me?-Diane asked him again, she was growing weary of his negatives to answer her questions.
-Because you wouldn´t understand.-Locke finally said to her feed up with her questioning
-Why would you say that? Locke tell me now-Diane demanded
-I don´t want to, you will only interfere-Locke angrily pouted
-If what you want the to do puts them on harm’s way I most certainly interfere-Diane stood her ground
-You won´t, your time is running out, soon you will be bound to Valhalla and you won´t be able to help them- Locke told her defiantly
-Why are you doing this Locke? Do we mean nothing to you?-Diane was near tears
-I do what I have to do mother, but that doesn´t mean I don´t care-Locke looked at her eyes feeling uneasy about causing her pain- My part in this isn´t my choice, I wish no harm to come to father or my brother and sister.-
-Then please tell me Locke, explain it to me –Diane pleaded
-I´ll make a deal with you mother, I´ll explain you and father at the same time, you can try to convince him not to go ahead, but I warn you; you will lose.-
He was too stubborn, and he was right her time was running out, she could only visit Loki once more before the funeral, after that she would have to stay in Valhalla forever.
-All right- she sighed-I won´t be able to change your mind, you are more stubborn than your father.-
-I´d rather think of myself as perseverant –Locke proudly admitted.
Loki, Eydls and Even were already at the hospital having shimmered into inconspicuous clothing. They had learned Samantha was finishing her shift in a few minutes and prepared to wait for her.
-I think IO should talk to your sister alone-Loki suddenly said to them
-Why?- the twins asked at the same time
-Because I´m asking you to-Loki said to them a bit annoyed then as he noticed the look of concern in their faces added –I need some privacy, I need to tell her by myself-
-All right father-Eydls answered-But we won´t be far-
-I never thought you should- Loki plainly commented
As soon as Samantha saw the three of them waiting for her she knew something was wrong, Loki walked up to her as her siblings remained in their place.
-Samantha, I …-Loki didn´t knew how to start
-Something happened, is it mum? Is she hurt?-she hoped so bad to be wrong but something told her she wasn´t.
-She …-Loki barely forced himself to utter the words –She is dead- he strive to hold back his tears.
-No!-Samantha said as she placed her hands over her heart as if she could protect it from breaking then she held Loki´s hands as she pleadingly looked into his eyes-Please Dad, tell me it isn´t true-
-I wish I could Sammy- he hugged her, he didn´t knew what else to do –She left us-
They both cried for what seemed an eternity holding each other, Eydls and even walked into them tears already in their faces. Loki and Samantha included them into their hug.
As they calmed down Samantha asked Loki –What happened, how …? – she found hard to say the words.
-It was an attack from the angels of the tenth realm, she was in the city alone-Loki answered, he hadn´t though telling her what happened would be so hard, he could feel his heart breaking again, it ached as if it had happened again. Would he feel like that every time someone asked him what happened to his wife?-She died fighting-Loki added as he hoped she wouldn´t ask him anything else.
-When will the funeral take place and where?-She finally asked him
-Tonight in Asgard-Loki replied
-Then I think we should get going-Samantha added
-We still have to tell your aunt Madeleine and Natasha and the others.-Loki told her-You should go ahead, will caught up with you as soon as we can-
-All right, I´ll have to pick some stuff from my apartment then I will call Heimdall to take me there-
-Do you want us to take you to your apartment-Eydls asked her.
-No thanks. Samantha sadly smiles top him- I think I could use the walk-
-If that´s what you want sys-Even replied
-It is, thank you anyway-Samantha told him
-Don´t mention it-Even added
After they said their goodbyes Samantha went to her apartment and Loki and the twins went to Madeleine’s house. A similar scene as the one in the hospital took place as he informed her sister-in law of Diane´s death. Loki was growing weary, every time he told someone about Diane´s dying he felt like it had happened again.
When they left the house after asking Heimdall to transport Madeleine’s family to Asgard,Loki was feeling both tired and angry, he didn´t looked forward telling all of his old team mates about it.
-Eydls, can you call Chris and tell him to gather everyone? I much rather not do this more than once.-Loki asked her
-Of course father, but why don´t you call the Captain and ask him yourself?-Eydls asked him
-Because you know him, he will demand to know why, and I´m not in the mood to meddle with him right now-Loki admitted
-Ok-Eydls agreed as she called Chris on her cellphone –Chris, is Eydls I need to ask you for a favor, I need you to gather everyone, can you do that for me please?-
-Yes Eydls, but why? Something’s wrong?-Chris asked her
-I don´t want to talk about it in the cellphone, I´ll tell you when we get there. Can you do that for me?-Eydls answered
-Ok Eydls, I will, it may take me over an hour to gather everyone, but I will, don´t worry.-
-Thank you Chris.-Eydls ended as she hung up.
-He says he can do that within an hour- she informed Loki and Even
-What should we do in the meantime?-even asked Loki
-We can stop for a bite-Loki told them, he wasn´t hungry but he couldn’t let the twins neither worry nor stop eating like they done the day before-Chinese or Italian?-
-Italian!-Both twins answered at the same time.
As they were finishing Eydls´s cell rang, it was Chris, they were all in the Malibu compound.
Loki sighed, he didn´t wanted to do it anymore, but he knew he had to, they were good friends both to Diane and him, they would want to go to her funeral, and she would have like them to go.
-Ok, let´s do this- he told the twins as he teleported them into the compound-
-Loki? Kids? Where´s Diane?-Natasha asked them as soon as they materialized. They were all nervous, Loki didn´t use to gather them unless something was wrong.
Loki´s face when she asked him about Diane gave him away, something bad had happened.
-Is Diane ok, Loki?-Steve asked out of concern.
-No, she isn’t-Loki felt angry again but he tried to conceal it-she´s dead-
-What? How?-Tony blurted out
-An attack on Asgard by the Angels while we were at Latveria- he added, he wanted to blame someone, but the only one he could blame was himself, he shouldn´t had left her alone.
-Loki, I´m sorry for your loss. She was a wonderful woman-Pepper told him while looking at his eyes.
-I know, thank you Pepper- he was finding difficult to keep calm, he wanted to run away.
Bruce noticed Loki´s uncomfort and asked him –Are you ok?-
Then he exploded –No, I´m not ok. My wife just died and I wasn´t even at her side when it happened. How could I be ok?-
Everyone stood silent uncertain of what to tell him.
-I´m sorry- Loki suddenly broke the silence – I can´t do this right now, I just can´t. I need to go to your mother- he said to the twins just before teleporting away.
Eydls and Even looked at each other.
-Should we go after him?-Even asked her telepathically
-No, I think he just needs time to gather himself up, and besides we need to tell them about the funeral- she sighed
-Ok, don´t tell them about him trying to kill himself-even added
-Of course not, they would only worry them- Eydls answered
-We apologize, father hadn´t been himself since … mother died- Eydls told them
-Don´t worry, we understand. He loved your mother very deeply. It´s only natural he´s upset-Clint reassured them
-I´m guessing you are staying because there´s something else you want to tell us- Tony added
-Yes, mother´s funeral will take place tonight in Asgard; she would have liked you to come to say your farewells-even told them
-We will be honor to-Steve answered – Diane was a great friend. We will all miss her.-
-Thank you, we´ll take you to Asgard, will it take you long to prepare?-Even asked them
-We wouldn´t like to leave Dad alone for too long-Eydls added.
-Of course-Bruce said-We´ll hurry, don´t worry.-
As they all went to change for the funeral Natasha stood behind and asked them –Are you ok kids? You look worried.-
-Natasha, is dad, he´s not ok at all, if just he hadn´t …-Eydls interrupted herself she had said more than the meant to.
-He hadn´t what?-Natasha asked her concerned by her answer
-Dad found out mother was pregnant when she died-Even added; lying to Natasha was not a good idea, but saying a half-truth wasn´t lying.
-Oh my god!-Natasha exclaimed- No wonder he´s so upset-
-That´s why we don´t want to leave him alone- Eydls told her
-I understand, we´ll hurry up-Natasha said as she left to change.