Thor has asked Odin to let him take Jane from Asgard to keep Malekith from attacking them, Odin won´t hear about it, angered by the attack on his queen. As Heimdall reminds him about Loki´s ability to travel the paths between realms Thor feels conflicted, he doesn’t want to ask his brother for help, but he has no other choice.
-You cannot ask that off your brother –Frigga says to him as he tells her off his plans.
-I do not have a choice mother.-
-Loki is the only one that can get us from Asgard, you know it-
-Yes- his mother answers with a sigh – I do. But that does not mean I like it.-
-Do you think he will agree to come?
-Yes, he will he is also as stubborn as your father, he will be wanting for the dark elves to pay for hurting me. But do you think you can trust him? He is quite unpredictable you know-
-I do not have to trust him.-
-All right you should better go before it is too late-
-I will see you soon mother do not worry-Thor says as he leaves the room.
-I always worry – Frigga answers too low for Thor to hear – The tree of you always give me a reason to worry.
Thor approaches Loki´s cell.
– Thor. After all this time, and now you come to visit me. Why? Is mother ok?-
– Yes, she is all right-
– No thanks to you- Loki shouts at him – I could have protected her-
-But you were not there-
-And who´s fault was it? Who put me in here?-Loki shrieks
-Stop it, I have not come to argue with you, instead I offer you the chance of a far richer sacrament.-
– Go on.-
-Vengeance for what they did to mother.You help me escape Asgard and I will grant it to you; vengeance. And afterward, this cell.-
Loki chuckles as he says -You must be truly desperate to come to me for help. What makes you think you can trust me?-

– I don’t. –Thor answers him – Mother does.-
-When do we start? – Loki replies with a smile.
Loki, Thor and Jane are on the dark elves planet, Loki has followed Thor´s plan but not even Mjolnir can destroy the Aether.
As Malekith departs on his ship Loki and Thor fight Kurse and a handful of Dark Elves.
After Loki defeats the Dark Elves he looks to Thor and sees him being smashed into the ground. He approaches from behind and runs Kurse through with a huge blade. Kurse turns and impales Loki through the chest with the same blade.
-No!-Thor shouts

Kurse flings Loki to the ground and walks towards him. He seems completely unaffected by his injury.

-See you in Hel, monster. – Loki snarls at him

Kurse looks down and sees Loki has activated the black hole grenade he wears at his hip. Before he can tear it free it explodes, sucking the mutated Dark Elf into a black hole. Thor rushes to Loki’s side.

– No, no, no… -Thor says in anguish as he gathers Loki in his arms. -Oh, you fool, you didn’t listen.-
– I know… I’m a fool, I’m a fool.-Loki replies
– Stay with me, okay?-
– I’m sorry… I’m sorry for everything, he force me to do it, promise me you will not look any further on this, promise me you will not try to fight him, he is too powerful; promise me …-Loki demands tears on his eyes.
-I promise brother …Shh… It´s okay.-
-Do not tell father, it was Thanos- Loki confesses as he grows calm as he stops shaking. His face turns to a light shade of blue.
– It is all right. I will tell Father what you did here today-
– I didn’t do it for him.-
Thor screams in anguish as Loki dies on his arms, there´s nothing they can do and they still have to stop Malekith, so they leave Loki´s body behind and start looking for refuge from a sudden sand storm.

Sometime later asgardian guards arrive at the planet looking for them only to find Loki´s body.
-What should we do? -The youngest guard asks to his leader.
-We should take the body with us, as we arrive I will report Odin All Father about our findings and ask him what we should do with him-
As the guard arrives at Odin´s throne room and reports his findings he awaits for his King orders.
-Take Loki´s body to the Healer´s rooms, the Queen should have an opportunity to bid him farewell. I will join you there to tell her.
Odin takes a moment and starts heading to the healer´s rooms as the guards transport Loki´s body and place him carefully on one of the beds.
-It is going to break Frigga´s heart – he thinks to himself – A parent should not outlive his children. Cause, he was our child, wasn´t he? Laufey abandoned him, was I any better? Maybe I should have left him to die that day it would had spared us all of a lot of pain – Regret bites him hard as soon as the thought had appeared- No, I couldn´t have, how could I let him to die then? The moment he warmed up at my touch I knew he was mine and I would love him. And now, he is gone ….-with that last thought Odin enters the room and orders everyone but Sygn to leave in case Frigga may need her, with a sigh he walks into his queens room to tell her of their son´s fate.
-No!… no, it can´t be- Frigga screams are full of pain.-Let me see him, let me see my child –Odin helps her walk to the bed where Loki´s body has been placed, as soon as she sees him she embraces him and unleashes all the tears she had held back. She rests her head on his chest as her sobs grow quieter. Then in an instant she stops crying as she opens her eyes and tries intently to listen … was it her imagination? No, there it is! …. A heart beep, almost imperceptible … but she has heard it.
-Sygn! – She screams – He is alive. I heard a heart beep, very faint but I heard it.-
Sygn rushes at Loki´s bedside and starts examining him –Damn it!-she finally exclaims –The Queen is right, dead mean do not bleed – she finally states as she points to the bed sheets that had become soaked with Loki´s blood.
Odin looks at her a mix of disbelief, surprise and anger – Why didn’t the guards noticed?-
-His pulse and breathing are almost imperceptible, if it weren´t for the Queen we might have not noticed at all- she answers as she starts undressing Loki in search of his wounds.
-I will reprehend them, nonetheless, not recognizing a dead man from a living- he states hiding the relief he himself feel at the news.
-No, please don´t- Frigga says an idea forming on her mind- Sygn please tell no one he is still alive-
-Why not? – Odin asks her.
-Odin All Father, I have a dire need to talk to you in private- Odin looks at her puzzled by her answer, but not wanting to furthermore upset his still recuperating wife agrees and helps her walk back to her bed.
As she reaches her room doorway she turns to Sygn and fearfully asks tears on her eyes– Will he live?-
-If he pulls through the night he might have chance-Sygn answers as she keeps attending Loki.