A month had passed since the first time Thanos raped Loki, unfortunately for him he seemed to enjoy raping him too much, it made Loki withdraw even from Gamora. He had lost all hope of ever returning to Asgard, how could he, he was broken, he was unworthy.
He kept refusing to call Thanos father out of hate, he hated him so much for turning him into the creature he now despised.
One day as Thanos finished raping him, he just told him –I´m fed up with you, if you won´t be my son you will be my slave.-
Loki felt scared, what did he meant by that? How could that mean to be any worst that he was now?
Thanos relished on his scared look –Scared runt? You´d better be, you will lead my chitauri army to Earth and retrieve the Teseract for me. Your will be my own, you choose not to give me your loyalty; I will take your free will from you. But first I´ll give you a reminder of what will happen to you if you fail me.-
Loki could see Thanos taking out something out of a coffer offered to him by one of his soldiers; it was a whip but it looked somewhat different. When Thanos wielded it he understood why, it was magically covered with flames at his touch. Loki started shaking both in anger and fear; he was after all a frost giant, nothing better to torture a frost giant than fire.
He closed his eyes determined not to give Thanos the satisfaction of hearing him cry, but it was a resolve he understood wouldn’t be able to keep as the first stroke hit him, it didn´t just bite and tear as other whips it burned too.
A dark scorch mark appeared on his back, it only took two more slashes to make him scream, Thanos was venting all of his anger on him, he didn´t leave a spot untouched; he even had the soldiers turning him around so he could strike his chest.
After he was done he ordered the soldiers to unchain him, Loki felt to the floor unable to stand. He just curled up as he sobbed, he was pathetic, he felt disgusted by himself, you deserve it fot being week he mentally admonished himself.
-Father, should I treat his wounds? If you are going to send him to Earth he might need his strength to lead your army-Gamora asked Thanos.
-No-Thanos answered- That pathetic creature is no longer worthy of your attention. It will serve him as a reminder. Even with his will taken away he will fill the pain.-
Loki and Gamora’ s eyes meet one last time, his eyes were stripped of emotions, he finally had broken him Gamora compassionate look went unnoticed to everyone.
-Bring the runt his old clothes-Thanos ordered. Loki didn´t even move while the servants dressed him up in his asgardian armour.
Even with his armour he looked sickly, he was sweating probably from the pain the burns provoked, he looked pale, dark patches around his eyes. It looked like Thanos almost wished him to lose so he could keep torturing him even more.
When Thanos touched his chest with the staff a blue light emanate from it turning his naturally green eyes to blue ones.
-All right pet- Thanos said as he handed the staff to Loki- I´ll be keeping my eye on you, or mybe I should say my mind- Thanos evil laugh filled the room- If you succeed I might even reconsider your position, I might just let you rule Earth on my name.
Loki wished he could turn the staff against Thanos, but he couldn´t he was a puppet, nothing more.


Note: This story carries on in Redemption and Love.