After Locke went away Loki stayed wondering if he had made the right choice, he kept looking at Diane´s body knowing fully well he was going against her wishes.
His thoughts were interrupted by Frigga walking into the room.
-I thought I might find you here son – she told him-You have been avoiding all of us since yesterday-
-I know- he acknowledge- I don´t want … I can´t right now- he ended
-We can talk when you feel up to I just wanted to tell you that we all love you and your kids. We are here if you need us.-
I know mother, I don´t mean to worry you- he looked into her eyes apologetically
-It´s ok Loki, I can´t even presume to know what are you feeling. Just remember that you are not alone.- she tried to comfort him.
That´s exactly how I feel Loki thought to himself nevertheless he answered –I know mother, thank you.-
Odin walked into the room as he told them –It´s time-
Loki shifted into the appearance all of Asgard was used to. After they first moved into Asgrad for Diane´s pregnancy Frigga and Odin had come up with a plan that would allow them to be near their grandchildren without raising any suspicions. Loki assumed the identity of a long lost nephew of Odin who had died in Midgard during the battle with Sutgar. They came up with a story about him surviving but losing all his memories until a lucky turn of events reunited him with Thor duting one of his travels to Midgard. Erland they called him.
All of Diane´s friends and family were already reunited, as he walked after Odin and Frigga followed by his children people would extend his condolences to him, both Diane and his Elrond façade were well liked by Asgardian people.
They all gathered on the waterfront for the funeral rites. Diane was floated out on a boat, and at Odin’s signal an archer sent a flaming arrow onto the boat, setting it alight. As her flaming boat carries on across the water, hundreds of burning arrows soar through the air, alighting on the boats of every other soldier and citizen killed by the invading angels.
With hundreds of boats burning behind her like candles, Diane’s vessel approaches the edge of Asgard’s sea. The waters flow over the edge and into space. Odin strikes his staff, Gungnir, upon the ground, and rather than drop over the edge, Diane’s funeral vessel continues to drift beyond the water, until her spirit itself rises from the boat and lifts into the cosmos like thousands of scattering stars.
The citizens of Asgard cradle orbs of light, which they now lift towards the sky and release. The orbs float up, each a tribute to a lost loved one.
After the ceremony was over he walked Madeleine´s family and his friends back to the Bifrost.
-Take care of yourself and the kids-Madeleine said to him as he kissed his cheek .
-I will Madeleine- he answered while he kept thinking if he could uphold that promise.
-Will you come back to Earth soon?-Samantha asked as he hugged him.
-I don´t know Sammy, there are too many memories everywhere, I´m thinking of taking a trip with your brother and sister to the other realms – he lied to her, he needed to be able to disappear without raising to many questions.
-Ok, Dad. Don´t take too long to comeback, I will miss you.-Samantha told him
-I will miss you too Sammy- he hugged her back as he kissed her cheek, this might be the last time I see her Loki thought.
-So, I guess we´ll have to survive without you for a while- Tony jokingly told Loki
-I guess you will-Loki answered him then added –I want to apologize for the way I reacted earlier, it was wrong of me to take out all my anger at you- he told all of them while specially looking at Bruce.
-Don´t mention it- Bruce answered- It is all forgotten as if it has never happened.-
-Thank you- Loki sadly smiled, he was going to miss them all.
After all of them had disappeared he started to walk back to the palace followed by the twins, all the time thinking about Locke´s words.
-Are you ok Dad?-Eydls asked him – You are awfully quite tonight.-
-Yes, I´m all tight. It has been a hard day. I´m just tired.-he lied, he wasn´t sure if he wanted them to know what was troubling him.
-Have you talked to Locke again?- Even suddenly asked him.
Loki stood still uncertain of his answer, both twins looked back at him as they noticed he has stop walking.
-Dad, what´s wrong?-Even asked looking at his eyes
-If you could have your mother back but you had to risk everything, what would you do? – Loki asked them, he couldn´t make that decision for them, it wasn´t fair.
-What do you mean by everything?-Eydls asked him
-Your life, your freedom, your loved ones, everything.-Loki answered her.
-What did Locke told you father?-Eydls asked again
-I need to know your answer first- Loki demanded
-You already decided, haven´t you?- Even asked him
-Forget about me, what would you do?-Loki asked again
-We would get mum back-both twins answered at the same time.
Loki sighed, he wished they had answered different, but knew they wouldn´t.
-If we get your mother back, she´s going to kill me for taking you along-
-We aren’t kids anymore, you aren´t taking us along, we are deciding to accompany you- eve told him
-Now are you going to tell us what Locke told you or not?- Eydls asked him
-I will, but I think we should talk in my old chambers – as he ended his phrase they appeared back at Loki´s old chambers.
He started explaining them Locke´s plan which was concise enough then gave them a small briefing about Thanos taking care of not mentioning anything of the time he spent as his prisoner. And then proceeded to explain them about the Infinity Gems and anything else he thought might be useful to them. As he finished the twins remained silent for what seemed to Loki as an eternity.
“ I shouldn’t had told them at all” Loki thought feeling guilty
-So this Thanos guy is really evil-Even suddenly said
-Yes, he is- Loki stated
-And we need to steal the gem from him, I gather preferably without him noticing until it´s too late- Eydls added
-Yes- Loki answered, he had made a mistake, he felt it, he shouldn´t had told them.
-Ok, count us in –Even added –Am I right Eydls?-
-Yes brother, you are.-Eydls answered.