Thor walked on Sygn as she finished examining the recording, she was looking rather unhappy almost angry.
-Are you all right Sygn? You seem disturbed-
-Thor, I did not hear you coming in, well I must admit I am not overly fond of Loki, but after examining his soul recording I feel sorry for him.-
Thor look at her intently – What do you mean?-
-There is evidence of several broken bones including ribs, nose and fingers which are fully healed, as well as some hairline fractures on arms and legs which are still healing, all evidence of him taking some serious beatings for a long period of time until recently –then she added – I discarded the most recent ones believing they are from Midgard battle and the older ones which could be dated before he went missing. What happened to him?-
-I do not know Sygn he will not tell me. I was hoping you could shed a light onto what happened to him all the time he was missing-
-If I had to guess, I would say he was being tortured on daily bases- Sygn stated bluntly.
Thor paled at her words. He knew something bad had happened to Loki but he did not expected such an outcome.
-Are you sure? – He asked
-Yes, the wounds you sent me to treat are probably the most recent injuries he sustained- she paused – he was flogged with some king of magic fire-whip and the wounds were left untreated probably to make a point-
Thor felt at lost; Loki could have been forced to invade Midgard? To steal the Teseract? But who could have force him to do it? How his brother did escape the void? Too many questions without answers and he had no time to search for them. Odin had ordered him to leave and restore peace on the Nine Realms, but how could he leave Loki knowing what he knew.
-Thank you Sygn, could you keep visiting him until he is fully healed?-
-You didn’t need to ask Thor, of course I will-
-I bid you farewell, I am leaving in the morning to restore the peace on the Realms-
-Be careful Thor, and do not worry over Loki, he will be fine-
-Thanks again Sygn, goodnight-
Thor walked out of the healer’s room with a heavy heart, he had seen his brother conflicted by the invasion while fighting him – It´s too late- the words haunted him.
I see no choice, he thought. I will have to tell mother, she would be the best person to help him. They have always been very close; I just hope I can convince her to keep all this to herself for the moment.
He went to their parents’ chambers hoping Odin would still be out on official business, and was relief when he found his mother alone by the terrace.
-Yes Thor – Frigga answered she did seem rather sad that night.
-I need to speak you about Loki, alone-
She looked at him deeply intrigued- What about? I do not think there is nothing else to say, your father will not allow me to see him-
-Please mother, it is important, and I need you to promise you will not do anything hasty.-
-I promise- she answered – we can go to the gardens if you would like more privacy-
-I think my chambers would keep this from unintended ears-
-All right, but you are being awfully cautious what is wrong?-
-I would rather tell you on my chambers-
-Then, let´s go-
Thor couldn´t remember doing something harder that telling his mother what he had learned about Loki´s missing time.
The tears … the rage … and the impotence.
His mother´s heart was broken … she couldn´t even hold his youngest son, she couldn´t comfort him which pained her the most.
-I wished I did not had to tell you mother, but father ordered me to leave in the morning and I cannot leave Loki alone…-he stated while looking at the ground, he felt ashamed he had to burden his mother with such knowledge.
-Oh Thor! It is not your fault- she said reading his face- you did not knew either, and if you had not been around the dungeons when Loki argued with the guards, we wouldn´t knew. But why haven’t you told your father?-
-I do not think he will forgive Loki that easily, no matter the evidence. He is too angry-
-You may be right, this is not the best moment to tell him, he has too much on his mind and blames Loki for the uprising in the Realms-
-Well, he is right about that-Thor quickly responded.
-I know he is, that is why we should keep this from him until time is right- her mother added.
-Sygn will continue visiting Loki until he is fully healed, but how will you keep an eye on him afterwards with father prohibition?-
-Oh, I will think of something- Frigga answered with a mischievous smile.
“I hadn´t noticed that´s where he takes that from” Thor smiled as he realized it was the same gesture he had seen on his brother´s face more than once.
-Should I visit him and tell him what we know? That you are going to find the way to keep in contact-
-No, I think it is better you don´t. You know your brother, if you charge down on his rescue he will shut us down. We must give him time to heal, and not only from his wounds …-
Thor nodded in agreement.
-Can I walk you back to your chambers?-
-Of course son-Frigga answered with a smile-I expect you to come back to us unharmed, be careful-
-I will mother, do not worry. There is too much to do over here, the Realms will not keep me long-
With that he took his mother hand in his and placed it on his arm walking her out of his room.