Loki is so bored lying on his bed at his cell, an empty cup being thrown and catch over and over again when commotion rises up as Algrim transforms into Kurse and smashes one of the inmates into the energy shield to get out.
Loki keeps watching the turmoil with curiosity as Algrim opens the other prisoner’s cells but his own and leaves through the stairs on the left.
-Just as well- Loki says undisturbed, then changes his mind – I have a bad feeling about this – as he turns to find his blue gem – Why mother didn´t cast a spell on this so I could call her?-he knew the answer, so Odin wouldn´t accidently find out they were seeing each other.
-All I can do is wait. – he stated with a frown on his face- I hate this-. He sat back on his bed a hand over his hair trying to keep at bay the feeling that something really bad was happening.
He didn´t had to wait for long as the gem glittered and his mother appeared.
-Are you ok? What is happening? A strange looking prisoner broke out-
-Loki, there is no time to explain right now I need your help-
-But I cannot help you from over here, you know the magic barrier will not allow me to- he said feeling useless.
-You can, just do as I say, the magic barrier will not hurt you as long as you do not try to get the magic out. I just need you to create a diversion-
-I am listening-Loki swiftly answers –What do you need me to do?
Frigga explains him her plan quickly, she will divert the dark elves attention from Jane Foster, Thor´s lady friend but if something goes wrong he would create a secondary diversion.
-I will let the gem channel on for the moment. Hide! – She tells him as the door opens.
Malekith and Algrim come in looking for the aether vessel, Jane Foster. Frigga fools them with an illusion of Jane, but it doesn´t take long for them to find out as they close on her Loki´s projection reveals himself dressed on his armour as he threatens them to release Frigga and fight him.
Algrim thrown his sword at him, as it passes through the astral projection Frigga tells Malekith – I will not tell you anything- Malekith replies –I believe you- as Algrim pulls out a dagger meaning to kill Frigga with it.
-No! – Loki screams in despair as he does the only thing he can think off … getting his magic out to create a magic barrier to protect her, the pain is excruciating but all he can think off is trying to save his mother.
As he blacks out and the spell fades Thor walks into the room, at the same time Algrim´ s dagger gets through the barrier and injures Frigga, only Thor swift reaction saves her from a second blow as he strikes Malekith with his lightning instantly blackening one side, both him and Algrim run to the balcony. Thor throws his hammer, knocking them over the edge but as he runs forward, a harrow ship flies up and past, out of even Mjolnir’s range. They have escaped.
Just as they get away Odin enters the room to find his queen bleeding in the floor.
-I am sorry-she says – I should have been more careful-
-Do not say anything, you are going to be all right- Odin says to her as he carries her into the healing rooms. Thor follows them.
-It was a close call-Sygn tells Thor – A few centimeters more and she would not be here with us.-
As he walks into the room where his parents are he sees Odin holding Frigga hands on his own, he stops in the doorway not wanting to interrupt them.
-I almost lost you-
-But you did not- Frigga answers him. -I´ll be fine you have a reign to attend to, besides- she already had seen Thor at the entrance –Thor can look after me.-
Odin turns to see his son. -All right- he says- But I´ll come back as soon as I can-
-I know you will- He kisses her as he leaves.
-Take care of your mother while I return-
-I will father-Thor answers him
-Come here Thor-Frigga smiles at him as she extends her hand to receive his as Odin leaves the room.
-It was a close call mother, we are very lucky to have you still with us-Thor states.
-It was not luck Thor- She tells him as she closes her eyes and with a sigh finally confesses –It was Loki, he saved me, he cast a protective barrier over me but he should not have done it, it could have killed him- He can see the tears as she opens her eyes-Please Thor, go to the dungeons, make sure he is all right.-
Thor stares at her in disbelief, he knows the dungeons magic barrier effects as well as his brother does, he is having his mind blown over his mother´s confession.
-I will go mother, do not worry. I am, sure he is all right- He finally tells her, not completely sure it is the truth.
His heart skips a beat when he reaches Loki´s cell to find him passed out on the floor holding still a smoking black gem on his right hand.
He enters the cell afraid his brother didn´t make it and he would have to tell his mother off his fate when he feels Loki´s breathing as he turns him over.
-Brother! – He shouts at him as he tries to revive him.
-Mmm …- Loki complains at his efforts to awaken him when the memories of what just happened come back to him causing him to jump only to fall back to the floor where Thor caught him.
He was too exhausted – Mother? – he manages to ask.
-She is all right- Thor answers him smiling – She is in the healing rooms, she will be all right. Do not worry soon you will have her admonishing you for what you did. She was worried about the consequences of your spell.-
-Oh, I will never hear the end of it- Loki answers with a sigh as he closes his eyes.
-Brother! – Thor shouts at him as he shakes Loki
-Thor, stop that. I am not dying, I am just too worn out, leave me alone. I need to sleep-
-All right Loki, you earned your rest-Thor answers as he carries his brother’s body from the floor unto his bed.
-Mother is alive- Loki tells to himself as he smiles and allows sleep come over him.