After the twins agreed to follow Locke´s plan Loki told them –I should go talk to your uncle, he will be much easier to convince about our trio that your grandmother.-
-Ok dad, shall we wait for you here?- Eydls asked him
-No, there´s no need. You´d better start packing, we leave early tomorrow.- he answered
Loki went to Thor´s and Jane´s chambers while thinking about how to break the news to his brother; he wouldn´t be happy to see them leave. As he arrived he knocked at the door, he could hear Thor´s children playing, it seemed ages ago Eydls and Even were that young.
-Thor, are you there?-Loki asked nervously
-Yes, please come in brother-Thor swiftly answered –I´m glad to see you, what brings you here?-
-I need to talk to you, I …-he stammered – I decided to go on a trip with Eydls and Even through the Realms tomorrow-
-Away? Why?-Thor asked concerned
-There is too many memories both here and in Earth, I need … we need to go away for a while to heal- it wasn´t completely a lie Loki thought to himself.
-You´ll be alone brother! I understand it´s hard, but couldn´t you find a way to stay?-Thor pleaded
Loki sighed –Thor, I haven´t even been able to go to the chambers Diane and I shared, it´s too painful. I´ve been staying in my old chambers since it happened. Can´t you see I need to go away for a while?-
Thor felt guilty he had asked him to stay seeing the pain reflected in Loki´s eyes –I see brother, if you think leaving will help you I might not like it but I won´t stand in your way.-
Loki sadly smiles as he hugged Thor –Thank you brother. Then added –Will you help me convince mother? I don´t think she will like it either-
-No, she won´t-Thor nodded negatively- I will talk to her Loki- then he asked –Will you and the twins join us in our parent´s chambers for dinner?-
-I don´t think I´m a good company right now-Loki admitted
-Please brother, if you are leaving tomorrow at least you could spent a while with us before yu do-Thor looked at him pleadingly.
-Ok, I will. Stop looking at me like that –Loki answered the added –But I will make no promises about staying too long-
-That is enough for me-Thor told him
As Loki and the twins arrived for dinner they were greeted cheerfully by Thor´s children whom wanted to play with their older cousins.
Dinner went smoothly, for a while it all seemed to be back to normal, they were laughing and enjoying themselves until…
-And then we found out Even had dismantled the blender apart, isn’t that right Di….- it had slipped Loki´s mind for a second, reality hit him hard as he noticed everyone´s concerned looks- …I … need a moment-he stated as he got up the table in a hurry.-
As he leaned against one of the balcony columns he closed his eyes heavy with grief, suddenly he heard his father´s voice –Son, are you all right?-
Loki looked up to meet Odin´s gaze –I´m sorry father, I told Thor I wasn´t a good company right now-
-You have nothing to apologize for Loki, you just lost your wife, we understand it will be difficult for a while-Odin tried to comfort him then asked Loki –Are you really sure you want to go away right now?-
Thor must have already told them Loki thought- Yes father. I am sure. Too many things remind me of Diane here-
-Is that the only reason?-Odin asked again.
-If you want to know if I mean to go to Haven then rest assure father. There is no room in my heart for vengeance right now, only yearning- then he added –Diane died defending the people of Asgard I wouldn´t disgrace her memory by provoking another attack which would lead to more people getting killed. Besides I think It will be easier for you to reach an agreement with Haven´s queen without me around.-
-You would have made an excellent King Loki, even though the pain you still think of diplomacy first-Odin complimented his son
-That was not on the cards father. I´ve made my peace with that long ago-Loki answered
-Shall we go back to the other?-Odin asked
-I can´t father. I think I would better go to sleep, we leave early tomorrow. Will you apologize for me to them?- Loki pleaded
-Your mother would be disappointed if you don´t say goodbye to her before you leave-Odin stated
-Yes, I would-Frigga suddenly said-Trying to sneak out son?-
-Not really mother, I just …-Loki felt a loss in words
It´s all right Loki –Frigga interrupted him before he could order his ideas- Just take care of yourself and your children- Frigga told Loki as she held his hands.
-Thank you mother, I will.-Loki felt relieved, she had agreed them to leave, then he added –Can you please apologize for me? I really don´t feel like going back there –
Frigga sighed –All right Loki, we´ll tell them- then as she kissed his cheek she told him –Don´t forget we love you-
-I won´t mother, thank you.-as he ended his phrase he teleported back to his old chambers. He had to pack too.
Loki gathered anything he though essential for their journey, then he lingered for a moment in front a bookcase, as he flicked a hidden switch a secret compartment opened. Loki reached in and pulled a large packet out of the compartment as he unwrap it a magnificent sword was revealed.
Loki´s magic sword rested on his hands as he gazed upon it -Laevateinm –Loki exclaimed- I never thought I would need you again-
It was still dark when a nightmare awoke Loki, drenched in sweat he tried to calm his own heart down- I shouldn’t have told them, I shouldn´t have– he mumbled to himself.
It was too late for that, but he might still do something, he had to leave before they awoken, as soon as he was ready he teleported himself to the Bifrost.
-Prince Loki-Heimdall greeted him as soon as he saw him
-Heimdall, I need you to do me a favor, I wish to visit some old acquaintance’s, but I don´t know where they are, can you locate someone for me-Loki nervously asked him
-There´s no need to lie to me Loki, I already know who you are looking for and why, rest assure I will help you-Heimdall said interrupting him.
-How? – Loki asked
-Your wife appeared to me in a vision, she explained to me the true motif of your quest.-Heimdall explained to him
-You have seen Diane?-Loki asked as his face lighted up by the news
-Yes, I have –Heimdall smiled –She also gave me a message for you, thought I don´t think it is appropriate for me to tell you her exact words-
-She´s angry with me- Loki sighed.
-Yes, she is. She asked me to tell you that you are one of the most stubborn men in the universe-Heimdall told him
-Yes, that sound like her –Loki wryly smiled
-Indeed-Heimdall continued –Then added that if you weren´t changing your mind she would have to help you by any means possible-
-Is that all?-Loki asked Heimdall
-And that she love you and her children-Heimdall reticently told him
As Heimdall ended his phrase both Eydls and Even appeared in the observatory.
-You were trying to leave us –Even reproached Loki
-How did you find out I was?-Loki asked them
-After you bail dinner I placed a spell on the Bifrost to warn us if you crossed it-Eydls answered-And I´m glad I did. Why would you try to leave without us?- she angrily asked him
Loki sighed –Because I am scared I might lose you too.-
-As we are of losing you-Eydls told him – Fear won´t help us to get mother back.-
-We are going with you whether you like it or not-Even told him then added –Besides you need us-
-Face it father, you need us- Eydls told him- You are the most powerful mage among the realms but I think you already noticed that if Even and I combined our magic we would be able to take you down.-
-Have faith in us father-Even pleaded
“Have faith in yourself and in my siblings” Loki remembered Locke´s words
-All right, you can come too-Loki yielded
Heimdall smiled as Loki turned back to him. –Seems we are ready to go- he informed Heimdall
-All right-Heimdall told them as he placed his sword into the mechanism.
In an instant they were gone.