Over ten months had lapsed since the first time Thanos tortured Loki, and he could tell the Titan was growing impatient at his negatives.
Tortures were becoming harsher, even life threatening, Loki couldn´t even remember life without pain any more, as soon as he was half mended another torture was inflicted upon him. He just wished they got carried away in one of them killing him in the process. He wasn´t going to break, he´d decided that from the start, he had brought enough shame to Asgard, he wasn´tgoing to shame himself anymore by becoming Thanos´ son. Thor wouldn´t give I if he were in his place, he couldn´t break Frigga´s heart that way.
He was being whipped again in the throne room, he didn´t even had the will to cry out anymore, he just took the lashes silently as his head hanged defeated when he suddenly heard Thanos approaching.
-Still your answer is no, son? – He asked as he lifted Loki´s face to meet his.
Loki didn´t even answered he just shook his head.
-Gamora, you seem to be doing a poor job tending to your brother, he´s too weak. I´m, afraid I´ll have to punish you also.-
Loki´s heart cringed in anticipation, what would he do to her? Would he whip her too? Don´t let him see you care Gamora’ s words echoed in his head.
-Maybe we should let your brother see what happens when you or your sister disobey me-Thanos said with an evil grin then shouted to the guards-Tie her to the post-
-Father, please. I will do a better job. It´s not necessary-Gamora pleaded
-Oh, but it is my gentle daughter, how else will I teach you obedience- then addes to the guards –Make sure they face each other-
Loki looked up as Gamora was tied to the same post he was, he could see the horror in her eyes, she couldn´t be so scared of a whipping, what was Thanos going to do? He didn´t had to wonder for long as Thanos ordered the guards to strip Gamora of her clothes as he stood behind her.
-Remember Gamora, it will only be worst if you resist. I must admit I´ve been thinking of punishing you for a long time now, maybe I should thank Loki for the opportunity – he grinned as he caressed her.
“No” Loki thought as he understood what he meant to do, he was going to rape her and he´ll make him watch.
Gamora looked up at him; her eyes pleading him not do anything as Thanos readied himself to penetrate her. It wasn´t the first time he punished either she or Nebula this way, but with him being occupied with Loki he hadn´t had a change to punish any of them in a while. She wished he had told Loki about that, the look of dread on his face hurt her more than what she knew Thanos would do to her.
Thanos member penetrating her took her by surprise; she managed to keep quiet knowing very well that the punishment would become worst if she didn’t. She couldn´t help her eyes being flooded with tears as the raping continued.
Loki didn´t wanted to watch but he couldn´t take his eyes of Gamora’ s face, he just felt so miserable, he was hurting her because of him, he couldn´t take it anymore. He knew she had warned him not to show Thanos he cared but he just couldn´t hide his feelings any longer.
-I´m sorry Gamora, I´m sorry- he confessed though the tears that overwhelmed him.
Gamora looked up at him in horror- No!-a silent plea in her lips as Thanos stopped thrusting in her.
-If you are sorry for your sister, maybe I should punish you instead of her –Thanos grinned as he pull himself out of Gamora then told her –My dear child Loki seems eager to accept your punishment, it seems we are beginning to get into your brother´s thick skull-
Loki and Gamora looked at each other panic in their eyes he knew she couldn´t let Thanos knew she cared as she answered –If it pleases my father, I think I´ll accept his offer-
Loki knew he had brought it upon himself by not keeping quiet, but his heart had betrayed him and now he was going to pay for it. He cringed as he felt Thanos behind him –Maybe I should´ve done this long ago, it certainly teaches your sisters into obedience- he stated as he undid Loki´s trousers –No, please, no!-Loki pleaded
-Please, no what?-Thanos pulled his hair hard causing Loki to cry
-Please no …-Loki started crying he couldn´t bring himself into saying it, he couldn´t abandon hope.
-Wrong answer son, I´m going to enjoy punishing you- he laughed as he let go Loki´s hair.
Loki was unprepared for the pain of Thanos member ripping through his anus, his screams were exciting Thanos who would trusts into him with even more strength, Loki could feel something warm dripping through his legs, it was blood, his blood. He started feeling lightheaded, he knew he would lose consciousness soon though he doubted that would stop Thanos of having his way with him. The last thing he remembered before blacking out was Gamora silently shedding a tear.
When he woke up he was in his chambers, Gamora curled up by his side, he tried to move but hwe was in too much pain, his efforts awakened Gamora.
-Don´t move Loki, he really hurt you badly this time-
-I´m sorry-he started crying- I´m sorry-
He looked so miserable Gamora couldn´t help to hug him – It´s ok, he punishes Nebula and me like that all the time, I should´ve warned you.-
-But this time he did it because of me- Loki whined
-Brother, please don´t cry about that- she knew he had plenty other reasons to cry about.
-Please Gamora, kill me- he suddenly begged
She sighed – It would do you no good if I did-
Loki looked up at her – Why not?-
-I never told you why Nebula is partly cyborg; he punished her for taking her own life-
Loki´s eyes widened in terror, not even I death he could escape Thanos?
Gamora added –When she reached her breaking point she asked me just as you just did to end her life, I refused I was scared of Thanos reaction and I also didn´t wanted to be left alone with him. She didn´t took no for an answer and managed to kill herself. Thanos was enraged, how she dare think she could escape him; he used one of the infinity gems to resurrect her and then transformed her into the being you know. She used to be so beautiful, she was kind also but afterwards, she just …-she paused as the memories overwhelmed her.
-Sister, I can´t take it anymore. I would gladly follow his every command, but I just can´t bring myself to call him father.-
She looked directly into his eyes –I know, you couldn´t even say so to save yourself from his punishment.-
Loki started crying again the fact that Thanos had raped him filled him with shame, he was week, no wonder Odin never saw him fit for Asgard’s throne.