It had been a couple of weeks since Sygn started visiting Loki, the scars on his body nearly gone except for some fine lines that traced over his skin.
-Thank you- escaped from his lips the day before
-You need no to thank me but …-she stopped
-To my brother – he finished on his mind. Some wounds take longer to heal, and the one´s you can´t see always take the longest.
He knew it has been his fault, even if he couldn´t bring himself to admit it, but the pain of his true origin caused him was still too fresh on his mind.
-I cannot say I have enjoyed our visits-She said interrupting his thoughts- But I must admit I will miss them-
Loki looked up at her, he felt a miss at words, it wasn´t that he enjoyed her visits either, but he had gotten used to them, and now he would be back to being alone, maybe that´s what he deserved, after all it had been his fault.
-I can always hurt myself so we can continue your visits- he said half-meaning it.
-Don´t you dare-Sygn said with a frown-I you harm yourself I will most definitely not come-
-I was just kidding-Loki said, not entirely sure of why he had said such a thing. Maybe loneliness
-You should better be truthful about that-Sygn answered still rather angry at his comment.
-I have something for you- She stated trying to still sound angry, as she hand him quickly what seemed to be a little blue gem- It is from your mother- she said with a smile-
Loki hold it hard to his chest in disbelief, he hadn´t seen or heard anyone but Sygn since he was locked in. Now his mother Frigga reached for him, she was the only one that always had been there for him, and it pained him not to be able to see her.
-Thank you – he quickly answered
-You are welcome-Sygn said as her smile grew larger
-I bid you farewell my prince, I hope you find peace-
-I bid you farewell my little torturer, I will miss you- Loki answered trying to bother Sygn with the mean nickname, but she didn´t cared she had gotten used to it, and she knew it was just Loki being Loki, he didn’t meant it.
With that she departed leaving him to his thoughts and with the small gem.
It seems to be magic the thought, but what sort of magic? The cell barriers would block any sort of magic that tried to get out; he learned that the hard way, he could do magic in his cell just as long it wasn´t reaching out. He winced at the memory of the pain the barrier caused him when he tried to play a trick on the guards, he wasn’t eager to try that again.
Then as answering his thoughts the gem glittered, his heart missed a beat as he recognized the shape that formed –Mother- he said. He could feel the tears washing over his face but he didn´t minded, he thought he would never see her face again.
-Loki, my love – her mother answered him, her smile matching his.